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Want to be behind the next big instant messaging app since WhatsApp, or just looking for a personalized mobile messaging platform for your business? Whatever you need, ZoeChat got you covered.

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Why Choose ZoeChat? - Whatsapp Clone Script

ZoeChat opens up a new world of possibilities enabling you to connect with friends, families and colleagues seamlessly on our chat platform. You can access all the features of Whatsapp at a much lower cost on ZoeChat. Awesome performance, high-end interface and superb functionality make it the preferred choice of our network of diversified clients.

It is developed with XMPP protocol and is available on both Android as well as Ios platforms. For backend implementation, we have used a robust Openfire XMPP server. All customized modules are managed with the help of a back end panel developed using PHP.

Right from the source code delivery, brand personalization and installation to consistent support services, we ensure that ZoeChat is implemented efficiently in line with your unique requirements.

Perfect Partner to Build Your Instant Messaging App

that meets various degrees of chat requirements on iOS, Android and Windows


You can exchange files, documents and images with your friends and colleagues instantly. Use group chat and media sharing options and make office presentations just perfect.


The in-app messaging feature provides exciting, new chat views. You can have separate chats and also group chats on the user-friendly app with your near and dear ones.


You can enjoy having a personal chat in real time. The secure and reliable app allows you to have intimate and emotional conversations using emoticons with your beloved.


You can create chat groups for volunteering, office work or be part of a community on ZoeChat. Enjoy light hearted conversations and explore shared interests.

Features you find in ZoeChat


Be connected with your family, friends and colleagues with the creative, new chat features. You don’t have to send same file to all your colleagues one by one, make a group and send to all at once.


Share various media files of all formats and types on our fully integrated and updated ZoeChat. Enjoy the seamless joy of sharing your favorite moments with your loved ones in the blink of an eye.


Gone are the days of locating people by searching them for hours on a busy road or street. With the new ZoeChat, send them your exact location via GPS and enjoy being with them over coffee or dinner.


A picture speaks a thousand words; share your moments of happiness with friends and family in a jiffy. Share selfies, beautiful landscapes and your latest achievements with everyone in your network.


The simple and easy to use ZoeChat allows you to exchange numbers, email addresses and birthdays with your buddies. Grow your social circle and bring your friends together at the click of a button.


Do not worry about missing on having fun with friends. Get instant notifications regarding every text and media messages from every personal and group chats. Stay updated with the latest buzz!

Framework & Architecture of ZoeChat

ZoeChat app is incorporated with the state of the art technology and futuristic cloud hosting service to provide users with an amazing, friendly and unique magical experience when interacting with other people via the app.

Why is it the best?

With a compatibility over a wide range of devices, whatsappupdate has a created a niche for itself. A technical simplicity in terms of installing updates and fixing bugs makes it stands out among other chatting apps. Even when the connection is unstable, a user can send a message and not having to worry about the delivery. This contains no in-app advertisements that may interrupt your chatting experience.The state of the art technology used in buildingZoeChat provides easy, secure and reliable ways to stay in touch with your contacts. The new and improved version allows you to chat with your friends even when the connection is down. The tailor made app comes without any advertisements for seamless fun without any hindrances. The light and user friendly app doesn’t burden your phone with heavy installation or any operations of the app. The unique creative chat options and user interface is a hit with its users for its attractive features.The new and improved version of the app comes with bug fixes and interesting features for all. The unique feature to add a dash of personal touch and creativity in the chats makes it more personal and appealing to its users. The internet voice and video call options at zero rates* is another advantage that has brought ZoeChat to such soaring heights in the competitive market. The security features allow locking the chats and app, which is great not just for personal talks but also for professional discussions. The feature which enables sending bulk documents, files, images and videos in a matter of seconds is a fascinating option on ZoeChat. The ease of installing updates and new versions of ZoeChat has been wildly loved by the older users of this user friendly app. The abundance of services and adaptability on every phone has made ZoeChat reach the heights it enjoys today. The high end technology gone into making the app has been primarily focused to make the app quick with its tasks and appealing to the customers.

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