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WhatsApp and its association with UPI

Pretty soon WhatsApp users can transfer money to others. WhatsApp which is a part of the Facebook family will launch the support related to Unified Payments Interface (UPI) by the year end.

The messenger app has been in detailed discussions with banks and other such organizations like the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to integrate UPI related transactions enabling the users to make transactions by the service.

The potential of WhatsApp partnering with several banks is sure to create a buzz of excitement.

Further noted was that there could be some delays, but assurance was given that things were progressing smoothly. The RBI approval alone is pending related to the launch of the service.

whatsapp association.png

WhatsApp's rivals namely WeChat and Hike have also integrated payment services into their apps. Yet, WhatsApp with over 1.2 billion active users would like to wait patiently and assimilate features when they are well refined.

Featured was a massive growth related to the user base and transactions in mobile payment apps like Paytm and MobiKwik. This was in effect after the nationwide demonetisation. Yet they dont constitute even a substantial number of users which WhatsApp has

The debut of WhatsApp regarding this feature was widely noted and created quite a stir with respect to the user base and industry scrutineers. An analyst mentioned that banks did not take up the opportunity generated via the demonetization and that the related mobile apps did not have such embracement then. Further, he noted that the banks and NPCI want to patch up the issue with the help of UPI. The UPI- enabled BHIM app which debuted last year has gained traction and that the app has been downloaded 17 million times. Based on what NCPI had to say, UPI crossed 10 million transactions worth of nearly Rs. 3,000 crore.

The Virtual Payment Address propagates the UPI-enabled apps to make transactions via any smartphone at any time. The main purpose is to simplify the transaction steps and reduce them. The best part is that the user base does not have to share confidential details like bank account number or the debit cards or credits. Transactions can be done amounting to Rs 1 Lakh.

WhatsApp being a powerful tool can alter the structure related to mobile payments in the nation.

Preview of the things coming into WhatsApp

Pretty soon WhatsApp users can transfer money to others. WhatsApp which is a part of the Facebook family will launch the support related to Unified Payments Interface (UPI) by the year end.

The messenger app has been in detailed discussions with banks and other such organizations like the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to integrate UPI related transactions enabling the users to make transactions by the service.

The potential of WhatsApp partnering with several banks is sure to create a buzz of excitement.

Further noted was that there could be some delays, but assurance was given that things were progressing smoothly. The RBI approval alone is pending related to the launch of the service.

WhatsApp's rivals namely WeChat and Hike have also integrated payment services into their apps. Yet, WhatsApp with over 1.2 billion active users would like to wait patiently and assimilate features when they are well refined.

Featured was a massive growth related to the user base and transactions in mobile payment apps like Paytm and MobiKwik. This was in effect after the nationwide demonetisation. Yet they dont constitute even a substantial number of users which WhatsApp has

The debut of WhatsApp regarding this feature was widely noted and created quite a stir with respect to the user base and industry scrutineers. An analyst mentioned that banks did not take up the opportunity generated via the demonetization and that the related mobile apps did not have such embracement then. Further, he noted that the banks and NPCI want to patch up the issue with the help of UPI. The UPI- enabled BHIM app which debuted last year has gained traction and that the app has been downloaded 17 million times. Based on what NCPI had to say, UPI crossed 10 million transactions worth of nearly Rs. 3,000 crore.

whatsapp app.jpg

The Virtual Payment Address propagates the UPI-enabled apps to make transactions via any smartphone at any time. The main purpose is to simplify the transaction steps and reduce them. The best part is that the user base does not have to share confidential details like bank account number or the debit cards or credits. Transactions can be done amounting to Rs 1 Lakh.

WhatsApp being a powerful tool can alter the structure related to mobile payments in the nation.

Government authorities's ventures to pry into secured WhatsApp conversations

In the current era, the social media apps and messenger apps are the most widely used platforms. It serves to link people with one another and provides insight for people to comprehend the platforms. Featured as an important criterion regarding the same is privacy.

During registration, the user base has to accept the privacy norms and rules. Related to the apps and websites it is evident that private data of the user will not be shared with other platforms and that it is well secured and fortified.

WhatsApp has served to sync millions of users with one another globally. It of late has rolled out several updates. The best among the same is the end to end encryption of the messages. This implies that no third party can decipher the messages between two individuals.

However, it's prospects were impacted negatively due to a terror attack which happened in London. It was a terrible sight to observe, which took place in a very small amount of time. The backlash and reaction related to this from all over the globe were varying and there were no answers to what catalyzed the event.

To add to the misery, part of the blame was associated with the WhatsApp executives. An authoritative from the ruling body claimed that the attack in part was due to the popular messaging app.

whatsapp app.jpg

The main accused Khalid Masood had used WhatsApp prior to commencing the massacre.The British government secretary Amber Rudd had detailed clearly that the encryption associated with the mobile app to manage the privacy is not at all reasonable.

Further, she noted that there should be no locations where such people can stay concealed. It is evident that the authorities prefer to have access to the conversations taking place between the two persons.

This could be a setback against the privacy norms which have been long maintained. Further, she noted that the brands such as WhatsApp and other such medias have to ascertain that they dont serve as a sanctuary where such anti-social elements plan their malevolent schemes.

Rudd has emphasized that this war against encryption relates to the ruling body abiding that they should have access to communication services which are being monitored by the authorities. It is obvious that the anti-social elements find a refuge on the internet where they concatenate schemes aimed at the destruction of the tranquility and peace globally.

As the messages are encrypted, third parties dont have a method to avail the messages. Therefore, it has become a necessity for the ruling authority to monitor the conversations which take place via a medium like WhatsApp.

Claims are there that Masood made use of the app to deliver and receive directives before the massacre. It is a mystery at present whether he used the app. However, there is a probable chance of him having used their app. The media was able to access his device and found out that he was active in WhatsApp prior to his path of destruction.

However, it is hapless that there is nothing to substantiate him being affiliated with any group or acted based on someone else's orders. Considering these aspects it is evident that the app should provide permission for the authorities to scrutinize the messages from his profile. However, the decoding of the encrypted information is a daunting task indeed.

If the messages were not encoded, then this massacre could have been avoided well in advance enabling the police and the secret agents to have saved the lives of the victims.

Hence, it is high time that the app tweaks its privacy norms. It should give the authority for the related officials to ensure the safety. However, the app knows the fact that if the former proposal is implemented, it means that it will lose its loyal users.

WhatsApp has been subject to a great evolutionary aspect where a bunch of new features is implemented in it along with tweaks and modifications. Provided the app developers find ways to resolve the problems, they will implement it full fledged. Apart from the government sector, established companies and others such organizations also wish to avail the messages. As the aspect of Security is highly prioritized over confidentiality and privacy.

Aspects needed to be comprehended for utilizing all the features of WhatsApp video calling

At present, a figure of more than 1 billion users is manipulating WhatsApp which is simple with regards to the same and can be availed by one and all. It began as a messaging app and after some time, it was integrated with voice calling feature. In order to enhance the communication platform globally with effectiveness, the app is introducing its video calling feature where the user base can interact with others face to face. All that it needs is a mobile data plan or a Wi-Fi connection and the fears of the voice minute plan being charged are allayed.

However, after the implementation of the feature, spammers designed a junk website and began passing around a spam invitation which stated that only people who have the invitation can enable the feature on their devices. On clicking the link, the user base is directed to a website which fools even the most wary of the users. Then on clicking the enable button, the user is presented with a user verification page where it requests the user base to share the link with 4 other friends so as to finish the process. This makes the user base exposed to hacking.

The video calling attribute is featured on devices functioning on iOS or Android 4.1 beyond. It is launched with a simple update. In cases when the user is faced with the dilemma of not getting the app to automatically update, all they have to do is go to the respective play stores can manually update the app.

To enable this feature the app has to be opened and the specific contact has to be selected where the call button has to be clicked on the top right and Video calling is selected.For iOS users, all they have to do is click on the video symbol next to the call icon. To avail the feature beforehand, it is best to sign up for the beta program.It is done by accessing WhatsApp's Google Play Listing and navigating to the end and I'M IN has to be tapped on. Then the user has to wait for few minutes after confirming on the next screen and return to the Listings page, where the user is provided with the option to update the app to the beta version. Provided the WhatsApp video calling feature does not function or there is an issue, the user can download the WhatsApp APK (v2.16.354) from APK Pure or mirror website. However, it is best suggested to follow the aforementioned steps to launch the beta version of WhatsApp video calling and circumvent the hazards associated with downloading the APK file.

Endeavours by WhatsApp app to make income

The instant messaging giant has made strides to generate income from its services. At present, the app has ceased charging its user base related to its service for a considerable period of time. Hence the question arises as to how it will make money. Paid services are not happening as aforementioned, but this scenario could change where sources claim that the app will strategize such that income is generated from the services it provides.

One of the app's co-founders Brian Acton has stated regarding the potential in linking an innumerable number of users with businesses and it is their prime focus.This aspect has been triggered where the app is laying the base to how the enterprises should coordinate with end users. He further added that this process is being meticulously carried out so that they dont jump into the pit of enterprises distracting the user base by advertisements or some other means.

The concept of user experience was at the forefront for WhatsApp and hence it did not venture into the aspect of monetization. In addition, the app has not plunged into the aspect of integrating third parties with the platform which could contribute to revenue making. Steps are taken so that the enterprise schemes are performed neatly, effectively and without any issues.

Syncing the user base with enterprises related to purchase and user support is very much effective for the aforementioned parties. With this, the app is said to be capable of developing tools from APIs for the enterprises and mobile clients for smaller businesses as stated by Brian. He further quoted that they are still in the experimental phase.

He concluded by saying that the app is focused on the enterprise aspects which is the challenging aspect. it is related to how the app can develop the app for the enterprises, where at the same time the integrity and basic aspects of the app are well maintained.

WhatsApp is in talks to integrate Facebook Messenger stickers along with it.

The most current beta disclosure and exposure signify that the instant messaging app giant will incorporate the stickers feature similar to that of Facebook Messenger and the initial reception to this move has not been warm or positive.

WhatsApp is hot on the heels of Facebook Messenger App to deploy stickers which are designed in the same way as that of the latter. These stickers were launched for both the Android and iOS mobile devices in April 2013. Since the launch, the Social networking giant has implemented several modifications to the stickers feature.

A well popular whistleblower by name WABetaInfo has disclosed the latest screenshots of the freshly launched beta version. From the disclosed images, it is significant that the stickers which were released for WhatsApp feature the same designs as incorporated for Facebook Messenger App.

Not long ago, Facebook launched branded sticker packs to its Messenger application which are associated with Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 and Simon's Cat. The app's Japan-based rival- Line Messenger has been implementing this feature for a long time and it has amassed big incomes and earnings with these branded sticker packs. It is claimed that Line Messenger generated monthly profits of $ 10 million by incorporating this feature. This is associated with the user base of 230 million users it had at that time two years previously. Apple also ventured into the same endeavor related to its iMessage app succeeding the deployment of iOS 10 last year.

This announcement and intimation was accompanied by another news of Whatsapp related to its video calling attribute. WhatsApp owned by Facebook has over 1.2 billion users where they consume over 340 million minutes every day so as to make an astronomical 55 million video calls per day. This signifies good news and accomplishment by WhatsApp as this feature was implemented on WhatsApp only during the last six months.

WhatsApp to closely resemble Facebook Messenger with this extra feature

Featured with billions of Facebook users, the usage is more emphasized in markets apart from the US with respect to popularity. In the US, the user base chooses Facebook Messenger over WhatsApp due to the incorporation of features in the former, where some of the attributes could be synced with WhatsApp in the future.Current reports claim that Facebook would launch the popular feature of stickers to WhatsApp. However, it is signified that this addition wont be well accepted by the majority of the user base.Ever since its inception in 2013, stickers feature of Facebook Messenger has evolved to stay stylish and relevant but however, for the WhatsApp users, it is quite the opposite. A beta version of the app is on talks where stickers resembling that of Facebook Messenger is to be synced.

If everything goes well, WhatsApp wont be the only messaging app featured with these styles as Japan's Line messenger also attributes to some of its success from the stickers. Revenue is generated by these stickers, which Facebook could use to replicate the success. A report 2 years back revealed that the Line Messenger generated $ 10 million in revenue for its parent company thanks to the stickers. This is attributed with a user base of 230 billion. Coming to Whatsapp it features over a billion users and the amount generated is sure to be astronomical in this case.

It is signified that WhatsApp will take a small aspect from its rivals to monetize the app. However, at present, it is still enshrouded whether the app will adapt the methodology of Line Messenger and iMessage with respect to focus on stickers. It could be the method for Facebook to recover the amount it spent to purchase WhatsApp in 2014.This attribute is featured only in WhatsApp's beta version and not in the Google play Store. It is a mysterious question as to when the user base will start using stickers on the app. However, if everything falls in place, stickers could be a staple of the very popular instant messaging app- WhatsApp.

A brief outlook into the progress of Whatsapp from its beginning to the present

WhatsApp has a great bonding with our country. The instant messaging app debuted in India during the most intense phase of the fashion and rage associated with mobile and its related features. It paved the way as an effective alternative to normal SMS. At present, the app has user figures of over 1 billion and India is the biggest market when it comes to WhatsApp usage. Ever since its debut 8 years ago the app has progressed in such a way that the very first prototype of the app is completely different from what is being availed by the user base now.

Even though it looks like as if WhatsApp lifted the Stories feature from Snapchat and integrated it within itself, ever since its debut it was a means to share the status of the users with their friends. It was originally designed as an extra feature of the iOS system.

Sometime after the debut of push notifications on the platform, the app revamped itself and launched once again into the App market.The status display was integrated with pictures and moving pictures as well.

The basic idea behind the purpose of the app was to make the user's friends and relatives be updated about what the user was doing currently- be it sleeping, being available, busy in a meeting. This status aspect was to be updated in a regular format. Even though this feature is still present in the app, the app in the first place was never used regarding what it was initially supposed to do. The then app's version incorporated with the chat feature was authorized by Apple in September 2009 as WhatsApp 2.0. In the last days of 2009, the app launched its next version- WhatsApp 2.3 which was integrated with the option to transmit videos and pictures to others. From the moment the instant messaging functionality was added, there was no looking back regarding the prospects of WhatsApp. In 2010 when the app was launched, it was initially a paid service on the iPhone Operating System. However, the expenditure associated with validating the account exceeded the service cost associated with it. This paved way for the one time one dollar charge.

Also encountered was a rise in other instant messaging apps encompassing WeChst, Viber and Line to name a few. The vying in the market was intense, especially in Asia. The competition persists with great attributes incorporated and a successful chatbot system as well. One typical aspect missing in WhatsApp then was the audio message transmission which was featured in the other counterparts. Nimbuzz, which is a cross-platform messaging app the s40 and s60 time period had integrated with several desktop chat clients which found a name and a positive reputation on the smartphone devices.

The instant messaging apps namely WhatsApp and its rival counterparts prove to be a valuable asset by serving as an effective choice when evaluated with the standard SMS option. It is economically friendly to the user as it bypasses the costs associated with using SMS. As the year 2012 progressed, the messages sent via instant messaging services surpassed those of conventional SMS services. Statistics reveal that a figure of 17.6 billion messages was sent using SMS service. On the other hand, the instant messaging apps were the clear winners with over 19 billion messages transmitted.

Extensive analysis conducted by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India revealed that in the time period of July to September of 2012, the bulk of SMS suffered a decline of nearly 5.6 percent when evaluated with the same time period in the previous year. It has to be noted that this was during the nascent stages when mobile devices and mobile internet were striving to make a mark in India. Assured was a tremendous growth for both the aforementioned devices and the internet. Ovum, a noted analysis brand has estimated that the Indian Telecom brands were going to face a loss summing up to $3.1 billion due to the Instant messaging apps taking over the reigns of the SMS functionality.

The mobile phone manufacturing company Nokia collaborated with WhatsApp in the event of the release of the former's product named Asha 210. Based on the dealing, the device will feature services regarding WhatsApp without any charges. On the other hand, the mobile device will be shipped featuring a special hardware button for the app. Phones which were launched earlier featured buttons to avail Facebook. However, the Asha 210 product was the first device featuring a special button with respect to avail Whatsapp. Related to the marketing trends, the device was shipped by incorporating a Facebook button in place of that for WhatsApp.

At the same time, rumours persisted that Google was to buy the app for a sum of $1 billion. These rumours have been quashed by Whatsapp stating that the deal was not true. Come July 2013 and WhatsApp had surpassed Twitter with respect to the volume of monthly active users by amassing a figure of 250 million. This also marked the first time, where WhatsApp had exposed a statistic data related to its service. Only Skype and Facebook messenger could compete with the instant messaging app in terms of the volume of users.The next month, Whatsapp was in for a major upheaval related to sending short voice messages which are well known as push-to-talk. By this time the Whatsapp user base had surged and rocketed to nearly 300 million on a worldwide scale.

Whatsapp clocked in at 400 million users in a global scale come December 2013 and within less than a month it was increased by aggregating 30 million users. A remarkable feat indeed!. In January 2014, as aforementioned, the total monthly users of WhatsApp accounted to 430 million. The executives in WhatsApp had stated clearly that the aspect of gimmicks will not be integrated with the app. This encompasses stickers and vanishing picture messages. The transitory message aspect was a staple of Snapchat- an app which was becoming more popular at the same time. Related to this, WhatsApp in the subsequent times would launch its own custom made renditions of the aforementioned attributes.In the February of that year, the social networking giant Facebook had officially announced that it was going to assimilate the instant messaging app. The business deal was done at an astronomical 19 billion dollars. Related to this $4 billion had to be paid in cash and $ 12 billion had to be accounted to the Facebook Shares. The remaining $3 billion was to be paid to the executives, employees and founders of the app in a time span of 4 years. It is to be noted that at this time, WhatsApp was adding nearly 1 million users per day into its user base.

WhatsApp usage had achieved the milestone of half a billion by April 2014. India accounted for 10% of the global WhatsApp usage. A concern started to invade the prospects that Facebook would implement advertisements into the app. This feature was providentially not implemented as of present.

WhatsApp found its major appliance with respect to jurisdiction in India. The app was integrated by the traffic authorities of Delhi to establish a helpline which was used to take care of traffic violations. Based on what the Special Commissioner of Police had to say, the traffic police authorities would be connected to the complaints from the residents of Delhi with respect to any traffic violation, illegal parking, problems caused by the auto or taxi drivers, or defective traffic signals and the related. The citizens had to convey the unlawful activities by providing the law authorities with images or a short video denoting the violation along with other details related to the sender on the contact number 8750871493 via the WhatsApp app. Further ambitious ventures were implemented by Whatsapp in sync with the Delhi Police mainly aimed at the safety of women.

However, at the same time, WhatsApp was in the centre of criticism for launching the two blue clicks feature which appeared next to the WhatsApp pings to denote that the other user has received and read the message. Coming to group chats, the ticks would appear only after all the members of the WhatsApp group had read the message. Prior to its release, the update's technical capability was rumoured to have been integrated with the app stores. Further, the feature was enabled by an over the air update and did not necessitate the users to install a brand new version of the mobile app. Related to this feature, an unfortunate event happened in Saudi Arabia which consequently lead to the divorce of a married pair. In the subsequent times, the instant messaging giant has incorporated guidelines to deactivate the blue ticks attribute, This was done initially on Android OS and then on the iOS system. At the fag end of 2014, the app launched the feature of an end to end encryption. This was implemented by making use of the TextSecure protocol from Open Whisper Systems. This launch is signified to be the biggest venture into incorporating end to end encryption related to communication aspects. However, this encryption is featured only for person to person chatting.

However, at the same time, WhatsApp was in the centre of criticism for launching the two blue clicks feature which appeared next to the WhatsApp pings to denote that the other user has received and read the message. Coming to group chats, the ticks would appear only after all the members of the WhatsApp group had read the message. Prior to its release, the update's technical capability was rumoured to have been integrated with the app stores. Further, the feature was enabled by an over the air update and did not necessitate the users to install a brand new version of the mobile app. Related to this feature, an unfortunate event happened in Saudi Arabia which consequently lead to the divorce of a married pair. In the subsequent times, the instant messaging giant has incorporated guidelines to deactivate the blue ticks attribute, This was done initially on Android OS and then on the iOS system. At the fag end of 2014, the app launched the feature of an end to end encryption. This was implemented by making use of the TextSecure protocol from Open Whisper Systems. This launch is signified to be the biggest venture into incorporating end to end encryption related to communication aspects. However, this encryption is featured only for person to person chatting.

In the October of that year, WhatsApp launched the facility to backup all the phone data into Google Drive. For users who have adopted a new mobile, all they have to do is restore the backed up data in Google Drive in a simple and efficient way. This is noted in the timeline where online backup was very much demanded by the users.

The yearly subscription charge was removed as soon as the next year began. This paved way for anyone to use the app without any charge unlimitedly. Around the same time, its parent company Facebook revealed that WhatsApp is bound for a modification which would permit the enterprises to make use of the app to be in sync and communication with the customers of the enterprise. This modification was associated with a fee to carry out the process.

WhatsApp accomplished the feat of having 1 billion active users globally in February 2016. 42 billion messages and pings were generated every day in 53 languages. The volume of daily photo shares stood at 1.6 billion and there were 250 million video shares daily.

Then the Instant messaging app was in for a major upheaval by incorporating new attributes to augment the style of the app in the midst of the intense vying in the market. Whatsapp increased the group size related to conversations to 256. The app users could exchange files via the app provided both the users were having the latest version of the app.

For the iOS users, they could make use of the zooming feature to zoom into videos. Information from 3rd party data storage brands like Google Drive, Dropbox etc could be exchanged with others. Further, the app also integrated a new feature related to formatting which permits the app users to transmit messages with some sentences in the message displayed in bold or italics.

In the March of 2016, the app executives noted that the app wont support archaic systems and platforms by the year end. WhatsApp would no longer be sustained by BlackBerry, Windows P{hone 7.1 and the outdated Nokia OSs. India was majorly impacted badly by this move when the shipment of smartphones had not surpassed that of the feature phones in that year.

The coming month, the App augmented and modified the end to end encryption feature of the app to the next level. All the information namely images, videos and group chats could only be observed by the considered recipients only. When the end to end encryption feature was modified and boosted up, the App had over 1 billion active users. The app was not capable of prying into the chats and information even when the ruling government demanded it to be done.

This move made the app receive a lot of criticism. The FBI, in particular, noted that this end to end encryption must not be a secured place of safety for the terrorists and other anti-social elements. Indian IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad stated that this aspect of encryption resulted in hindrances and problems for the law pursuance bodies. Professionals have precautioned that this encryption aspect could be well exploited by the anti-social groups present in India.

In the May of last year the app launched desktop apps for both the Mac systems and the Windows. A web interface was needed by desktops to avail the services. The user base who had enrolled for availing the currently tested beta version of the app were encountered with a new feature. Video calling had become a reality in WhatsApp. Unfortunately, the following beta version would discard the feature.

By this time WhatsApp was the widely used instant messaging app featured in over 109 countries globally. Nearly 1,100 WhatsApp calls were generated every second. When this figure is scaled for a day it sums up to 100 million WhatsApp calls. An analysis reveals that 94% of the smartphones in India had Whatsapp installed in them. Another research disclosed that almost 62% of all the apps which were installed in the mobile devices were owned by Facebook.

More new attributes were deployed in the June and July of 2016. The app implemented an in-app language toggle and users could now doodle and sketch out drawings on the images. However, the app was striving to launch the video calling feature on a big scale. The voice calling was updated and integrated with a voicemail feature was well. For the iOS users they were provided with bigger emoticons and the capability to zoom in on videos when they are in the process of being taped by the app.

2 years after Facebook bought WhatsApp and assured that there wont be any modifications with respect to the privacy policies, the former turned back against its words where it was announced that a part of the user data in user's WhatsApp account will be availed by Facebook. WhatsApp attempted to simmer things down, by telling that there wont be any data sharing with 3rd party branders.

A regulator from the UK indicated that it will follow how the WhatsApp information was shared with Facebook. Privacy regulators from Europe also stated that the new privacy policy and the way that Facebook manipulated the user data will be closely followed and monitor it. Germany denoted the social giant to remove the WhatsApp user data which it was availing. In India, the Delhi High Court noted that there were some discrepancies involved and it permitted the policy with restrictions based on data sharing. Yet, there is still a major debate going on in courts as to whether the data sharing has breached and infringed the privacy of the app users.

The much-anticipated Video calling feature of WhatsApp was launched in the month of November in 2016.This is nearly after a year of toiling in that aspect and 6 months after the Beta version showcased the feature. WhatsApp noted that the launch was delayed a lot when considering the huge user base and the adaptability and capability of the devices and OSs with which the app was working on very hard to integrate the feature. Initially, the video quality was very much poor when evaluated with other services like Allo or Skype. In spite of that negative aspect, the app has been striving a lot to tweak the feature after its launch so that the quality is not compromised. It has also added tiny features such as to tweak the video orientation.

In the month of September, the app deployed a feature wherein group conversations, the users could indicate other users with an @ symbol before their names. GIF was also another major thing which was incorporated. Efforts were made in the ventures regarding the two-factor authorization and chatbots as well. Unfortunately, the video calling feature was deemed as a work still in progress.

In the early days of 2017, the iOS users were able to queue up chats when offline. Video and photo sharing were increased from 10 to 30. The two-factor authorization was launched in February thereby proving to be a major boost for the security regarding the app. Another feature which debuted was status messages which acted in a way resembling the fleeting Snapchat stories.

WhatsApp accumulated 200 million active users in India with 1.2 billion users globally in February. The timing of this announcement coincided with the 8th year ever since the WhatsApp app was implemented. Whatsapp also indicated that its add-on for enterprises would be associated with its testing phase from India. Earlier when the app was acquired by Facebook in 2014, it had mentioned that such schemes will be incorporated.

The dilemma of WhatsApp with respect to information sharing on Facebook has raised quite a stir in India with regards to the guidelines for data securement. India lacks laws and guidelines related to data fortification and it is the opinion of professionals that stringent and effective cyber laws have to be implemented. Such laws could very well promote a big change all over the nation inclusive of how the Government is venturing into the aspect to develop the Aadhaar scheme.

The app has succeeded and taken over the reigns of SMS usage in India. With the presence of Wi-Fi settings and their availability, users can also make voice calls without any additional expense. WhatsApp shows its effectivity and efficiency for the users to be in touch with whomever they are concerned on a global scale at a very cheap expenditure. Taking the history of WhatsApp it has been on archaic devices and the latest smartphones as well.It has made the aspect of communication a really less costing venture. An analysis reveals that Indians on an average make over 50 million video calls per day.

WhatsApp is not present without other competitors which offer more interactive features. To quote an instance Allo incorporates Google's AI assistant and permits the users to interact with it by playing games, scheming outings and gather data even in the range of local languages. Telegram is another app integrated with entertaining chatbots, new themes and amazing stickers to enthral the users. Kik is an app among the gamers where it provides a level of secrecy and that it is synced with the usernames of the gamers. The Signal is an app for people who want to communicate in a highly fortified and secured way, where the chats are discarded immediately after they were read by the users.

In spite of the offerings which the various instant messaging apps provide in the vying market, WhatsApp will always ascertain and solidify its place as an important component similar to the SMS services. An instant messaging app cannot be gauged based only on the features it has to offer- it must also be contemplated regarding who else has downloaded and installed the app. With respect to this WhatsApp is still progressing forward accumulating more number of active users and serving its user base in an enthralling and amazing yet effective and productive way.

Thus that was an overview of WhatsApp from its initial humble beginnings and then progressing forward in time into a dominating giant with respect to Instant Messaging apps.

Zoechat is a unique whatsapp clone app which takes the functionalities of Whatsapp to the next level. It encompasses a powerful WhatsApp clone script which augments the existing features of the original app and comes with a plethora of new features not found in the original WhatsApp app. Zoechat serves to revolutionize the instant messaging app world with the aspects of interactivity and rigorous security measures incorporated.

WhatsApp's amazing any file format transfer feature

WhatsApp users are in for a treat as due to one of the latest updates, they can send a file of any format to anyone using the app. It can be a PDF file, an APK file, a ZIP file, JPEG file or an .XLS file as well. The limit set for sending the files is 100 MB for the Android users and 128 MB for the iOS users.

Speaking about the JPEG people, previously WhatsApp had featured the image sharing aspect but the app persisted in mitigating the images quality. Now the latest update ensures that WhatsApp users can send original and unaltered photos of the JPEG format with others. Further, the user can send a bunch of pictures which will be categorized in an order for the recipient to view so that no chaotic confusion is associated with the same.

Apart from this handy feature of sending files of any type in the smartphone, the most current update has implemented new features related to the in-calling aspect where a call is answered by swiping up the screen instead of the sides of the screen. The users will soon get adapted to the change after some practice regarding the same.

If the update has not arrived yet, the chances are that it will be integrated with the app platform very shortly.

WhatsApp and its data sharing with Facebook

The latest update from WhatsApp related to its privacy norms and standards have created an atmosphere of doubt and concern related to privacy. Although the app assured that ads are prohibited in the user interface, the user data will be imparted with Facebook which acquired the app for 19 billion dollars.

This revamping and restructuring are the first since 2012 with some tweaks done here and there so as to increase its elucidation factor. Featured is that the WhatsApp can be availed for commercial texting and it is more significant that it is an integration of Facebook.

The user’s phone number is shared in social media

This instant messaging apps noted that the user's contact number will be promulgated with Facebook. Provided is a time limit to quit from the user data sharing associated with Facebook which assured that the phone number will not be imparted to anyone. The reason Facebook acquired WhatsApp is for increased monetization purpose. The aspects related to ad blockage and great importance to user privacy as implemented by WhatsApp's co founders were also accepted.

The new re-written legal policy document

Initial pages of the document signify the bond between WhatsApp and Facebook where it is mentioned that user data won't be revealed to any third party services but that the contact numbers of the user base will be shared with Facebook alone.

Facebook's significance and presence make the user base to wonder whether the chatting through the app will impact the ads focused on the users. Thanks to the implementation of end to end encryption, the data cant be accessed by external sources. Featured are 1 billion WhatsApp users on a monthly basis all for free. Contrary to WeChat which is used for transactions, car sharing to name a few and behaves as an eCommerce platform, this was not a part of WhatsApp as it lacked a powerful application program interface for enterprise usage.

The underlying reason for WhatsApp to revamp its legal norms is to ensure the best usage of the app by enterprises. Featuring a mighty presence globally, the app is in talks to plunge into the commercial market. Although the app has been a non-profit venture with ad restrictions, in the early periods the app was associated with payment for the iOS users before revamping itself as a non paid app where the user has to pay to avail the app after some time. However, after some time the app was offered for free.

Messaging service utilized in the eCommerce industry

Thanks to the revamping and modification to the privacy norms, WhatsApp finds its potential use in eCommerce domain, where the app can be manipulated by enterprises for branding, effective use by airline organizations and banks as well. With the plethora of amazing features, the app proved a better option for the retailers and their clients over standard SMS.

During its inception, the norms associated with the privacy policy of the app is that confidential and personal data wont be shared with anyone. This has evolved a lot for the association of brands and the user base with the app. The latest norms state that the data from WhatsApp will be imparted with Facebook so as to augment the user engagement encompassing ads and various deals.

You can opt out the feature within a particular time period

The latest upheaval associated with WhatsApp permits it to share user details with Facebook where in the case of the latter it allows for ads from it. Ads wont be associated with WhatsApp however. Many are appalled by the concept of Facebook accessing the WhatsApp user's personal messages. This can be deactivated in WhatsApp by the following steps.

The new update regarding the privacy policies will be sent to the user as a detailed page with a request for the users to agree to the change after which the feature will be activated. For users not interested in the same, they should click on the Read button and uncheck the option related to sharing WhatsApp data with Facebook.

However, some of the user base dont go through the details in the page properly and accidentally agree to the policy. This sticky situation can be mended by implementing some simple instructions

For the Android users, they have to select the three dots icon on the top of the app and choose Settings and then the Account option.This will be followed by a checkbox named 'Share my account information' which has to be disabled.

For the iOS users, they have to avail Settings and then click on Account. A checkbox will be displayed indicating ‘Share my account information' which has to be disabled.

Provided the user base has not received any alerts related to the new update and terms or if there is no option to disable the settings, the user has to wait for some time before the remodifications and the document is rolled out.

WhatsApp aids in converting Videos of less than six seconds as GIF images

As technology progresses message sending has become quick and effective. Previously it was SMS ruling the message world. Soon Over the top Apps were launched which promotes limitless messaging all requiring only an internet connection. Instances include KaKao, Google Allo, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Although operating with the same logic, they provide different dazzling features which make them unique and one of a kind. To quote an instance Google Allo offers the mobile focused instant messaging platform while Skype is the best for video calling.

Whatsapp has been very popular since its inception and even more fame will come for it as the time passes with increased app usage and users. As these factors increase, the developers are striving to incorporate new and exciting features to maintain the enthrallment criterion.

Share contents with multiple contacts at the same time

Whatsapp has a plethora of features where voicemail is one of them. It was first launched for the iOS platform and the Android counterpart was not far behind. Featured additionally for the Android users is that data sharing can be done with several contacts concurrently. The voicemail and calling features are availed by Android users as of version (v2. 16.225). A voicemail can be generated if a WhatsApp call was not answered. It varies from typical voice messaging by the fact that the user base cannot hear the text prior to transmission. Featured additionally is the aspect of secret messaging as well done by typing the text within double quotes.

The user base can now send any type of data thanks to the latest feature rolled out. The user initially has to choose the send or share option from a given app before selecting WhatsApp. Then after choosing a given contact, it has to be long pressed to bring up the option of selecting several users will be displayed. The user can then choose group or individual chats. The task is finished in a jiffy. To add more spice, the app simplifies the aspect of data sharing with the help of frequent chats list. To avail this, the user has to sign up for the beta testing associated with Google Play related to WhatsApp and install the build or the apk package. Also, Whatsapp launched the aspect of zooming when recording a video and send big emojis.

Crammed are several features to enthrall the users and increase the user base. However, a downside associated with the successful app was that it did not allow users to send GIF files. Rooting was an alternative but less popular.

For such users who don't want to associate their device with rooting, the good news is available for them with the roll out of a new feature in WhatsApp where it can transform a video of six seconds or less into a GIF. This is available in the beta versions ranging from 2.16.242 to 2.16.244.

Sending video files

For the Android beta users who want to send GIFs, they should avail the attachment icon located in the top of the WhatsApp screen. Next, the user can select the option to record video which has to be less than 6 seconds. Prior to transmission, a video trimming page is displayed which will transform the video into a GIF. Users can also send videos in their galleries as GIFs with the only condition being the video duration is less than or equal to 6 seconds. For lengthy videos the video trimming option is handy.

The camcorder icon related to the transformation is displayed only when the video file is six seconds or less in time. It is noted that the files are conveyed as sound less mp4 files. The files transmitted and received are stored on to the app. Users can access such information by availing the Media folder available in the app.The GIF images are stored as mp4 files.As a standard, the user will be alerted when a GIF image has been received and it is featured in the chat window as well.

The merging of WhatsApp with Facebook and the privacy concerns associated with it

Whatsapp, without a doubt, is the best instant messaging app despite the vying from competing rivals in the app market. It was the brainchild of Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo and the app was bought by Facebook later. Post that, the app was for free contrary to the previous yearly subscription fees. The purchase was worth 20 billion dollars and is the costliest purchase venture associated.

From the time of its debut, the app has maintained the user engagement by rolling out new features and now it boasts of a billion active users.

Coming to Facebook, it assists in generating and maintaining an online profile and a social life in a digital version. Crammed with several features it is also absolutely free. The question arises as to how the giant generates income. The answer is through advertisements.

Typically, a majority of the ads which are shown in the user's sidebar are in sync with their virtual activities.Several protesters have criticized this methodology by telling that the user data is exposed and privacy is undermined. Statements from Facebook signifies that the user engagement factor is augmented and it generates good revenue.

Thanks to the limitless scrolling associated with the Facebook Timeline, an alternate methodology to generate income is by marketing and merchandising posts. To develop even better user experience, Facebook has decided to sync itself with what the user base is doing in WhatsApp. When this is process is made into effect, the social media giant can have a comprehension and insight of the user, like with whom the user interacts on a frequent basis and will generate related posts to make Facebook enthrallment longer. Yet, this feature was met with lukewarm reception with a majority of the user base and the privacy right supporters.

Privacy concerns with Facebook

The social media giant has come under fire for disclosing the information with US National Security Agency and faced pressure regarding controversial comments as revealed by Zuckerburg related to the fact that the user base did not prioritize privacy anymore. Yet, Facebook has said that it has nothing to do with the above.

It has ventured into making privacy an important consideration. As noted the enterprise was developed based on trust and that it will endure. Further noted was that it scans and analyzes any request the ruling body implements related to data sharing.

The aspects related to privacy were made very precise and lucid. This was due to generating easily availing options for the user base. This was based on the fact that clear comprehension will pave way for proper decisions related to what is being shared.

The law court of the European Union decimated the reliable Harbor data sharing which existed between the US and the European Union for 15 years. The impact will be considered on the Internet operating companies of US which depend on such data. Facebook is an example along with Google and Twitter. It has to be deciphered as to whether safe harbor is permitted or against the law.

The ruling bodies are sure to be in compliance with the ruling associated the Chief Justice of European Union without raising any protests. The case was sent to the CJEU after the data securing body in Ireland rejected the application filed by Mr Schrems who claimed and debated that the data shared with the US through the Ireland Subsidiaries were not in terms of the norms.

The Ireland ruling body when abiding by the CJEU, the establishments in Ireland have to stall the process and have to develop data centres within the European Continent. As such as a measure against this, the US has to make the data from Europe to be more secure. The chances of the latter happening as mostly less.

Related to this Twitter has developed new privacy norms with one of them focusing on the US and the other one for the rest of the world.An alternative for this is to design another safe harbor.

These brands rely on data and to boost this process from an even larger user base, Facebook debuted its This venture was to establish internet facilities for the developing nations for free. This move was negatively received by the telecom monitoring agencies. Speaking of India it has rejected this service.

The association of WhatsApp in this scenario is just one of the several privacy concerns which Facebook's legal authorities are embroiled in. Due to the negative criticism, it is generating a way to opt out of it.

It has been claimed that after the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook, there was a massive increase related to the user base. Yet, ascertaining that this is related to the purchase is without ground and unclear.

The need of data by Facebook is lucid, however, its name has been negatively impacted for not offering protection and fortification of the data associated with it.

A brief outlook into the Desktop Versions of WhatsApp

Talks are there to develop a WhatsApp desktop app so that the user base can be in touch with their relatives and the such via a smartphone or a PC. This app functions only when it is integrated with the smartphone for security fortifications. It also serves to identify whether the user account is hacked or not, increasing its usefulness.

WhatsApp is a cross platform instant messaging app abundant on several OSs. It is the king of instant messaging apps with a basic and enthralling user interface thanks to the attributes encompassing audio, video, pictures, texts and emojis as a part of the app. Further the app by default syncs with the contact list in the device and lists the contacts who are manipulating WhatsApp. The messages are backed up for later read if the user fails to notice the alert.

WhatsApp for Personal Computers

Users are presented with an option to leave the archaic messaging mode and integrate with the latest domain related to communication. The users can send an infinite amount of any information to the intended users and the installation of the app on to the device is a simple walkthrough.

The users can send any type of file by installing the app onto their PC. When the installation takes place the user will be notified to update the graphic card in their system to be in sync with the system they are operating.

WhatsApp web version

The user has to initially download, from the free link provided, the BlueStacks app player which has to be installed onto the device. Next, the WhatsApp app has to be found with the help of the search tool. Once this process is done, the app can be installed on the system and availed immediately.

WhatsApp desktop app

Earlier, the user base availed the web version of the app with the help of a third party app. However, a desktop counterpart was needed to augment the security and the functioning. The desktop equivalent is present in the iOS operating systems from 10.9 to higher and for the Windows platform from Windows 8 to advanced versions.

For users enthralled by the desktop version, they have to download and install the app from the blog. A QR code will be generated which has to be scanned via the user 's smartphones and linked with the same. The web menu of the app is present in the Settings option of the device app. The user will be presented with several keyboard shortcuts and a plethora of other amazing attributes as well.

WhatsApp desktop version for Windows

For availing the WhatsApp app on the PCs or the laptops below mentioned steps which are simple have to be followed.

The user base has to find the app with the help of the browser and should ascertain as to whether the app is for the Windows system. Next, a setup file will be generated in which the user has to select 'Save file' for the next step. The.exe file functions by default after the save. In some cases, the user has to manually make the file to function. Then a QR code is generated which has to be scanned via the Smartphone by availing the app then access 'Menu' and then 'WhatsApp Web' option. After authorization, the system is synced with the user account which they are availing on the devices. The user is all set to avail the app now and it has to be ascertained that the device is connected to an internet connection so as to prevent costly bills from being generated.

WhatsApp desktop version for Mac

Mac users can also avail and make use of WhatsApp where it is present for the OSs from 10.9 to the latest. Streamlined functioning is associated with all the browsers except Safari where some attributes don't work.

First, the user has to avail the WhatsApp website from the PC Browser and install the WhatsApp desktop version for the Mac systems. Once this is done the app has to be relocated to the application folder where a QR code is generated. And like before, the app has to be availed, where the user has to scan the code via their smartphones. Caution has to be ascertained that the device is linked with a Wi-Fi connection so that effective synchronization is carried out between the smartphone and the system. The 'WhatsApp Web' option has to be availed so that scanning is initiated. Once authorization is complete, the user can integrate the WhatsApp chats and contacts onto the system.


Via the desktops, the WhatsApp users can carry out all activities done by the smartphone usage. The users can also see the same messages in both the desktops and the systems due to the syncing associated. The device has to be connected to the net, if not, on the contrary, the user won't be able to avail the chats on the device until the wi-fi connection is restored or set up.The user can log out of the desktop app if they are not interested or decided against messaging via the desktop app.

WhatsApp and the new fascinating features associated with it.

WhatsApp has consistently implemented new features related to its user interface so as to stay at the top of the vying industry and outpace its rivals. It was subject to acquisition by Facebook in 2014. This was met with several backlashes as the main aspect which WhatsApp adhered to was to secure and fortify personal information from being availed by exterior third parties. A chaotic scenario prevailed and the brand assured that the personal data will not be shared with Facebook.

Some features rolled out for WhatsApp were resembling that of WhatsApp's rival Snapchat. It provided a major upheaval for the camera feature which is associated with additional customization features and tools which aid in the process.

Provided the user snaps a photo via WhatsApp, it is provided with options to doodle and modify the picture related to their creative desires. This feature was first launched in Snapchat as aforementioned and soon was adopted by Instagram.

For taking selfies, the instant messaging app as of Android version v2.16.246 launched what is called the front facing flash.This feature can be availed when manipulating the camera through WhatsApp.

Additional features launched by WhatsApp

Secured message transmission

Not long ago, the app launched the end to end encryption feature which secured the messages sent by the user to the recipient. The messages cant be deciphered by any external sources. It makes use of a distinct key which ceases to exist as soon as the message has been seen by the receiver of the message.

It has provided a safe haven for users to interact with their friends and relatives. Rumours persist that the app is venturing into developing a public group for the iOS users, planning for use of large emojis and other such captivating features.

FixedSys Font and Text formatting

FixedSys is a new font style created by WhatsApp which seems familiar and resembling that of the Windows font also having the same name. This font can be availed by the iOS and Android beta users.

Use of FixedSys Font

To activate this font style, the user must enter the text within three back quotes both at the beginning and the end of the text. However, the users cant implement this font style with the text customizing methods which are bold, italics and strikethrough respectively. These are also viewed in the altered format by the receivers if they also possess the same WhatsApp app version.

Use of Text formatting

These formats are added in a fashion resembling that of FixedSysFont where to strikethrough a given text the text has to be entered between two tilde symbols. The same process is followed for bold and italics where the user has to enter the text between two asterisks and two underscores respectively.

Quote message

WhatsApp users can presently quote the messages from a group or an individual chat. The quoted chat is then displayed on the screen along with the reply. In order to quote a message the user has to select a standard text message or a media message which is then followed by long pressing the message so as to generate a pop up with three alternatives- one being to reply to the message and the other two being clearing out the message and forwarding it to someone else. Provided the user selects the first option, then there will be a sneak peek of the quoted message along with a box to enter the reply message. All the user has to do know is transmit the text. The quoted message will be displayed with the reply message below it. For group chatting, color coding is implemented to avoid confusion among the various members when quoting a message for each one of them.

Call back and Voice message

Not long ago, the voice messaging and call back attributes were launched. In case of the latter, the user base can call the recipient in case they did not pick up the call and for the former, if the user did not pick up the call a voice message can be generated for the intended contact on the other side. If the user does not want to avail the feature then it can be disabled with the help of the cancel feature which quits the given window.

Steps to make call back and send a voice message

In order to call back the person at the other end, all the user has to do is tap the call back option to facilitate this process. If on the contrary, all they have to do is activate the Cancel option which then ends the given window.

For generating a voice message, the users have to long press the Voice message option until they have taped the message to be sent to the intended recipient and to transmit the voice message, they have to release thier hold on the related button. The recipient can comprehend that the voice message is resembling that of voice recording message.

Multi sharing feature

With the help of this feature, the User base can share any type of documents namely videos, files or pictures to several users simultaneously. Previously the user had to avail each chat to attach and then send the data. This long strenuous task is tackled with the release of the feature in beta version of Android v2.16.230.

To share with multiple contacts

In order to impart the data with several contacts, the file to be transmitted has to be chosen first. Then the app categorizes the contact list under three domains namely frequent chat, recent chat and other chat.

It is up to the user to select any one of the choices to enable the process or they can select the contacts from the list and integrate them into the sending list in a simple and effective manner.

The contacts who are chosen by the user base are displayed with a green tick mark. Also, the contacts selected from the list are displayed in the green band. All the user has to do next is enable the send button where the information is imparted with all the chosen contacts.

The muting option present in WhatsApp and other insights associated with the app

At present, almost everybody is aware of WhatsApp app to intensify the social experience and interact with others. It is packed with state of the art features which promote a good interface and great functioning. It has also taken inspiration from the app Snapchat's features like filters and location trackers and developed its own equivalent of features based on the former.

Globally people are overwhelmed by the distinct and sophisticated state of the art features which serve to carry out any task perfectly and quickly. Such features have been launched albeit with some specific constraints.

User base can elucidate their emotions related to whether they love or disregard other people's status. This paves way for a feasibility to update it in a message. Provided the user base is not interested in displaying their status to some specific contacts, they can be muted for a transitory period. Featured, online, is an app whose purpose is to enable, catalyze and supervise the functioning of these state of the art features

The Windows phone has been enriched with a plethora of modern features thanks to the latest version of WhatsApp Beta. However, unfortunately, the features are not available to the relevant users on some certain ground and basis. Muting is an effective tool to steer clear of the annoying contacts whom the user wishes to evade and are considered as a source of irritation. Below detailed will be regarding the mutable option and the status reply feature.

What about the mute features?

Provided the user base detests someone else's WhatsApp status or Display Picture, it can mute such contacts for a particular time period. Such features shield the users from external sources of factors which hinder the user. Any contact can be muted and there are some factors which contribute and augment the app functionality. Thanks to this handy feature, the user base can have a pleasant conversation with the recipient without any hindrances and disturbances.

Once muting is enabled for a given contact, the user's status and Display Picture wont be displayed to that specific contact. However, this does not affect the normal digital conversation enabled via WhatsApp. Also, available in the feature is the aspect of saving the current most status of the muted contact. Whatsapp having been established in the iOS, Android and other platforms steers the user base clear of needless problems and helps to secure it from malicious people and hackers.

Whatsapp bonds the people from any part of the globe through digital conversation. A plethora of data like texts, videos, images, smileys, emojis etc can be conveyed to the other end. For the future generation are packed some enthralling features. Thanks to this instant messaging app, the user base can connect with any person digitally.

This feature, however, does not promote a permanent change- provided the user wants to avail the status of that given contact, all they have to do is simply unmute them. Provided the user agrees in the contrary, then the sequence will be in the antithesis mode and polar opposite completely. It is related to the activation and deactivation of push notifications which play a vital role in gauging the operation and performance.

Specification of status

Similar to the various social media like Facebook and the such, WhatsApp status updating is an enthralling aspect and when gauging the requirements and performance of WhatsApp, it functions in a mode similar to Facebook. Status denotes the present mindset of the user which can be put in view for the contacts associated with that user. The operations and functioning related to these features are analyzed and supervised by WABeta online service. It serves to tweak and augment the attributes.

Featured is an option in WhatsApp which paves the way to disable or enable the muting option for a given status. Once the process is activated for a given contact, the users base cannot see the contact's status even in the status bar. The latest beta version of WhatsApp integrates the responding aspect with regards to the status all in a jiffy.

The status of the user in WhatsApp can be seen by everyone in the contact list of the user by default. Currently, it has been featured with a trait that allows the user base to convey information to the given contact and the specific status. It is best that alerts are generated to make the user base aware of the muting and unmuting associated with the status replies. Such notifications go by another name termed WhatsApp Status Alerts in the world of digital chatting.

Featuring a screenshot is a recommended suggestion with relation to the latest WhatsApp status message which is associated with the conversation held with the recipient. The recipients will be alerted if the user base changes their WhatsApp status. This status section provides an effective means of retrieving every detail related to the given contact and conversation. The screenshot will elucidate related to the switching aspect of muting and unmuting or if there are any variations in the alerts received.

The Android and iOS platforms are soon going to be integrated with a latest and cutting edge technological feature present in the beta version of WhatsApp. A recent analysis revealed that 72% of the people are WhatsApp users. In that sector, it is mainly comprised of youngsters who avail the service and experience advantages and benefits regarding the same. As aforementioned, WhatsApp has been integrated with some filtering options which resemble those of Snapchat.

It is very integral to consider the features packed in the beta version of WhatsApp. In that version, there are WhatsApp screenshots which serve to enable or disable the mute status notifications. This feature will be taken into effect regarding the screenshot enabling.

The prime-most factor related to a social media agent like WhatsApp is to sync and link the user base with other contacts via the world of digital chatting. At present, the WhatsApp user does not get assimilated with alerts related to WhatsApp functionality. It can be used by anyone who possesses a smartphone. The conversation and chatting in WhatsApp is precise, elucidated and very-well secured between the sender and the receiver.It is safeguarded from prying eyes and maliciously minded people.

WhatsApp possesses unlimited potential and paves way for a plethora of advantages associated with it. The user base must ascertain that it manipulates the world of digital chatting with the help of the cutting edge features. The future generation of users will be subject to many tweaked applications matching the user base's requirements.

This instant messaging service agent has been encoded with an end to end encryption which seals the user's information and the features which have been discussed above are supported on the iOS platform version 10.2 and for Android, it is 7.1. Apart from the modifications in the software there are noticeable variations with regards to texting where Emojis play a role in minimizing big-sized texts

Ultimately, WhatsApp has generated some critical and vital features which find their application in instantaneous messaging, status maintenance and muting a given contact of the users depending on their preferences. It is well regarded when evaluated with other apps and their attributes which have traditionally been in use for a considerable amount of time.

WhatsApp is experimenting on feature to delete or modify sent messages

At present, almost everyone is manipulating the instant messaging app WhatsApp where it's the dominant app in the world related to the same, comprising of millions of users. Its rivals namely Hike, Facebook Messenger and much more are left fuming and out of breath. It was acquired by the social media giant Facebook for a sum of nearly 19 billion dollars.

It is evident that WhatsApp is being manipulated for every purpose how trivial they may be. Based on the latest research, the average user can resist from not manipulating WhatsApp for three to four hours on an average per day. This also comprises of other apps like Facebook, Instagram and the such. In this scenario, the user base consumes nearly sixty to seventy percent of the time using WhatsApp to interact with others. It is evident as stated before that WhatsApp is manipulated by the people for nearly any purpose no matter how crucial it is or how trivial it is.

Currently, the instant messaging app is experimenting on new requirements so as to integrate them in the forthcoming updates related to it. To quote an instance, the most current beta version of the app encompasses a feature which lets the app to survey and monitor every single movement of the user base. Also, it is packed with an exclusive and exciting feature which is detailed below.

Steps to recall a WhatsApp message which has already been sent

There may be sometimes when the user has by accident sent the wrong message to the wrong recipient. That message has to be initially long pressed where doing so will generate a new window pointing out to delete the message. However, the user base has to be wary that time is precious and that the feature will be feasible only if the message sent has not been marked with double gray ticks. In case of the event where the user base sends an image or video to the wrong person by mistake and the former wants to recall and delete the message, as aforementioned they have to act soon to prevent the message from being read by the wrong recipient

Deleting a sent WhatsApp picture or video?

Whatsapp consumes some time to load the data where the aspect of time has to be contemplated to act quickly and prevent the mistake

Disable the Wi-Fi connection or the mobile data in your smartphone which can be done by choosing the airplane mode.

Provided the above step has been done, next you should look for a red exclamation symbol next to the sent message, which denotes that the data was not sent to the recipient.

Next the pull-down menu has to be availed and the Delete option is chosen. Once enabled, the file will cease to exist from the app.

It has to be assimilated that speed plays an important role regarding the same and the effective method is to enable Airplane mode. However, this is feasible only on pictures, where it wont work out for text messages as they take minimal time to be delivered.

Based on the current updates, messages which are sent to others by mistake can be deleted or tweaked. Having been effective in the app's beta version, it will soon be rolled out for the devices officially.

How to delete the message?

WhatsApp is manipulated for everything and it is typical to commit blunders. Such sticky situations could be well circumvented

How to Revoke Whatsapp latest update?

This year the app is going to roll out some enthralling features and by the end of the year, the user base will be subject to a great experience thanks to the captivating features.

Typically some users want to remove the text which they sent by accident to someone. This feature was demanded a lot by users ever since the app inception. Rumors state that the sent messages can be revoked. This is being experimented on the beta software of iOS platform.

The message can be tweaked and resent similar to how a post is made on Facebook. However, this is feasible as long as the message has not yet been viewed by them. Only time will tell WhatsApp's stance regarding the same.

But to the delight of the users, the feature is in work in progress and will soon be launched for the beta versions of the iOS and Android platforms.

A lot of queries are sure to be generated by the user base. They will be resolved when the feature is rolled out for the beta versions.

Some latest news about WhatsApp updates

Latest news about Whatsapp is abundant!. One news claims that video streaming on Youtube can be done from the WhatsApp app itself. Here the YouTube video is availed in a picture-in-picture mode integrated with the chats. This ambitious attempt seems to be more smooth when compared to the present split-screen functionality associated with the devices

This upheaval is said to take effect in the latest iPhone models. This feature is enabled by dragging the YouTube video when it is availed via WhatsApp. The size can be modified with a pinch of the finger.

Additionally, the app has rolled out several features meeting the demands of its large user base. One such update enabled file sharing of all type. This was launched for both the iOS and Android users, where, previously only some particular file types could be shared but now files of any type be it txt or apk or the such can be shared. iOS users can rejoice that their favorite chats can be pinned. This feature was previously present for the Android platform Also, the standard of the pictures which is sent over chats is augmented as well.

Another new feature the app is working on is the attribute to swap between voice and video calls. This feature is to be generated pretty soon and is applicable only if both the users are having the same updated WhatsApp version.

As of WhatsApp version 2.17.264, anyone in a WhatsApp group can get to see the complete description of the group. To be integrated with WhatsApp groups is a text box where the user base can write related to the group.

The most anticipated and highly favorite update is the ability to recall or revoke any message which has already been sent albeit in a given time frame which is rumored to be 3 or 5 minutes. Such a message disappears for both the users and it will be removed from the back up data as well.

It seems that the instant messaging giant is focused on generating solutions for the demands of the user base to enthrall its functionality and interactivity to the next level. If these updates and news were not enough, we can expect even more dazzling features to pop up pretty soon as well. The company is making a lot of strides to appease the user base

WhatsApp and location tracking associated with it

WhatsApp ranks as the number one social media tool used by people to share data and other details. Featuring sophisticated specifications, the user base in real time can effectively share the information.

Featured are several updated versions so as to avail the network with ease. Facebook has some features similar to WhatsApp and such features find their effective use. Related to this, the app's beta version promoted real-time location sharing which was implemented successfully.

The app will make the user avail the recipient contact's location in real time where it can be manipulated for surprising them. This attribute is effective compared to other social media portals.

It is integrated with an end to end encryption of data between the user and the recipient. It links the four corners of the world without consuming much data.

The app's beta version is filled with exciting features where the aspect of editing and deleting messages is a possibility. Also featured are applications to gauge its performance.

It conveys the message from one end to the other. It is associated with an authority and authentication related to the project where alerts are generated depending upon the functioning.

Feature of location tracking

This latest feature helps in tracking the location of the user. Some time back the app integrated and assimilated with the general Android beta testing program to boost its functioning. Thanks to this, the precise location of the user is availed.

Featured is a separate app to enable this task. This venture is possible through online and in the real time as well.

Location tracking is gaining steam in Facebook. It revealed the extra features related to locating friends and optimized use of filters not a long while ago. Users want their work to be simplified. Related to social media there are several applications and proposals featured.

WhatsApp incorporated the features related to the latest technology to ease the work of the user base. They are rolled out with the APK mirror where the latest add-on to location tracking is making strides in WhatsApp.Each social media features some privacy norms.

Featured is a gadget to supervise customer usage and it works incessantly when online. Such a program is integrated within WhatsApp to rely the actions as alerts. It is based on the GPS track component where it serves to supervise the user. It is featured as a closed door SMS stand in with regards to the social media.

Related to the Settings page, featured is an attribute to reveal the location and the info is updated through iMessage. This is present on both the Android and iOS platforms to serve effective communication with others present online. The beta version features amazing emojis and friend locators as well.

Available is an option to get the precise location, however, this encompasses some privacy factors to fortify the data during communication. The inception of this feature was first in Nokia. The information is saved in a place where the operation is supervised in a full fledged manner

First of all the user has to choose the contact whose location has to be tracked. This consumes some time related to the mobile network. Hence, we have to choose in advance a member to get the data.This is much more convenient in the beta version of the app.

It takes up 5 minutes and there is no data loss associated. Availing the option "enabled indefinitely" monitors the time period and will assist in retrieving the information. Video calling and other features of WhatsApp have to be maintained.


Ultimately there are several sophisticated features in WhatsApp which necessitates proper assimilation and it should be manipulated related to the project. The most current update related to location tracking is productively used in WhatsApp to get the precise location.

The service is availed by educated youngsters and with the help of this feature, people who are missing or thieves can be easily tracked.

Live location tracking in WhatsApp features a hardware module synced properly with the software. The user base has to comprehend that they are manipulating this feature of location tracking via WhatsApp.

Anyone can avail this methodology where it is sure of becoming the number one feature for the next generation. Contrary to the olden days, the instant messaging app's specs are designed in phase with the latest technology.

The exciting update to modify WhatsApp status

This instant messaging app has catapulted message texting to a higher level. Traditionally it was SMS services which were common but it has been succeeded radically by the limitless potential of WhatsApp.

It serves as an effective portal to connect users globally and from the four corners of the world. All it requires is just an internet connection to work.

Its capability is not just limited to text messaging but provides a plethora of additional amazing features too. It is a boon for most of the people to have limitless conversations with others.

All the Play Store apps are associated with one or another update and it is a challenging venture to keep users glued with the app. The scenario of the app usage being stopped is unimaginable. Hence the developers design new features so as to keep the enthrallment criterion on an upswing.

Users would have noticed a great evolutionary aspect with respect to the app where the app has made upheavals to itself, beginning as an information sharing app and shaping up to what it is today. It is dominating the user base with special features.

Presently, the app features several attributes like location sharing where the user base can share their locations with others in a simple and easy manner. Any type of file including videos can also be shared related to which there was an update recently.

Nowadays the videos can be streamed and watched without having to download them in the first place thanks to WhatsApp where considerable time is saved and contacts can be made with respect to anyone using the app. All it needs is as aforementioned a net connection. Of late even free calls can be made.

Speaking of this, WhatsApp recently launched the video calling feature for the users so as to get a glimpse of the loved ones irrespective of where they are located in the world and speak with them free of cost.

User base typically prefers to update their Profile pictures and their Status where they prefer the friends to observe the updates and reply back. However, only a fraction of the people responds back to the same. WhatsApp has developed a new update available in the beta version of the app which will be officially rolled out soon.

It is related to getting replies for the status and the app adds a unique touch to it. WhatsApp currently features three tabs namely chats, calls and contacts which are differentiated with several options. Speaking of that the camera icon will help the user base to change the status with the help of an image.

The Status tab displays its namesake regarding every contact which will cease to exist after a day's time.

Provided the user base wants to see another person's status, the forthcoming updates will load by default. Hence, this circumvents the aspect to click on every contact or status update to read and respond back to it. The users will get an alert if their friends have updated their status. It can also be tweaked such that only a specific set of people can see it. This is done via the choices "My Contacts", "My contacts except" and "Only with" which are present.

Some chats can be muted irrespective of whether it is a group chat or individual chat. This feature exists already but now statuses can also be muted as well. This feature can be easily activated or deactivated and filtered accordingly. Further, the contacts who are listed under the muted notification can also be checked. The latest statuses will be displayed followed by the older ones.However, it should be kept in mind that the updates vanish after 1 day. It is the time which will tell when the feature will roll out.

Insight regarding the newest update on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has seen a rapid rise as the best instant messaging application. It has deposed normal SMS messaging due to the fact that WhatsApp possesses instant messaging and there are no hurdles related to message conveyance. Chatting can be done at any time and unlimitedly. Messages are instantly received by the recipients and any type of file be it audio, picture and videos can be sent.

It has faced stiff competition from rivals but it prevailed ultimately. Although other apps promoted innovative ideas like video calling and photo editing the user base could not resist the entranced state from WhatsApp. They feel comfortable with WhatsApp when associated with other apps. Not even a single instant messaging app could evolve into a formidable rival for WhatsApp.

Large user base promotes new updates and innovative ideas to maintain the charm. People are demanding for more features. They are completely entranced with the update to see what it is, how it works and the such. The update should be pleasing and productive. Hence user satiation is the top priority.

The video calling attribute arrived late in Whatsapp however the delay did not change the minds of the users from using the app. Even though the delay is long, it remains the hot favorite among the users No criticisms or broodings are associated thanks to its interactive features which help in maintaining loyal usage for a long time to come.

The latest update is a captivating one where it has to be contemplated that the updates related where unique be it the video calling or voice calling or the personalization factor. Some were captivated by the new changes but others felt that the personalization factor was a source of annoyance. This contributes to curiosity regarding the same.

Typically the user base wants to be updated with the status of others in WhatsApp, where something new promotes curiosity and associated action. Related to the same only some conversations are initiated. The update promotes the user to click on the status and respond back to them. It is simple as such!

The status can be integrated with any media be it picture or video of a given duration. The status will be present for 24 hours after which they disappear. This is a new concept for WhatsApp users. The reception was mixed where some users were captivated and others were perplexed and annoyed regarding the same.

The status update can be displayed to all contacts or some filters can be enabled to make the accessibility limited to certain contacts alone. This signifies that the user has the power to make the status available for contacts of their choice. It is done easily by tagging the contact to be hidden at the left side of this new feature and they cant view your status. The user can also be informed as to who has viewed their status.

The new features promoted a different view regarding the personalization. It had its impression from Snapchat stories from Snapchat where the user base was completely awe struck with the feature and it made lucrative profits for Snapchat. Many people were bitten by the Snapchat bug and it resulted in imitators from Facebook, Instagram and the such so as to maintain the user base.

People were still captivated by this Story feature and WhatsApp ensured that the updates would provide a relish for the user base. It is really enjoyable to manipulate this update on a continuous basis.

Some contacts could annoy the user base where in the previous versions of WhatsApp the users had to endure such contacts, but now it is integrated with a mute option which mutes the contact in simple steps. The user won't be alerted by any of their WhatsApp activities.

The new update is signified to be a great change and variance from the personalization aspect of the app when evaluated with the earlier versions. It can attract or annoy many numbers of users. The user base has no go but t adopt the feature even though they don't like it. it is time which will tell what the developers and user base comprehend with the evolving trends.

WhatsApp and some comprehension of its Revoking Feature

WhatsApp is a hot favorite social media app related to online conversations. The messages are encrypted on both the ends. Featured additionally are some sophisticated features of which one is to revoke some messages. It is a typical blunder to send the wrong message to the wrong person. At present, there is a cure for this problem. Going by the terminology testing feature, it will soon be rolled out for the upcoming updates. WhatsApp's beta version is used productively to maintain a strictly private conversation via the net. This and the ability to revoke WhatsApp messages have been integrated with the testing feature

Platform for Whatsapp

The suitable platforms to enhance the app performance comes with Android 7.1 version and iOS 10.2 version. Being the dominant messaging app, it features the attributes to tweak and delete messages on the platforms. In the beginning it was integrated with the beta version of the iPhone.

Digital messages are stored in a given space. Featured are some hindrances when the messages are being deleted. Thanks to the testing feature in WhatsApp the user base can modify and delete info like text messages, videos, audios and GIFs.

To enjoy this feature, we have to install it where the prerequisites is a space of 91.2 MB, hindrance free Wi-Fi connection, and a completely charged battery. This testing feature is present in the latest version of iOS 7.

Purpose of Testing Feature

Chances are there that by mistake the wrong message could be sent to the right person and vice versa as well. This can be tackled by the testing service which helps in tweaking or deleting a sent message. This is carried out in a hitch free manner to correct the mistakes. The iPhone users will be nudged to interact with the help of such apps which possess particular attributes. Soon this aspect could become feasible.

The message can be revoked provided the recipient has not viewed it yet. It is related to the activation and deactivation traits which are associated with text message sending. This process is possible even without a Wi-Fi connection. Provided certain norms are followed, the conversation via WhatsApp will be streamlined. This attribute is present in other social media tools as well to prevent dilemmas. Featured in Facebook is an attribute to tweak or delete the comments. The sites manage these attributes related to testing. Ever since the inception of online chatting, the aspect to revoke is also implemented in the platform. Related to this are some genuine and reliable outsources to facilitate this.

Is this Possible to Achieve?

Facebook acquired WhatsApp for nearly $19 billion. In the plethora of social media tools like Facebook, Hike and the such, a survey revealed that 70% of the user base avail WhatsApp. The beta version is ready with the needs implemented. The internet users have access to a plethora of facilities to carry out the associated tasks. The potential is unlimited where anything can be availed to promote communication. Featured are a range of mobile apps to assist the user base.

How to Revoke WhatsApp Message Permanently

In the early days, the revoking aspect was done by blocking the person to whom the message was sent accidentally. The validity of the messages is about a month after which the message wont exist in the server section and the contact can be unblocked. However, during this process, the app has to be uninstalled and reinstalled. During the process of installation, care must be taken not to enable the option of recovery of past messages. The app will do the rest informing the users via notification. However, the venture to retrieve a given text in a WhatsApp conversation is a difficult one.


Almost everybody is manipulating the interactive features packed WhatsApp where the accidental sending of a message to a wrong person is tackled. Apart from the testing feature, the app has other attributes inspired by Snapchat and location tracking as well. Some personalization tools are also available. Video calling is feasible with a Wi-Fi connection. It has become a rage among the youth to be in touch with others. With being imbibed with the needed knowledge any sticky situation can be avoided. WhatsApp's features will be very much indispensable for the next generation when the world is completely integrated with the internet. Every task is done without data loss. The devices have to be integrated with some specific features to promote an issue free and easy life. Related to this the users are demanding for sophisticated applications.

A brief overview about some WhatsApp's amazing features

WhatsApp is making strides of featuring new attributes. It disclosed new details related to the iOS and Android devices, where a voice message could be generated for missed calls, the feature to call back the person, sharing data with multiple contacts simultaneously and the such.

WhatsApp features over 1 billion users and over 100million calls per day. It also was integrated to be compatible with Unicode 9 emojis.

The brand owned by Facebook is venturing into video calling and GIF sharing which was featured on Facebook. A beta version with the video calling option was also launched for the Android platform. Other talks maintain that the app is busy in appeasing the iOS users with big emojis, music sharing, and public groups as well.

Multi-sharing option:

This feature enables WhatsApp users to share any data with several contacts in a single go. This feature is rolled out to a beta version of the app v2.16.230 for the Android devices.

The data has to be selected where next the app will display the contact list with three of them in Frequent Chats option and others in Recent chats tab and Other Contacts option. The contacts have to be added by clicking on them or by easily searching the other contacts to integrate them. Such contacts will be displayed with a green tick where the names of the selected contacts also are displayed with a green hue. All next is to press the related button and the task is accomplished

Voice Message and Call back options:

The app has been testing Voice Message and Call Back features of late where the former allows the users to generate a voice message for any contact if they missed the user's WhatsApp voice call. The latter behaves as its name sake when the recipient has not picked up the voice call. Another option by name Cancel quits the screen if the user has decided to do some other task. This feature is present for both the iOS and Android devices.

The Voice Message button has to be long pressed so as to generate the message and should be released. Such messages are displayed as a normal WhatsApp voice recording for the intended recipients.

For the next process, the Call Again button has to be pressed to get reconnected with the person and this is a simple process.

If not interested the user can click on the Cancel button to exit the window.

Quote Message on WhatsApp:

This feature permits the user to quote or highlight a given message and reply back to it in both single or group chats. The message is attached with the response below it. The attribute is integrated with the chat context

Choose a text or media message and long press it which will generate a window with options Reply, Forward and Delete. One clicking Reply the specific message is shown with a text box to input the response. The response is typed and the send button is pressed.

The reply will be displayed with the quoted message on top of it as aforementioned. To differentiate the messages for multiple contacts in a group, the color is different for each one of them to avoid chaos.

Text-formatting in texts:

This feature is present for both the iOS and Android users where the text can be formatted with bold, strikethrough and italics options when messaging others

For the bold option, the text has to be entered within 2 asterisks symbols. For italics the same procedure is followed with the exception being that instead of the asterisk, the underscore symbols are used. Strikethrough effect is generated by typing the text between two tilde symbols. However, the recipient will see this format only if they have upgraded to the current version of WhatsApp as the sender.

FixedSys font on text:

To be enthralled by a new font for a change of style, the app has integrated FixedSys font which as of the present is the only available additional font.It is featured on the beta versions of Android and iOS platforms.

The message has to be typed between three back quote symbols both at the start and end of the message where the font has to be modified. However, this aspect cannot be integrating with the text formats like bold, italics and strikethrough as aforementioned.

The app is integrated with Voice over the Internet Protocol providing an alternative for typical messages and calls via landline.

To conclude, the voicemail feature is present on the WhatsApp app with Android version 2.16.229 and for the iOS version of 2.16.8. Apart from the updates to calls or texts, a message can be concurrently shared with several contacts.

WhatsApp relaunches its old Status Feature

WhatsApp was met with negative criticism related to its roll out of the latest feature associated with its Status message. This feature was similar to the Stories feature which is a staple of Instagram and Snapchat. The deal was that the user cannot integrate text messages into their statuses. Only images, videos, and GIFs could be integrated and the feature is developed such that it resembles the calls and chats tabs.

The other users featured in the contact list can respond to such statuses by choosing the respond option displayed in the bottom of the screen. The status is viewable only for a day's time after which it ceases to exist. The user base can accommodate five or six status messages all in a day's time integrated with the time the setting was initialized. All these come with the brand new feature rolled out by WhatsApp

This feature was rolled out by the brand correspondingly on its 8th birthday in 2017. The major insight was that even the statuses are fortified with an end to end encryption. The best feature of WhatsApp is its easy to master user interface when compared with other vi=ying messenger app rivals in the platform. The edge which WhatsApp had over others is that the user base can send messages with rapid speed and that it has a basic yet enthralling interface where in the case of other apps, they possessed intricate and convoluted features.

However, WhatsApp is also becoming intricate like the others thanks to the brand new rollouts and features like sending files of different types, VoIP calls and video calling as well. It has to be contemplated that such features are an integral part of the app and that Status message is quite different from it and ambitiously attempts to perform a major upheaval for the app from a basic messenger app to a social media app resembling Facebook and Snapchat to name a few. It also ventures into the concept of ad postings into the app similar to Instagram and Facebook again. It has to be noted that Facebook initially declared that the WhatsApp app will be ad free.

WhatsApp hoped that the rollout will serve to enthrall the user base but it happened on the contrary where the majority of the users negatively criticized the move and this resulted in an intense backlash where the user base wanted the Status feature to be like the same before the new update.

In a time span of a week from the launch, the WhatsApp users have posted their annoyance and uproar in the app's official page and also in various other social media platforms. It served to appease only a set of users who were not Instagram or Snapchat tech savvy. But a majority of the people declared their negative outlook regarding the new feature and demanded the old Status to be integrated.

WhatsApp made the changes for the iOS users initially and one week later, the old feature was up and functioning in the app. Hence it is recommended for the iPhone users to get the latest update so as to get back the previous Status feature which is WhatsApp version 2.17.10

Based on the catalog related to the upgrade, the feature goes by the name 'About' which is packed with additional features like a brand new moon icon which enables snapping photos and videos of the highest quality even under scarce lighting in the surrounding. Others included the ability to play videos without downloading them, cropping images with a 3D touch and more. This feature, once the update is complete, is located in Settings which discloses the current status. The user can ascertain that the status does not disappear after 24 hours. The contacts in the app can see the status by accessing the user's profile where the data is displayed in a group or by opening a new chat.

Ever since the roll out the users can observe both the existing and new features in the app. Facebook made a similar attempt previously for its Messenger app which goes by the name Messenger Day and is already featured on Instagram.

Recently, Facebook has made strides and strived a lot to augment several features related to the Messenger App so as to accumulate more users and increase the interactivity when compared to other rivals. It has launched two brand new attributes in its app named Mentions and Message Reaction and progress is made to integrate GIF messages into its comment section.

For users to enjoy the previous feature, the app has to be updated and once the update is done, the user must select the three dots present in the top right of the screen. From there Settings has to be chosen and the name or the display picture has to be clicked. The About option is now available where the status can be modified.

Further launched were features to gauge the number of videos, photos or GIFs which the user has shared. When the contacts are clicked, details related to the proliferation and statistics of messages, texts and videos sent to the particular contact is generated.

Previously, the brand incorporated some attributes like the ability to make video calls and the inception of Voice over IP calls which needs only a wi-fi connection. Also, the ability to modify the WhatsApp message well before the recipient reads it is also featured. The users can revoke the messages which were sent accidentally earlier and the message is deleted in the user and the recipient's device. Hence the users can heave a sigh of relief that there is still some time to rectify any messages which were sent accidentally to others in the app.

WABetaInfo which usually reveals the latest Work in Progress updates of WhatsApp noted that the app is busy with another feature where the contacts of the user will be alerted if the latter changes their contact numbers. However, there is an issue in that when the user attempts to conceal the data from a specific person and when they find out the new number which could be a sticky and embarrassing mess

Further noted was that this feature will reveal the concealed nature of the users when they tweak or edit their account. The app will alert the contacts when they modify or update their profile and also when the number is changed. Rumors are ubiquitous that both Facebook and WhatsApp will make various changes and add new features related to Security in both the platforms. A news which has to be absorbed and assimilated by everyone is that when the acquisition of the app by Facebook was done, integrated with it in the platform was the end to end encryption feature.

WhatsApp and its video calling feature

WhatsApp is generating a rage and is making users completely bonkers. It amounts to a whopping user base of 95% globally. It is the preferred option for social media communication among the users

This app helps the users to interact with anyone globally and simplifies life in the stressful phase. Interaction is possible with other people anywhere and anytime. It is crammed with features like texting, sharing audio & video files and lots more with minimum data consumption.

Its main beneficial aspect is the end to end encryption so as to fortify and secure the message from third parties and other prying eyes. Only the sender and the receiver can avail the data.

Survey reveals that 75% of the people implement this app where they are appeased by the privacy features and security associated. All that is needed for operation is an internet connection where the days of normal SMS are long gone by. The chat is made more vibrant via voice messages and emojis.

Voice Calling feature:

Featured are a plethora of new fascinating attributes related to the app and even a Web version is available which is activated by the code from the user's account. It has undergone a rapid evolution by emerging as an ambitious start-up to one of the (if not the best) best-demanded and popular apps globally. It comprises of over 1 billion users and the daily incessant usage is associated with it where the user base cannot be wary of the concealed and amazing features which the app permits.

Presently the user base can interact and speak freely with their friends and relatives irrespective of where they are located globally through the voice calling feature which is associated with high quality. This is featured as one of the main beneficiary aspects of WhatsApp.

Video Call feature:

To add more excitement to the buzz about WhatsApp, it has launched a video calling feature enabling free video calls with anyone via the app. The user base can interact face to face with other users by live streaming the video where it gives a giant leap for WhatsApp from the already popular voice calling and texting feature. More over it is for free as aforementioned needing only an internet connection and does not consume the smartphone phone network's minutes or anything related to the same. Thus the concerns that WhatsApp could cost call charges for the calling aspect are laid to rest.

The app is focusing and making strides with relation to experimenting with a brand new video calling feature for its already famous app. Some reports claim that the latest beta version is integrated with the voice calling feature for specific users. While the user base has been making voice calling for over a year, the launch of the video calling feature could serve to endanger services encompassing Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger and FaceTime to name a few.

It is evident that this attribute can be activated or deactivated on the WhatsApp servers. This is so that the brand can carry out exhaustive experimentations regarding the same.Previously the app launched the voice calling feature where some specific users were able to avail it instantly before the official and widespread launch. It is assumed that WhatsApp will incorporate a similar approach related to what it did for Voice calling. Rumors are rife that trails are being carried out related to group invites all via QR codes, NFC tags and other links.

WhatsApp has evolved a lot from just being a messaging app. It has made a major upheaval to itself as a brand new mode of interaction with others. Boasting of over 1 billion active monthly users across the several nations of the globe, the users are happy to rejoice that the Video Calling feature has finally seen the end of the long dark tunnel.

Provided the user wants to make a WhatsApp call, they will be provided with options named video or voice calling. Once the video option is availed, live streaming is done and an effective face to face chat is featured by enabling the smartphone's camera. It is all just that simple and very much less intricate as related to a simple call. The user can see the face of the other user and vice versa through the app. It has its features similar to that of Google Duo or FaceTime when evaluated with Snapchat and Google Hangouts.

Featured is the aspect of multi tasking with the WhatsApp app, where messages can be checked while simultaneously interacting with your friend via the Video Call located in a small box on the corner of the smartphone screen. In other cases, the app can be quitted where the camera in the device gets disabled but there is no hindrance to the call and the chat sequence is augmented much more greatly.

The camera can be used from any angle where the aspects of screen swapping and app refreshing are put to rest. The milestone which WhatsApp wants to achieve is that there should be effective video calling, irrespective of their present position and it serves to augment the bond factor even more considerably.

Related to its progress for Video Calling enabling over the past few years, the App has made strides to be associated with a majority of the devices and the networks which the user base is manipulating. It is evident from the smartphone users that the use case is showing large variance especially from the Bay Area. Developing a product which efficiently functions on archaic or outmoded devices and poor network connections was the daunting and formidable challenge associated with Whatsapp especially taking the case of video calls which need a given frequency and intensity of bandwidth with regards to the application.

Whatsapp ensures that the resolution and frame rate of the video are tweaked so as to maintain an effective video call which provides high quality integrated with a broader range of connectivity and searches which are related to peer to peer communications and it is best recommended to not make use of its help completely. Ultimately the main goal is to promote a good video call which is not linked with signal failure.


WhatsApp has revolutionized the communication media related to social networks in a powerful way. The user base loves WhatsApp as it is fed up with the standard SMS and needed an alternative for the same and voice calling as well. Video chatting is the latest offering from the app. Although still in its nascent stages and not built up a loyal base yet, it is sure to gain more steam and momentum in a short span of time. Yet, Video calling feature is promoting curiosity on a large scale with relation to the user base with a sense of awe-inspiring feature which is typical when considering the popularity of the app, especially in India. However, WhatsApp has to make lots of modifications and tweaks to promote the Video Calling feature of it to the next level so that WhatsApp gains the advantageous edge over other rivals in the intensely vying market world.

Although based on a basic interface module but by adding great touches and effective customizations here and there, it could create a sense of content richness among the user base irrespective of how they want to interact with others. Hence in several methods, it serves to intensify the bondage of users with others when interacting.

WhatsApp's Desktop app

Whatsapp is the most dominant instant messaging app which connects its users with their family and friends globally. Integrated with an end to end encryption feature it features a plethora of services like video & voice calls along with unlimited message all for free and also to share any type of file with others.

It has no doubt evolved into a very demanded and popular app with over 1 billion users globally. It was bought by Facebook for approximately 19 billion dollars in US currency.

Messages and chats are done between the sender and recipient without any risks of a third party or the prying eyes of malicious minded people deciphering the information.

In the beginning, it was launched for the iOS and Android platforms and in 2015 January a web version was launched which allows easy usage of the app from the web browser. The latest news is that it has rolled out the desktop equivalent of the app.

Whatsapp web

Whatsapp can be used in various devices thanks to Android Emulators. Now is the reality to use the app on any desktop be it Windows or Mac. However, at present, this works only with Google Chrome browser and not the other favorites like IE and Mozilla. Hindrances were faced by iOS users who attempted to implement the web version.

Procedure to use Whatsapp web

To integrate the app with the computer, the user should have the current version of WhatsApp in their smartphones and Google Chrome browser has to be availed. Also needed is a good internet linkage on the smartphone and the computer.

The users have to enter the URL on to their desktop web browser and then open the app on their smartphones.

For Android users, the Chats screen has to be availed from which WhatsApp web is selected by choosing Menu. For the Windows users, the option is selected by availing Menu. The same goes for Nokia S60. For the Nokia S40 device, the WhatsApp web option can be availed by swiping the screen from the bottom. iPhone users can avail it from Settings. And finally, for the Blackberry devices, the same procedure is followed as in Android devices.

Next, the smartphone is used to scan the QR code on the computer screen. Subsequently, WhatsApp web has to be availed from the device so as to sign in into the computers or on the contrary can be signed out of the present WhatsApp web session.

Official Whatsapp for desktops

The app has rolled out its counterpart for the Windows and Mac systems permitting the user base to avail the app from the desktops. As aforementioned, WhatsApp was synced only with the smartphones previously but now it can be availed through the desktop by any third party apps or the web equivalent of it.

As a result, it is good news and advantageous for the user base to be linked with their loved ones from any place and time by manipulating the smartphones or the computers.

The desktop app resembles the web version which itself is an add on of the mobile app. The user interface along with the chat options are similar to the smartphones

Whatsapp desktop clients

This version encompasses all the attributes present in the web version. The differentiating factor is that the latest release does not have to rely on the mobile version for communication.

This latest version is present for Mac OS 10.9+ and Windows 8+ where it will be synced with the user's smartphone. The app functions natively on the user's computer and is beneficial related to native desktop alerts, shortcuts and the such. .The official page of Whatsapp has to be availed to install the app. Next, the app has to be opened and the QR code has to be scanned with the Whatsapp app on the smartphone. It promotes users to interact with others sans their smartphones.

A handset is required to catalyze the app with extra attention given to the security features of the app. It signifies that hacking can be clearly found out and it is suggested not to use such an account.

All that is required is a registration via the phone number of the user. Functioning is prohibited on tablets and other platforms. The desktop version is launched for Mac OS 10.9 and the subsequent versions. For Windows, it is 8 and beyond.

Additional new features

WhatsApp has made strides to augment the service quality for the desktop version with some keyboard shortcuts and the memory usage is mitigated considerably.

For the Windows users, the chat can be muted by the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + M. For archiving a chat it is done by shortcut Ctrl + E. For deleting the shortcut is Ctrl + Backspace and Ctrl + Shift + N and Ctrl + N is manipulated to start a new group or new chat respectively. There are still many more shortcuts. For Mac users the shortcuts are same except that the Control key has to be swapped with the Command Key.

The Web version of the app can function on any web browser in any system but the native app is supportable only for Windows 8 64-bit version and the latest ones. Coming to the Mac systems it is supported for OS X 10.9 and subsequent releases

If the users are using version 8.1 or 10 with respect to Windows, the native app reveals alerts and integrates them and subsequently permit speedy access to some features. The voice calling feature is absent which when implemented can soar its popularity scale to the next level.

Google's war against WhatsApp

The latest acquisition done by Google the search giant was Jibe Mobile, a cloud based organization which provides assistance in launching a norm for the smartphones going by the name Rich Communications Services. However, not lots of details could be disclosed further related to the dealing.

Rich Communication Services serves as a concealed alternative for the rapidly deteriorating and waning Short Message Service application. The former encompasses enthralling features including file sharing, emoticons and group chats to name a few. It has been existent for a long span of time but is overshadowed by the giants like WhatsApp and Facebook.

It is typically a varied venture related to messaging norms, especially from OTT messaging apps. However, detailed investigation reveals why Google plunged into this venture.

Google's current power on messaging apps.

In spite of the dominant and firm control of Google with respect to its own Smartphone OS- Android, it has not been able to compete with the likes of WhatsApp.

The product app offered by Google is Google Hangouts which integrates video chatting, text & instant messaging, normal SMS and the such as a single super structure. However, the brand has not disclosed its statistics related to usage of Hangouts. The site Tech2 noted that it has not been able to rise up to the levels of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other such popular messaging apps. This can be linked with the fact that Hangouts is associated with Google+.

Facebook Messenger boasted 700 million monthly active users and in the case of WhatsApp, it was 900 million users. It is typical that the user base does not prefer SMS service and implement Hangouts in an incessant manner. This is featured as a negative sign for Google. It is further compounded by Facebook's Free Basics plan for the emerging markets. The manipulation of Facebook or its Messenger app is not in sync with a user's monthly data limitations.

RCS benefits for Google

Rich Communication Services has faced the rejection as a carrier based messaging structure which requires the assistance of telecom brands and hardware manufacturers. The sticky situation related to carriers are circumvented thanks to the efforts taken by Jibe in manipulating RCS messages in the cloud environment. Google had earlier integrated RCS with the Android frontend and such texts can be integrated with receivers all with relative ease.

Subsequently, Google can position itself in a niche position between the mobile carrier and the smartphone devices as it launches RCS based communications. This venture resembles Google's earlier actions to make the update to advertisements much rapidly and productively. If the brand can assist carriers to get SMS with the help of RCS, this could prove to be a major upheaval for the SMS feature integrated into Hangouts with a rich and captivating message syncing aspect which is the latest.

The peculiar and extraordinary interest of Google with respect to RCS is of little significance in the developed countries. However, for developing countries which feature inconsistent and patchy internet connections show a lot of siding with respect to SMS. Provided SMS is replaced with RCS, then Google can demur Facebook's Free Basics venture and thus improve the speed of assimilating and accumulating more new mobile app users.

A conference held at the IMS World Forum in Barcelona proved and outlined the demanded aspect of generating RCS as an effective and productive methodology. However, the main aspect pinpointed by the executives in the Forum was the effort taken to develop RCS in the scenario where SMS services have become archaic and obsolete and the fact that OTT apps are gaining more momentum.

Google can effectively make use of RCS messaging so as to integrate a huge volume of data and generate a huge messaging platform so as to challenge Facebook. Provided if Google undergoes a major upheaval related to the same, then the user's chances of sticking with OTT messaging apps are diminished, where the apps feature augmentation to assimilate more users.

Google has exposed a lot of details currently and its ambitious venture to compete with Facebook related to social media perished miserably. It also has not painted a clear picture as to how it will compete with Amazon with regards to e-commerce and Apple is focused on isolating a major chunk of its mobile as revenue by implementing advertisement blockers.

Another hindrance is Mobile messaging where taking advantage of a rejected messaging standard although applicable can be quashed by the basic smartphone messaging apps.

Google announced that its next venture is related to two current messengers namely Allo and Duo which can be used for text messaging and video messaging and can gain prosperity on the platforms like Facetime and even WhatsApp to gain the competitive edge.

Regarding its opinion on Allo and Duo as text and video messengers, features which could be integrated are an effective smart assistant and the implementation of effective video calling which provides a live video analysis related to the caller.

The feature of an end to end encryption is not integrated with Allo by default and the user base has to adopt the anonymous mode to fortify the data. However, this aspect which can pose to be a risk can be circumvented in the first place.

Featured also is an Incognito mode in the app. The chats in this mode are featured with an end to end encryption and alert notifications where new looks are incorporated typically when the user wants to go incognito.

In the case of Duo, it is integrated with effective privacy and security guidelines where the calls completely end to end secured in response to a previous backlash where security was not encrypted.

Allo is integrated with the user's contact number and features effective machine learning where it encompasses and adds data like emojis, stickers, and a brand new Whisper Shout feature as well. It is also designed with Smart Reply which will reveal a glimpse of how the user behavior is with respect to using the app.

Google has made strides to integrate other apps of it,such as Search, YouTube and Translate into Allo. With the help of Duo, Google has successfully developed a video calling app on both the iOS and Android platforms and the launch of these apps is supposed to take place soon enough.

The data sharing aspect associated between WhatsApp and Facebook

WhatsApp has evolved into a means of communication and data sharing with one another. Facebook is a social media so as to interact with one another via chatting. Both the applications are integrated with a messaging feature to be in contact with others. Both are having a synchronized bondage between them and it aids to transmit information from one platform to the other. It varies based on the mobile app which is being implemented. The outcomes might be favorable or on the contrary where the information sharing is dependent upon some processes.

Almost all the users can take care of their information with the privacy and security features. However related to every communication there is data loss associated with the process. They shun from disclosing such confidential information to the eyes of the public. This could lead to a sticky situation where the methodology used can be halted. The user base can know more about the methodologies employed. Typically when updating information, the contact number is entered initially. There are ways to integrate the user information to Facebook. The information is available digitally not taking into account the privacy settings. Further requested are details related to the device and other such. These are also present online. Getting alerts prove advantageous to the user. When several apps are enabled simultaneously, the data is isolated. Data sharing aids in digital message conveyance. It is a must to have a data connection to facilitate this. meta data is also implemented to make the transmission through messaging apps. For effective authorization, the data connection or the wi-fi has to be reset along with the primary settings for the server. Every instant messaging app encompasses a privacy policy so as to accomplish the transmission. The data usage factor related to the social media is related to the message being typed where the possibilities are a simple text message, video call or voice message. It eats up the data in a varying scale related to the transmission. Some important norms have to be followed when carrying out this process. WhatsApp is focused on a methodology which constitutes a given mindset. It is featured after the info is synced with Facebook digitally. Incorporated are brand new and revamped attributes in the latest methodologies which are having a powerful presence globally. In the time since Facebook had carried out the acquisition of Whatsapp, it has been subject to several updates. The attributes are enthralling and captivating especially the update of WhatsApp's privacy norms.

These policies clearly define that the app will not relay any of the user information with third parties, where only the user can have access to the same. Currently, some modifications done to the privacy policy of WhatsApp and Facebook is evident. It is venturing into generating a signal and convey the telegram similar to how it is done on an online connection. Facebook has posted some publishments related to conveying the information. This methodology was incorporated and innovated by Facebook's parent company with the help of other services as well. Related to the norms and factors, Facebook's executives are generating the features. The agreement related to data sharing between the social media giant and the instant messaging app is subject to scrutinization. WhatsApp users are availing the app with the help of T&C where the messages are sent digitally where it encompasses the suggestions and remodifications related to the same. It is recommended and productive to assimilate the data related to the given project. The best-cherished features can be integrated after the fine tuning is done. The user base can figure out the number when availing the ads which are put up in Facebook. Both Facebook and WhatsApp feature specific and varied methodologies to initiate the process. Featured related to this are privacy enforcers, authentication services, and security apps. Talks are there to generated advertisements digitally on WhatsApp. This is the best method to assimilate the data regarding the recipient who is making use of the same app. Assimilation of the user information is done effectively and this is a good method for conveyance. Data sharing associated with Facebook and WhatsApp is achieved effectively by digital means

Coming to the subsequent time, the app will be subject to a plethora of tweakings and alterations which are done digitally. An analysis conducted not long back stated that 67% of the user base are manipulating Facebook and Whatsapp so as to convey the data which is in phase with the latest attributes and norms. By abiding with some norms, the user base can avail the apps with relative ease and will prove productive for the given entrepreneurs dealing with the related business domain.

Ultimately it has to be comprehended by the user base that this feature of data sharing may expose the confidential information to prying eyes from the public which can be availed by everyone. It is also evident that the user base can accumulate the data related to their preferred profile. Featured are several important requirements and specifications so as to carry out the task without any hindrances digitally.

WhatsApp is hunting a great leader to augment revenue

Presently Whatsapp is on the lookout for experts so as to make good profits. It is probing for a great talented individual to facilitate the process. The Facebook owned app is pondering to manipulate its present payment methodologies as to generate more income from its users. The app features over a billion users globally and has been rumored to be integrated with UPI support this year end.

It was all mentioned in a blog where it is looking for a great leader who is in terms of the user base and enterprises and has a longing for great ambitious ventures, who could tap the power of WhatsApp to generate even more number of enterprise deals and user base.

Further noted was that the app is basically a start up where the association with designers and other related people is a great step forward to intensify the business. The potential in WhatsApp has to be tapped to the maximum while at the same time having a passion for quality and focus which the app expects.

It is a full-time job associated with the team in California and the innovative and revolutionary individual will report to the company's Director of Growth and Monetization. The app wants a leader who can provide innovations and major upheavals to minute attributes as amazing new and enthralling products.

The job description signifies that the passionate genius will collaborate with designers and the such to develop brand new features which match the app's quality and basic structure so as to augment the productivity in an ever changing world.

All the company expects from the individual is more than a decade of prowess in product management or product design with deep comprehension regarding the framework of mobile apps and mobile products.

WhatsApp has accumulated a billion users across several nations so that users can be in touch with their relatives and friends. The app which was subject to acquisition by Facebook for a whopping sum of $ 19 billion is for free and can't maximize its income ventures. The acquisition was done in the beginning of 2014

WhatsApp and the aspect of GIF

WhatsApp enables the user base to send limitless chats, and other such files to the contacts in the user's smartphones. The app is effective and simple to manipulate. The user base can also think in leisure how to tap its potential when they are traveling.

The app acquired by Facebook is packed with amazing attributes which serve to enthrall the user base especially when they are traveling. The latest regarding this is GIF.

GIF can be applied for video sharing as well to generate GIF images. The only requirement is that the videos must be 6 seconds or less to facilitate the transformation. For the Android users who are making use of the beta version can avail the assistance related to the same. The most current version of Android for Google Play incorporates the GIF properties. It is stated that GIF had its origins from the beta version of WhatsApp related to Android.

To generate such an image, the app for the Android beta users guided the users to access a coupling icon which is located at the top of the chat screen and then accessories has to be selected. The video recording option has to be availed and a video of maximum 6 seconds is recorded. It is associated with a camcorder symbol located in the top of the video page.

Once the icon is availed the video undergoes transformation into a gif image. It is also effective in splitting the video files present in the database into files of 6 seconds or fewer thanks to the integrated Video trimmer. It also helps in the case of videos from a different app which is shared through WhatsApp.

The camcorder icon won't work for videos which are not trimmed into time durations of 6 seconds or less. Android Police reveals that there is a transformation in the videos and the audio data can be played by default with the help of the chat option. The GIF files are typically converted into mp4 files. The user can be alerted that a GIF image has been assimilated from the front end.

WhatsApp was the pioneer and the first app to integrate and welcome GIF images where news surfaced that the attribute was supposed to be launched on the iOS platform first. Yet, now there are no news as to when it will be integrated for the iOS users. Of late, the app incorporated callback and voicemail feature to its Android version.

However, the app users cannot share GIFs by manipulating the media files present in the app. The users are not able to send GIF link to others and it is the assumption among many that there will be a display of animated image as the option was not present then. Yet, there is a way to transfigure the brand new documented video into a GIF which is achieved by clicking on the attachment icon in any conversation and then select camera and tape the video and then finally click the OK icon in the app. Next, the camcorder icon located on the top right of the screen has to be availed and once done, it will get modified as a GIF icon.

The former video is now a GIF which is integrated with the chat. However availing a GIF video on the smartphone is not an easy task. It is well ascertained that the data being transmitted and received is a GIF no doubt. The app makes sure that the inlines are associated with the chats and the alerts are manipulated as a GIF.Presently this is the effective way to send GIF files in WhatsApp.

As aforementioned sharing video files as GIFs are effective in WhatsApp with the condition that the video must be 6 seconds or shorter. Hence videos from the prevailing gallery of the smartphone, or taping a new video with the device or whether videos that are implemented between WhatsApp have to meet the condition and the user will get a GIF switch button which is of better ease when manipulating when evaluated with what the user base noted before.

The beta version of WhatsApp for iOS platform takes up a major responsibility apart from updates and issue patches where it is featured with support for gif images which are played by default. This is sure to be a great welcome change embraced by users when the feature is officially rolled out. The launch for the Android users is unknown at present and the associated users have to wait. The update featured in the most current beta release for the iOS platform is sealed with the beta publication related to the app.

Featured are authentications for GIF images to be played by default as a link, integrating the GIF image to the user's camera and the capability to respond to GIF image texts immediately. Other aspects include encrypted and coded support related to sharing such files and the support regarding Peek and Pop trait related to the gif images. This was a reaction to the news which surfaced that WhatsApp's rival Viber is also implementing GIF image support with its application.

Other rivals like Facebook Messenger also provided GIF support earlier. A highly anticipated feature to come to WhatsApp is the aspect of video calling where a proliferation of details are present in beta publication of the app related to the venture. The previous update for the platform formerly was related to file sharing making use of WhatsApp Web. It has also launched its desktop equivalent for the Windows and OS X platforms.

A brief note about the latest WhatsApp scam

WhatsApp users have to be wary of a fake message which is in the rounds saying that for subscription their App version has to be updated. The scam message maintains that the users have to pay a fee of approximately 1 Pound by disclosing their bank details to realize and facilitate this supposed process. The professionals have maintained that a majority of the app's long term users can be enthralled and tricked by the hoax message and fall for it unknowingly. It has to be noted that related to this, before the year 2016, the app had really charged the user base with a fee. It is suggested to steer ahead of this fake message but in the case, the users have responded to the message, it is not too late where the specific users have to run anti-virus software to purge the issue from their device.

Although appearances are often deceiving, the fake message is similar to a typical WhatsApp message which the hackers use it to their advantage to trick unsuspecting users into disclosing their personal information including bank details. The smartphones are notified with a hoax message that the subscription period is coming to an end and that it is high time that the necessary action has to be initiated by providing the payment details as the free time period for using the app has expired.

It was noted that the people who started using the app quite late could disregard the fake message but that users who have used the app for a long time are sure to tricked into disclosing their confidential information. They are easily manipulated into thinking that WhatsApp has reverted to its earlier subscription model.

In the initial period of this month, some similar messages were also doing rounds where the messages s stated that the user base had to pay the above-mentioned amount all by clicking a given link.

If this were not enough, the user base was tricked to install an assumed special version of the app termed WhatsApp Gold which made the devices to be associated with malware.

Ventures taken by WhatsApp to maximize revenue

The days were WhatsApp could not make revenue are numbered. It has made strides to assimilate a product manager who would drive the money making methodologies by taking responsibility for product development.

The app was acquired by Facebook in the initial periods of 2014 for $ 19 billion.

Encompassing over 200 employees, the brand had not long ago put up three job openings for enterprise products which at present are not a reality. The roles are associated with a product manager, an expert who can take responsibility for branding products to the user base and a role which needs the app's enterprise details to be taken to the press.

Related to the qualifications associated, the app is seeking people with effective prowess related to local, search and payments. Another person revealed that the brand has its attention related to generating something amazing for the growing markets especially in Brazil and India where the app has made a powerful impact beforehand. Skill set in handling growing or international markets is a needed aspect.

Typically the app does not reveal much about its details and this is evident in the enterprise ventures. Also, it hates ads.

In the beginning stages of this year, the brand recruited its first COO from Facebook and was plunging into a venture where enterprises could sync with their customers with the help of WhatsApp. Rumors in April noted that the app is making strides to integrate a payment feature in India.

This move was reportedly suggested to resemble one of Apple's venture that is Business Chat which aims to make customers of an enterprise be imbibed with the solutions for various issues and other transaction related queries Facebook Messenger has also taken a similar plunge.

Based on what the brand's CEO Mr. Jan Koum had to say, the association of the user with a bank for a fraudulent activity or with an airline for a flight that got delayed are common and take up the form of messages and phone calls. The brand is focusing on making the venture much simple in Whatsapp where there is no presence of third party ads and the such.

We can now only wait and see when this possibility of such a potential filled enterprise product could become a reality. However, the services of the concerned people are not availed until a proposal is clear.

The app features over a billion users globally and has created an impact in markets other than the United States. It has gained a lot of fame in nations like India and Brazil. But, it does not provide any personalization tools or dashboards related to the same.

Facebook announced that it is slowly halting the progress of New Feed which is the main source of revenue and is investigating other alternatives which are available in other apps. Messenger is also making strides to link enterprises with the user base even in spite of its fame in U.S.

The association between iOS and WhatsApp

Siri an ambitious artificial intelligence companion had its inception seven years ago and it debuted as a feature with iOS 5. Siri is indispensable for iOS users where it assimilates and manipulates the circumstantial awareness and environment so as to effectively carry out the works of the users be it personal or office work. It was rolled out to the various iOS devices.

This amazing artificial intelligence personal assistant had a re-debut with a content-rich interface as a part of iOS 5. It is integrated with effective services like iMessage, calendars, Mail and the such.Other applications include Google and Wolfram Alpha to name a few. Siri was made to be synced with iPad when the sixth version of iOS was launched.

The productive service makes the users avail information about anything. It is used to enable apps, post updates and photos on Facebook and the such. As time progressed, the seventh version of iOS resulted in Siri being revamped and tweaked with a brand new design so as to be in sync with the effective process availing with respect to the Voicemail and settings. The subsequent version was integrated with Car Play and featured voices with clarity for the British English and other English variants.

Come the eighth version of iOS, Siri is capable of paying attention to any query when it is enabled. This proves handy for users when their hands are full with other work or in the scenario, they are to manipulate the Home button for starting it up. It ensures that the home settings are disabled when the user is not at home, thereby conserving power. At present Apple has made Siri as a part of its springboard settings.

A while back the instant messaging giant WhatsApp conceptualized a feature where the personal assistant can read the latest messages of the former and it is featured in the App Store. This update is approximately 89 MB in size packed with several updates such as tweaks and modifications done to the Call tab and the screens associated with Phonebook Contact and Group Information.

Several statuses can be selected simultaneously which can be edited by any means. Also, comes the support for the Persian language. The WhatsApp messages can be read by Siri and replied back via the same.

The purpose of this update is so that Siri can read out the latest pings especially when the user's hands are fully occupied with some work. However, it works only when there are messages which have not been read. A major dilemma pondering the user base is as to how to maximize the full potential of Siri related to this.

The user has to give a command to Siri stating it to read out the most current WhatsApp ping and the assistant will follow what the user asks and will then ask if the user wants to respond back to the message.

WhatsApp developers have strived to intensify the new feature and it is working effectively as predicted. However, once Siri reads the WhatsApp message, it won't be able to do it again as that is how the update has been developed intricately. To enable this feature, the latest iOS update has to be downloaded and installed.

The WhatsApp update packs rich interface and color integrations when accessing the screens of call tab, contact details and group screens to provide a fresh and enthralling look by developing amazing and colorful icons and where the images are maximized.

All that is required as a prerequisite for this update is a two step authentication process so as to simplify and speed up the setup process.

Featured at present are several virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa which signifies the progress related to technological advancements. Although the progress has greatly benefitted the daily life of users, intense usage will create a sensation of feeling alone and lonely. This is signified as these products create a scenario where typical human actions and interactions are no longer valid and if this scenario continues and intensifies it could lead to a chaotic situation.

The user base would feel isolated from the society and will attempt to tackle this scenario by plunging into typical behaviors so as to promote interaction with others.

Analysis carried out regarding the same notes that such users won't be associated with such behaviors unless they were provided with an opportunity to make use of such products.

This research is indispensable as the users comprehend and realize how this could impact the interaction associated with real people in the midst of such products. The loneliness factor is confirmed when the users interact with Siri for a long stretch of time.

Siri designed for the iOS products like iPhone and iPads features some orders which have to be manipulated accordingly so as to prevent dismay and trepidation with the legal authorities. Apple has simplified how the users can avail the emergency services where it would dial a related number in the particular place the user is located.

Typically when commanding Siri with the keyword 'Hi Siri 108' the feature will call the related services located in that locality of the user. This trend and mania has gained steam globally where the user base is bluffing in the localities with the help of Siri to contact the related emergency service

An overview of the concealed WhatsApp attributes

WhatsApp has evolved into becoming an indispensable and integral part of the user's life as a mobile app and it has gained popularity with users of every single age group.However, most of the users are still unaware of several features which are concealed.

Not taking the existing features into account, the dominant instant messaging app is prepared to roll out, even more, features which could revolutionize and innovatively provide a major upheaval in the world of networking related to the user base.

WhatsApp, ever since its debut eight years ago, has evolved rapidly and has become a popular messaging app thanks to the ever increasing user base. Lots of attention was given to the aspect of user privacy and the fortification of the data shared. Also, the other features which it launched recently, encompass an end to end encryption and authentication done in two steps.

To intensify the usage and enthrallment factor of WhatsApp the top ranking five features which have been hidden well from the public eye have been disclosed.

1. Minimal data usage:

With the rapid increase associated with data accessibility, the user base now show the preference for apps which don't consume a large chunk of the data. This is enabled by ticking the 'Low Data Usage' feature which is present in the data usage option which is under Settings. Once this is done, the users can limit and make downloads and updates feasible only when Wi-Fi is enabled.

2. Customizing notifications:

In order to provide a different touch for a person say the best friend of the user or their higher authorities, their contacts can be integrated with a unique notification to differentiate one another. This is done by clicking the contact and then choosing 'Custom Notifications'

3. Format text:

The feature which was available only on MS Word and other such related platforms has debuted in WhatsApp as well. To enable this feature, the 'More Options' key on the pop-up menu has to be availed and the desired formatting choice is chosen namely italic, bold, strikethrough and monospace

4. Mark read/unread:

If you are faced with the dilemma to read a message without alerting the message sender that the message was read, WhatsApp comes to the rescue by presently permitting the user base to tag a message as 'unread'. This is done by long pressing the specific message and clicking on the 'mark as unread' option.

5. Voice-recognition:

The more the smartphone users are making use of voice assistants encompassing Siri, Cortana and the such, the WhatsApp app permits to enter the contact name of the person whom the user wants to text, where it is integrated with the content of the message.

WhatsApp messages are read by Siri- The amazing WhatsApp update.

The iPhones are featured with Siri software which helps the user base availing it to accomplish their tasks in a speedy and efficient way. This handy feature is also present on other iOS operating devices of Apple like iPod, Mac, and Apple Watch. It serves to help the user with respect to their tasks over the entire day. Siri can be used for a plethora of purposes like setting up an alarm or to access a song or a voice mail. The intensity related to the usage of this feature further signifies and reinforces its significance associated with the life of the user.

Siri being the virtual assistant for an Apple user has come a long way ever since its inception. It listens to what the user has to say to it and provide suggested replies helping the user with regards to anything. It serves to keep the user in sync and up to date with their activities. Another attribute that is possible by Siri is the integration of dictation specification so as to accomplish various things effectively and quickly with the help of the user's voice.

In several instances, there are no initial steps which have to be implemented before the user base starts availing the feature. However, in some cases, an authentication is required. The smartphone can be tweaked with respect to its settings so as to make Siri more secure and reliable to use.It is up to the user to incorporate an array of security aspects which serve effectively in protecting the device and its components. It is the user who has to decide which methodology to follow by. The language setting of Siri can also be tweaked according to the user preference and enhance the device such that everything is accounted for by the sound generated by the user's voice.

Using Siri apart from organizing emails, texts and lots more, the feature can be used to keep the user base completely in sync with the alerts which are generated on the iPhone or iPad. To quote an instance, when the user is driving and they just got a message on their device. The Siri feature serves to read out the message for the user where the user can continue driving without taking off the hands from the steering wheel. It can be incorporated in emails and other options as well.

Presently a brand new WhatsApp feature related to the iOS users now permits the users to manage Siri so as to be comprehensive with the latest update related to WhatsApp texts.

This was featured as of WhatsApp update version 2.17.20. The update is gauged to be 88.8 MB and is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Apple users can now manage or send the text messages in WhatsApp with the help of availing Siri.

The crucial aspect related to this update is that Siri can be called to read the messages. Provided the users have their hands full in some other activity and the smartphone is present on the table, all the user has to do is say "Hey Siri" and command it to read the latest WhatsApp message. Siri will then provide the details as to who sent the WhatsApp message and reads it out for the user. Siri will further request for the user if they wish to respond to the WhatsApp message and the user has to simply decide and let Siri know.

For the iOS users, the current update features some minor visual modifications and the mode for Siri to read out the text messages. This WhatsApp version 2.17.20 is now featured on the Apple App Store.

As aforementioned, the latest version which is approximately 88 MB in size is related to some crucial updates where Siri can read out the text messages, some visual revampings and enhancements pertaining to the Calls tab Contact info and Group Info of the screen. Also, the user can simultaneously select several statuses at once from the My Updates screen and manipulate the data according to their preferences.

WhatsApp permits Siri to send the WhatsApp text messages and also authorizes Siri to read out the messages especially in the event that the user is busy driving a car.

However, this handy benefit is feasible only if the user has some text messages which have not been opened as of yet. The user has to say Hey Siri and request it to read out the latest WhatsApp text message after which the user can decide upon responding to the message with the help of Siri. However, the users have to be wary that the moment Siri has finished reading the user's messages, the ability becomes invalid for the subsequent ventures. Further, this attribute will function only for users who have installed the iOS Version of 10.3+

The other notable changes coming with the update are some finishing touches related to the visual display in the Calls tab and the screens comprising of Contact Info and Group Info. The user will observe that the screen reveals pictures as the user scrolls down and will be packed with color rich icons which add enthrallment to an otherwise bland display.

Also featured in the update is the ability to select multiple statuses from the My Update section where the data can be modified suiting the needs of the user. This is facilitated by a simple two step authentication process where the camera function is also modified. As noted previously, the WhatsApp app features integrated support for the Persian language as well.

Ultimately the best and captivating feature over here is where Siri is integrated with WhatsApp and lets the former read messages from the latter. It is all accomplished by saying Hey Siri and requesting it to read the most current WhatsApp text message. Additional details are provided as to who sent the WhatsApp message. After reading the text, Siri can also be manipulated by the user to respond back to the message if the user desires so.This amalgamation factor is sure to benefit the user base in several ways and methods

Some captivating features associated with WhatsApp

Whatsapp had its humble beginnings as a startup on 2009 and it has evolved into a popular cross platform messenger app. It focuses on basic design of the user interface and the fact that its users can interact with others sans any obstructions or issues.

It has expanded to more than 180 nations and is present on most of the mobile platform including Android, iOS and Windows where the users can interact with others who have a different platform related to the smartphone. All that is needed is a proper internet connection to facilitate interaction. The user base can send any type of data be it simple messages, images, voice messages, video files, files of any type and the location sharing as well.

Featured with 900 million active users, the app is the most dominant instant messaging service competing with the likes of Snapchat, WeChat, Viber, Facebook Messenger and the such. It has expanded to desktops and as a web version proving handy for people who dont possess a smartphone.

Facebook is a well established social media platform enticing users globally where the user base can post and share any data like texts, videos and many more things in the portal. However, in the past it was mired in controversy which resulted in several users feel uninterested and abandon it.

Several attempts were made by other brands to acquisition WhatsApp but it was Facebook which ultimately, in the end, purchased WhatsApp for a staggering $ 19 billion.

The dealing was advantageous for both the social media giant and WhatsApp. The former was able to retain and gain new users where previously it was losing users. The latter on being acquired by a leading brand will put it in the spot light and gain more fame thereby augmenting new users.

WhatsApp attained the milestone of 1 billion users after the deal as predicted. Then the app had a strong resemblance to the features of Instagram and Facebook Messenger due to the power of the latter.

The app incessantly tweaks its features so as to augment its enthrallment factor and genuine nature. This was very much evident and more intense once the app was bought by Facebook.

E2E Encryption

End to End Encryption is one of the most noted and crucial features in WhatsApp. The messages and data encoded cannot be accessed by any prying eyes or third parties. Only the sender and receiver can read the message.

This is possible by incorporating a lock and key mechanism which is provided only to the recipients so that they can decode and read the message in the standard format. However, this has not been warmly received by the ruling bodies and law enforcing authorities as the encryption makes it difficult to decode messages and that it could lead to the advantage of terrorists and their concealed activities.

Location sharing

The WhatsApp users can make their relatives and friends to know where they are presently located and this feature is extremely advantageous if the users when they travel to a new city or nation. In addition to this when the users are visiting a place all alone, then WhatsApp can be used to share their location with others as a precaution in case of any unfortunate situations

Change font style

Featured as a brand new incorporation is the ability of the WhatsApp users to modify the font of their messages. To enable this the colon symbol has to be placed on either side of the message or word three times to facilitate the change for the Android users. For iOS users all they have to do is easily copy and paste the symbol around both the corners.

Formatting the text

Similar to the aforementioned venture, the app encompasses an attribute to edit and tweak the format of any word or sentence with the help of three symbols namely tilde, underscore and asterisk to strike through a word, italicize and bold a word respectively. The symbols have to be used once before and after the word or sentence which is subject to the modifications. In addition, the WhatsApp users can integrate multiple symbols with relation to formatting a word.

Document sharing

Seeing a proliferation of people manipulating WhatsApp for their official as well as private usage, it is obligatory that the app developers should work incessantly so as to provide advanced and captivating features which assist in captivating new users and retain the old ones as well. WhatsApp is featured with the characteristics to allow the user base to share data like images, videos, audio clips, GIF images and lots more. It has shifted itself to the next level by permitting the user base to share data from the drives themselves.

Users prefer uploading the data like files, images and the such on the drive with the reason being good & sophisticated security and availability of huge space for storing the information and documents. Presently, the user base can integrate a file from the Google Drive or its Apple counterpart. To initiate this process, the user must press the arrow pointing upwards which is present in the text window after which they are presented with the feature to share the files. On availing it, the cloud platform related to which the data is stored is displayed and the user finally has to choose the file which they want to send to other people by making use of WhatsApp.

Individual chat shortcut

WhatsApp users can also generate a shortcut related to their favourite chat and pin it to the home screen. To make this feasible, the user must click on the chat and long press it so that the window to create a shortcut will be generated. Once this is done, the profile photo of the recipient is displayed on the home screen. At present, only the Android users can avail this feature.

If the reply feature is activated, then for replying to a given chat, the user does not have to open WhatsApp. This is activated by choosing the Settings and then availing Notifications and after that finally, the 'Always show pop up' aspect is activated to make the process feasible and reply automatically to messages. Once again, this feature is present only for the Android users but the Apple users can, however, make use of a third party app to enjoy an equivalent of this feature.

New beta feature

At present, the brand is currently involved in experimenting with a new feature related to the beta environment and this feature will soon be launched as a new update which can be availed by both the iOS and Android users. The ability to pin chats at the top of the conversation list is the aforementioned new feature.The user has to long press the chat to integrate/pin the chat with the mute and delete option. This serves to make the pinning aspect much easier.

Coming to the beta version, the users are restricted to pin only 3 chats. Featured is an alternative to swap the chats and pin some other chat. Present in Whatsapp version 2.17.162 and 2.17.163 for the Android users, the pinned chat stays at the top without being impacted by the individual chats and the duration associated with the same.

The dominant power of Whatsapp in registering over a billion users

The latest news trending in the app world is that WhatsApp now features a user base of one billion people who make use of the app on a daily basis. Previously, the leading instant messaging app acquired by Facebook stated that over a billion users were availing the service on a monthly basis; This signifies that even more reputation and fame will come to the already popular app which is making great progress on a day to day basis.

WhatsApp had its inception 8 years back when the former employees of Yahoo, Brian Acton and Jan Koum implemented the ambitious proposal which they had in their minds as a great reality. WhatsApp has noted that the user base was growing by strongly by bounds and leaps from the moment it had its inception. Come 2014 and the dominant instant messaging app was subject to acquisition by the social media giant Facebook which made the purchase for a whopping $19 billion. After the acquisition, the user base continued to intensify and swell in obtaining new users. Presently WhatsApp is a pioneer and is an instance of an app which has been ranked among the most popular ones in the trending app world on a wide scale.

The exciting news is that the instant messaging app has achieved the milestone of encompassing one billion users who avail the service every day. Other amazing facts signify that the brand is subject to over 55 billion messages which are shared on a daily basis along with 4.5 billion images in the given timeframe. WhatsApp later noted in its official blog that it is very much happy and content on reaching the milestone of encompassing over 1 billion people who manipulate the app globally to touch base and interact with others namely their relatives and friends worldwide.

Further noted was that WhatsApp with relation to its interactive services enables it for effective communication with the user base and it requires simplicity to master it and is an effective platform for manipulation. It finds its use in effective sharing of information like images, video files, and audio files. Further, the user's relatives and friends can get to know about the latest updates related to the users through the Status attribute. This is just the tip of the iceberg with relation to the amazing services offered by WhatsApp. The instant messaging app is pleased that it has achieved such a huge objective where users throng to manipulate it on a day to day basis.

Although an amazing news, WhatsApp is not basking on achieving the milestone, it is striving without rest to generate and innovate more features to enthrall the user base. It strives to launch a platform which is well fortified, easy to comprehend, very much genuine and trustworthy. The app executives then expressed profound gratitude towards the user base for its long time support.

Along with this exciting news regarding the user base, WhatsApp has made use of the frenzy and excitement to launch a brand new update where the user base can convey and share files of virtually any type during the use of the app with regards to communicating with others.

Previously, the WhatsApp users were restricted to sending only typical PDF files but as aforementioned, this scenario is no longer valid where the user base can send files of any type. Yet the only limitation related to this is that files can be sent to others where the size is set at the threshold of 100 MB.

Apart from this, the additional new features made feasible by the current most update helps the user to pin a favorite chat to the top of the chat list in the home screen. The user base can send multiple photos at a rapid rate concurrently and can do the multi tasking of deleting the images once done.

If these amazing features and updates were not enough, it is evident that WhatsApp won't rest easy based on its astounding success and will strive to make the user base enthralled with some more additional features in the subsequent times. It is predicted that the next update will deal with permitting the user base to share or view a YouTube video without quitting the app.

WhatsApp and its focus in aiding enterprises

The instant messaging app has made strides and ventures into developing an enterprise equivalent of it so that it helps in the propagation and facilitation of B2C communications.

Adopting a similar proposal and ambitious venture from Facebook, its parent company, the instant messaging app is probing and researching regarding making it enterprise friendly. This will pave way for enterprises to sync with their customers much more effectively. Based on rumors and sources, the app is strategizing to launch the brand new platform with the help of the popularity waning Windows Phone Platform. Related to its newest update termed 2.17.234, the instant messaging app has tweaked and made slight modifications related to the Windows Phone platform which will integrate attributes in favor of implementing strategies which will serve and maximize the enterprise related potential of WhatsApp in a powerful scale.

Based on the reliable WABetaInfo which provides the latest updates regarding the upcoming features related to which WhatsApp is currently working on, it states that the user base related to the Windows Phone wont be able to avail a check mark character related to their profile name so as to prevent and eliminate chaos. This will be featured after the update. This tick mark feature signifies the authenticated profiles similar to that on the other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Coming to WhatsApp it signifies that it is manipulated to symbolize an authenticated enterprise profile.

In addition, it states that the instant messaging app is all ready to launch a business equivalent of it for the Windows, iOS and Android platforms. Its name was revealed as Small and Medium Business which will be characterized by some limitations when evaluated with the normal app. Featured as one of the limitations is that the enterprises can no longer modify their profile name post registering for the service. In addition to this, the enterprise name will be character specific and the user base is permitted only to use a particular length name.

Further after looking at this feature, the enterprises can enumerate and particularize the website and email id related to their account. An additional benefit is that the app will tackle all the junk and spam messages related to the enterprises. Manipulation of template technology will be effective in automatic modification and interpretation of messages associated with the enterprises. This is done so as to assist the user base globally. It finds its application where the enterprises can notify the user base related to room booking, delays associated with flights and much more as well.

Some days back in April, a WhatsApp representative noted that India will take up a major role related to this venture. As per what Matt Steinfeld had to say, the focus was given on development related to the product phase. There will be trials and experimentations associated with the small scale and large scale enterprises where it would help in comprehending the apt and best experience related to such enterprises on WhatsApp and he added that the Indian nation will be an integral part related to this venture.

However, the instant messaging app is not the only brand which assists in the progress of small scale enterprises where Facebook has launched a similar product going by the name 'Facebook at Work' which is particularly focused on small scale businesses and Google has also launched a proposal going by the name 'Digital Unlocked' which serves to digitalize and augment the small scale and medium scale businesses to the online world.

Apart from this, WhatsApp has declared that it has a user base of over 1 billion daily active users with 55 billion messages being sent via the platform on a daily day to day basis. In addition to this, it was disclosed that a figure of more than 4.5 billion photos was being shared daily with video sharing comprising of approximately 1 billion on a day to day basis.

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Handy guidelines related to making use of the full potential of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the king of instant messaging apps across the globe in smartphones and its reliability and credibility come with the amazing features which are a part of it. It can be assumed that the user base may already be using some features however there are lots of other tips which remain concealed.

This article will elucidate the best tricks which WhatsApp comes with. However, it has to be noted that these tips have been experimented with only on the Android platform and they could be feasible on the iOS platform with minor modifications associated with the steps.

1. Aspect to quote to a given text

Provided the user base is responding to an old message in context, as of the current version WhatsApp introduces the feature of quoting for the message all done by simply choosing the message and clicking the Reply button.

As a consequence, the reply message will be associated with a snippet which is interactive and the advantage in this is that anyone can press the snippet so as to avail the entire conversation log.

2. Tagging people in several groups

The capability to tag a person in a group chat is an additional handy attribute which was launched previously. In most of the cases, the WhatsApp groups are muted and it will be several days before the user comes to know that someone has been trying to contact the user. With the help of the '@' symbol, people can be tagged and notified even when they have muted the group chat. It also clearly delineates with whom the user base is communicating with.

3. Information related to Message Delivery in a Group

In WhatsApp when a message is sent, two ticks denote that the message has been sent and the blue ticks signify the read receipt where the recipient has read the message sent by the user. This is feasible only when the feature is not deactivated in one or both ends related to a single conversation. This can be facilitated in a group chat as well where the user has to continuously press the message regarding which they have to get the details and followed by that the Message Info icon is pressed.

After this the details related to the Message Delivered and Message Read by statuses are all displayed in the screen elucidating the user about the status.

4. Manipulating a public link for a WhatsApp Group

This attribute not launched long ago serves to give a solution for the annoying issue which the WhatsApp group admins were encountered with. In the past, in order to add a new member to a WhatsApp group, it was necessary that the contact had to be saved and synced with the phone book. However, now, the app has smoothened the tedious process and the group admin is able to create a link for the WhatsApp group so as to bring in new members.

The link can be handed out to the new member of the group and it is his call in the end related to the latter processes. This attribute finds its beneficiary use when the user wants to create a public group related to official, society-related or some other platforms related to a social and public debate.

5. Modifying the font

Tweaking the fonts when interacting with others via messages in WhatsApp serves to add a unique and different experience. Despite the fact that WhatsApp cant enable this aspect directly, the implementation of special codes with respect to the messages which have to be modified can assist in making it feasible.

In order to change the text to a Bold mode, the user has to simply add an asterisk symbol in the beginning and end of the word or message. Coming to the case of italics and strikethrough, a similar method is followed like before except that the users have to use the underscore symbol and tilde symbol to generate the change in font.

6. Sharing and creating GIFs

Presently, WhatsApp allows the user base to transmit GIF files to one another. GIFs from a chat can be forwarded or one located in the internal storage can be sent as well. However, lately, WhatsApp permits the user base to modify a video into a GIF file and send it instantaneously.

In order to achieve this transfiguration, the video file has to be chopped to utmost 6 seconds or less with the assistance of the inbuilt cropping tool and when the criteria for shortening the video file is satisfied, the user will be presented with a small video icon in the top right which had to be pressed to initiate the upheaval into a GIF file and it can then be sent.

7. Doodle Photos

Provided you want to add some innovative and creative touch with the photos in the device, the instant messaging app permits the user base to doodle and sketch out as per their wishes on the photos and can integrate the photos with stickers prior to sending. This is feasible by availing the photos with the help of the camera icon which is situated next to the text concocting option.

The pen symbol at the top right can be availed and the rest is left to the user base regarding creativity with the photos. As aforementioned stickers can also be added to give a rich look to the customized photos.

8. Catalogue Chats as Archive

To elucidate quickly when the chats are archived, the whole chat log is concealed from the main list and are stored in the archives file category. It is rest assured that the archived chats are not deleted from the device and are not integrated with the backup. It serves effectively to organize the chat history and logs.

To facilitate this the chat has to be long pressed and an Archive button pops up which has to be clicked

Coming to the concealed chats, they can be availed by navigating to the bottom of the chat list. Also provided is the option to reverse the effect if the user decides to do so in the future. It is also feasible when a new message from the given contact will assist to carry out the process by default for the user.

9. Manipulating the same WhatsApp Account on Two Phones

With the release of the handy WhatsApp web, the user base can manipulate the same WhatsApp account on two separate Android devices. This holds true as long as the main device is synced with the internet connection. To realize this, the WhatsApp Web has to be availed on Chrome from the secondary device and Request Desktop Site has to be activated from the three dotted menu.

The process ends by scanning the QR code which is displayed on the screen related to WhatsApp web. Further to add to the rich look, desktop notification can be activated on Chrome to facilitate the same.

10. Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on a phone

The above tip was effective when a single WhatsApp account had to be used with two different numbers. However, for the case where two unique WhatsApp accounts are to be synced with the dual SIM phone of the user, Parallel Space is made effective use of for the purpose. This app is quite handy and effective in duplicating any app on the device and make it function in a sand boxed setting. This signifies that the replica of WhatsApp wont share data with the genuine and original WhatsApp app which has been integrated with the app.

11. Managing Custom Notification

Typically every WhatsApp user prefers to be in touch base with and relate with some people for life. This is fine even if it is a small and brief chat. To ascertain that, such contact's notification tones can be tweaked with a distinct tone for every contact.

In order to facilitate this, the particular contact's WhatsApp profile is availed and Custom Notifications option is activated. Personalization with regards to the tone and the vibration pattern can be done based on the user's desires and the changes are saved in a quick and effective manner.

12. Concealing Message Preview Alerts

In the event that the WhatsApp user is busy in work with a co worker and the device is left on the table where a private WhatsApp message from the user's spouse is generated and this could lead to a humiliating situation with many people around the user. This issue can be circumvented by concealing the confidential and sensitive information in the app. Hence the user will be alerted when any message is received by the device but at the same time the content of the message is concealed in the main lock screen.

To enable this handy feature, the User has to access Settings, then Apps and then choose WhatsApp. Under this sector, Notifications is selected and the option named Hide Sensitive Content is to be activated. This will prevent the app from displaying the supposedly confidential message content when the WhatsApp message pops up on the lock screen.

13. Removing needless Photos

The WhatsApp user is subject to get important photos and one time photos related to any humorous content. These can be uploaded to the storage sector but in the case of photos of no value to the user base, Siftr Magic Cleaner server this purpose by scanning the photos with a powerful logic.

It will identify the needless photos which are being accumulated and eats up the storage space in the device. The app by incorporating the aforementioned logic will scrutinize and differentiate which photos are of value to the user and others which are needless junk. It is effective in isolating such data and the associated data is deleted with a single click.

However, there is no assurance that the app serves to completely isolate the useful photos from the junk and there are chances where some of the former could end up in the latter. Hence it is best suggested to have an inspection prior to removing the photos.

14. Implementing Popup Reply Alerts

For the WhatsApp user base it is a long and boring process where when they receive a WhatsApp message and in order to reply to the same, they have to unlock the device, avail the app, then navigate to the particular chat before entering the reply text.

An effective means to circumvent this annoying problem is by activating Popup Notifications in the Notification settings where the option 'Only when screen off' is enabled and the modifications are saved. As a consequence, the subsequent WhatsApp messages will appear in a pop-up window and response can be done from the same itself.

The user base can opt for Screen On and Always Show, however, chances are there that this could lead to an embarrassing and sticky mess for the user base.

15. Minimal data usage for WhatsApp calls

With the rollout of every update related to WhatsApp, the call quality and clarity is augmented and with an efficient internet connection, there is hardly any hindrance or lag associated with the same. It is suggested that WhatsApp calls can be a good alternative when evaluated with normal calls when the internet connection is strong. Further another attribute is that the WhatsApp call quality is not undermined when the data usage related to the same is mitigated and reduced.

Restriction in data usage is done by availing WhatsApp Settings and then choosing Data Usage. The standard associated with the voice is compressed prior to the VoIP transmission with out any impact associated with the abeyance and this is related to the standard of the network.

16. Swapping a new number without losing existing Group Chats

A typical case associated with many WhatsApp users is that they manipulate two different numbers for calling and other mainly for WhatsApp. This is attributed to the fact that the user changed the number but during the process of generating a new WhatsApp account, the user has to be associated once again with all the groups.

To ensure that the efficient intricate standard is maintained and at the same time to avoid chaos, the user base began using two numbers. This is circumvented by manipulating the option Change Number in the WhatsApp's Account Settings. Hence the user base can change the mobile number without any impact on the WhatsApp identity. Every chat and the WhatsApp groups associated with the user will remain pristine and unblemished.

By availing this guideline, the user base can also notify others that the number has been changed. All that is needed to be done is to request them to store the number related to which the chatting is done after the upheaval is done related to reconfigure the information in the contact list.

17. Emailing a WhatsApp Conversation

The feature to email a conversation will prove very beneficial in several scenarios. In order to do it, the conversation has to be availed and the three dot menu has to be clicked before availing the option More.

The aspect to email the conversation becomes feasible with an extra added feature to integrate media files with the conversation. It is up to the user to make the preference and select the corresponding option. The user is then provided with the option to send the chat by manipulating the email app which is integrated into the Android device.

18. Manipulating WhatsApp on a Computer

Featured are a plethora of apps manipulated to sync the WhatsApp alerts and respond back to the same using a computer. However, this process is made less tedious and more interactive and quick with the help of the recently launched WhatsApp Web. Availing this feature, the user can make use of an internet browser to communicate using the WhatsApp app.

To integrate this feature on to the browser, the user base can refer to the 9th guideline aforementioned above. Nothing is impacted- Only the transition from Chrome on the Android device to the one in the user's computer is made effective.

19. Concealing Last Seen and Read Receipts

Related to the app's Privacy option, the user can tweak the settings so as to hide the time the user last used the app and was online. This is effective with regards to concealing the read receipts aspect as well.

The only downside associated with this innovative feature is that if the last seen option and read receipts are deactivated, the user base cant see the other contact's status even though the other person has the aspect activated.

20. Concealing Online Status when Active

At present, there is no effective method to conceal the online status in WhatsApp with the condition that the user base is not manipulating a rooted device. The only alternative to conceal it is to deactivate the internet connection be it a Wi-Fi connection or a data plan. Then once the task in WhatsApp is complete they can be re enabled

There is a proliferation of several modified WhatsApp apps with which the feature can be made a possibility. However, it is best suggested not to make use of such apps and the ideal preferred method is to make use of the original as the aspect of privacy is damaged and exposed when such modded apps are manipulated by the user base

21. Sending messages to Multiple Contacts concurrently

This attribute was rolled out a while ago and the user base can make use of WhatsApp to send messages or any other data to several contacts simultaneously at the same time. This is done by choosing the message and then by choosing the contacts to whom the user base prefers to send the message. It is as simple as that and it proves its handy nature and worth especially when the user has to send a media file to several Whatsapp groups at a go.

Apps to intensify WhatsApp experience

WhatsApp has progressed itself ever since its inception into becoming one of the most demanded messaging apps which come packed with a plethora of amazing attributes. Its name is now associated with an action as well.

In order to intensify the WhatsApp experience to the next level, present are a bunch of apps which is applicable for a range of services from concealing pictures to generating automatic responses. It serves to juggle the delicate line between entertainment and work.

Below featured is a bunch of some apps which serve that purpose.

1. Clean up Gallery

Typically the WhatsApp user is associated with some WhatsApp groups and the annoying aspect of media files which are forwarded thereby cluttering the user's phone gallery and resulting in a chaotic mess affecting it as a whole. Related to this Siftr Magic Cleaner assists the user in deleting inappropriate content like comics, greetings and other such objectionable stuff associated.

The methodology is simple and effective to implement. The analytics related to the same have to be activated and the cleanup process will be in terms of categories. Provided a category is cleaned, all the user base has to do is validate the same and press delete. Everything is accounted for in a streamlined manner if the user base integrates a monthly reminder app and pressing a button will take care of the rest.

2. Hide Photos from Gallery

In the event the aforementioned methodology seems to be a tiresome experience, then there is an alternative where the images are completely removed from the gallery. This is facilitated by a new app Hide image, video of WhatsApp which assists in prohibiting the media associated with WhatsApp from the device as a whole.

All that is needed to activate the app is a PIN and a security question. After this, the options to conceal any media file from the device are generated.

In the incessant presence of anything associated with WhatsApp present in the gallery files, a reboot of the device serves to cleanse the phone from the specific media.

3. Get Floating Bubbles

Facebook Messenger has a smart feature named floating bubbles which can be positioned at any place on the screen and removed once the task is accomplished. WhatsApp's equivalent app for this is FlyChat which is also compatible with Slack, Twitter and other messaging apps.

The installation process is carried out with ease where the authorization related to the same is generated and the messaging mode is chosen. As a consequence, every WhatsApp message will be associated with a floating bubble which trails the user base and to disable it, the procedure is very easy.

4. Mask your Chats

If the user base finds annoyance related to other people viewing their messages especially during travel, this app eliminates that scenario by generating a layer of curtain on the chats and hence privacy is augmented. Users can be able to view the chat messages but at side angles, the visual opacity is restricted and appears dark for the onlookers. The modifications related to this transparency blockage are present in the top of the screen. The app also packs some amusing themes and it can be tweaked such that it is featured only on a given portion of the screen which the userbase desires.

5. Store Files in External Storage [Requires Root]

In the event that the user base is frustrated with the instant messaging app consuming a large portion of the smartphone's internal memory and when the issue is very much compounded on devices which possess less storage, FolderMount [ROOT] comes to the rescue. However, a rooted device is mandatory to facilitate this. Once the authorization is granted, the user can link both the storages via mapping. It is effective where the files are chosen and then the mapping is updated and saved.

The operation of the app is made smooth and efficient so that WhatsApp wont even decipher that there is a shift in the location.

6. Schedule Messages [Requires Root]

The aspect to schedule messages has long been a dream which the user base loves to integrate it in their smartphones. This is made feasible in the Rooted Android smartphone with the help of the app which goes by the name Seebye Scheduler ROOT. The user can integrate some standards and guidelines related to the same so that the messages are sent at the pre arranged time. This works on text messages, pictures and audio clips in phase with the repeat pattern.

7.For a Laugh

Sometimes the user can play a joke on their friends with a fake contact number. To facilitate this, two apps by the name Primo and Parallel Space are manipulated. The former generates a fake number and the latter will enable a new WhatsApp profile which is associated with the fake number.

Primo requires an authenticated email ID during sign up and the new number will be shown in the left panel. After that, you have to sign in into the newly generated WhatsApp profile with the help of the number and you are all set to trick your friends.

WhatsApp experience can be boosted considerably with the help of these apps. Although the mastery of the functioning of the apps could take two days, once the user base gets used to it, they can save time by a considerable extent efficiently.

Securing the WhatsApp app and its contents.

WhatsApp has been the undisputed king of instant messaging services featuring over a billion users globally. It has held its firm position as one of the most popular apps for several years. Come 2016 and the implementation of end-to-end encryption has served to protect the chats and conversations in WhatsApp from being availed by third parties, hackers, and malicious minded strangers. However, there is still a lot to be done to fortify and enhance its security features to the next level.

Below listed are methodologies to facilitate the same

1. Manage WhatsApp Web Effectively

WhatsApp's web equivalent, apart from making viewing and sending messages a simple process, also allows the user to avail the messages if the Android platform is not in the vicinity. This is done by signing in with the help of the QR code.

This condition holds true and valid only if the user is availing their own laptop or desktop to avail WhatsApp. In the event that the user has not signed out from a public computer then there is a risk that the user's personal data can be availed by a stranger. Related to avoiding this scenario, the Log out option featured in all the computers comes to the rescue. Once availed the present WhatsApp web sessions will be instantaneously disabled. In addition, the alerts which are generated every time the web version of the app is enabled must be carefully observed and noted.

2. Use Two-Factor Verification

Even though the security settings related to WhatsApp are good enough, sometimes the chances are there that it could face some hindrances regarding the same if the two-factor authentication is not enabled. With the aspect of SIM cloning becoming an easy technique, the aforementioned method assures that none other than the user can sync the user's WhatsApp account onto their phone where the knowledge of the highly confidential 6 digit code is kept under wraps.

To avail this, the settings option has to be availed via Account and then Two -Step verification. On activation, further authentication must be associated with the number. Alternatively, as an extra precaution, the user's alternate email id can be integrated so that a link is conveyed to the user's email in the even the two-factor verification option is deactivated. This methodology is an integral part of ensuring security.

3. Restrict Access to Your Profile Pic

WhatsApp's popularity and great progress to fame can be associated with the fact that the user base can message anyone provided they have the other person's contact details. However, the pitfall associated with the same is that the user base's profile picture is probably exposed to malicious strangers who require the contact details of the user base.

Fortunately, this scenario is eliminated if there are some restrictions associated with the availing of the display photo.To make this active, the user base must access Privacy and interchange the option Everybody which is enabled by default to that of the My Contacts group. Henceforth, as a consequence, only the contacts whom the user base has stored can view the user's display picture.

In the rare event that the userbase wants to restrict complete access regarding the same, the option Nobody is selected.

4. Hide Photos from Gallery

A handy advantage associated with WhatsApp is that the files like images and videos are synced by default with the device's gallery library. Fortunately, the media files associated with WhatsApp can be concealed from being uploaded to the gallery maintaining confidentiality.

To facilitate this, the user has to access the WhatsApp image library with the help of File Explorer and generate a file by name .nomedia. Once a reboot is performed, then the content will be concealed. As an alternative, the user base can download and install an app which goes by the name Hide image, video of WhatsApp which will serve the purpose effectively very well.

5. Lock WhatsApp

Another methodology to conceal WhatsApp files from strangers is by implementing the usage of a third party app where the confidential data in WhatsApp can be secured with a pattern swipe or a PIN.

The suggested recommendation related to this technique is the AppLock App which has seen a download metric associated in the millions. The app can help the user to fortify specific apps and other aspects like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the such.

To ensure that apps are being deleted from the device without the user being aware, the Settings has to be locked apart from the app itself.

6. Deactivate Account on Lost/Stolen Phone

Coming to a messy situation where the device is misplaced or stolen, steps have to be taken to ensure that the WhatsApp profile is disabled when the Phone connection and the SIM are deactivated as well. Disabling WhatsApp from a remote place has not been implemented yet, and hence the sequence becomes a long and intricate one.

The best option is to send a mail to WhatsApp support base with the subject heading as Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account. Care must be ensured that the contact number is typed with respect to the appropriate global format.

7. Watch Out for Scams

The aforementioned methodologies and techniques serve to ensure that the smartphone is fortified to secure the apps.Yet, another factor which must not be overlooked is that the user base must refrain from clicking on dubious or distrustful links. As there is a lack of supervision associated with the WhatsApp content, the app is rapidly transforming into a harbor for dubious, untrusted links and as a hotspot for wrongdoings which are associated with phishing.

Recently, some users received messages stating that the subscription has to be renewed for a given price. With regards to this, it must be noted that WhatsApp is a free service and will remain the same indefinitely.

In the event that the user base receives messages related to giving information for surveys or to install files, the user must immediately report the authorities regarding the same and should block and report the number from which the message came as well.

Seeing the present global scenario associated with privacy, it is a must that our data and information stay protected and concealed. Additionally, the user base must be on full alert to noticing any illegal activities. Chatting must be done in a safer manner and the aforementioned tips will serve to realize the same as well.

How different WhatsApp is from Snapchat and Instagram apps with respect to its Status feature

As a revamp for its existing Status feature, WhatsApp has initiated the phase related to launching a Snapchat galvanized tweaking & enhancements which similar to Snapchat permits the user base to post a story, in the same way, resembling that of Snapchat and Instagram stories where it disappears a day after it is posted.

The latest addition to the dominant instant messaging app is effectively a replica of the Story feature associated with Snapchat and also that of Instagram stories which was previously integrated with the feature last August.

At present, the app features the capability for the user base to upload an image, video file or a GIF file as a status related to the app.

WhatsApp has come a long way in the digital market ever since its inception 8 years ago and is the undisputed monarch related to in demand messaging app platform where it encompasses a figure of more than a billion users globally.

Based on what Jan Koum, the CEO and co-founder of WhatsApp had to say, the brand was all set to enhance its existing Status feature where as a result the user base can share media files with other users much more effectively and more securely. In addition to this, the status updates are also end-to-end encrypted.

All the three apps featuring WhatsApp, Instagram, and Stories are integrated with a Story feature which functions with the same methodology not barring some trivial differences.

WhatsApp has the competitive edge as it is associated with more than one billion user base overshadowing and overwhelming Instagram's user base of 300 million and Snapchat's user base of 150 million.

The status in WhatsApp can be viewed only by the user's contacts and further tweaks and modifications can be done so as to restrict the contacts who can view the status as per the user's wishes.

Coming to Instagram Stories, it can be seen by any other app user except in the case where the app profile's privacy settings are tweaked to permit only the user's followers to view the content. Further modifications can be done to conceal the story from a set of users and also to manage the replies which are received by the app with respect to stories.

In the case of Snapchat, anyone on the platform can view its stories.

Editing Features

More or less the editing options associated with all the three apps are similar to one another. These modifications can be done before the status or story is posted where it encompasses doodling, emojis, and integration of text. However, there are some features which make each app look unique.

Coming to WhatsApp, there is a capability to highlight the user's update and altering the image size prior to posting.

When following the concept of doodling with relation to the other two apps, sketching can be done on the image with as range of various attractive colors. Instagram stories doodling provides the user with a set of options like a thick, thin and a glowy line which adds to the experience when doodling handsfree. Also featured are heart doodles where any number of hearts can be placed in any place of the story.

The Snapchat app shows a major difference from the other apps where it permits the user to crop and cut a portion of the image which is uploaded to the emoticon library.

Both Instagram and Snapchat stories feature an additional editing mode with which the user base can carry out tests by the implementation of several filters all done by swiping the image when in the personalization mode. Noticeably, this attribute is missing when it comes to WhatsApp's status feature.

Camera Screen/Updating Options

In WhatsApp apart from the effective feature related to clicking an image or taping a video file, the app permits the user base to post images, videos and GIF files directly from the gallery of the smartphone. This feature is absent in Instagram and Snapchat as well.

In the case of Instagram, apart from posting any file from the camera screen, the app permits third party apps like Boomerang and Handsfree to enable the story to be uploaded to the app.

In the case of Snapchat, this aspect is restricted only to photos and videos which are recorded live.

Notably apart from these differentiating factors, the status associated with WhatsApp is completely end-to-end encrypted thereby fortifying and reinforcing the security aspect associated with the same.

The social media giant Facebook which has both Instagram and WhatsApp as its possession has been trying repeatedly to emulate the success of Snapchat's in demand attributes so as to obtain a competitive advantageous edge with regards to the social networking world which is full of intense vying.

Snapchat's prospects of surviving in the virtual world are not looking very good because of the dominating presence of Facebook integrated with the other two apps WhatsApp and Instagram.

Sending WhatsApp messages without adding contact

In a span of few years, WhatsApp has overthrown the standard SMS service to become the leader in instant messaging apps thanks to its powerful interface and content rich design. However, despite this, the only area where the typical SMS gains the edge over the mighty WhatsApp is related to the capability to create and send text messages all without integrating the contact number of the recipient.

WhatsApp is packed with several features like Video Calling, vanishing Story Status and photo filters. However, irrespective of its amazing features a basic and simple WhatsApp message cannot be sent if the contact number is not integrated with the app. Although it is a simple methodology which consumes a very small fraction of the time, it won't be ideal to jumble the contacts who won't be used for WhatsApping by the user in the later times.

The effective method to transmit WhatsApp messages sans integrating the contact number of the person is made possible by a third-party app named Click2Chat WhatsApp app featured for the Android users where the messages can be organized and lined up to be sent.

1. How to Use Click2Chat

Click2Chat is an effective way to send WhatsApp messages all in less time and with a single click. It has a widespread reach regarding contact number support from several nations where India is also one of them. In addition, the messages to be sent can be scheduled and humorous messages can be created and sent through the manipulation of this amazing app.

Provided the app is downloaded, the next step is to choose the country, type in the number along with the message. The final step is to click Send and everything is over in a jiffy. The times related to jumbling up and littering the contact numbers with the app are over and long gone.

Provided the number is being implemented for the first time, WhatsApp will request the user to authenticate prior to transmitting the message. An added advantage which this app emphasizes is that the user can avail the WhatsApp Stories related to all the contacts.

2. Alternative Method

Coming to the next methodology to send WhatsApp messages without adding contacts is to manipulate the integrated dialer app. Yet, this app is featured only on some specific models of smartphones. The number to whom the message has to be sent is entered in the dialer and the three dot icon has to be clicked. Next, the user has to avail the option to send the message which will display a plethora of choices encompassing WhatsApp message as well.

Once the message is inputted, the process is all over. However, as aforementioned, this feature is compatible only with some particular devices.

Bonus Trick: Adding People to Groups Without Saving Contact

The old times when the user had to adhere to the traditional methodology of adding a contact prior to adding that person in a WhatsApp group is all long gone. It is easily done by availing the group information page and then selecting Add participant. The Invite to the group has to be activated with the manipulation of Link option and it can be shared with the person who is presently using the Click2Chat WhatsApp app. It is simply a piece of cake to follow this efficient methodology.

Thus the aforementioned methods to send WhatsApp messages without adding the contact will surely help the user base who want to communicate with that idea. It also enables the device to be structured and organized with respect to contacts without bringing in any confusion or chaos.

WhatsApp's business app

The user base has been incessantly overwhelmed by the news regarding the much awaited WhatsApp for Business app ever since the previous year. The latest information in this year about this venture has undergone a major transformation from being a rumor into a feasible reality. Further proclaimed by WhatsApp was that the feature will have special attention related to its inception especially in India and that it will take up a major responsibility to contribute a lot to the proposal in the initial periods.

The most recent news which has created quite a buzz is that WhatsApp is collaborating and associating itself with the National Payments Corporation of India so as to facilitate and realize integrated UPI transactions.

Based on what the WhatsApp news tipster WABetaInfo noted was that one of the latest beta version named 2.17.285 comes packed with several new features and it is synced with the information related to the latest Business service which the app is trying to implement.

Further, it was comprehended that the current roll out will ensure that the user base is bonded closer with the still work in progress service and that it will be available in a time period of 4 months from the present.

Recently, WhatsApp made a major upheaval for the servers where enhancements were integrated with the syncing of the typical contacts list.

In addition, the enhancement provides authentication to confirm whether the contact is the same person and not a stranger who is using the app. Authentication can be done to verify whether it is a business contact as well. A reliable source reports that all the information related to the contact are uploaded and secured in a single database.

A screenshot revealed that the upcoming new app has the normal display picture with an authenticated tick mark following it. Other details which were displayed include the authenticated address, along with the enterprise name, the formal email address and the website associated with it.

WABetaInfo claims that to augment the adaptability to a considerable scale, more than one website can be synced with the enterprise account. Other features to join it a later time frame includes the business working hours.

As the uni-sync which is the brand new syncing server is ready and functioning, it is predicted that the Business app will be officially released very soon.

The new app shortcuts in Android beta of WhatsApp

In the latest news regarding the beta domain of Android, the instant messaging app WhatsApp has integrated the attribute of Launcher App Shortcuts which will permit the user base to directly access a brand new chat, starred messages and the in-app camera. The present news is that the attribute is beforehand live and functioning for the Android beta users. However, there is no word or news as to when this attribute will be officially rolled out for all the users. Android Police was the first to reveal this new feature and it provided several screenshots of the features in beta. The shortcuts can be dragged to the main screen of the device functioning as unique shortcuts. It is old news that WhatsApp has developed shortcuts for chats and the camera functionality on the home screen.

Although this brand new feature is handy and beneficial, the chances are there that it won't gain a large amount of user base as the plethora of shortcuts available are considered. In order to brief in detail, developing a shortcut for the Status feature of WhatsApp could have been a clever move instead of that of a New Chat shortcut. This perception is supported and strengthened by the aspect that WhatsApp recently announced that it features a figure of more than 250 million users who make use of the Status feature. Further, it is a rare case of the WhatsApp users to create a new chat window for chatting where they prefer chatting with people who are beforehand present on their friend's list. The latter is done on a frequent basis as well. Coming to the starred message shortcuts, they take the user base right away to the three pinned chats which are present at the top of the chat list. Even though this move is a handy and useful feature for the user base, chances are rife that the shortcut feature won't be popular and that its fate might be such that it is not used that much by the user base.

Based on what the site Android Police had to say, their opinion was not positive as they found that there was little to gain from using the shortcuts as the app features a plethora of shortcuts and native widgets for the home screen. Present are both a Chat and Camera shortcut which allows the user base to opt for the particular contact and then integrate with the shortcut where previously a display picture was shown and at present it is a bland star for the picture.

This Shortcuts feature is present for the beta users of Android who use the version 2.17.277. Further, the user base who are associated with the WhatsApp's authentic and official Play Store beta program have a greater chance of getting the related update much sooner than others.

WhatsApp features a sum of over 1 billion daily users and the app has had a widespread reach supported in dozens of various languages. Not a while ago, the app developed and rolled out new features which were enticing, appealing and productive to manipulate. The app for the Android platform has simplified how users can modify the text while messaging with options like Bold, Strikethrough, Monospace, and Italics. All they have to do is choose the part of the message they want to format and the rest is done in simple steps. Further packed with the app are additional amazing attributes like GIF support, call forwarding, sending 30 photos and videos in a single shot and lots more. It is expected that even newer features will be integrated with the app in the future in the form of updates. Coming to its Indian base the app encompasses 200 million users and talks are there to integrate UPI related payment methodologies with the app.

Signs of how revenue will be generated for Facebook by WhatsApp

Related to an ambitious venture and plunge undertaken by WhatsApp to intensify its presence as an enterprise friendly app among the users, the most popular of the instant messaging apps is currently experimenting with a brand new attribute which promotes fortified and secure messaging between the userbase and the associated enterprises.

This feature permits the user base to be comprehended with the end outcome of whether an enterprise account has been thoroughly authenticated by the app prior to starting a messaging conversation between the specific enterprise and the related audience base. Based on the latest news, this attribute which has been installed by the CNBC reporters from the Google Play Store is in the beta version on the Android platform and as a consequence aids the app to interact with the user base based on its own account.

The instant messaging app which was subject to acquisition by the social media giant Facebook way back in 2014, posted a year back that it is strategizing methodologies related to experimenting on how the people can interact and associate themselves with enterprises in the subsequent months. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO noted previously that the two off shoots of the brand namely Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp should strive and intensify their work related to amassing good revenue and promoting sales.

He further stated that he expected and desired progress related to varying income simultaneously as the main advertisement business associated with Facebook shows signs of slackening. After the second-quarter results related to the company were disclosed, he noted to analysts that he expects rapid momentum and steam associated with the brand's possessions encompassing WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Facebook purchased WhatsApp for a whopping sum of $ 19 billion thereby effectively acquiring a product which features excessively high volume of usage among users but falls short in lacking an effective business stratagem. In order to reach the maximum potential and emphasize the worth of it, it is better to provide the user base and the enterprises with authenticated and well-secured interaction & communication portals.

As time progresses, eventually, this move can enable the authenticated enterprises with an alternate method related to user support in means apart from just texting alone.

In the previous week, WhatsApp's co founder Jan Koum noted that WhatsApp now has the privilege of telling that it has monthly users ranging in 1.3 billion where they share 1 billion videos on a daily basis with 55 billion messages generated for the same.

Hence from the beta version of WhatsApp's Android app, it is evident that the brand and its parent company are making strides to enhance its services as a more enterprise friendly one.

Spamming and WhatsApp

Related to emails, there is a proliferation of dubious and suspicious online branding schemes. It starts from the people who are involved in the transaction of "email databases" so as to assimilate a bunch of email addresses used for spamming and all the way to the typical spammers who develop such databases so as to levy charges on the brands related to each spam message transmitted to such emails.

With regards to the latter, it has established its presence where reputable organizations implement this suspicious method of online branding incessantly. Such is its proliferation that the user base cannot decipher whether this is an illegal practice or on the contrary. The functioning and operation are done in a way that no body wants to be associated with the conversation.

Featured are a bunch of new generation spammers who want to make use of WhatsApp to accomplish their objectives. Recently a message via WhatsApp was received which indicated that a purchase of the database of thousands of WhatsApp numbers could be done

It is evident that the spammer is focused on selling a database of WhatsApp numbers to anyone who wants to buy it. The worth could not be evaluated.

For the associated spammer who has enjoyed a run on email which is a decentralized platform not supervised by anyone, Whatsapp is an owned brand where it controls what is the message that can be sent via the platform. This signifies that database transactions and brandings associated with the typical email spamming are difficult enterprises in reality.

WhatsApp is known for the wrong news related to its spam tackling methodologies. It blocks number immediately once the traits of a large scale spam behavior are noted and related to the 33,000 random numbers it signifies the same.

If the user base has received any message like aforementioned, and are ready to buy the database they have a higher probability of being blocked by WhatsApp.It's anti spam functioning encompasses a powerful artificial intelligence factor where the system is assimilated with the new concocted methodologies which the spammers use for their advantage to trick the system.

The recommended suggestion would be not to buy the database as it is malicious and most probably won't function. It is better to stop the function and presence of spamming

Related to that there are chances that WhatsApp could disclose its API for the enterprises so that the user base availing it, dont take up spamming practices for the purpose of branding.

Modifications related to WhatsApp's interface

The phase shifts are typical and unavoidable where the technological base incessantly displays and reveals brand new updates. The king of instant messaging apps, WhatsApp has launched a new feature related to its user interface which is quoted to be the most anticipated attribute in regards to the VoIP interface and chats.

WhatsApp has rolled out a brand new feature for the Android platform where it is related to the aspect of video calling and the attachment button feature. Previously in the March of this year, the beta users noted that the app was in the process of launching some modifications related to video calling for Android version 2.17.93. This enables the users to avail video calling without many hassles.

Coming to the former version of WhatsApp, the video calling was integrated with the voice calling option where if the user preferred to make a video call, the call option on the top of the screen in WhatsApp has to be availed and one of the two options has to be accessed. When video calling is enabled, the user is synced with the other recipient via live video streaming. The prerequisite to avail this feature is to possess a strong and effective mobile plan or Wi-Fi connection. Although an internet connection with less speed and power wont disrupt the call, an effective and high-speed internet connection will provide a pristine and high-quality video call. Thanks to the new update, the video calling option is featured with a separate button to facilitate it.

The attachment button featured on the top of the screen is also subject to revamping by the latest update. Thus, subsequently, the attachment icon featured as a paperclip is positioned next to the camera icon. Thus to make any attachment, all the user has to do is press the paperclip icon.

Reports surfaced not a while ago that the app has made tweaks and modifications to the location sharing aspect where the exquisite looks of WhatsApp calling bears resemblance to Google's Material Design. As a consequence, there is a much pristine and interactive interface related to video calling and voice calling via WhatsApp.

Speaking about Material Design it was developed and conceptualized by Google three years back and it is an advanced design language which has integrated with card motifs and has launched on Google Now. It implements padding, transition, grid based layouts, captivating responsive animation and comes with lighting effects to name a few. This logic has been tested on YouTube and its user interface resembles WhatsApp's iPhone equivalent. Speaking of the latter, it has beforehand implemented with the features of the Android update related to video calling and attachment icon.

In the week prior to the proclamation regarding the video calling and the attachment button, there was a report which signified that WhatsApp is trailing out and experimenting with the pinning feature and that this attribute is present in Android versions 2.17.162 and 2.17.163. Yet, the brand has not stated when this will be rolled out officially. This feature is used to pin the favorite chats of the user with whom the user base interacts on a daily basis. Yet, from the working of the beta version, it is evident that the feature is limited to only 3 chats to be pinned at present and reliable sources maintain that this threshold will be increased when launched to the public officially.

WABetaInfo is a reliable website which discloses all the happenings, updates and latest news regarding WhatsApp. The latest news from WABetaInfo was that app's beta version for the Android platform has been integrated and updated with brand new and latest modifications and tweaks giving it an effective revamp. Based on what it had to disclose, featured to be integrated with the app is a video to GIF converter and some integrations related to VoIP interface.

The reference points related to this feature are present on the iPad, Web and iPod versions of the app. Further, the iPad equivalent is said to be even more congruous.

The latest attribute related to WhatsApp which is currently in the testing phase is the video to GIF converter, which enables the WhatsApp user in transfiguring any video into a GIF image all done instantly with a single press- all inside the messenger platforms. WABetaInfo has revealed the screenshots of the guidelines to transform the video file into a GIF file. It is implied and signified that the app user can manipulate the converter button which is present on the top right corner of the screen when they can concurrently personalize a video prior to sending it to other people associated with the platform.

Additional features which are to be integrated into the WhatsApp app aside from the handy video to GIF converter button is the undo button which proves beneficial when the user is personalizing or modifying a video. Here the button enables the user to negate the changes which they carried out while customizing the video prior to sharing the video with others.

Further, tweeted by the website was that the app developers are focused on experimenting with an unsend aspect in the mobile app and this could see the light of the day very soon when it is integrated as an extra feature with the app.

For the users who cant resist waiting patiently for the features to roll out can become beta testers so that they can avail all the latest features and updates which the instant messaging app has concocted to launch out. Yet, precaution must be implemented where the particular new beta tester must be tech savvy related to what they are doing in the environment. This is so that they can avoid the situation of lagging experience and hangs.

WhatsApp is subject to a major upheaval with great intensity thanks to the integration of new attributes and major tweaks and revamping done to the prevailing features along with the augmentation of the user interface. It bears little or no resemblance to its former self.

WhatsApp proved to be a hit among the user base due to the interactive yet simple interface which it provides and thus interaction with one another is made very much simple and effective. The only necessity for it is a smartphone with proper internet connection. The app which already featured millions of users hit the one billion mark in a relatively short span of time after the app was bought by Facebook.

WhatsApp has been releasing new features incessantly every month and reliable sources note that the app users can anticipate some innovative changes related to the platform. So far, the revamped status update was the one which was met with backlash and a lot of negative criticism. Following the uproar regarding the new unwanted feature, WhatsApp reverted to its older equivalent/ version of WhatsApp. The new one was retained as well. Presently, WhatsApp has been featured with several modifications and tweakings with respect to the interface increasing its enthralling and captivating nature to the next level.

Taking some of the updates related to the same, they were featured in the video calling option, the attachment button and the video to GIF converter. Other aspects include the calling interface, the buttons related to undo modifications and unsend messages and also the chat pinning feature. From this list, some of the attributes are sure to be launched officially to the public while the others remain in the beta testing phase before rollout.

These captivating updates will be launched for the Android users of the app and for those who cant resist waiting to avail the features, they can sign up as beta testers so that they can get an experience of the amazing new features beforehand it is rolled out officially.

Availing WhatsApp and viewing videos at the same time

Based on what WABetaInfo had to say an enthralling feature is concealed in the software code related to the iOS 2.17.40 update. Basically, a brand new picture in picture mode will permit the user base to shift a video being played in and around a chat. The video will be played without any hindrance and the user base can still receive messages on to their smartphone. However, there has been no word as to when the Android users can avail this feature. Also, WhatsApp has all been hushed up and concealed as to when there will be an official release of the feature into the smartphone platforms. Enough of the preview...

WhatsApp is currently focused on eliminating an annoying feature by making the app to correspondingly play YouTube videos when the user is in a chat mode. Presently in WhatsApp, the users are faced with the irritating aspect where the videos from relatives and families are displayed only in a full-screen window in Youtube.

This implies that the user is forced to stop chatting with others in WhatsApp when they are watching video clips and are faced with the ardent and annoying task of swapping between YouTube and WhatsApp again and again.

As aforementioned, a hidden feature in the code pertaining to the current most update of WhatsApp aims to patch up this issue with the help of integrating a picture-in-picture mode in the chats.

This news was revealed by WABetaInfo when analyzing and scrutinizing the information present in iOS version 2.17.40 update pertaining to WhatsApp. From what they have researched, this amazing mode will allow the users to move the video anywhere in the chat. This feature, however, has not been officially launched yet. The video will be streamed and will play without disturbing the user's focus on the incoming chats and their corresponding conversations.The video window can be altered in size by pinching it with fingers where it can be increased to full size for a clear and good view. In brief, users can carry out multi tasking by watching videos in YouTube and interacting with others via WhatsApp.

It was stated in the WABetaInfo regarding the annoyance of the scenario where the user receives a YouTube link in their WhatsApp chat and are forced to switch to YouTube site to view the video. Further noted was that this scenario has seen the last of its days where the implementation of Picture in Picture mode serves to view videos without entering the YouTube portal.

This amazing feature is still a work in progress and if the user quits the WhatsApp app then they cannot view the video from the link where the Picture in Picture mode feature is disabled sadly.

Further disclosed by WABetaInfo is that the feature could be supported only on the latest iPhones like the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S+, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+. This is because these models feature very big screens.

Rumors are rife that a specific and limited number of iPhone users are in the process of beta testing this feature although this was not corroborated or substantiated by Apple.

WABetaInfo stated that it will probe into the updates and keep its readers updated with the latest news regarding this particular venture. MailOnline unsuccessfully tried to touch base with WhatsApp related to the same.

Another update from the instant messaging app will feature fonts to be modified quite simply with the help of a floating toolbar. The user base can choose the text to be modified and the resultant effect will be enabled by default.

Previously WhatsApp permitted the user base to incorporate given characters on both sides of the words or sentences to bold or italicize or strike through them. Yet this feature from the Facebook owned app remained concealed without getting widespread publicity and hence only a few users implemented the feature.

To edit the text, the WhatsApp users had to avail the overflow button which would result in the changes being reflected automatically.

From this, it is evident that formatting of texts are made to be very simple and easy for the user base to master it.

WhatsApp and its user base

Recently WhatsApp achieved the milestone of comprising over 1 billion active users globally where they send more than 55 billion messages and one billion videos on a daily basis as reported by the brand on Thursday.

The success of this instant messaging app prompted the social media giant Facebook to purchase it for a whopping $19 billion in early 2014.

The user base corresponding to monthly active users comprises of more than 1.3 billion users. The app presently features support for 60 languages worldwide. To add to the excitement and frenzy regarding WhatsApp, the user base sends over 4.5 billion photos by using WhatsApp every day globally.

The launch of amazing features like video calling option, two step authentication process, augmented security, posting content as Status which vanish after 24 hours and an effective retouch to the design have contributed a lot for WhatsApp to garner and assimilate even more number of users into its user base ever since the previous year where it boasted of one billion WhatsApp users who were active on a monthly basis.

Innovatively, Facebook provided a major upheaval related to the file sharing feature, where the users can send a file of any type and format. Also featured is the ability for users to send multiple video files and photo files simultaneously at the same time and any type of files can be shared with the threshold being 100 MB for each file.

Further, the user base can revamp their font style by making the text bold or italic or with a strikethrough. Further, it can share GIF images which are located in the app's integrated gallery section.

Although WhatsApp's ambitious venture related to end to end encryption integration in its messages for the 1 billion global users may be beneficial, experts and rights activists have stated that this is still not quite effective to safeguard the user privacy from the ruling bodies.

The incognito mode for WhatsApp

Whatsapp users are enthralled to see any WhatsApp message immediately after the device chimes and they look especially for the read receipts. From the moment WhatsApp launched the feature also going by the name of 'Blue Ticks', it has become a difficult venture for the user base to access the messages in WhatsApp all without coming online and alerting the user at the other end.

However, luckily these Blue Ticks feature can be disabled with the only pitfall being that if the user base does not want to make the other person see the blue ticks, the same is associated with the user as well.

However, the discussion over here is related to the Android platform which features a skillful and advantageous plethora of mobile apps which are integrated with efficient workarounds. It is not to be associated with the traditional method of deactivating the data connection or switching to an offline mode. Detailed is an effective methodology to avail the WhatsApp messages without coming online in the app.

The app associated with the same is Unseen - No Last Seen where the WhatsApp messages can be read without alerting the sender from being 'seen' in a sense. The app's purpose is well etched and now its functionality is explored

This app manipulates an effective and clever workaround which serves to circumvent the read receipts factor of WhatsApp and it is effective on other apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber and Telegram to name a few.

The messages related to WhatsApp are encountered by the app the moment it gets delivered to the user's device. And next, the messages are shown in both WhatsApp and the Unseen app as well. Hence as a consequence without activating WhatsApp, the messages are read from the Unseen app. To be brief and precise, the app can be termed as a means of incognito mode for the main WhatsApp.

This amazing feature does not only work on text messages but is applicable to the files like images and videos as well. This is made effective by availing the specific chats and then avail the media icon situated at the top right and you are all set!.

The advantageous edge associated with the Unseen app over WhatsApp is that the user base can view the read receipts/ blue ticks of their contacts stealthily without the other person being capable of doing the same

More exciting is that this app is for free. In case the user prefers an ad-free version it is done by paying an affordable tariff of approximately 70 Rs rounded off which is equivalent to 1.1$.

The downloading and installation associated with this app is also very easy. The user has to authenticate the software related to availing purpose and then the app name is selected from the settings.

Apart from the stealth mode of messaging, the app, in addition, features a helpful floating balloon related to easy access. To activate this feature, the Settings menu has to be availed and the Dashdow settings switch has to be enabled.

It is a fact that every mobile app is associated with some advantages and pitfalls as well where Unseen app although it protects the user's privacy desires, it has access to all the files in the Gallery section of the device. However, leaving that aside, the app is effective for a stealth mode in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will come to JioPhone - Good news for users !

Reliance in its AGM meet the previous month noted that the upcoming JioPhone is one of a kind and unique when gauged with the other smartphones which are presently existing in the market. It incorporates some enthralling features which were not associated with the other devices. In spite of its potential and the buzz of excitement which it has created, it fails in neglecting an important app to be a part of its working- WhatsApp. Earlier, rumors were rife that the JioPhone wont be compatible with WhatsApp and support it as well. This is likely to generate a lot of criticism and backlash as the majority of the people in the nation have integrated WhatsApp as a part of their life to stay in touch with their relatives and friends. The news is unfortunately timed and bound to disappoint many. However, the latest news will put a smile on the faces of the app fans. Based on what Factor Daily ha to disclose, Jio is presently in discussions with the instant messaging app to launch a toned down and personalized version of the app for the upcoming smartphone.

However, the discussions related to the same are still in its nascent stages at present. It is likely that both the brands will collaborate to develop a JioPhone friendly version of the app. A reliable source maintained that talks are on with Facebook to formulate a relationship and there are many hurdles related to the technological aspects to develop a WhatsApp version which will function effectively on the smartphone.

WhatsApp although it had a late debut in India, it has gained widespread critical acclaim with regards to its usage and popularity in a very short span of time. Its fame has reached every nook and corner of the nation. It has progressed to an intensity such that the user base at present is more inclined towards using WhatsApp as the main mode of communication dethroning SMS.

The primary factor contributing to the fact why there is a compatibility issue related to WhatsApp functioning on JioPhone is that the operating system is not robust enough. Presently the device operates with KaiOS which is a version of Firefox OS. WhatsApp must ensure that a personalized version ofit must be compatible on KaiOS.

The integration of WhatsApp onto the JioPhone signifies the Reliance establishment's venture to enchant and add more people to its user base from all over the nation. The absence of WhatsApp signifies that it will lead to dire consequences and definitely both Reliance and Jio are aware of this fact and the aspect of losing a large number of potential customers. In spite of the fact that Jio features its own chat app JioChat, the fame related to it is not widespread as evaluated with the mighty presence of WhatsApp. It is something which cannot be overlooked and Jio will surely want to make use of the potential behind WhatsApp, as noted by the source from Jio.

Jasminder who is the co-founder of NowFloats points out that in the villages, the residents won't have water to drink but at the same time, they are aware of WhatsApp and how to use it. Hence integrating WhatsApp with JioPhone will surely augment the prospects of the latter in a progressive and positive scale. However, if the app is bringing in traits which resembles that of WeChat which includes any form of payments for the users of the JioPhone, everything will go wrong.The reason behind this scenario can be factored due to the simplicity which WhatsApp offers to the user base and ensuring that it is not intricate when evaluated with other instant messaging apps. The app is developed with a state of the art and complex code which permits it to be operated on a plethora of smartphones.

WhatsApp is also rumored to be making strides and efforts to develop a WhatsApp version which helps to augment the prospects of small scale and medium scale enterprises to the digital phase so as to make them prosper successfully. This new app goes by the name WhatsApp for Business. When contemplating the affordability of JioPhone and its huge user base the integration of this new version of app and JioPhone looks promising enough. It will aid the small scale enterprises to be associated with the digital world and expand their reach on a widespread scale.

Based on what an analyst had to report, the enterprises will surely be enhanced and augmented to the next level as Jio facilitates user base to go digital with simple steps. WhatsApp will also be benefitted as it ventures beyond video calling, voice calling, messaging and the such. The syncing of business services and payments to the app will serve to boost the potential and prosperity of the app even further.

Reliance officially noted regarding JioPhone which is featured with 4G connection last month. The device is ready for registration and the user base can be in sync with the current most news and updates regarding the device by being subscribed with the official site

WhatsApp features anticipated to be rolled out in the next update for the Android platform

WhatsApp no doubt has become one of the most favorite and in-demand apps related to the iOS and Android platforms where it features a monthly active user base numbering in more than 1 Billion. The amazing app has been integrated with fascinating features and is striving incessantly to roll out even more captivating attributes associated with every current update.

The app which was subject to acquisition by Facebook has launched a plethora of brand new features in its beta version for the Android platform and sooner or later it will officially be rolled out to a wide range of user base on a global scale. Featured below are some of the amazing features which are expected to be implemented in the upcoming WhatsApp update.

Featured as one of the spotlights associated with the App is the PIP attribute. It has been going rounds with respect to the rumor section in an intense scale in the previous weeks. WhatsApp will be natively compatible with a Picture-in-Picture mode which will be integrated with its effective voice-calling feature and will be subject to inception with the Android O operating system.

From the latest version of the app labeled 2.17.285, the app will permit the group admins to integrate a description with the groups. This signifies the fact that it is open for view for anybody who has received a group invite link and is in the decision mode to join the WhatsApp group or not.

Also, the app features the capability to edit the font of the text in the chat by bold, italicize and strike through along with monospace. This attribute although is launched and present for several users, it is still slowly being launched on a widespread scale to the remaining users who dont have this feature on their device yet.

Also, the most current WhatsApp update permits the user base to choose and share several photos all from the camera UI without any hindrances in the middle ground. Also, the threshold related to the maximum number of photos which can be shared has also been increased. Further, the viewing was simplified by structuring the files as an arrangement of tiles all in the chat.

The app users using Android Nougat 7.0 or the latest operating systems are provided with App Shortcuts. The attribute was hitherto present for the iOS platform and steps are incorporated to spread this for the Android users as well. Some specific operations can be carried out by the user base when the WhatsApp icon is long pressed.

WhatsApp has incessantly made strides to hone and shape its live location attribute in every update which it rolls out. Now the user base can share and send their present location in WhatsApp with individuals or groups all done in real time. The most recent update increases the time span of location sharing ranging from 4 to 8 hours.

Additionally, the WhatsApp users can now zoom in to view in detail the display picture associated with an individual contact or the group icon.

The forthcoming update will be integrated with the feature to surveil the chat size, the media files and the audio messages so as to keep track of the device's memory usage. Although the iOS and Windows users were able to use this feature long back, it was not until recently that it was rolled out to the Android platforms.

Related to an anonymous contact, WhatsApp will display the Push Name below the particular person's info card.

The app has also been striving tirelessly to implement the feature of swapping from an in progress voice call into that of a video call. This is facilitated by pressing a small video call icon which is displayed when the voice call is going on so as to make a simple change to a live streaming video conversation.

The plunge of WhatsApp into the business world.

During the inception of WhatsApp 8 years ago, it was labeled as a 'freemium' service oriented communication app where the user base could use the app for free for a period of 1 year after which if they were satisfied with the service a charge of $0.99 will be imposed on an annual basis.

The creative minds behind the app, Jan Koum and Brian Acton were able to make use of this only option for revenue generation. However, everything was modified and subjected to a big change when the social media giant Facebook purchased the app in 2014. It declared that WhatsApp will be offering free services indefinitely in the same approach of Facebook Messenger- another integral offshoot of Facebook with respect to messaging.

It has to be contemplated that WhatsApp is not the sole app which provides its services for free.. however, most of its rivals have developed and brainstormed innovative methods to generate income from the millions of their users globally all without affecting the user base in the slightest way or venture. In the light of how the instant messaging app has generated fame and widespread popularity, there has been a pandemic pondering question as to how its parent company will generate ideas and methodologies to get some form of revenue from its user base which comprises of a billion users on a regular day to day basis.

Facebook made the deal to purchase WhatsApp for an astronomical $19 billion to add another product to its list of collections. However, no body will be in the mind frame to spend such a whopping amount of money to continue providing free services and not gaining anything from it. Since its purchase, Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg has not generated any income from the app. However, Mark incessantly involves in more funding to integrate more features and support the overall performance and operation of the app on the various platforms.

Facebook advertisements are what that has been long supporting the app developers and other related personnel as a source of income and the app continues to proliferate and get major updates continuously. A good income is generated thanks to the advertisements which are seen on the social networking platform. However, as time proceeds the settings don't look favorable. It is perceived that the income generated by Facebook with respect to advertisements is faltering and is not what it used to be when turning the clock in the opposite direction.

To juggle things and to prevent chaotic situations from setting in, Facebook has other plans. WhatsApp is currently experimenting with a feature which permits the user base of a given enterprise to communicate with the latter in a safe and secure manner. All signs point to the fact that the app is rebranding itself to be more business friendly so that the app can be modified into generating good income.

Thanks to this feature, the user base can comprehend whether an enterprise's profile has been authenticated prior to the chatting associated with them. CNBC reveals that this is in the beta mode and can be installed from Google Play Store.

The ambitious venture related to an enterprise friendly WhatsApp is used to maintain things in order and prevent issues from spiraling downwards without any check. As evident from the fact that WhatsApp features a monthly active user base of more than 1.3 billion and is being manipulated by several enterprises to serve their customers, the power and potential associated with the same are limitless. It has already been signified that this step is in full force as said in a blog where strategies will be implemented to experiment on the methods as to how the user base can interact and touch base with the enterprises in the subsequent times that is to follow. The time has come and WhatsApp will join forces with Facebook Messenger so as to aid the user base with respect to enterprise requirements and focuses on the same objective of revenue generation for Facebook.

Similar to the former, the latter also encompasses a huge user base, however, a majority of the user base is located in the United States. Wielding the enterprise mode, Facebook is prepared to set things right and generate a lot of income in the times to come.

Paytm to compete with WhatsApp

As per reliable sources, the Indian based e-Commerce brand- Paytm will soon venture into instant messaging world by launching an app for its 230 million user base to compete with the dominant WhatsApp

It will aid enterprises to sync with the customers and will feature a major upheaval for the payment users related to texting.

Sources reveal that the app will be rolled out in the later period of this month.

The venture associated with Paytm looks to be in the opposite and contrary direction when evaluated with other competitors like Hike Messenger which had rolled out features related to Unified Payment Interface and integrated wallet payments. The chief rival WhatsApp is also predicted to integrate and adopt the payment methodology. Coincidentally, the WhatsApp executive Neeraj Arora is associated with the Paytm executives.

It is supposed to be galvanized by China's popular WeChat app which is embroiled in an ongoing feud with Alibaba based in China which is backed by Paytm. Wechat had its inception as a famous chat app prior to implementing payments to compete with Alipay of Alibaba.

Establishments such as Paytm from India dont accept the fact for the western brands to dominate the market. Their properties are proved in the Asian continent with WeChat and Alipay as being the noted instances. Firms like PayPal from the western world have incessantly strained to get good market share.

However, this move is not the first venture of Paytm with respect to launching a messaging service. Three years back, it rolled out an app related to shopping where a messenger was integrated with it so that the user base can bargain with the retailers.

Apart from providing payments, Paytm is also venturing into other services like booking, digital gold investments, and the latest Payment bank feature.

In addition, the other online brands like Flipkart are also embracing a related methodology as seen in June where the former establishment was learning from WeChat to develop an app for virtually any purpose like food delivery, ride booking, holiday planning and the such.

Yet, Flipkart's venture related to chatting app proved futile as the product Ping was made obsolete and was shut down within a year of its roll out.

The Indian based online brands are using the methodologies followed by China's brands to develop an all in one app. Further, time will only tell if the move is profitable and prosperous in the Indian nation. Paytm noted that such an app will aid in syncing the retailers and its customers to generate a big advantageous ecosystem for the user base.

The odds are in favor of Paytm where it is one of the select few brands encompassing the largest customer base in the nation. An analysis reveals that WhatsApp has more than 200 million monthly active users and in the case of Hike and Messengers it sums up to 100 million users.

Paytm has evolved into being one of the most valued brands in India after Flipkart. It managed to raise $ 1.4 billion from SoftBank Corp at a gauged measure of $ 7 billion. This move was one of the biggest ventures related to funding in India.

The situation of WhatsApp lacking with respect to privacy guidelines

Both Amazon and the instant messaging app WhatsApp have been criticized for their privacy methodologies by Electronic Frontier Foundation while noting that they have to do better and enhance a lot in that particular domain.

The data from Who Has Your Back report has scrutinized the guidelines and related aspect of 26 companies where they are reviewed based on 5 sectors namely the privacy guidelines, the association with the ruling bodies and the best practices undertaken by the related industries.

Some companies like Uber and Lyft were awarded five stars and surprisingly the Giants comprising of Apple, Microsoft and Google were able to get only 4 starts and coming to WhatsApp, it was at an abysmal rating of only 2 stars.

EFF noted that it was not happy that both Amazon and WhatsApp failed in this rating system. It added that even though both the aforementioned brands implemented the best and reliable enterprise related practices related to report generation and where they were praised for the ventures related to enhancing NSA monitoring methods and guidelines, the brands failed to stand out in the other domains.

Both WhatsApp and Amazon were subject to negative criticism for lacking effective public standards related to the disclosure of data requests associated with the ruling bodies. The weak policies associated with on-the-record guidelines referring the NSLS was also subject to intense backlash from EFF. It was further criticized for not being in sync with the EFF standards related to users as well.

It requested WhatsApp to enhance the guidelines in the subsequent year so that they are in terms of the criterion levels of other digital brands.

Coming to other US based brands, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon were also subject to harsh criticism as they scored only one star. It was because they were not properly notifying the user base with regards to information revelation and for not addressing an effective policy associated with gauging the gag orders of NSLs

It stated that advancements were made with respect to the privacy norms enhancement when evaluated with the previous 7 years and that more or less all the analyzed companies had integrated some of the aspects which were very highly regarded in 2011.

Praise was heaped on the ventures taken by some of the brands to modify the unsound and imprecise laws of the United States when coming to the aspect of the government availing the related data. This encompasses the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 which is related to NSA's huge scale monitoring of the internet.

A senior executive at EFF noted that the technology is proceeding forward with respect to being more pristine and elucidated for the user bases but however the telecommunication brands which serve as an important component for communication and internet services catering to the people in the US were not able to resist the overreach associated with the ruling body.

He added that the establishments of the Silicon Valley must enhance their ventures when it comes to the responsibility of safeguarding the user data, instead of manipulating them for the wrong purpose.

Both Amazon and WhatsApp have refused to comment regarding the same.

Paytm to lock horns with WhatsApp

The most dominant instant messaging app WhatsApp and the unsurpassed monarch of India's payment establishments Paytm are going to clash with one another as reported. Earlier rumors were rife that WhatsApp is going to take a plunge in online payment methodologies, a domain where Paytm is the undisputed leader by a huge scale.

Ever since the aspect of Demonetization took place in the last months of last year, there has been a proliferation with respect to Digital payments in India. Paytm has made strides to augment its market share with respect to the E-payments domain. With WhatsApp being the top brand when it comes to instant messaging platform, its ventures can definitely affect the market share associated with the former, if it decides to take the plunge into the intense vying.

Based on the most recent news, Paytm is reportedly strategizing to develop its own instant messaging service app to compete with WhatsApp. The former is making the groundwork to enchant its 225 million customer base to make use of this proposed messaging service which is to be integrated within the Paytm app which is manipulated in a range of services from recharging to plane tickets purchase.

This digital payment firm which is backed by SoftBank and the Chinese e-Commerce company Alibaba will enable the user base to share all media files and messages with one another. It is estimated that this feature will be launched by this month's end where it is seen as a credible opponent and threat related to WhatsApp's power and presence in India.

WhatsApp's long standing motto regarding ads and Facebook's revenue generation strategies

WhatsApp has ensured that all the while ads are not associated with its app and the people behind the inception of WhatsApp have stated that the ads are a source of annoyance.

Its parent company Facebook which brought the instant messaging app for $ 19 billion 3 years back, is noted for integrating ads with its various products and services

This paved way for WhatsApp to amass 1.3 billion users and it is hoped that the revenue scale of its parent company catapults to $ 39 billion in income for the present year.

This is sure to factor for a clash of opinions related to WhatsApp's motto and Facebook's income seeking ventures.

The instant messaging app initiated its enterprise friendly approach by experimenting with a new aspect where the user base can sync with enterprises authenticated by it.

However, this venture is still in the nascent periods, signifying that the app has lots to accomplish prior to income generation.

However, it wont match the expectations of Marck Zuckerburg who was significantly disappointed by the estimates.

He said that speed must be boosted with respect to the ventures of Messenger and WhatsApp related to becoming income generators.

His opinion was that both the apps must associate with the enterprises by manipulating them organically.

Since its inception 8 years ago, WhatsApp was not perceived as an enterprise oriented app. It has associated with augmenting the User experience and fortify messaging.

Initially, it generated revenue by levying the users with a fee of 99 cents a year. The founders also were disappointed and not favoring with relation to the ad based venture.

In June, 5 years back, the instant messaging app in a blog post the app expressed its negative criticism related to advertisements integration.

Yet, Paul Adams who formerly worked with Facebook has doubted regarding the anti-add motto followed by WhatsApp by stating that in the initial periods News Feed had its inception without any ads. Next it was followed by Pages and subsequently, ads were integrated with the New Feed he added.

He further quoted that it is not mandatory for WhatsApp to get income via ads and that other competitors are amassing revenue in a plethora of methodologies.

WeChat from China makes money by levying charges to establishments, which want to sync with the user base. Further, it assimilates a chunk of the business transactions which the users implement as well on the site

Facebook's CEO Zuckerberg spoke about this venture indirectly the previous week stating that the methodologies of other competitors can be implemented and followed.

He also indicated his favor for income generation from various other modes.

Related to a blog post, Jan Koum stated that WhatsApp was subject to a major upheaval where the user base can share media files with others through basic yet effective status updates. He added that the status feature is also end-to-end encrypted. There was no word in the post hinting WhatsApp's association with enterprises

Expert Patrick Moorhead from Moor Insights & Strategy stated that it will be a while before WhatsApp embraces ad integration. Seeing the hazards it poses to User Experience, he added that it will be the last thing which they would venture into.

Facebook's relationship with Jan Koum has been very good. As the big WhatsApp purchase was done, he was credited with 76.357 million shares of Facebook Stock and nearly 2 $ billion in cash. As the CEO of WhatsApp, he is compensated with nearly 25 million Facebook restricted stock units related to a time frame of 4 years.

He has managed these assets by incessantly selling the stocks. Taking the last 3 years, he has made transactions related to the stocks valuing over $ 6.5 billion based on reliable sources.

Even though this move on his part is wise and well judged, it signifies that it will be difficult for him to address Zuckerberg related to the latter's business model proposal he has in mind

Expert's view regarding the safety of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has evolved into being one of the dominant instant messaging apps and has acquired over a billion users on a global scale. It signifies that such an astronomically large number of users are availing the app so as to interact and touch base with their colleagues, relatives, and friends. It has made a powerful impact where a majority of the smartphone users have mastered the functionality of the app in no time and have been using it incessantly. In the initial periods, WhatsApp did not fortify the conversations which took place through the app. However, later it was subject to a major upheaval where end-to-end encryption was incorporated.

This aspect is a methodology which encodes the WhatsApp messages and conversations related to being sent and received. However, this coding can seem vulnerable with errors generated which acts as an unguarded portal of entry for hackers and other third parties to avail the unguarded information and wreck havoc. So the pondering question as to whether the app is vulnerable is generated. The end-to-end encryption of the messages is not directly affected but according to professionals, the vulnerability can be manifested by the Signal Encryption process.

Based on what the experts from the related field had to say, the end to end encryption which WhatsApp launched does not pose any hazard. However, the concerns were associated with the fact that it is a gamble where the messages are once again encrypted and resent without any limits with regards to the transmission. This has raised concerns that there are higher chances where confidential data is exposed and manipulated by strangers and also could result in illegal monitoring of several WhatsApp users.

In the event the system related to encryption is made into effect properly without any errors, the professionals agree that there is no peril or hazards associated with the data being compromised. However, there is no answer to the query whether WhatsApp is proceeding on the correct path with regards to the fortification of messages. Of late WhatsApp has not been associated with any controversies regarding data theft and other such invasions. WhatsApp strives to make sure that the given scenario persists and the user base can only expect the same.

Upcoming features anticipated to be launched by WhatsApp

WhatsApp has its full attention on experimenting with a feature mirroring that Facebook where the user base can modify and alter the colors in the background related to the status feature. Apart from this venture, the user base can also enrich their text status by implementing emojis and attractive unique fonts. Based on what Android police which generates news about WhatsApp has to say, the instant messaging app is testing this brand new feature resembling Facebook on the beta version of the app where a specific group of Android users can presently manipulate the feature.

Coming to Facebook, the attribute is already integrated with it and the user base has a plethora of color options to choose from encompassing yellow, white, red-orange, yellow and orange gradient, green and blue gradient and even more. The future will decide as to whether the instant messaging app will integrate the color patterns matching that of Facebook or develop patterns by itself which are very much unique.

In the beta version of the app, some specific users can observe a hovering pen icon situated at the bottom of the screen just above the camera icon. After availing it and making the necessary modifications, the tap on the green arrow icon located at the bottom of the post status section uploads and makes sure that the alterations are reflected and displayed. The resultant status update is ready for view by all the contacts of the user base. Based on what Android Police had to elucidate, this brand new feature related to the beta version of WhatsApp had its inception in February and at present, a user base of more than 250 million users are manipulating the feature.

Even though it looks attractive and rich by manipulating colors to make the necessary changes, there is some precaution to be considered as WhatsApp has forewarned and notified the user base that the beta version of the app could currently be associated with lots of bugs and issues.

As per what WhatsApp had to brief, the user who registers as a tester will be notified with an update encompassing the beta version of the instant messaging app had to be cautious as this version of WhatsApp could feature some bugs and other occurrences of instabilities.

WhatsApp achieved the milestone of constituting 1 billion active users on a daily basis. This remarkable feat was achieved last year and efforts are made to augment to its user base the next billion users with the help of the brand new features. In the initial periods of this year, WhatsApp launched an update where the user base can transmit any type of files with the help of the app. Also featured was media files bundling and with refinement associated with the video calls and voice calls.

An additional new WhatsApp attribute which is currently rumored to be a work in progress is the Recall feature where the user base can recall/ delete messages before the recipients get the chance to read them. Further talks are there and rumors are rife that Whatsapp could soon integrate a payment system with the app. It is a good move on part of the company which was subject to acquisition by Facebook so that the future looks promising and prosperous for WhatsApp thanks to its huge user base which numbers in the millions.

Coming to another feature which might be rolled out pretty soon, the attribute termed as 'Structured Messages' will permit the user base to safely share the media files and messages. Featured for a time span of a month, the app wu=ill install this feature by default in a setting which elucidates regarding the interpretation and the languages associated.

WhatsApp also debuted a brand new update related to the Windows Phone sector user base not long ago where they can integrate a check mark to their display user name and talks are rife that WhatsApp is presently working to integrate enterprise related attributes so that the interaction between enterprises and the user base is made simple yet intensified.

Tipster WABetaInfo which lists out the upcoming features related to which WhatsApp is working noted that progress is seen towards the generation of a business equivalent app of WhatsApp which will be compatible with the iOS devices, Android products, and the Windows phones. Upon authentication of the brands by WhatsApp, a check mark will be generated. WhatsApp will authenticate all the enterprise's online profiles on its own and subsequently, it will be associated with a green emoji swoosh. For profiles which are not authenticated yet by WhatsApp, alerts and notifications will be issued by WhatsApp to them so as to proceed forward with the validation of their profiles.

WhatsApp to stop functioning on certain devices

WhatsApp is featured as one of the best instant messaging apps which is favored by a majority of the user base in India. Yet, the time has come where the amazing app cannot be any longer compatible with all the archaic and old devices which dont have the technology to incorporate the rapidly evolving technological features associated with the reigning monarch of instant messaging apps.

The app which was subject to acquisition by Facebook has made the decision to deactivate support for a plethora of obsolete and archaic software encompassing the devices like Blackberry 10 and Nokia Symbian. Already the previous year, it has stopped functioning on the outdated Android Softwares and the related iOS versions in the month of December.

For the users who are dependent on WhatsApp to be synced with their loved ones and friends, below listed are the aging and ancient software versions for which WhatsApp support will no longer be valid

Nokia S40, Nokia S60, Blackberry 10, Blackberry OS, iOS version 6, Windows Phone 7 and Android 2.2 Froyo.

Yet, in spite of this disappointing news, some of the software namely Windows Phone 8.0, Blackberry 10 and Blackberry OS will feature WhatsApp support until the end of this year. For Nokia S40, the support expires on December 31st, 2018. For Android versions 2.3.7 and even older, the support is extended until February 1st, 2020.

These archaic software lack the firepower and potential to accommodate the constantly evolving WhatsApp technology and features related to the forthcoming times. The instant messaging app has notified regarding the appendages associated with the support. Provided the user base is currently manipulating a device related to the aforementioned software, it is a good move to update to the latest OS version related to the Android and iOS devices which are functioning on versions 2.3.3+ and iOS 7+ respectively. For the Windows users, the suggested upgrade will be 8+ so as to ensure incessant manipulation of WhatsApp

Additionally, the user base can create a back up of their chat history related to the Windows, Android and iPhone operating devices along with versions of Nokia and Blackberry related to Nokia S40, Nokia S60, Blackberry and BlackBerry 10 respectively.

Manipulating two WhatsApp accounts on a single smartphone.

Of late one of the major buzz and excitement in the world of smartphones is regarding the widespread implementation of dual SIM feature in most of the devices. Thanks to the dual SIM facility, the user base can make use of two WhatsApp accounts synced with the two numbers on the smartphone. However, the process behind the interchanging associated with both the separate WhatsApp accounts proves to be very taxing and demanding. WhatsApp has evolved a lot from being a portal to touch base with friends and relatives to being manipulated for interactions which are official. The users will be awestruck by the notion of manipulating two WhatsApp accounts on the same device concurrently. It is a feasible reality and below mentioned are steps as to how to implement the same.

With the insight regarding the beneficial aspects associated with this new attribute, the smartphone manufacturers are incessantly involved in integrating this aspect into their products. Taking the case of Xiaomi, it incorporates a handy attribute termed as Dual apps which will allow the user base to manage two WhatsApp profiles on the smartphone. It is easily realized by navigating to Settings in the device and avail Dual apps. The next and final step is to opt for the app which has to be duplicated/ cloned. As a consequence, the user base can manage two WhatsApp accounts in the device, one for normal chatting and the other is related to confidential chatting all done without any chaos or confusion associated with the same.

Xiaomi is not the only phone manufacturer making use of the ambitious proposal. Several other phone manufacturers have integrated this feature into their devices. To quote an instant, the brand Vivo features the ability to clone an app, so that the user base can manipulate two exemplars of a single WhatsApp app.

For the user base where their devices are not integrated with this feature, they dont have to worry as there are several third party apps which serve to rectify the situation and ensure that such users can also make use of the amazing idea.

Parallel Space

Parallel Space is one of the best suggested mobile apps which serves to generate several accounts related to social media. It serves to allocate extra room where the user base can allocate the duplicated app so as to mitigate and eliminate the confusion and sticky mess which is usually associated with managing two profiles at the same time. The official and personal lives of the users are clearly defined and separated from one another to eliminate the aspect of chaos. The only pitfall associated with this app is that the user base has to purchase an exclusive version so as to duplicate the WhatsApp app.

App Cloner

This third party app also allows the users to manipulate and manage two WhatsApp profiles on the smartphone. It ensures that several instances of the app are generated and that they are isolated from one another and function without associating with one another concurrently. Further modifications and fine tunings can be done with the duplicated app so to augment its uniqueness and function as a wholly new app.

The free version helps in fundamental duplication. However, like the aforementioned Parallel Space app, the user base has to purchase an advanced version of the app so as to create two instances of WhatsApp, Gmail and Messenger apps, thereby eliminating the need for launcher icons and helps in managing and manipulating the apps which are duplicated.

WhatsApp shortcut in the Beta Version

Coming to the latest Operating System of the world's favorite instant messaging app- WhatsApp, it had integrated launcher app shortcuts. However, the issues and complications associated with this feature which WhatsApp has decided to promote them are not productive, it is reported.

Coming to square one, there is a Camera shortcut launcher integrated. Featured in addition was a shortcut related to new Chat feature as it was the perception of WhatsApp that the user base is more inclined to begin interaction with new people rather than the contacts with which the user chats incessantly and regularly. Further, WhatsApp is focused more on its recently launched Status attribute, despite the reality that users have criticized and grumbled related to the shortcomings when taking into account the entire contact list, they are able to few only a considerably less, latest status shares on a daily basis.

The silver lining in this scenario is that regarding the update, the launcher shortcuts can be modified and moved to any location on the home screen thereby revamping themselves as separate and distinct shortcuts.

Apart from the dubious applications and advantages related to the shortcuts, WhatsApp has already ventured into developing native widgets and shortcuts related to the home screen. To elucidate briefly, the user base has shortcuts related to Camera access and Chatting beforehand. These shortcuts serve the users effectively in opting for the contacts of their desires and associate syncing with the same so that their profile picture can be viewed.

Coming to the subsequent time period after WhatsApp made the refinements and modifications in its beta version, the productivity of the launcher shortcuts have been made efficient considerably when evalauated with what they were in the initial launch. The latest news indicates the reality that the shortcut related to Chatting has disappeared and the Camera Shortcut is left untouched.

In order for the user base to avail such Launcher shortcuts, which are a part of the current beta 2.17.277, they have to register themselves with the authenticated and validated Play Store beta before purchasing the app. An alternative option is to avail it from the APK Mirror. Since the feature is still part of a beta version, it is surmised that even more modifications and fine-tuning will be associated with the feature before it rolls out officially.

Vulnerability associated with the end to end encryption of WhatsApp

An exhaustive research done by Check Point Software Technologies had identified that there are places where WhatsApp which is encrypted by default, is exposed to attacks by malicious strangers and hackers where they avail all the details of the user and can even control their profiles. This vulnerability is noted especially in the app's web equivalent.

WhatsApp has proven to be immensely popular among the user base mainly due to the end to end encryption feature which has been integrated with respect to the app. It signifies that any message sent between a sender and recipient is completely encoded and secured where the message can be decoded only by the recipient with the help of a temporary online key. Even the servers associated with WhatsApp cannot decipher the coded messages which are transmitted from one user to another.

In spite of this bold move by WhatsApp, the data fortification, and privacy steps reveal a weakness which the hackers can exploit for their own agendas. They can avail the messages, media files and other content associated with WhatsApp and in extreme cases can begin to control the WhatsApp accounts. End to end encryption ensures that it does not allow for the scrutinization of messages to identify any malicious content or virus transmitted.

On the Check Point Software Technologies end, the experts have identified the process related to which WhatsApp manages the media files related to the web based application. This could permit a hacker to introduce a seemingly harmless and clean file which contains deleterious content.

Related to the web application of WhatsApp it has restriction related to the type of files which can be integrated and transferred by the user as an attachment file. The content is encoded prior to the authentication related to the attachment file which the user base is transmitting. This signifies that the process related to altering the file type and then encoding it so as to overcome the prohibition associated with the file type is feasible and can be implemented. Hackers can now develop a havoc causing HTML file which is concealed as a safe and authorized image preview which is to catch the users off their guard and nudge the user base to open the file.

Such an image conceals an HTML5 FileReader object which the user is tricked to avail and as a consequence, the WhatsApp web client lands the user in the hacker's problem causing HTML page source. When uploading is done, the hacker gets to avail the user's local storage content with the help of a JavaScript function integrated with the aforementioned HTML file. As a consequence, the hacker has the account of the victim in his possession and can carry out any type of malicious activity.

Featured as a precaution and to boost security, WhatsApp app does not permit any client to operate with more than one active session at a given time. However, to circumvent this, the hacker can manipulate another JavaScript function where as a consequence the user's browser window is subject to negative aspects so as to stop the user base from tackling the invasion of the hacker.

The invasion is also subject to another messaging service going by the name Telegram where the hacker manipulates a mimetic video file to elude the security measures and infect the app with a malicious HTML file. All the user's data is availed by the attacker as soon as the video is clicked on. This scenario is possible only when the user base manipulates Chrome browser and goes by a distinct methodology. However, the attack's visibility is concealed as Telegram permits the user base to avail more than one active session concurrently.

Although end-to-end encryption is effective and beneficial, it provides a portal for exposure. When any message is encoded before authentication, the measures fail to block the attack and invasion.

However, as of present, this weakness is related only to the web equivalent of WhatsApp and the app has developed patches which ensure that a file is authenticated and verified prior to it being encrypted. The user base has to take steps to ascertain that they are manipulating the most current version of the app.

WhatsApp users should take caution when accessing files from strangers.The implementation of two-factor authentication related to the important profiles and services is an alternative to prevent the hackers sending files which feign and give the appearance of a supposedly harmless file whose objective is to invade the user base's accounts.

Whatsapp tricks and procedure to implement the app on a computers

WhatsApp has evolved to become the most popular instant messaging app. It has made its presence felt such that a major upheaval has been associated with the methodology as to how the smartphones are implemented for branding. Below stated are some guidelines to boost the branding strategy via WhatsApp to get the best outcomes.

Change your contact number:

If the user base has decided to swap the contact details synced with the WhatsApp profile, no worries as WhatsApp has an ace up its sleeve where the old contact can be swapped for the new contact effectively.

First Settings has to be accessed followed by Account. Then a popup will be displayed related to changing the number. It has to be clicked and then the entry regarding the current number and the new one has to be made. This update immediately syncs with the groups related to profile and also settings which are associated with the new number.

WhatsApp has a feature where the user base can get to know when any of their contacts was last seen using WhatsApp. For privacy decisions and for not letting others know your last online information, the user base has to avail Settings and then Account. Next, it is followed by Privacy and then finally Last Seen. Here the modifications can be made by selecting the contacts for whom can find when the user was last online in WhatsApp.

The options present regarding the same encompass Everybody, My Contacts and Nobody, where it is upto to the user to decide which one to select.

Securing the user's WhatsApp profile by locking it is an effective attribute which is used to allay the concerns of the user base that their messages have a chance to be exposed to others. To facilitate this the user has to download and install the Chat Lock application from the Google Play Store

Featured within the aforementioned application are a plethora of messenger apps encompassing WhatsApp as well. Fortification of the app and other such messengers can be done by using varied automatic lock timings and passwords to facilitate the same regarding the information.

In some instances, the user base is prone to remove the needless stuff and conversations from the app and in the process, they accidentally delete important chats and information. To circumvent this, WhatsApp offers a backup feature so that the lost conversations are recovered.

This is made feasible by uninstalling and restoring the WhatsApp account where in the latter case all the conversations will be restored after the app prompts the user and they, in turn, click on OK. It is as simple as that.

Featured are several guidelines so as to avail the information related to the user's WhatsApp profile, generate pop- up alerts, the manipulation of the app without a contact number, concealing the media files related to the app from the phone gallery, fortifying from deplorable users, concealing the display photos and status etc.

Apart from being compatible with smartphones, it is also feasible to implement it on computers where if the user base has a WhatsApp profile, it can be synced with their computers. However, this is restricted only to Google Chrome. When the syncing process between the phone and the PC is carried out, the data in the app is as well synced.

Alerts will pop up in the computer equivalent of WhatsApp till the moment it has been signed out.This aspect can be facilitated with the help or without the help of Bluestacks.

Synchronization without Bluestacks:

Install a Chrome browser on to the computer and type in the URL " " in Chrome. Next, a QR code is generated and there are some set of guidelines which have to be observed related to the OS and the device. Avail WhatsApp Web to access its Web QR Scanner. The code is scanned and you are all set. Post manipulation, the user base can manipulate the conversations on the computer as well as the smartphone. To stop the process all that has to be done is exit the session

Synchronization with Bluestacks:

Bluestacks can be exploited so as to integrate the user's WhatsApp profile with the Personal Computer and smartphone by manipulating the same contact number. Thanks to Bluestacks, the user base can integrate with several messenger apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and the such.

Initially, the software has to be downloaded and installed on the computer prior to enabling WhatsApp to manipulate it. The next step is to integrate and install the Cloud Connect app related to the software on to the smartphone. It is present in Google Play Store. Once the installation process is done, the app is availed on the smartphone where it requests the user base to type in a pin code. Next, Bluestacks has to be availed from the computer where the option "setting and opt" is availed to be integrated with the cloud. Following that the user base will get a registration key on the smartphone. The aforementioned key has to be inputted in the mobile app and then activate the option to initiate the syncing process on the Bluestacks app.

Finally, you are all set to manipulate WhatsApp app on both the smartphone and the personal computer as well by exploiting the Bluestacks software.

Implementation of WhatsApp for digital branding

Ever since the acquisition of the most popular instant messaging app by Facebook, it is still gaining more fame and attention. It has significantly modified the methodology how the smartphones can be manipulated for branding. With its powerful potential, the interactions between the enterprises and the customers are enhanced by a large margin.

Thanks to the manipulation of personalized messages, the app has undergone a major upheaval related to branding and produce the best outputs from the marketing.

It is manipulated as a product to interact with the persons well known by the user base. It can be used to share messages, videos, and images related to the latest products with respect to the enterprise's clients.

As the target audience don't prefer to be involved in any groups, the communication associated must be one on one. This aims to augment the credibility and trust factor associated with the brand by the user.

WhatsApp groups can be generated with a plethora of unique users. It can be designed based on their desires, the demographics and their locations. Fine tuning can be done in the groups so that it can be assigned as to how many members it will have. Once done, the group can be manipulated to send messages.

The app has built up a reputation of being attracted by the user base to interact with familiar people. Manipulating this fact, the app can be used to associate itself with a specific set of people related to a particular event or campaign. The audience can be summoned with the help of invitations in the app and they can be asked to spread the news among their WhatsApp group so that the event's audience base is increased. The sharing is proportional to the audience.

Related to branding done by WhatsApp, it can be facilitated through a notification. However, it can be enhanced by making the product as the display picture and revamping the status so that it is related to the traits of the product. Integrating website URL with the same can be more effective.

Prior to transmitting a media file with the help of WhatsApp, care must be taken to ascertain that the file size is apt and small. This ensures that the userbase can download the file without any hindrances. After all the user base prefers a short video rather than an extended one.

The app is vital to digital social branding. It is featured primarily as an instant messaging app so that the enterprise can touch base with its audience. The advertisers are incessantly on the look out for a revolutionary way so as to entice new customers and satiate the present ones.

WhatsApp features the ability for entrepreneurs to associate themselves with the people who are integral with respect to the enterprise. The underlying aspect related to WhatsApp branding is to enchant and fascinate the user base. The app can be used for a plethora of purposes with an user-friendly interface so as to achieve the targets and objectives associated with the enterprise.

Featured are some enterprise goals with which WhatsApp can generate prosperous and good outcomes.


The app has the advantage to create groups so as to notify the members in case of anything. It is better and saves time consumed when sending a text message individually to all the users. It is the best way to share messages so as to enchant future customers for you.

For the branding associated with enterprises, it is vital to send notifications and information relevant to the user's device. It is rest assured that the text is accessed by the user base as they incessantly like to check their devices for any alerts which pop up on the screen. This aspect of broadcasting can enhance the way how brands interact with their customer base.

With the help of notifications and texts, the entrepreneurs can ensure that that the audience base is up to date with the latest news related to the enterprise in the form of products or offerings associated.

Boost Customer Engagement:

The user base is appalled by the notion of viewing a bunch of promotional mails in their inbox. However coming to WhatsApp it is not confined only to branding the enterprise's services. It can be used to send text, share media files, GPS location, emojis and the such to name a few.

Further, the app to intensify the way how it is used in communication with others encompasses pristine audio and video calling. The idea is related to one on one interaction which is apt to satiate the user base and augment the Return on Investment.

Low cost brand management:

When it comes to startups and small scale enterprises, they dont have the funding for branding their services. WhatsApp comes to the rescue for these enterprises where the app manipulates mobile data so as to send and get messages. The app is free of charge for the first year after which it is subject to a levy of $0.99 yearly. When evaluated with other methodologies, the latter is more expensive.

Enterprises can manipulate WhatsApp for effective interaction with in the brand or with customers where the communication is enhanced to touch base with the current user base. Their problems and doubts can be patched up with the help of the app and it can be used to integrate comments, testimonials and review processes.

No doubt, the integration of WhatsApp with respect to the digital branding stratagems of enterprises will prove to be very valuable and productive to them.

Application of WhatsApp for Small Scale Enterprises

WhatsApp shows its efficiency related to smartphones where the user base can send messages, share media files so as to promote enhanced interaction with the contacts in the user's device.

Branding by the implementation of WhatsApp is productive so as to bond any enterprise with their future clients and to augment the enterprise on a big scale. WhatsApp is manipulated as a service so that the user base can be associated and linked with the enterprises in real time.

Facebook which has made strides to make it integrated with the audience acquired the app some time back and WhatsApp serves to manipulate this potential so that the interaction quality is boosted significantly. The app comes packed with several attributes which aim to enhance the prosperities associated with small scale enterprises. They are elucidated below:


The app is not restricted only to sending messages to sync with the audience base but it is also manipulated to brand the enterprise's offers and products with the help of various methodologies like texting, audio files, and video files so that the entrepreneur can convey the best conceptualization related to their products so as to captivate and transform visitors into potential clients/ customers. To facilitate this on a bigger scale, the app's broadcasting attribute can be manipulated.

Group Targeting:

With the app, the aspect of group targeting is made feasible and thereby WhatsApp groups are generated comprising of members who share the same interests and can interact with similar minded people regarding the same. The prospects of the branding get intensified and widespread due to the incessant sharing of the content by the group members with others.


With the amazing app, the branders are able to initiate effective campaigns. The entrepreneurs can request their contacts to share their pictures when they are manipulating the enterprise's products and offerings. This can also be implemented when they are posing in front of the brand's stores. As a reward for their kind gesture and act, the business personnel can give them a range of coupons all through the app. As a consequence, the user base is increased proportionately with the help of the proliferating contact base and this could enhance the enterprise to the next level.

WhatsApp for customer support:

As WhatsApp has a widespread use globally, it is effective as an agent related to customer support. It is evident that the customers/clients may like to integrate themselves with the business by means of WhatsApp rather than take the traditional and tedious approach of contacting them via support numbers or with the help of emails. The queries are patched up effectively and the app can be used as an effective tool to brand a given product or service offered by any enterprise.

Seeing its large user base where the users incessantly manipulate WhatsApp, the branders complex procedure to integrate with their future customers are simplified and made easy. WhatsApp is rapidly gaining steam and momentum as a medium for mass communication so as to enhance the small scale enterprises with smart techniques and revolutionary proposals which can be implemented.

Augmentation of any enterprise is speeded up and made more effective thanks to the aforementioned features which help the small scale enterprise branders to accomplish the related goals. Such attributes are the latest marketing tools which serve to enhance any enterprise.

Local businesses and WhatsApp

Any enterprise which serves in a given location and sector is termed as a Local Business and this terminology is also applicable for a marketing service which is associated with a specific locality. Provided the entrepreneurs are managing their enterprises in a given locality, they can implement WhatsApp into their arsenal so as to increase the chances of profitability and effective functionality related to the stratagems applied.

It is a fact that WhatsApp serves as a free medium to send texts and media files on a wide intense scale. It is also compatible with every device platforms like iOS, Windows, Android and BlackBerry to encompass a few.

Such enterprises can brand making use of their WhatsApp numbers and can notify their customer base that purchases can be made effective by using the app. Pictures associated with the enterprise's products and offers can be shared in WhatsApp groups where the branders can share their location details with their customers so that they can come to the brand store at any time.

Featured are some explanations as to why WhatsApp must be associated with branding related schemes.

Advertise your products:

WhatsApp has evolved to become the newest equivalent of SMS sending for the users. It can also be manipulated as a branding tool. The enterprise's products can be branded via WhatsApp in groups or in separate messages for the user base. It is effective to fortify a one-on-one communication for the enterprises with respect to their clients. It is that simple and circumvents the limitations associated with sending the information through conventional SMS service or Emails.

However, precaution has to be taken to ensure that the enterprise does not send the messages to everybody and that focus is given only to the people in the contact list of the entrepreneur. This is because the user base hates the notion to receive texts and the such from strangers.

Low cost:

The enterprises and branders in the given location can text, share media files without any charges. Here WhatsApp makes use of only the internet data/ Wi-Fi/ or mobile plan to facilitate this. In addition, the app is completely free of cost for purchase where previously it was free for the first year alone and then a charge of 0.99$ is charged per subsequent year. In addition, there are no concealed fees and is quite affordable when evaluated with the other modes of digital branding.

Distinctive communication:

In WhatsApp the user base typically dont prefer interaction via groups, the reason being they are bombarded and overwhelmed with an influx of alerts every time a member sends any message. However, this does not mean that there is a disadvantage associated with the app for sharing details with every individual. Related personal texts, helps the entrepreneur to foster a strong bonding with the user base.

Instant reply:

The location specific enterprises and branders can request the user base to provide reviews with the help of WhatsApp. Their questions can be conveyed via WhatsApp and the response will be instantaneous. Providing resolutions with relation to the brand's products and offerings are done in a neatly organized and customized method, therefore, augmenting the trust and reliability factors.

The voice calling attribute of WhatsApp

Android smartphone users can now rejoice. WhatsApp has implemented a voice calling feature which ensures that the user base can make efficacious use of. The feature was already launched for a specific group of users, in a time some few months back related to experimentation phase. The users shared the update with others by calling them using WhatsApp all with the time restricted invite popups. Ever since being launched for testing, WhatsApp has officially launched the feature for public use. As a consequence, a majority of the user base could implement this feature to make calls which are less costly than the typical calls. However, on the downside, they did not get any relevant invites. This factor contributed to its reach among the user base to be restricted and not many were wary about this new feature. Additional news surfaced that the app was busy with the iOS6 equivalent of this feature. Coming to the iPhone users they were relatively latecomers with respect to using this feature.

WhatsApp related to trailing with the new features made a select few people avail it so that they could manipulate and review it. Related to the same, the brand integrated the most current version on to Google Play Store. Subsequently, the users had to incessantly look out for procuring updates in their localities restricted to few cities. Alternatively, the updates could be procured with a different methodology where the official website of the brand was availed and the related APK file was downloaded and installed from the same. After installing the most current version, they manipulated the app so that they could generate reviews based on the same. After scrutinizing the feedback, the app implemented additional changes in the feature so as to get the final nod with regards to confirmation. Ultimately, WhatsApp resulted in developing the hitch free version of the app which incorporated voice calling feature.

The user base can download and install the most current update and version of the app from the official website of the company to initiate and enjoy the voice calling feature. Although, the feature has been associated with WhatsApp version 2.12.5, in order to enjoy its full features, they have to download the latest 2.12.9 version of the app. Guidelines and instructions related to installing and activating the feature are available on the brand's official website.

Upon initiating this feature, the user base will be provided with a brand new layout featuring 3 tabs each for Contacts, then Chats and finally Calls operations. The users have to avail the final tab and then click on the phone icon so as to carry out a call. Once the icon is clicked, displayed immediately in front of them is a Contacts list from which the user can select a contact so as to communicate with them through an internet activated call. Due to the fact that this amazing attribute is not integrated with the other versions related to the app, figuring out who and all from the contact lists have also downloaded this feature is a futile venture. Later after tasting success on the Android platform, the feature was rolled out to the iOS platform namely iOS6, some months afterward. For the user base who are manipulating the app with platforms excluding iOS and Android have to be patient for an, unfortunately, long stretch of time.

Thanks to this amazing new feature, the user base can activate voice calls, all at the local tariffs. To add more excitement, this feature is manifested to be in contact with even foreign users.

WhatsApp- the future of branding !

The instant messaging app WhatsApp Messenger is a branded, cross platform app for smartphones which has gained a lot of traction and momentum ever since its inception. The amazing features are not limited only to text messaging but other media files like videos, images, and audios can be integrated with the messages which are to be sent. There is still more to what the app service has to offer and this is just the tip of the iceberg related to its features. The app runs and functions seamlessly on every mobile platform like iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, Nokia Series 40, Symbian and Windows Phone models as well.

Whatsapp is embroiled in a feud with several competitors from the Asian region like KakaoTalk, WeChat and LINE to name a few. All the aforementioned messaging services are planning stratagems so as to outpace the other in the vying market place. Currently, WhatsApp app features messages being sent every day numbering in the billions. Based on what the Financial Times had to say, the impact of WhatsApp is such that it has factored and replaced the standard SMS service related to how Skype changed the landscape of international calls made on landlines. Initially, the service was free for the first year after which an annual fee of $0.99 would be levied. However, now the app is completely for free.

It is a universal fact that everybody is using WhatsApp as an effective means to be in touch with their loved ones. However, there is still more that- many are not aware of the fact that Whatsapp can be manipulated for branding so as to develop new leads. It can be effectively used as a productive and efficient branding tool where the chances of amassing prospective clients for the enterprise is boosted to the next level, resulting in more productivity for the business.

Since the app is free and is not bound by any restrictions, the user base can avail the app to send a limitless number of messages. As aforementioned, the app serves to function on a plethora of mobile platforms like iPhone, Windows, iOS, Nokia, BlackBerry and Symbian. It has found millions of users partially due to the fact that the app does not require the user base to register with a website regarding information and thereby ascertaining the identity of the user base before they start manipulating the app. All it requires is the entry of the contact number and everything is ready for use!

Any type of messages can be sent via WhatsApp ranging from basic text messages to images, audio files, and even video files. This serves as an alternative for sending typical MMS messages which would charge a substantial amount of money. The messages can be sent in limitless numbers to limitless users all for free!

Further, the enterprises can manipulate the app to share their location with the clients thanks to the integration of GPS. Media files like images and videos regarding the product which the brand is currently branding can be sent for good results. Further audio messages featuring a word from the enterprise's CEO can be shared with several clients and customers very easily. It is as simple as that!. The app's features and amazing capabilities are potentially limitless. The entrepreneurs can generate a new WhatsApp group where the customers and the future customers can be integrated with the group. In addition, the enterprise can develop an internal branding group with the help of WhatsApp where the enterprise ensures that the entrepreneur stays synced with the other equivalents at any time round the clock.

Ultimately, WhatsApp implemented as a means of branding can fulfill any task which the typical e-mail and SMS can do. Also, it makes sure it is more effective than the aforementioned traditional approaches when it comes to services. The app has evolved in a way such that, it is an integral part of the users, which captivates the attention of them to never let go of their smartphone. WhatsApp proudly states that any type of message which is conveyed through it results in immediate reach and productive outcomes for the enterprise.

The transition associated with WhatsApp by Facebook

When Facebook bought the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion, the move created such a frenzy and buzz related to the technological world. In the aftermath, after getting the nod from the European Commission and the FTC, there is concern from everybody regarding the changes which the social media giant could make to the popular instant messaging app.

As the people and those who voice for privacy and confidentiality may feel suspicious and unsure related to the modifications, it is an undisputable fact that Facebook will definitely brainstorm some innovative proposals so that it is able to amass income from the purchase of WhatsApp. It was earlier noted that VoIP attributes will be integrated in the second quarter of 2014 by the brand. However, it has failed to keep up the word. Although the tech giants Apple and Google have already embraced this feature, it is only a matter of time before WhatsApp rolls out its VoIP calling feature integrated into it, pretty soon.

Currently, the text messages related to the platform of the app are confined only to some specific set of users. Provided the VoIP calling feature is launched in full scale, the chances are there that the brand may launch strategies with the help of a collection of text messages or calling minutes so that the WhatsApp user base can interact with those who are not using the app as well. As already the app features the user base transmitting and receiving over billions of messages, this venture could prove effective related to the market share and will firmly establish WhatsApp's standing as the dominant instant messaging app spanning across several markets.

In spite of the earlier (and still continued) motto of WhatsApp that it will serve as a communication portal rather than a content distribution tool, it is only a matter of time before Facebook embeds payment services within the app. Taking into account the other rivals like Kakao Talk and WeChat, they are able to acquire income by selling stickers and other forms of small scale transaction methodologies. Pretty soon, WhatsApp will also implement the feature with Facebook's nod regarding the confirmation.

Going further from the archaic and typical enterprise methodologies, the social media giant is strategizing to manage WhatsApp as a mobile virtual network operator. Hitherto, the WhatsApp app has carried out tests regarding the same in Germany by having a collaboration with a local mobile service operator going by the name E-Plus. As a consequence, both the brands joined forces to roll out a prepaid Sim card where limitless texts and messages can be sent. The Sim card is advertised by WhatsApp. Further, in this move the user, the user base can avail the service for free without being associated with WhatsApp data usage and there are no restrictions to send the messages even if the calling credit balance turns zero. It is a sure shot method for E-Plus where it will enthrall users from its rival base.

Despite the fact that the fringes associated with the MVNOs are very much less delineated, the instant messaging app can exploit the advantage related to such partnerships and can amass new users and progress rapidly in the vying industry. This is a good sign for Facebook which can circumvent the slow growth associated with nations like Germany and also in the very much privacy prioritizing younger group of users. Currently, the user base associated with WhatsApp is having more faith in the service as evaluated with Facebook. Provided everything is strategized properly, the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook will prove its worth and potential.

Insight about the WhatsApp messaging app

The craze and excitement behind Instant Messaging apps have reached an intense peak. It is how the user base can interact with other people in the form of messages which is associated with a communication platform by manipulating a software app. This interaction is made feasible in real time. There are stark contrasts and variations between the Instant messaging feature and the traditional email. As the name implies, the messages are conveyed instantly and efficiently and the interaction base is both charming and simple when evaluated with the tedious process of sending and receiving e-mails. A majority of the interactions are limited to text messaging. The dominant services like AOL, iChat from Apple, and the Messenger services from MSN and Yahoo promote the feature of voice messages, video conference and the sharing of files of any format. Some of the related applications can exploit the technology so as to promote real time messaging where the chats are conveyed to the other user in the form of characters as they are generated simultaneously. The latest instant messaging apps feature the transmission of files, hyperlinks, video chatting and Voice over IP to name a few of the amazing features it comes packed with.

It is an undisputable fact and news that the reigning monarch of instant messaging apps is none other than WhatsApp. This app is manipulated for one to one messaging and group chats associated with the contacts on the user's device. It has simplified and disentangled the intricate life associated with the user base who are constantly involved with one thing or the other. Beneficial advantages catering for the user base from this app is that the cross-platform messaging app features unlimited messaging all free of cost when evaluated with the standard SMS services which levy a charge. Apart from messaging limitless media files can be conveyed through this medium.

The app is developed such that it is compatible with all the mobile platforms encompassing Android, iOS, and Windows to name a few. It finds its important use in business establishments where the employee data and information are structured effectively so as to enhance and smoothen the interaction sequence in the specific establishments.

A majority of the establishments have strived a lot to assist the customer base to embrace an app like WhatsApp and implement it for their daily use. It serves to cater to the inter and intra department needs of the organization by limitless sharing of data and images to name a few all done automatically and by default. It speeds up the decision making process with productive outcomes related to manipulation and confirmations. It is to be noted that the needs and desires of the ever augmenting user base are also growing exponentially as well. In such a scenario, integrating WhatsApp with the organization proves to be 100% reliable in accomplishing the targetted enterprise milestones and result in prosperous results when the interaction mode is smoothened effectively.

The success factor related to such instant messaging apps is related to the User Interface and User Experience design of the app with the reason being that the app demands an advanced level related to user engagement. This will serve effectively in being embraced by the masses and it is typical that the majority of the user base who manipulates such instant messaging apps are the youngsters.

WhatsApp app is gaining steam and momentum related to its integration with the enterprises so as to streamline communication and promote effective data sharing among the employees where many of the processes are made automatic and as an outcome result in augmented performance and enhancement of the productivity of the brand to a high standard.

News about encryption methodologies associated with apps like WhatsApp

The aspect of encryption cannot be rejected altogether. It is used to secure and fortify the digital interaction which is conveyed through electronic products. It serves in safeguarding the bank details and other digital accounts. This aspect related to cryptography finds its abundance use in a plethora of systems. The outcry from politicians demanding to forbid and veto such methodologies is common. The British Prime Minister had spoken harshly related to the aspect of encryption associated with apps like WhatsApp and iMessage to name a few. The request was made by the minister that all such aforementioned apps have to be prohibited legally as they serve as a safe harbor for anti social elements and terrorists where they can scheme up their malicious plans. Further noted was whether an encrypted communication portal which cannot be deciphered at any cost was really the need of the hour.

Security does not apply to the people categorized as the "good guys" alone. It is a two edged sword. Users can allay the fears that the data is vulnerable to hacking and can rest assured that effective protection is implemented in the communication all to the extent that even high ranking Government executives cannot decipher or decode what has been sent and received. The after effects related to this protest are that any malicious minded politician will be able to avail the data and that hackers can enjoy a free reign surfing through the confidential details supposedly sent through these apps, provided the rules related to encryption of messages are softened up.

Experts have expressed their outlook regarding the negative consequences of undermining the aspect of encryption in the apps. If the ruling body officials are given access it would be more easy for the malicious minded hackers to exploit the same weakness. This opinion is firmly held by several professionals having prowess in the computer world.

Only sometimes back, there were attempts to ban WhatsApp in the United Kingdom. Due to public outcry and negative backlash, the venture was finally dropped very recently. However, that is not the end of the chapter. This scenario has been promulgated in other regions of the globe where they can gain steam and momentum so as to spread even more rapidly. Taking the case of India it has imposed a ban on certain types of encryptions. Coming to the nation, the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has incorporated end to end encryption. This methodology is against the law in the country. The aforementioned app manipulates a 256 bit encryption model where the content of the message can be availed only by the sender of the message and the recipient. Nobody else can avail or decipher the messages. However, in India, the value associated with this encryption is only 40 bit. To obtain consent, the Government officials need to be contacted. The Government has asked for the keys to be supplied so as to promote access but both the founders of WhatsApp app maintain that it is not in their possession. Hence this creates an uncomfortable atmosphere where the user base, who are manipulating the most current version of the app is not abiding by the laws to elucidate further. There have been no actions enforced against the brand. Since the brand is not an Indian company, the things become more convoluted. Of late a news surfaced that the high ranking officials in Brazil have involved in ventures to manipulate the WhatsApp data in the notion that it would help in restricting and eliminating drug trafficking. Although WhatsApp is in good terms with the government, it is not supplying the complete information as stated. The sticky mess is getting slowly disentangled. An analysis has to be done as to what the local ruling body and the internet providers are presently involved in and precisely what are they doing with the sensitive data.

The determination to achieve as found in WhatsApp's co founder Brian Acton

The frenzy and the excitement behind the acquisition of the instant messaging app WhatsApp by the social media giant Facebook are all old news and has slowly died down. However, the resolution associated with it is worth a lot of attention. The fame and reputation of the app's co founder Brian Acton were subject to extreme focus among the people who were not technologically inclined when they got to know his interesting story.

Come 2009, and before the instant messaging app was created, Brian had tried to unsuccessfully get employment with Facebook. After being rejected his tweet stated that he was ready for the next phase of life. Now it is known that WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook for an astronomically large sum of $ 19 billion.

He was not affected or impacted by his failed venture but now his professional life completed a full circle when the acquisition was made.

Perseverance signifies the determination to look ahead positively even after battalions of failure. However, the practicality associated with this mindset is much difficult to follow rather than just telling it in words. When applying this principle in life, the pitfalls can seriously impact the positive nature and the confidence which is associated with the people.

It is not a typical scenario where we can move ahead after facing some setbacks but this characteristic is embedded in all the people who have become highly victorious and are facing abundant prosperity now. It could be any one be it Brian, Warren Buffett or even Steve Jobs who have bounced back from their failures thanks to the notion of perseverance.

The user has to be prepared to withstand the emotional impact after being rejected for the nth time. It is surely not the end and rather than grumbling why fate was so bad and unfortunate, it is better to analyze how to handle the scenario in an effective way.

Focusing too much on the negative venture, won't promote any progress or result in something right. The failure has to be embraced and the past has to be forgotten instantly. Most importantly after that, the game plan of the individual must be subject to intense modification.

In some cases, the failures which were experienced could serve to be a blessing in disguise which could help in providing more comprehension related to the stratagem to be implemented. It could manifest itself as a learning curve which could be very handy and effective in the future.

The aspiring factor is subject to decline but it won't fade out of existence. There is an aura of excitement whenever you fix upon a target, but it wanes away gradually. Hence the reason why most of the people cannot give priority to their New Year's resolution immediately into the second week of the new year.

The potential related to the encouragement has to be utilized and creativity must run wild to visualize that the milestone is reached. The self-estimation of the victory, how others would respond and the such have to be imagined.It is not wise to give up due to a small pitfall.

It is best suggested to inculcate a positive mindset instead of a negative one which in the case of the latter serves to deteriorate the problems even further and make them more intricate and convoluted.

It is also a futile attempt as it saps the life energy of the individual and does not make way for victory. The aspects of self-questioning and loss of confidence begin to set in and ultimately the long term goal priority in the mind fades away. On the contrary, a positive mindset focuses on the solution instead of the issue. It is best to be a positive minded person as such individuals can bounce back easily after any failures.

Scrutinizing the thoughts is effective in promoting a major upheaval for the mindset. The negative thoughts and their impacts have to be analyzed properly and steps must be made to replace them with positive and encouraging thoughts. The individual must say "I can do it" instead of replying in the negative.

The individual must self-assure that no matter the situation, never to back up. If done on the contrary then the outcomes are that the person will find a reason to doubt the goals and give up.

An oath has to be taken to ensure that no matter the hardships faced, the individual will bear the phase and come out unaffected. As an alternative, a commitment can be generated in view of the family and friends as witnesses. This is because if the goals are disclosed to others, you will strive to achieve it as the chances of being futile in the venture will result in embarrassment.

Most importantly at the critical moment of giving up, encouragement must be given that another try can be implemented.

An effective way to create a positive mindset is to chant and incorporate affirmations until the whole body is in sync with it.

Such instances would include "I am better than this failure", "The failure does not hinder me", "I am going to triumph irrespective of the setbacks" etc. They promote a positive boost to the conscious as well as the subconscious mind as well.

The best time to implement this is in the morning.

It is best to associate with the people who have been overwhelmed by the waves of success and prosperity. This is because in one way or another, there will be great amounts of inspiration from others and it will pave way for a firm and positive mindset.

However, determination does not set in that fastly. It requires some time devoted to practice and once the skill is mastered, there is nothing to stop the individual from accomplishing their goals and objectives.

This is evident in the case of Brian Acton who after being turned down by Facebook never lost hope and developed the Instant messaging app WhatsApp immediately afterward and later on, in a turn of events, Facebook made the decision to purchase a product from someone whom it shoved away in the first place.

The history of WhatsApp and Brian Acton serve as a source of perseverance related to this topic for others.

The rise of instant messaging apps encompassing WhatsApp

At present, technology is progressing in huge strides. With the rapid enhancement associated with smartphones as time proceeds, the mobile apps are gaining more fame, reputation, and traction related to being used for a plethora of purposes.

This advancement has consequentially made the quest to identify the app which is customized as per the needs and requirements. Featured below are some of the most famous mobile applications.

The motive behind the social media giant Facebook's venture to acquisition the most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp is very clear. The dealing which was associated at $ 22 billion in regards to purchasing a startup which made an income of $10 million the previous year was miscomprehended. A select few assumed that the deal was done by Facebook so as to eliminate a formidable rival which was gaining momentum and also to integrate the competitor with it.

WhatsApp and the other associated well known instant messaging apps have revolutionized and served to promote a major upheaval related to the SMS mode of interaction. Hardly anyone is interested in draining their coffers to facilitate the traditional type of messaging. Presently a majority of the user base manipulates the apps so that they can unlimitedly message and also send media files all free of cost, thanks to applications like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp and its competitors Viber and Skype to name a few are integrated with unique traits which serve to amass even more users as time proceeds. Every person is in sync with the attributes and performances the apps offer and at present literally, everybody is using the app. WhatsApp is a great choice over traditional SMS functionality specifically in the present era where the popularity of smartphones is sky rocketing and the instant messaging apps are also encountering the same scenario. It has evolved to be the most current fashion trending the technological world now.

The well famous instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Viber feature an advanced and revamped user interface integrated with additional new features as well. It is now easy to send several media files like images and videos with one another, Also the disagreeable and unpleasant contacts can be blocked and it is feasible to transmit long video messages and do a plethora of still unmentioned features with these apps.

Based on reliable sources WhatsApp's competitor Viber featured 15 million and 300 million users in the Indian nation and international markets respectively. It was subject to acquisition by the Japan based Rakuten for $900 million.

In the case of eBay, it purchased the popular video calling facility Skype for a value exceeding $2 billion in 2005 and auctioned most of its stake for $1.2 billion later. The key variation between the year 2005 and the present era is the rising popularity and fame of the smartphones. Finally, Microsoft purchased Skype for a whopping $ 8.5 billion in 2011.

Coming to the case of WhatsApp, it was subject to acquisition by Facebook in the year 2014 as aforementioned previously.

Coming to applications like WhatsApp, it is associated with an astronomical sum of money and investment which cannot be comprehended to the maximum by the typical users. All that the users care about is availing the product and by manipulating it for their daily purposes and get to encounter more additional and amazing features. After all the user base is enthralled by communication methodologies which have no bounds

WhatsApp and the other associated apps are not without limitations. The interaction portal can be availed only by people who have installed the apps and there is a mandatory need for a Wi-Fi connection or a mobile data plan. Hence in the case of ABC- VoIP feature, it can be used without any internet connection to others in any part of the globe and it does not have to be installed to avail its services. Every service is associated with some advantages and restrictions. WhatsApp and the related apps have to stay in the forefront of the latest technological advancements and ensure that the aspect of merriment associated with the interaction is maintained and boosted to the next level.

The impact and effect of WhatsApp on SMS

It looks like the time for Short Message Service widely known as SMS has come after its long run with relation to messaging one another.

This can be related to the advent of instant messaging apps like WhatsApp along with the association with internet connection being integrated into a widespread scale. There is no stopping the powerful presence of WhatsApp.

Such apps are surely the future of messaging dethroning SMS. This is evident from the briefing given related to their App Store descriptions. WhatsApp features the advantage where the user base can manipulate the app to send something for free over the internet where it is completely free of charge when associated with the traditional SMS methodology. The recipient to whom the message was sent must also have WhatsApp downloaded and installed in their smartphones.

Every nation features several internet services which provide unlimited data plans- WhatsApp only consumes the internet and hence the user base can send messages to others which are limitless in numbers. The aspect of SMS after using an app like WhatsApp has surely taken a backseat.

Presently a majority of the people possess smartphones and there are greater chances that their friends and relatives will also be using WhatsApp or some other instant messaging apps, given the popularity and fame which they have earned. Interaction among others is for free but it is much to the dismay of the service providers of the smartphones.

They used to make revenue from the traditional aspect of SMS. Yet, they gain nothing when the user base is sending a text or interacting with others through a medium like WhatsApp. Even though this aspect is circumvented by paying a stipend for the data plans to activate the internet, it is a fact that the user base can send limitless messages for the price of the mobile data plan.

The service providers and carriers are annoyed that a portion of their shares is no longer existent. It does not matter anything to the user base but it is a source of annoyance for the former.

The service providers can tackle this issue by manipulating and generating restrictions related to the data usage for a given time. They can revamp the data plans such that they offer only a given fixed amount for the timeframe. To be more precise, the users can now use 2 GB of data instead of unlimited data and they can't avail the plan if they have exhausted it completely.

However, the data plans are not restricted or subject to changes due to this. It stems from several factors. Surprisingly the problem can be reverse engineered so that it is in favor of the service providers who are battling with apps like WhatsApp.

The messages are brief and related to texts and they don't consume a large amount of data. The concern begins when more advanced features and settings are used like video services to quote an example which eats up a chunk of the data plan. There are some minor occurrences of WhatsApp to go haywire as no app is completely failsafe. However, brushing that aside, WhatsApp is very much effective in regards to touch basing and interacting with others and is an effective conserver of money when it comes to messaging.

Provided the user wants to connect with a friend who lives in a foreign nation, there the aspect of SMS is absurd as implementing it will surely be a big drain on the money. However, if the friend is using a smartphone and manipulating the internet, he can get the message sent by WhatsApp (if he has installed) and not a dime is spent related to the same.

WhatsApp and the other instant messaging apps have effectively dethroned SMS when it comes to messaging. The latter although not vanished completely from existence, serves to contribute its worth in some places.

WhatsApp to integrate UPI based Payments soon

Related to its most current beta version, the dominant instant messaging app has initiated the process of integrating payment platforms. Based on the WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo which provides reliable news about WhatsApp's upcoming features, the specific attribute was currently being experimented on the app's Android beta version 2.17.295. It was noted that there won't be any noticeable changes or anything related to the same. However, it would provide a concealed preview related to its new venture into payment integration.

According to WhatsApp, the attribute has been inspired from the instantaneous transaction between banks integrating the aspect of UPI. The user base has to be in compliance with the terms and conditions related to the Privacy norms of both WhatsApp and the associated bank. In addition, the tipster revealed that the particular feature is presently concealed and is a work in progress. This signifies that the feature could be launched in a streamlined mode in sync with the next update which will see the light of the day soon.

Based on what Ken had to say, the instant messaging app is currently strategizing plans to sync peer to peer mobile transactions with itself. The app which was subject to acquisition by Facebook in 2014 is predicted to launch the feature anytime within the upcoming 6 months. Facebook has already integrated mobile transactions feature with its Messenger app in the United States and soon it is anticipated that the support related to UPI transactions will be made feasible pretty soon in the Indian nation.

The UPI, with its full form being Unified Payments Interface assists its user base to send money and involve in related transactions all by assimilating the other user's online transaction and payment details. However, currently, the news related to how the instant messaging app will permit the user base to sync the VPA and helps in triggering the UPI related aspects remain hushed up and anonymous.

Based on what the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) had to say, the UPI associated payments saw a spike in an increase of 10% last month, being evaluated at 11.63 million. An executive from NPCI noted that due to the coherence and lucidity associated with peer to peer transactions, UPI is gaining momentum and traction as the best suitable method related to the same. It's month on month strategy is progressing at a speedy pace so as to make the embracement of the technique felt on a widespread scale. WhatsApp noted that it has an active user base of over 200 million people from the nation and the transaction methodology related to UPI will find its value and productivity when the aspect of person to person transaction is integrated with its platform very soon enough.

WhatsApp's current standing in integrating photo filters for the Android platform

WhatsApp the most famous instant messaging app has incessantly been integrating brand new attributes which are based on the sharing associated with media files like images, photos, and videos. A feature which grabs the headlines is the photo filters which was already rolled out for the iOS users 2 months back. The Android users were subject to disappointment as it was not available for them. However, at present, there is good news which is sure to rejoice them. The feature was reported to be associated with the beta version of the app thereby signifying that it is going to be launched and integrated very soon enough.

The tipster Android Police noted that this captivating photo filter attribute was first noticed on the beta version of WhatsApp related to the Android platform- version 2.17.297. However, in the subsequent version, it was absent. Currently, another tipster going by the name Moshe E has disclosed pictures which validate that the feature is integrated with the Android Beta app.

This feature has its resemblance to how it was manipulated by the iOS users. All the user base has to do is avail WhatsApp and then access the group chat or single person chat related to whom the media file has to be sent. Next, a video file, image or GIF file has to be generated by the user. After this, the screen has to be swiped up which will display an assortment of photo filters which can be manipulated to add a rich look to the media files being sent. At present, the available filters are B&W, Pop, Chrome, Film and Cool. The user base can anticipate getting, even more, types of filters subsequentially once the feature is officially launched to the mainstream user base.

Although this attribute was not present in the current most WhatsApp beta version, the Android users as aforementioned have to hang on patiently for a short while, as it has been only 2 months since it was rolled out to the iOS app and it is expected to be launched for the Android users soon enough. However, if you are impatient, there is an alternative where the APK mirror from the WhatsApp version 2.17.297 of the Android platform can be downloaded and integrated with the smartphone. The app must be prevented from updating by default with respect to Google Play.

How WhatsApp was subject to inception

The overworked phrase where repeated attempts have to be done incessantly so as to ensure success is widespread. Yet, it is not implemented in practice in most of the cases. The general public is generally under the miscomprehension that the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp tasted success almost immediately. This notion is quite on the contrary. The co founders behind this enthralling chat app Jan Koum and Brian Acton were initially repudiated and scorned by the social media giants Facebook and Twitter. In a turn of events, WhatsApp was subject to acquisition by Facebook for a whopping 19 Billion dollars

It is still a pondering question and mystery related to gauge the source of inspiration associated with them. They have been subject to a big ride where the aspects of confidence and strength associated with them made effective strides for them. Both of them trusted in the potential of WhatsApp and were ascertained that the app will be the talk of the globe in a short while. The user base and experts related to the field doubted their stand on the motto to ensure that WhatsApp will always be advertisement free. The determination behind the founders related to the motto was unwavering and they have maintained by the saying till the present and will surely make it a permanent trait with respect to the app.

Brian began his professional life with Yahoo. In the beginning periods of the last decade, the craze and frenzy behind Dot Com brands were very intense and it served to revamp his outlook related to business as an efficient stratagem. Coming to Jan, he was embroiled in the midst of hindrances immediately after he left for the United States. There he was associated with Brian and motivated to work with Yahoo. Later both of them quit the brand and brainstormed an innovative proposal which served to refine and revamp the way how the people communicate with one another and that is how WhatsApp was subject to inception.

The unique, simple yet amazing interface and the catchy features of WhatsApp made it stand apart from the rest of the competitors in the market. It featured a captivating and attractive look. Surprisingly there were no revolutionary or spearheading modifications in the mobile app ever since its launch. Fine tuning and remodifications were done in minute quantities here and there. It was clutter free of submitting confidential details, implementing an intricate user name or any aspects associated with pin codes and passwords. All the user has to do is type in their ten digit contact number and next, the user is all set to use WhatsApp to interact with others.

At the time of its inception, it was Short messaging Service which was ruling supremely at the top. Later the service providers subjected to increase the tariff associated with the rates so as to get income related to the enterprises. In relation to this, the user base desired for a free messaging application and WhatsApp filled in that void. It is no surprise that it is one of the best mobile apps streaming across the globe.

After its acquisition by the social media giant Facebook, the user base is all set to anticipate that the app will gain even more fame and prosperity related to tasting success.

Whatsapp- the currently prevailing best method to interact with others

A long time back when mobile phones were subject to inception, their goal was to make its users interact with one another. Apart from that, the devices featured very less extra features. The devices were manipulated to communicate with one another and ever since then, the technological domain was subject to major upheavals thanks to the revolutionary and innovative proposal. When evaluating with the devices now transfigured into smartphones, it is amazing to know how the scenario has changed considerably. The new smartphones are packed with features which were not available when the concept of Mobile devices was subject to inception.

Along with the fame gained by Smartphones, the aspect of mobile apps was not far behind and has subject the technological world related to communication by revolutionary strides. They have become an integral part of the user base. Mobile apps find their use for a plethora of services encompassing virtually anything like social media linking, weather prediction, navigation and most importantly text messaging. There is an app available for literally any purpose.

Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp have gained a lot of critical acclaim and fame as the app allows the user base to transmit limitless messages to one another all for free. All the users have to do is have a stable internet connection or mobile plan to make use of the app. WhatsApp and other such apps don't have any bounds or limits and they can be used to get in touch with other people even though they may be in a different region globally, use a different type of smartphone and avail the services of any carriers/ service providers. WhatsApp can be used to text the other users at any time and it is all facilitated with just a few taps on the device.

WhatsApp is available for free where initially it was free for the first year after which an annual fee of 0.99$ had to be paid. However, that time is past and WhatsApp is subject to be entirely free for eternity. Whatsapp and other such instant messaging apps are compatible with any mobile platform be it iOS, Android, Windows and the such. It can be integrated with the personal computers as well.

WhatsApp has been subject to a roller coaster ride ever since its inception where the app can be used to interact with other contacts all only with the help of a stable internet connection proving to be an alternative for the cost associated SMS services which have been used for long. As aforementioned it is featured on almost every type of mobiles like iOS, Symbian, Android and Blackberry devices. Of late it has been subject to a lot of changes where voice calling, video calling sending files of any type and location sharing are few of the amazing features which are incorporated into the app.

With the advent of WhatsApp and other such competitors like Viber, Hike and the such, the aspect associated with SMS services has taken a heavy toll presently. WhatsApp is the most preferred and modern way to interact with one another. Clever entrepreneurs can manipulate this opportunity to their advantage where it is seen that literally 9 out of 10 people globally, manipulate a smartphone. Entrepreneurs can associate themselves and promote branding with the customers by a credible and effective messaging service like WhatsApp which ascertains greater Return on Investment when evaluated with the other branding stratagems. The expenditure associated with the same is very much cheaper and affordable when gauged with email marketing, SMS branding and other such traditional methodologies. WhatsApp and the other instant messaging apps have taken the world by storm and even more popularity and reliability will be gained thanks to these effective apps.

Why the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook that important?

Facebook which bought WhatsApp in 2014 created such a frenzy with intensity more than of the acquisitions done by Google and Apple related to Nest Labs and Beats Electronics respectively in the same year.

WhatsApp, a popular instant messaging app which has found widespread usage across the world, catapulted to the first pages of hot news and exposure of Cynosure with its acquisition by Facebook for $16 billion. This deal was questioned as the instant messaging app previously suffered a loss of $ 138 million and earned only a sum of $ 10.2 million related to income. The pondering question as to what made Facebook take the decision regarding the purchase still remained unsolved. Facebook's noteworthy acquisition will be detailed in brief.

WhatsApp is presently a free app which also incorporates the motto of no advertisements so as to send limitless messages to multiple contacts without being charged for the same. It's only mandatory requirement is the presence of an internet connection to operate the app. It provided to be an effective substitute for the typical SMS service. The app was subject to inception by ex Yahoo employees Jan Koum and Brian Acton.

When the news regarding the ambitious venture related to purchase was widespread, both Jan and Brian proposed the purchase at $ 16 billion where 4 million was in cash and the rest of the amount was related to Facebook's stock in the market. The pricing associated with the deal was overwhelmed by the real amount which Facebook paid - $ 21.8 billion.

Initially, Facebook decided to finish the deal at $ 19.6 billion where it increased by an amount of $3.6 billion so as to atone and requite the instant messaging app's employees. In a turn of events, Facebook's value with respect to share prices increased to $ 77.56 with the end of the authentication process. The final price was reworked by adding an extra $ 1.7 billion.

Related to the first half of 2014, WhatsApp's half yearly revenue amounted to $ 15.9 million yet it was subject to a total loss of an astronomical $232.5 million. The main reason for the loss was related to the share based compensation.

This deal is the biggest one which Facebook had done and ranks as one of the top most acquisitions in the Silicon Valley. It is a staggering 20 times greater than the previous acquisition of Instagram by the social media giant.

The main contributing factor to it is the enlargement of the user base. The app assimilates 1 million users per day and at present, it has over a billion users globally. A majority (70%) of the app users are active on a daily basis as when evaluated with Facebook. In addition, WhatsApp users send more photos with statistics numbering in the millions when gauged with Facebook users.

The app which was subject to inception in 2009 now features more than 1 billion users, as aforementioned which is a remarkable achievement. At the end of the year 2014, Facebook featured 1.39 billion users. This acquisition and collaboration of the immensely popular app and the social media giant surely merits to great success for the brands. Facebook prioritizes User growth more than the aspect of monetization.

WhatsApp will augment the services of Facebook in regions which dont have adequate internet connectivity but where WhatsApp is extensively used. Facebook can assimilate such users. This venture serves to be beneficial in establishing internet connection in the regions where there is lack of internet connection or insufficient connection.

Facebook trusts that the instant messaging app will augment its prospects coming to the future as the concept of traditional phone calls become old fashioned and the aspect of mobile messaging rules the market. This is one of the main reasons as to why Mark Zuckerberg invested a lot in the purchase. The deal was twice that of Google's attempt at the same. As a consequence, it made the purchase before the other rivals could act and gain a significant edge over them.

Facebook plans its acquisition plans by incorporating the main three principles namely assimilating new and potentially powerful talent, purchasing the formidable threat in competition and finally acquisition and incorporation of the latest technologies. Facebook has bought over 42 companies since 2007.

Parakey was the first attempt done by Facebook with regards to an acquisition. The deal was done in 2007 for a still unrevealed price. The former's technology was synced with the latter and then embraced and availed the serives of Parakey's workforce who were dealing with Firefox browser related task.

2 years later it purchased FriendFeed for $ 50 million, a site related to the publishing of the latest news and happenings related to the social media which proved to be a major factor in the evolution of the now ubiquitous Like button and the current news feed attributes.

In 2012, it purchased Instagram which had 200 million active users. It was mainly to eliminate the threat of a rising competitor apart from improving its photo sharing features as well.

WhatsApp has powerful potential and takes up a major responsibility to augment Facebook's reign in important locations across the globe. By sidelining the aspect of monetization, Facebook aims for enhanced cross platform interaction and communication and thanks to WhatsApp the chances of Facebook to reach out billions of people are very much likely to happen and then Facebook will eventually figure out a method to monetize the opportunity at that point.

Insight related to the income generation model of WhatsApp

WhatsApp was subject to inception 8 years back by two Yahoo ex-employees Brian Acton and Jan Koum.The venture was a much-needed substitute for the reigning SMS services which were costly. Thanks to the app, the user's contact book can be made use to being synced and as a result, virtually anyone who is using the app as well can be interacted with. It is all for free and is compatible with the iOS devices, Android smartphones, Windows phones, Nokia Phones and has presently branched to desktop usage as well.

The highly popular instant messaging app was subject to acquisition by the social media giant Facebook in early 2014 for a whopping sum of $ 19 billion. Further from official sources, in the subsequent nine months before the end of September that year, the instant messaging app registered income of $ 1,289,000. Thus the question arises as to how WhatsApp is generating revenue.

The simple reply for this pondering question is by implementing it at $1. Related to some nations, the app was charged at 1 dollar to download and install. In other countries, it was free of cost for the first year, subsequent to which it would be annually charged the price of 1$. During its peak the app registered over 700 million users on a global scale, this would amount to the income being gained by the app at $700 million per year at that precise moment. However, at present, the app is for free

In the beginning of last year, its parent company officially stated that as WhatsApp was not very much effective with regards to monetization and very restricted regarding the same, it could not generate substantial income speaking of the long term. This implied that it was a time for a change. However, WhatsApp would soon note that the subscription factor was no longer applicable for the app and that as aforementioned, WhatsApp would be a free service henceforth.

Up to the present WhatsApp has been strong with respect to its motto for the "No Advertisement Integration" policy with the app. From this year onwards, it noted that it is experimenting with the ambitious venture to enable the app to serve as a communication portal between establishments/ enterprises and the customer base. The main aim is to sync the user base directly with the enterprise with the help of WhatsApp. The enterprises could include financial establishments, airlines and the such. Simultaneously, the enterprises can manipulate the invoices formerly associated with subscriptions.

Although the financial statistics related to the instant messaging app is not disclosed, Forbes noted that the total income could sum up to $5 billion and that the mean income per user would sum up to $4 in a matter of 6 years. This March WhatsApp achieved the milestone of encompassing 1.2 billion users.

Venturing outside of the United States, the aspect of money spent in text messaging is not forthcoming and this dilemma has been used as an advantage by brands to formulate SMS apps which have gained traction and have made their income generated by a good scale. The famous Chinese app WeChat features advertisements and online games as well. It contributed to amassing $ 6 billion in income come the third quarter of last year for the parent company Tencent. Currently, the app features over 846 million active users.

Taking into account the Indian nation and the nations of Latin America and Europe, they contribute to assimilating a figure of million users each day into the user base of WhatsApp. Featured is an explosion in growth related to the same where an individual who is a member of a social group, uses the app and brands it which promotes, even more, new users to download and install the app so that they can interact with the given individual. This gains traction as the new users nudge the other people of a given group to manipulate the app and it grows exponentially from there.

Thanks to the augmentation of market reach and attaining the relevant thresholds, the mobile app becomes an integral aspect of each user and the growth continues to expand substantially.

Experts related to the field have proposed a concept as to why WhatsApp was subject to acquisition by Facebook- To avail the information related to user's traits and the personal data as well.

Thanks to the implementation of location sharing data, and the astounding metric of nearly 42 billion messages generated per day and the easiness with which the user's contact information can be accessed, the social media giant can avail a huge content related to user information. All this data is integrated and uploaded to the servers. Related to this, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg assured and maintained that the manipulation of the related data is not to enhance user base targeting with relation to Facebook ads the notion does not hold true if the user base decides to tweak and modify the settings preventing Facebook from availing information.

WhatsApp and other related messaging services were embroiled in a controversy with the governments globally where it was revealed that terrorists manipulated such apps to interact with other anti-social elements prior to attacks and during the event of the massacres as well. Governments and other peace-keeping forces demanded that the apps should share the encryption key so as to avail the messages conveyed among the terrorists. However, the response was negative and this subsequently lead WhatsApp to embrace and integrate the methodology of end-to-end encryption where no one and even the WhatsApp app can decipher the messages sent, except for the sender of the message and the recipient alone.

Irrespective of the fact whether WhatsApp's parent company, took extreme measures and purchased WhatsApp for more than its worth, it is seen that WhatsApp has maintained a steadily expanding revenue methodology which can be enhanced to the highest potential as well.

Comprehending the emotional aspects associated with using WhatsApp

Each morning, it is typical in the Indian nation that the people are overwhelmed by a wave of memes, jokes, perceptions, messages related to gossips, rehearsed stories and images which have been doodled with. This is factored with the help of an instant messaging app which is compatible with several platforms. A typical example related to this is WhatsApp which has already made a mark for itself in the nation. Being associated with a WhatsApp group is like ensuring an eternal membership with a rambling and long-winded affiliation and sect.

When evaluated with other social media connecting portals, in the case of WhatsApp it fosters a bonding relationship irrespective of whether the gathering is a huge one. The users form a circle where everybody is associated with one another, share their thoughts, contemplate things and even grumble in some instances. The WhatsApp groups have evolved into a virtual form of family, where the families are warm in association yet broken at the same time.

Thanks to WhatsApp, the user base who have not been in touch with others for several years can now implement the app to be connected to one another incessantly. Any information which brings back refreshing memories and out-dated jokes to name a few are shared. However, with the progress of time, it results in repetition and the same information becomes widespread and can be found in all the groups all in a small span of time.

When gauged with other social media platforms, the aspect of giving up WhatsApp is not an easy task where prying eyes sharply watch for any signs of disturbance and the associated people. The impact of the scenario when a user leaves a WhatsApp group is great and could leave behind a messy situation. Hence the individual prefers to stay away from the spotlight.

The matter becomes more intricate in WhatsApp when evaluated with the other social media platforms. Coming to Facebook it has an effective logic where it is simple to post a smiley, hit the like button or do anything. This is not in the case of WhatsApp where everything must be conceded and be wary to respond quickly to any message where the aspect of delay could attract prying eyes and refrain from responding back is not a suggested move.

Compared to Facebook where the user base can share videos and make big posts, in WhatsApp literally anything is possible without any boundaries or confinements. However due to the reserved and concealed aspects related to the community effectively helps in eliminating restrictions related to active participation. Everybody is in full attention and everything is to be confined. It assists in the rapid progress of posts. The information shared in WhatsApp is subject to vanish instantly and this is something which points to a good sign.

WhatsApp does not just serve as an app for communication, it expands to be a complex structure where similar to the other social media apps, it features its own operation logic. It encourages some proposals and actions while discouraging the other ideas. It serves to bond and strengthens everything to a focal point related to abstraction.

WhatsApp serves to be an online manifestation of the user's niche. Being isolated, the conversations are focused on the focal point and the aspect of emotions integrate rapidly. The underlying logic related to the groups is to finding and assimilating things which are of a similar kind. The aspects which are diverging observe that their comments are rejected and irritably responded to. The ideas which are not in sync with the general logic of the group serve to vanish quickly.

WhatsApp serves to authenticate all the prevailing proposals, reinforces cliches, performs related to a logic associated with similarity and where a whisper can be transfigured to a powerful intensity.

WhatsApp serves to be the most powerful tool of advocacy at present where a group is symbolized with a collection of great proposals and ideas where the concept of similarity is intensified. WhatsApp serves to get overwhelmed due to the lack of defenses and without experimentation related to any external factor. The aspect of conjecture evolves into a fact which is subject to change as an element of consensus. The aspect stays concealed from the external world till the moment it manifests as a strong inevitability to occur.

The world is developed based on proposals which depend upon how the individual minds are integrated as a whole. The latest methodologies associated with social media result in brand new methods of merging and divergence related to the contemplated proposals which are generated. When evaluated with the latest social media platforms, WhatsApp stands as the best to associate with a similar minded social cult.It features intense ramifications, the outlines related to which are not completely comprehended yet.

WhatsApp update's efficiency in aiding Small scale enterprises

WhatsApp incessantly rolls out new attributes be it video calling facility, integration of new emojis and the such. All the features were critically well acclaimed by the user base. However lately the latest feature was subject to mixed reception from the user base.

WhatsApp launched the update based on Snapchat app's Stories like feature labeled as Status. The feature permits the user base to share images with the help of the Status tab which is featured near the Chat and Call icons. The user base can view their contacts' Status in the related tab. Customization and modification can be done to limit the user base who can view the Status message. The aspect of implementing Status Updates is also feasible.

It will be a little complicated on manipulating the attribute for the first time, but the user base can soon master its functioning principles. Coming to enterprise executives, it could prove to be beneficial.

It is old news that WhatsApp being at the forefront of instant messaging apps features over a billion active users and is trending as an effective social media tool to cater to the needs of small scale enterprises. It serves as a portal and medium for speedy enterprise interactions and branding.

Below listed are methods as to how the Status feature of WhatsApp can be manipulated for getting good results for the small scale enterprises.

1. Effective branding

With the help of the feature, the entrepreneur can brand and advertise the products, the establishment and the offerings it comes with. To quote an instance, if the entrepreneur is the owner of a salon, the best packages can be branded through the Stories feature impressing the user base who can call the person to have detailed discussion regarding the same.

2. Branding related to a specific audience

As the aspect of revealing the status to a targeted audience is effective, the entrepreneur can brand some specific products or deals catering to the needs of a specific audience base

A WhatsApp profile can be designed especially for the wonted customers and the settings can be tweaked so that the Status stories can be observed by them. As an example, any advertisement can be developed where the regular customers can be welcomed to the store and are surprised with a flat 50% discount on their upcoming purchase.

3. Boosting Sales

The enterprise owner can create a status which indicates a big sale deal coming for a given weekend and as a consequence, the sales are augmented. Provided the owner is on a generous spree of deals and discounts, the information has to be updated in the status story so that the customers are aware of the offers.

4. Highlighting the services

To captivate potentially new customers, a story status stating a given benefit associated with the enterprise can be put up so that they are enticed. They have to be in sync with all the present services and the upcoming services as well. They have to be intrigued with the help of the feature.

5. Updating with the latest news

Any type of news related to the roll out of a brand new product or updates in the contact details & addresses of the enterprise or the launch of a branch in the neighborhood, the Story feature of WhatsApp serves to be an effective method to make the customers updated with the latest events.

WhatsApp and other social media sites effect on the user base presently

This terminology conveys how the user base is adapt socially through a plethora of platforms present related to the virtual world and media. Notable instances encompass WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and the such. There is diversity in these portals at the same time where they implement the same logics related to the operation.

To elucidate further:

WhatsApp is an noted example which is the undisputed reigning monarch related to instant messaging through the smartphones and of late it has extended its amazing services to the web as well thanks to scrutinizing a QR code. WhatsApp is manipulated by the user base to interact and stay in touch with their family relatives and friends unlimitedly free of cost, where the only requirement is an internet connection to make it feasible.

Apart from WhatsApp's dominance, another social media platform which has made an impact over the globe is Facebook innovated by Mark Zuckerberg and features the most intense usage rate on gauging with other platforms. It enables the user base to sync up with others from anywhere globally and interact effectively.

Another example related to socialization between people and showing the status to the entire globe is Instagram which serves to put up images and video files to gain attention and integrate with others.

This platform keeps the user base updated with all the current most news in the globe and the only constraining factor is that it is restricted to 160 characters.

This platform related to social media enables the user base to post images and generate filters which are around only for a given amount of time, after which they disappear.

From the above points, it is evident that WhatsApp and the other platforms follow the same operational logic but they vary by a considerable magnitude all related to the target audience and user base. Related to fame and name, Facebook and WhatsApp are ruling the roost and other platforms are not far behind where they can even surpass the popularity associated with the former.

WhatsApp and the associated social media domains apart from messaging and interacting with friends with whom there was no touch in a considerably long span of time finds its service in a plethora of several ways where the latest news associated with televisions and radio stations can be strealined and exploited to make it widespread among others.

Presently, video files and instant stories are the currently trending fashion. The user base likes to preserve a copy of wonderful memories and sync it with WhatsApp and the other sites where the comments and reactions related to the same are instantaneous. Thereby, the user base and others are in sync with the latest happenings related to other's lives and are provided with the current happenings.

The story feature which was previously limited only to Snapchat has become widespread and proliferated in other platforms like WhatsApp and the such.

WhatsApp and the other platforms have evolved such that the user base have integrated them as an essential part of their life with respect to socialization with an intensity such that the association with loved ones or hanging out with others has taken a backseat as the user base and people are more and more synced and enthralled by these platforms.

The social media encompasses several advantages and pitfalls although the major reception regarding the same is positive in spite of some disadvantages related to several aspects as the portals are invaded and maliciously used by hackers so as to discredit and spoil the image associated with several reputed personnel using the sites.

Hence when using WhatsApp and the other such sites the user base must be well synced and up to date regarding the aspect of using the sites as with additional control comes additional responsibility and they have to be used properly in an effective way and must not be manipulated for malicious purposes.

WhatsApp and other dominating trends for this year

In the initial periods, it was only through the media associated with televisions, newspapers, and radios that the branding of products and services was done. However, in the last 10 years with the proliferation of social media and its progress, it has innovatively altered the aspect of both worldwide branding and spreading information with others. WhatsApp and other medias like Facebook and the such have played a major role in enhancing the sales associated and to promote brand new mediums of interaction with others. It is not surprising that several brands want to exploit the powerful potential behind this online traffic so as to generate better outcomes and fruitful results.

When taking into account some of the most currently trending popular social media Vogues, listed below are some of the ones which could create a great impact in this year.

1. Social Messaging

Integrated yet secured social messaging is the hottest trend at present and some instances of it can be found in the already popular WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Such is its power that the user base is more inclined to the manipulation of messaging apps rather than making use of the social networks. Like WhatsApp even more, mobile apps will make their presence felt.

Yet, it has to be noted that their association with the brands of established companies or the ones which want to make a mark in the enterprise domain can develop groups so as to effectively brand the products of the brands and get more outcome related to the same.

2. Fake News

It is revealed that an astronomical sum of 20 billion people avail the internet at any given moment related to their day to day activities. In order to get more attention in the form of shares and likes, the aspect of fake news has been manipulated by certain brands so as to gain more attention and fame.

The most typical example where the news will be registered for a long time in the minds of the reader base is the recent Presidential election where false news related to the candidates were widespread to a great extent on all the media platforms, where they have to incorporate stringent guidelines and measures to eliminate this bad practice.

3. Augmented Reality

Thanks to the advent of Snapchat, the aspect of Augmented Reality was integrated with the social media and the instance of the widely popular game app Pokemon Go was a notable example which made quite a mark in 2016. Based on the same, various other platforms will also try to emulate the success in the same domain for this year.

4. Chatbots

Although this technology is still in the nascent stages, the potential behind this artificial intelligence tool can react to the queries associated with the customer base in a speedy fashion. Its popularity is such that, the social media sites are making strides to incorporate this new technology so that the user base is deterred from availing a different website.

Although only a handful of the latest trends are elucidated, the experts related to the field boldly predict that the aspect of variation will be at the top most intensity for the tools which are manipulated in related platforms.

An insight regarding WhatsApp vs BBM

The rollout related to BBM was anticipated with such an intensity and it has finally seen the light of the day where it has been rolled out for the iOS and Android devices. With the proliferation of messaging apps in the market, there is an intense and strong vying associated between BBM and WhatsApp. An insight will serve to throw more light on which one is superior.

Coming to the aspect of privacy, BBM is the apt fit. Availing this service needs the manipulation of a secret and distinct password with the help of which the user base can sync with the contacts. What this implies is that if the user's friend has declined the request sent by the user, then the mode of communication through the associated platform is not feasible.

Coming to the aspect of manipulating WhatsApp it is much more simple and easy to be synced with the friends in the phonebook from the user point of view. It is typically very straightforward like the process of texting others.

Coming to the aspect of Contact Grid, BBM ranks superior when gauged with WhatsApp. Featured are a limited bunch of people for interaction. Coming to WhatsApp, everything is present in the contact grid. The resembling factor associated with both the messaging services is the aspect of syncing the user base's close circle of friends and other relations. This is feasible as a list on BBM or developing a Favorites group in the WhatsApp profile.

Featured in both the apps is a big variation related to sending messages and the notifications associated with it.

WhatsApp is the clear winner where the notifications provided reveal whenever a contact is currently online or the time when they were last online. BBM, on the other hand, does not provide such data. However, the user by comprehending the status can get to know if the contacts are busy or presently using the app.

For the user base who wants to know when the contact was logged into WhatsApp along with the time they previously used the app, the information related to the same is reliable and precise.

Coming to the other app, it shows a variance related to sending messages where R denotes the read receipt and D implies delivery status. In the case of WhatsApp, the message sent is implied by a single tick and two ticks indicate that the message was delivered.

The WhatsApp users can comprehend the associated factor with the help of the details pointing to the most previous time they logged into the app or the previous time where any one of the contacts was last seen online.

BBM has another ace up its sleeve in the form of PING which resembles the Poke feature of Facebook which is manipulated to aids the user base to prompt another user.

The aspect of emojis and emoticons implementation also shows a variance in both BBM and WhatsApp. However, the final choice depends on the preference of the user

Featured is an assorted plethora of various smileys, pictures and other such emoticons to signify the user's current emotions and in the case of BBM, the emoticons are restricted considerably.

Ultimately, it boils down to the preference of the user as aforementioned however, it signifies that it is more preferable to use the options available on WhatsApp app when evaluated with BBM.

The chat spacing and chat bubbles associated with WhatsApp are bigger in size when gauged with that of BBM. Provided the user is manipulating a BlackBerry device, the text dimension can be altered or it is best to accept the predefined settings. Augmentation of additional conversation messages is a feature present for the BlackBerry device users.

After a deep analysis regarding both the apps, it is noticeable that there are few attributes which have a similar resemblance to one another where the chat statuses are generated and tweaked so as to notify the user's contacts related to the present mood of the user. Further, the user base can develop groups with help of both the apps but it is intensified in the case of WhatsApp where the user base can attach virtually anything ranging from video files, audio files, images and other files as well to name a few. Coming to BBM it is confined only with video files, audio files and pictures.

For BlackBerry users everything is incorporated and integrated with respect to the BBM app. There are still some features to be rolled out for the BBM users who are using devices other than BlackBerry related to voicing, videos and screen space sharing. Currently the former is supported on all platforms similar to WhatsApp.

BBM sees its manipulation with respect to the iOS and Android users and the same can be said for the WhatsApp app which is compatible with all the platforms and devices namely iPhone, BlackBerry and Android platforms. As aforementioned, ultimately it is the perception and opinion of the user base when it comes to picking the best app matching their preferences.

The best online branding trends associated with this year

Coming to the aspect of Online branding it signifies the basic and underlying aspect related to a brand. Irrespective of whether it can be an e-commerce portal or an establishment grounded with respect to products or clients, every brand is associated with a credible and genuine online branding agency which has a far reaching presence across the globe.

In this year, featured was an overwhelming wave of innovative concepts which could create quite an impact and serve to provide a major upheaval for the related domain. Rest assured if any brand makes use of such potentially powerful branding methodologies, they are sure to gain the competitive edge above the rivals in the intensely vying market.

Below mentioned is a comprehensive insight regarding the same so as to make the chances of prospering much higher.

1. The Mobile-Centric Era:

Manipulating a mobile device is an effective way where the brands can interact with their customers. The proliferation is not associated only with smartphones, tablets and the such but also encompasses the new comers namely the wearable mobile products. Integrating this stratagem is sure to generate outcomes which are positive and prosperous. This is particularly effective when integrating the smartphones and mobile devices with the powerful WhatsApp app which serves to take the productivity to the next level.

2. IoT (Internet of Things):

Featured as one of the noteworthy stratagems related to digital branding, it is associated with the machine to machine related technology. Virtually anything ranging from the internet to the mobile devices is encompassed provided they are integrated with a sensor. The manipulation of the information and data is done in a secure and simple manner. It is estimated that in 2025, the expansion will proliferate by twice the magnitude which is associated with the present.

3. AI (Artificial Intelligence):

This year will see more fame and application of Artificial Intelligence. Almost anything ranging from the data manipulation, review of data and simulation are carried out effectively and productively making use of this stratagem. It is high time and the apt time to integrate the aspect of Artificial Intelligence with the enterprise's operational flow.

4. A Pinch of Social Media:

The aspect of social media is widespread and still booming. The user base is using the social medias ranging from Facebook to Pinterest non-stop. It serves to be the apt platform for the youngsters and the elderly as well. In the event that some information is developed, they have to be streamlined and spread on such platforms. WhatsApp also proves to be effective here.

5. Lively Sphere of Live Videos:

With the inception of this year, it is videos who are ruling the roost related to the technological domain. More association and progress related to videos is associated with the platforms namely YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp as well.

6. Bespeak Interactive Content:

Content is an important aspect of digital branding and will continue to reign supremely incessantly. The genuine and innovative content all of high standards will surely be praised and critically acclaimed in all the domains. Hence the transition has to be done for better outcomes and lead.

7. The Consumers:

Ultimately it all simmers down to the user base. Provided it aids the brand, then Google will readily sync the brand with the primary SERP. Although, it is a tough venture to comprehend the desires of the customer base, an analysis of their recent activities will throw some light regarding the same and they are ranked as the top most priority in all situations.

Digital branding has to be integrated so as to acquire good traffic metrics. This year innovative and effective methodologies are implemented such that a major upheaval is made for the entire domain. Irrespective of whether it is a smartphone or Artificial Intelligence, they assure good and quick operation. It is high time that the brand should adopt this technology so as to augment more prosperities related to branding solutions which ultimately prove effective.

How WhatsApp and other such instant messaging apps are reigning supremely over social media apps.

Thanks to the proliferation of instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, the user usage related to the manipulation of social media has evolved rapidly and has been subject to a major upheaval. Presently, the user base globally doesn't manipulate messaging apps only for texting and interacting with others but is also used to find effective products, integrate with brands and also for getting insight regarding the content. The age where the smartphone used the apps as a feature to send pictures, texts, videos, and GIFs are long gone and past.

Irrespective of the notion that WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps were developed initially to serve a totally different need, they have evolved into serving a plethora of needs and requirements satisfactions. An integral part associated with mobile devices, they have subject them to revolutionize the mode of online communication between the enterprises and their users. Below listed are the ways how WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps are showing their supremacy over social media apps related to services offered.

The radical transformation from the domain of social media networking to instant messaging is seen as a revolutionary upgrade with respect to the Internet domain. The user base finds the latter to be more applicable and flexible when evaluated with the former. As a consequence, thanks to the manipulation of instant messaging apps, the enterprise branding is streamlined and has a far reaching presence with respect to the chat boxes of the user base. Efforts are undertaken by the brands across the world to capitalize on this potential and opportunity so as to enhance their outputs with rising momentum and productivity.

WhatsApp is featured and manipulated as a state of the art collaboration tool. Coming with it are a plethora of traits related to simple installation, audit evaluations and more security features which are extremely capable of surpassing the impact made by the social media apps. The brands find a lot of potential in digital video interaction which is supported by effective High Definition Audio, pristine videos and the aspect of screen sharing. It aids in accumulating several users associated with a single video call. They can be synced with others and join forces as a team so that the real time manifestation which hinders the process as a hindrance is eliminated.

The aspect of Customer service is getting more better thanks to WhatsApp and such apps. Enterprises are steadily integrating Artificial Intelligence based chatbots so that the aspect of service is done much more easily and productively. It finds its uses in organizing meetings, sorting out the issues the customer base has through such instant messaging apps.

The quality and insight associated with educating the students have enhanced thanks to WhatsApp and other such instant messaging apps. Educational institutes are manipulating the apps so that they can interact much more effectively with the teachers and it factors to advanced progress related to education and learning.

The potential behind the instant messaging apps is limitless. WhatsApp and other associated instant messaging apps thanks to their rapid proliferation pave way for a domain filled with opportunities to cater to the needs of all enterprises and branders, which will occur pretty soon.

Factors necessary for the best instant messaging app and why WhatsApp is a prime candidate

The craze behind Smartphones has not slowed down and instead has intensified as time progresses forward. It is estimated that several billions of people will be manipulating smartphones. The time frame between 2017 and 2013 will feature the global mobile phone penetration statistics to increase to 70%

Further, it is noted that one in every 5 individuals in the globe possess a smartphone at their disposal. Further elucidated is that 20% of the user base will possess desktops and 22 % of the people will own a smartphone which is a bigger analysis when evaluated with the other mobile devices. This strengthens the notion that mobile penetration is proportional to the technological perspective of the globe. It can also be factored as a reason why several unique mobile apps have been created so as to cater to the needs and requirements of mobile consumers.

Featured are several mobile apps which find a plethora of users in different domains. Provided the individual is a technologically inclined and passionate geek who prefers and loves the manipulation of social platforms, then they should surely consider an app which is used for instant messaging. Today there is an accumulation and proliferation of instant messaging mobile apps which serves to function at any time all over the week.

The mobile devices are integrated with several operating systems, but the most dominant platforms associated with the same are the iOS and Android platforms. Featured is a list of apps which go with the tagline, 'the best text messaging app' related to the Apple devices and Android devices. Guidance is provided below so as to choose the best instant messaging mobile app which caters to all the needs of the user base.

All-in-one Messenger

The user base typically would have availed the services related to messaging like Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Fring and Yahoo Messenger to name a few. An annoyance is associated with these accounts where the tedious process of signing in into the accounts is generally associated so as to begin chatting with others. The app should possess an integrated messaging structure so that it is simple to log in to various accounts all by manipulating a single system.

You may use an app that features unified messaging so that it will be easier to log-in to different accounts and platforms by just using one system.

WhatsApp is one of the few apps which does not require any sign in and all that it asks at the time of registration is only the mobile number of the device to be inputted and the user is all set to chat!.

Next, the text messaging app has to be beneficially related to the interaction process. The aspects as to whether it contributes to audio chats and video chats have to be taken into consideration. The notion as to whether group chats and live video streaming interactions must also be contemplated. Whether it helps in the manipulation of faxes and emails synced with user profiles has to be taken into account. Most importantly whether the mobile app will serve productive to the user's personal and enterprise related schemes and plans is also an important underlying factor to be understood and analyzed.

WhatsApp is featured as one such text messaging app which easily serves most of these purposes and requirements and it comes with sending audio messages, video files, audio & video calling. It can also be used to serve any enterprise quite productively increasing the prospects of the associated brand.

The most effective text messaging apps catering to the iOS and Android platforms must also permit the user base to sync their associated social networks to a plethora of contacts. The aspect of telephone integration such that callings associated with mobile devices and Public Switched Telephone Network must also be factored

Everything is accounted for in a single instant messaging app which can be manipulated as a web based app or as a typical mobile app where all that is needed is a good internet connection or mobile plan and it consequently results in unlimited texting. voice calling and video calling.

One of the most preferred apps related to such service is the reliable and user-friendly WhatsApp which also takes the extra step of being an end to end encrypted and secured such that only the sender and recipient can read the content of the messages and it is completely restricted to the third party apps and others to pry.

Download an app like WhatsApp and conserve money

Currently, thanks to the aspect of social media, the effort needed to interact with one another have been simplified considerably. All the user base has to do is post a message and immediately a conversation associated with multiple persons is initiated. This proves effective even if there is an absence of face to face conversations.

The aspect of interaction has launched into the digital era with the progress associated with technology and the related. It has served to impact the methodology how the user base communicates with one another contributed to a significant level by the advent of smartphones. Subsequently, there was a rapid proliferation associated with the development of messaging apps for the smartphones so that the user base present in the market can manipulate them effectively.

Based on what the communication giant Ericcson had to say, the smartphone penetration metric associated on a worldwide scale will augment and rise to 60% in a span of two years. In addition, it was noted that the proliferation and boom associated with widespread smartphone device usage will be speedy in the developed nations as the products are very much affordable in such regions. Further, the user base from such nations can make use of the services all with an economically friendly data plans and tariffs.

The usage and embracement of mobile apps have exponentially increased by a great magnitude along with the speed at which the metrics related to the adoption of smartphones by people proceeded. Further, elucidated is how such instant messaging apps served to provide a major upheaval to the way how the user base interacts with one another.

Thanks to the inception of mobile apps like WhatsApp, everything is taken care with a simple tap of a button or swiping associated with the smartphone's touch screen. Anybody can be contacted irrespective of whether they are also in the same place as the user or are in a different locality or abroad. The aspect of interaction through messages is catalyzed immediately. The archaic and obsolete process related to typing and conveying messages has had a radical upheaval into becoming email oriented. As a consequence, the traditional and normal short message service is losing steam and popularity thanks to the ever increasing craze associated with instant messaging apps related to the smartphones and the desktops all the same.

WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps encompass several benefits and amazing traits. The user is connected immediately with their friends or relatives, irrespective of whether they are living in far off places or a different region of the globe. The aspect of real time communication is generated even when taking into account the consideration of the various time zones globally. The user as aforementioned can immediately receive a message in a few seconds rather than waiting patiently for some hours or days or weeks. It is all that effective and instantaneous.

The portability and mobility associated with smartphones and the related products are made effective thanks to their insubstantial weight they carry when taking into account the bulky personal computers and laptops. They can be used anywhere so that the user base can interact with their families and friends irrespective of whether the user base is in the office or at home or any other place. WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps serve to augment the speed of the communication and make it simple yet interactive. WhatsApp and other such instant messaging apps can also be used for official work apart from personal usage as well.

The main advantage of using WhatsApp and other such mobile apps is that in order to interact with people all around the globe, all that is needed is a stable internet connection or a data plan circumventing the necessity to pay the typically costly and expensive telephone bills and such associated plans. It is all for free! All that it consumes or uses is the mobile plan and the internet respectively. It is due to this reason that the popularity of instant messaging apps is soaring among the user base and further, enterprises also manipulate such apps due to the economically friendly advantage associated with it.

As aforementioned, the aspect to pay some money related to the prepaid and postpaid plans, offers and the such is eliminated. The smartphone has to be synced with an internet connection and the rest is simple and effective and mostly free. Messages can be sent unlimitedly and also integrated with the WhatsApp app and other instant messaging apps is that the aspect of voice calling, video calling and even more amazing and enthralling features are packed within the associated apps. It is recommended to download an app like WhatsApp onto the smartphone and get to be amazed by an interactive interaction with other users all for free without consuming any assets or money.

Is WhatsApp and other apps creating a newer perception of communication

Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp have revolutionized the way how the users touch base with one another. Everything is done immediately and hitch free. Users can contact their loved ones and friends who stay in any 4 corners of the world. Yet, if we wanted to see some decades back regarding the traditional modes of communication, the associated people will emphasize and elaborate for hours how the communication methods have varied considerably and how they have evolved into the current trending methods.

Actually, to be frank, their stance of opinions seem to stress a given point. The more the present generation is engrossed and assimilated with the world full of state of the art products and technological innovations, the impact which it has on the society is very much considerable and important to observe.

Taking into account the smartphones as a suitable exemplar, the growth in its fame related to usage is evident and has progressed a lot over the years impacting and altering the way how the current user base associates itself with daily life. The user base has everything needed for a daily live all at their disposal in the form of mobile apps. The times when an alarm clock, a landline device to communicate or a plan to do diary where commonplace is now at an end with the advent of mobile apps.

The latest and current technologies have taken off the stress factor which serves to make the user' daily life less intricate and they can heave a sigh of relief every now and then. It will be associated with fine tunings and the such. However, the long term impacts which these mobile apps could generate when currently being used as a communication medium remains anonymous and clouded.

When taking the case of the older generations, provided they are given a smartphone and mobile apps like WhatsApp, it is surely evident and likely that they will abandon the new technology in favor of the traditional approach to which they were accustomed to. Even the present generation sometime later in the future will comprehend and wonder at the question as to how technology has changed so far.

Smartphones and mobile apps have served to promote a fresh perspective to ease our daily lives considerably. It could be related to the single user or the whole society as a whole. The simplicity and hitch free factor associated with availing the internet all from a smartphone along with the rapid rise in the need for mobile friendly websites have paved way for effective mobile apps like WhatsApp, Google Maps, Facebook and the such to prosper. The concern, however, is that whether the apps are impacting the user base in an indirect manner without being aware of the slowly accumulating effect associated.

When taking into consideration any social meeting or hang out, it is evident that everyone is manipulating the apps and the smartphones. All their needs and requirements along with the entertainment factor are compressed in the form of mobile applications. Taking into account the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the user base is increasingly becoming enthralled by them to avail such sites and incessantly check for any likes, comments or updates related.

Skipping to some generations back, the aspect of hanging out with friends would signify the same where the user could relish being in their company. Currently, it seems evident that the user base is prioritizing socialization on a lower scale by preferring to investigate what others are manipulating the social media for.

It is typical that there will be difficulty associated with identifying a friends group which incessantly interacts with the group the whole evening where they are not disturbed by anyone who wants to use their smartphone or app at any moment. The typical methodology associated with the proper and traditional form of communication during a given hang out among friends is overwhelmed by the necessity and urge to check the smartphone and especially apps like Facebook and WhatsApp with regards to other's status and posts and also updating their status messages as well. This leads to a state of incongruity and lack of harmony when compared to being involved in a given group and interacting with it directly, relishing the company of the group.

The methodology of communication has undergone a rapid evolution and changes where instant messaging is at present a very in-demand mode to communicate with one another through a plethora of apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Snapchat and the such. The traditional approach of speaking directly to a person in the olden days have become obsolete and archaic in the sands of time and seem to belong to a vanished world. When manipulating the apps related to sending any images or selfies and the such, the aspect of speaking with anyone is bound to be obstructed and affected in the event the user base cannot avail all such presently trending methods.

The question now arises as to whether WhatsApp and the other present apps contribute to the deterioration of the traditional modes of communication. It has become a sort of an unusual standard where the user base directly meets someone known or new persons. When interacting with new people the probability that they ask the user if they are on WhatsApp, Facebook or the such is very much likely. The aspect of not being an incessant user of such apps could create an odd feeling norm in the present society.

It seems that the present generation due to the explosion of smartphones and mobile apps has accepted the aspect of interacting with a person face to face is an outdated mode of communication. Although advantageous and beneficial, these apps could very well manipulate the aspect of interacting with others.

WhatsApp and other apps to make free voice and video calls

Smartphones have evolved and progressed into being an integral aspect of the user's daily lives. The amazing devices help the user base to be synced up with their loved ones, friends, and co-workers from anyplace at anytime. They can also be used for virtually any purpose In spite of the limitless potentials associated with these devices, the user base is subject to grumbling and objection due to the expense related to making phone calls and being overwhelmed by costly phone bills. To allay the concerns and disappointments, there are alternatives to circumvent this aspect of paying costly bills with regards to phone call services.

Featured in immense varieties are VOIP apps and other such aspects at the disposal of the user base where they can make unlimited voice calls and video calls. Thanks to these services, the cost associated with regular phone bills related to calls and messages are reduced considerably and the user base can communicate with their friends, colleagues, families and other people without any limits. Below elucidated are some of the in demand VOIP services which are available at your disposal.

1. WhatsApp - The most popular among the instant messaging apps and undoubtedly one of the best mobile apps of its time, this app features a basic operational workflow integrated with amazing features and add-ons as time proceeds This amazing mobile app comes with voice & video calling, sharing files of any type, secured encryption and lots more. All that is needed is a stable internet connection or a mobile plan for the user base and the person to whom the user is interacting must also have this app installed. Provided these requirements are met, the user base is all set to enjoy unlimited messaging or any other modes of interaction with the recipient without any hindrance or issues or lags. The service provides instant sending and receiving of information through its effective platform. The app can be used even in enterprises and organizations so as to promote effective and secure conversations not hindered by any miscommunications and ensure that the work process is carried out in a streamlined and effective manner.

2. Facebook Calling -

Related to the fans and users of iPhone devices having preinstalled the Facebook Messenger app can currently manipulate the app to generate free voice calls with other iOS users. In the case an incoming call is generated, the user will be made aware of its presence with a customized Facebook notification alert rather than the standard ring tone associated with the device. This product comes in handy for the user base who wants to incessantly interact with a given iPhone user.

3. Skype - Arguably this app is the reigning monarch related to VOIP apps encompassing a user base numbering in the millions globally. Skype is compatible with the iOS, Android and Windows Platforms. The user base is sure to be spell bound by the video calls associated with finesse and high quality irrespective of their present location in any part of the globe.

4. Line - Featured as an additional free app available for the Android users, it comes packed with amazing and fascinating attributes.Similar to WhatsApp the app can be manipulated to generate free voice calls and send unlimited text messages to the recipients who have also installed this app. Taking the approach of Facebook and WhatsApp, featured within it is a sophisticated social network component related to posting statuses. Packed with it are nearly thousands of emojis and stickers which add to the interactivity associated with the chats. Additionally, a captivating feature incorporated in the app is the Snap Movie attribute which helps in generating amazing and shareable video files.

5. iCall - iCall which was not long ago prized as the week's best app as noted by the New York Times features free voice callings and video callings. Interestingly it is integrated with the aspect of SMS and foreign calls all at affordable and economically friendly prices. It is synced with other products such as Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messengers and much more so that incessant interaction is created between the user base and their friends.

Thus there are several effective alternatives like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and the such which bypass the aspect of being charged more for basic communications and other modes of interactions. The user base can interact until they are satiated and can make effective and interactive use of the smartphones with the help of such apps.

WhatsApp and the other efficient apps to boost productivity from the smartphone

The aspect of efficiency is related to prioritizing individual tasks at a given time especially related to the personal computer. There is an influx in the usage of smartphones, laptops, tablets and such devices to boost the productivity and mitigate confusion associated with personal life and the official one. Initially, BlackBerry devices were ruling the roost when it came to service officially by manipulating emails very well. Then came the invasion of Smartphones like iPhones and Android devices like the Galaxy branded devices and the Windows products as well. The technology with respect to communication is progressing forward with full steam and momentum.

The aspect of mobile apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Tripit, Dropbox Google Maps and the such are examples as to how the revolution in technology has taken place. Due to the vital need of emailing, texting, internet browsing and file sharing which has spread exponentially in the offices, we have provided you a plethora of mobile apps which serve the purpose and can be installed and manipulated with less effort on the platforms of Android and iOS. The pricing associated varies from free apps to monthly charges incurred for using the apps.

1. The fundamentals - Phone, SMS and e-mail for interaction

The associated mobile apps encompass the very much popular WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and Sparrow to name a few.

The smartphones are typically manipulated for the aspect of chatting, emailing and calling. This subsequently leads to the generation of costly phone bills where the brands would like to circumvent the scenario and limit the pricings associated with the bills. Whatsapp and Viber are instances of applications which consume only the mobile plan or internet, so as to generate unlimited voice or video calls all for free, making use of WhatsApp. It is all for free and finds its effective use when interacting with users located in foreign nations.

Featured are an assortment of the costly telephone lines and the internet associated VoIP lines, where in the case of the latter the device can be synced with the home or office which proves to be beneficial and effective as well such that the aspects related forwarding the phone and incessantly searching for messages is circumvented.

If plagued with costly bills related to messaging then the apps TextFree and textPLUS can be availed. These apps serve to manipulate the internet connection so as to avoid the annoying aspect related to spending a considerable amount of text minutes related to foreign calls specifically. In the case of the highly recommended WhatsApp, even video messages can be sent to others.

At present, several devices permit the integration of Microsoft Exchange related profile with them. This could prove advantageous of syncing several accounts. In the case of iPhones, an app named Sparrow eliminates the annoyance associated with manipulating both the MaC account and Gmail accounts concurrently.

2. The intermediate - Saving files

The products associated with the domain of backing up files related to several devices encompass Dropbox, Google Drive and the such where the important files are securely uploaded to the cloud and can be availed at any time from any part of the globe. Dropbox, SkyDrive and the related products make sure that the files are synchronized effectively in several devices and permit the instantaneous service related to offline access. The apps are effective in document sharing and editing the documents and spreadsheets related to a given team. It is also effective with images and video files.

Other such apps related to the organization of the tasks encompass Remember the Milk, Evernote and such. For teamwork handling, Asana and Orchestra can be manipulated. Evernote serves to integrate and backup documents and images and to categorize the notes as well.

3. The advanced -

Other even sophisticated apps, especially for the mobile persons operating outside the enterprises and travel a lot, include CamScanner, RosterZero and the such. In the case of the former, the app enables the device to act as a file scanner. The app Slice organizes the receipts from several email accounts of the user in a focal point. Tripit is used to strategize trips. Coming to Approval Apps for Sharepoint, they help in managing the costs incurred, the leaves availed and the decision related to travel requests all when the user is not in the premises of the enterprise.

Thus WhatsApp, Viber, and such apps mentioned above help in facilitating virtually any tasks with the help of smartphones like chatting, organizing work and backing up data to name a few. The best measure is to concentrate a lot on the current priority present.

WhatsApp and other famed Android apps along with their trademarks

The Android platform has progressed rapidly with respect to app development and user base where it is notable for being the most abundantly used operating system. The instant messaging app WhatsApp serves to be a notable exemplar related to the same However, the underlying factors related to Android are new and such some of the apps are exposed to problems. Hence listed are some of the plus points and pitfalls associated with Android Apps

Benefits of Android Apps

A notable trait of Android apps is that the user base can operate on two or more apps simultaneously effectively making Multitasking an integral part of the platform. The user can manipulate the social media profiles and can be entertained with songs at the same instance.

The Android apps ensure that the user base does not overlook any notification or alerts as they are directly pinned to the home screen. Even the missed calls are made aware by the LED flash notification associated with the devices.

Coming to the Android domain, it features several thousands of free apps where it is packed with a big collection of apps related to entertainment and gaming.

It is a hot favorite platform for several established smartphone brands like Motorola, Sony Ericcson, and HTC. Thanks to the compatibility of the operating system related to any smartphone, its popularity only serves to intensify even more. Taking the case of its rival iOS the OS is restricted only to the Apple devices.

Another aspect featured in Android apps is that the ROM can be synced and tweaked effectively and there is a plethora of simple to master functionalities and operations in the platform. It is also noted for its simplicity related to the interface when gauged with other competitors.

Another aspect present in Android apps are Widgets which serve efficiently for the user base to manipulate the device in a more easier way and promotes for user-friendly usage.

The aspect of availing and reading emails and the relevant documents is simplified due to the abundance of services ranging from Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Google Reader and such.

WhatsApp and other such apps need an incessant internet connection or mobile plans so as to facilitate uninterrupted service.Too much of advertisements associated with the platform and the play store serves to hamper the momentum associated with the OS. Some of the Android apps consume the power of the smartphones quite rapidly. And few of them are subject to be associated with malicious viruses making the device vulnerable in some scenarios.

Track Record of Some of the Android Based Applications

The Circle of Six app is developed for unexpected misfortunes where the friends of the user will provide help instantly for the user all associated with a few clicks on the app. The app will transmit 2 messages to a selected 6 of the user's close friends. One message elucidates the current location and the other is used to touch base with the user.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular instant messaging application on a worldwide scale. It will be a surprise if any one who owns a smartphone has not heard regarding WhatsApp. One of the best of the mobile apps globally, it has been subject to end to end encryption as well on the Android platform.

Bandcamp (Free Application)

This app is a collection of music files where it stays unique from the related common apps thanks to its amazing streaming feature.

Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0 (Free Application)

This free app ensures that the old photos and archaic pictures are touched up and are featured with a fresh look that makes them shine and look brand new.

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal (Free Application)

This app acts as a missing link between the aspects of health and technological advancements. The app monitors and records the calories which were gained and lost. A cool app for weight reduction.

Writing Challenge (Paid Application)

This app acts as a digital assistant providing suggestions for the user when they want to write something. It has proved effective in official and personal ventures related to writing out anything.

WhatsApp and other Android based apps mentioned have been warmly received with critical acclaim worldwide. It is evident from WhatsApp that the success factor is directly proportional to the prowess in the associated coding of Android apps and also is related to the brand whose services were made use to develop the app.

The rivalry between WhatsApp and Skype over the years

It is evident that the instant messaging app, WhatsApp has been leading the rest of the group associated with putting Skype out of commission. Succeeding the purchase of the app by Facebook, WhatsApp has incessantly rolled out brand new and amazing features so that the app transforms into the ultimate mobile messaging service. Even though there is a grumbling that some of the latest add-ons are already part of other rivals, the users of WhatsApp have embraced the features warmly.

Coming to the iOS version of WhatsApp a slew of features have been launched, including the ability to backup and save chats, personalize the images and the implementation of brand new wallpapers apart from lots more. Even though several of the attributes are already present in the Android version, some are brand exclusive to the iOS platform which encompasses the feature to send slow-motion videos which are generated with the help of devices like iPhone 5S. Also featured in addition is the ability to chop the video and cut it down to the desired size with the usage of the app itself.

However, WhatsApp is not without any pitfalls- A particular feature which got widespread notice was the implementation of read receipts related to the messages. Before, the user base could comprehend from the gray double tick marks that the message has been sent to a recipient. However, now blue double ticks signify that the message has been opened and read by the recipient. The reception to the feature was mixed. A section of the user base argued that it was against the basic guidelines of privacy and others have embraced and accepted the feature warmly due to the fact that it is present in other platforms as well.

Initially, despite the amazing add-ons, WhatsApp was still lagging behind Skype with respect to the absence of voice and video calling feature and the implementation of an app for the desktop. Skype had the competitive edge as for millions of users who are not technically inclined, it was the best option when it came to chatting and interacting with others through the internet. WhatsApp's rivals in the vying marketplace used the time to integrate these features into their products. Notable exemplars include Google and Apple. WhatsApp had also stated that it would roll out VoIP calling but it was stalled.

However now, the tides have changed in favor of WhatsApp where there is a desktop app available for the user base and the aspect of video calling and voice calling similar to Skype has become a reality. It has been subject to an experimentation with several new additional features which serve to captivate its user base even more and attract more and more new customers.

Skype's fame was also attributed to the compatibility of the app for all existing platforms including Personal Computers. Whatsapp, on the other hand, had confined itself within the boundaries of the mobile domain which served as a bane and a boon related to the fame which it acquired. It is especially for the user base which has to be confined in front of the computers, that a desktop app was demanded. Whatsapp had two pitfalls to patch up. But at present after the various updates regarding the same, WhatsApp is surely capable of gaining new users and has the chances to dethrone Skype from its reigning position.

WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps for the Android tablets

Mobile devices and tablets have sure contributed to a major innovative upheaval related to which the user base interacts with their relatives, friends, and colleagues. The timeline where the concept of messaging was restricted to web chats implemented on personal computers with specific Instant Messaging applications is now over. The cost consuming Short Message Services, which had a successful reign in the market has also seen the waning presence related to its popularity. The present era of user base manipulating instant messaging apps can avail the Internet or any mobile plan so as to convey information with the help of the smartphones. Ultimately it is all done for free!. In addition to that, the apps can be availed even when preoccupied or the hands are full. Below mentioned are some of the well renowned and famous apps related to messaging for the Android platform.

a. Whatsapp:

Having its inception 8 years back, the monthly user base of this app amounts to 1.3 billion users. The logic behind the amazing app is basic- All it requires is the mobile number of the user base related to the Android product so as to associate the number in its network. Next, the entire contact list is scrutinized and analyzed where the app accumulates a detailed collection of users who are availing the app hitherto. Initially apart from instantaneous text messaging, the app was manipulated to share pictures, video files and audio files. Now it is a completely all in one app where voice calling, video calling, sharing of files associated with any type, location sharing and the such have been incorporated. The most current metrics reveal that over 55 billion messages are transmitted per day among the users. Other metrics reveal that 4.5 billion images and 1 billion videos are shared every day. WhatsApp has been declared to be always free by its parent company Facebook where initially it was free for only one year and then a subscription fee of 0.99$ was associated with it for the subsequent years annually. The app stands by the motto as to not include any type of advertisements within itself and has done a good job related to the same.

b. Google Hangouts:

At the time of its inception, Google Hangouts was seen as a video conferencing tool with a close association with Google's another roll out Google+. As time passed the aspects of Google Talk and Voice applications were integrated with Hangouts. And at present, it is the messaging equivalent of Google. Hangouts is proficient in smoothly functioning on the products namely smartphones and tablets. The user base can swap between the text messaging feature and the ultra high definition video chatting at any moment.

c. WeChat:

This app has played a major role in shaping up the messaging world in the Asian countries. It is featured in several languages so that its far spreading reach can be associated with the countries where the Android users are not English speakers. Leaving aside the texting feature, the app features audio messaging, several aspects related to social network plugins and lots more in addition.

d. Facebook Messenger: The social media giant features a basic chatting tool so that the user base can send confidential and secured messages to other people using the network. As its name and fame grew by bounds, the parent company made steps to integrate it as a stand-alone app for the Android platform and that was what was the start to the conception of Facebook messenger. The app is manipulated to interact with the Facebook friends and is effectively synchronizable and merged with Facebook's mobile app and web app equivalents.

WhatsApp and the categorization of messaging apps

The interaction associated with the help of Smartphones is incessantly progressing forward and subject to major upheavals now and then. At present, the aspect of using smartphones only for messaging has changed. Currently, it is about availing the use of different messaging apps so as to be updated and synced 24/7. Featured are abundant options and hence that could lead to a dilemma where the user base is sure to be confused and overwhelmed as to which app is the best choice. There is a never-ending intense war between the manipulation of iMessage on iPhones and the application of the popular WhatsApp app related to the Android products. Below elucidated is to analyze and find out which is the best pick out of the options available.

The first question that pops up is why a messaging app has to be implemented. If the user base is hitherto availing the texting as offered by the phone service provider or via MMS, then this query holds relevancy. The craze behind the messaging apps is attributed to the file sharing aspect of it be it media files or others. The messaging apps contribute a lot in helping the user base to sync with their friends staying in foreign nations all with less cost or completely free of charge. Featured are some apps which feature even self-destructing/ vanishing photos. With the help of these apps, the user base can develop a group comprising of particular people from an establishment for a given cause and reason be it social groups or groups attributing to family and friends circle.

An additional feature associated with these apps is that there are no confinements related to texting. The texting can be carried out on an unlimited basis with only the internet being the requirement instead of getting charged for messaging.

The instant messaging apps including the very popular WhatsApp are categorized as Multimedia messaging apps, Vanishing message apps and apps related to Group interaction and payment.

Speaking about the first one namely Multimedia Messaging apps, the noted app is WhatsApp

This app has been making strides and revolutions ever since its inception 8 years ago. The app is compatible with the platforms encompassing iOS, Windows, Android and Blackberry. The recipients associated with the user are surely bound to be one one of the above-mentioned platforms so as to promote effective syncing and interaction. WhatsApp is noted for its simple and less intricate design factors and also for the easy to master and manipulate interactive UI. The user is bound to no limits and can share virtually anything and can take part in features including video calling and voice calling. Apart from this, the user location can also be shared with others.


Another free app, it features the aspect of customizing and sketching out with the images which are sent to others. This applies to even song clips but the recipient has to buy the full version of the song either from iTunes or Google Play.

Coming to Vanishing Messages Apps the first one is about Snapchat. It has become a fashion with respect to the youth to share images or texts which "self-destruct" or to put in a more convincing term disappear from the device after the message has been opened and read. It has faced some controversies related to privacy norms and proscribed image sharing. However, in spite of that, the craze is gaining more momentum.

To make this feasible, the user base has to click a photo or tape a video file by manipulating the integrated services offered by the app and then it asks for the time limit related to which the media files can stay in the device without disappearing and it is ready to be shared. The time constraint ranges from one to ten seconds. Once the file is availed, a timer will start and the file vanishes from view after the time period has expired. It is present for free for the iOS and Android user base and to make things more interactive and amusing, the corresponding picture can be sketched out with the user's creativity to do so.

Another app that features disappearing messages which vanish within a time frame of 2 minutes from availing the messages. The simp,e text message is sent to the recipient who receives it in the form of a black box which has to be availed to access the contents of the message. The message can be fortified with a password and modifications are done to prevent the message contents to be duplicated by others. On the contrary, the user base can snap a screen shot of the message

One more app by the name of Burn Note gives you the advantage of disappearing messages. You have the option of making your plain text message disappear on opening within 120 seconds. The recipient receives a message like a black box appearing on their screen, on accessing these boxes message appears. Additionally, you also have the option of securing your message with a password. You can also make selections to ensure that your messages cannot be copied. However, if a user still has an option of capturing a screen shot of the conversation.

Coming to the final category the associated app GroupMe is renowned for syncing the user base operating from a plethora of various platforms and generate group messages irrespective of the smartphone model the user base is manipulating. This app is completely free as well.

In addition, the app provides the user with the liberty related to developing a shared option related to accumulating tabs from hotels.To quote an instance, when the user base is having a dinner with their friends, then it is feasible to integrate group payment. The individuals associated with GroupMe app who are provided with a payment details app can make use of it for the payment of the bill.

After that insight related to the categorization of messaging apps, the advantageous aspect of having an alternative messaging source in this case and app is comprehended effectively.

Does WhatsApp and the other messaging apps along with Chatbots carry the same momentum to the future

Related to their inception in phase with instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and such, chatbots are in the spotlight related to customization. It is a wonder regarding how the association happened and its significance.

Half a century ago, Mr. Marshall McLuhan who was a professional related to media claimed that it featured a responsibility related to modifying and manipulating the aspect of its integration with humans and the consequences all to a considerable reach. Insight reveals that the medium is integrated with anything conveyed and it is proportional to how the message is comprehended. It serves to be an expansion of the human senses related to how things are comprehended and manipulated.

At present, some 50 years later, the medium has evolved such that it is an effective mode of interaction. In the previous year, WhatsApp featured 1 billion users which were roughly 14% of the global population. When integrated with Messenger app, featured are more than 60 billion messages encompassing texts, audio files and video files which are transmitted and received on a daily basis.

Related to the latest research made by Facebook, the interaction of user base with retailers was associated with such messaging platforms related to any service, purchase and the such. This reinforces the fact that messaging is an integral part of the medium.

For the past 2 decades, it is a wonder as to why enterprises have not effectively manipulated such platforms. Prior to the inception of Chatbots last year, the enterprises making use of instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and the such were heedless of a philosophical statement related to customization where 'If not human, be humane'.

Post their inception related to messaging platforms, they have tasted success. Their association with regards to enterprises has proven to be successful and several more brands are adopting this logic. This collaboration can have 3 destinies

Thanks to chatbots, the instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will transfigure into the latest browsers, where they will take over what websites were doing to enhance enterprises 10 years ago.The funding and backing associated with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are about to explode in growth by thrice the rate this year. This is all done to revamp and boost the interface generated by the bots and to make effective use of the traits associated with user behavior.

There will be increased relevancy of messaging apps associated with the Internet of Things setups. To elucidate with an instance, the user base can be provided with offers related to sales all with the help of messages when they cross a given shop. In other cases, the workers related to a factory can be efficiently integrated with the machinery and manipulate the assimilated information for productivity.

Even though the perception of data usage among the user base is related to become negative, the instant messaging apps like WhatsApp are still important criteria as the aspect of messaging is an integral part of life. Due to the ability of chatbots to integrate bots on the instant messaging apps, the requirement related to that of a proprietary app is circumvented. The potential and aspect related to the what the enterprises have to give related to the apps is still bound to grow.

Thanks to the progress in Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning in the relevant field, the chatbots will take some time to comprehend the aspect of human behavior associated with such apps. If McLuhan's statement is still valid in the future, the aspect of chatbots can serve to be modified into an important part of the way how humans comprehend things.

The necessity of a mobile app to serve an enterprise

Thanks to the influx related to mobile app development, the brands located all over the world from different domains and the such are striving to develop their own app. Presently the user base is a part of a generation manipulated by technology and the most current product for technology to integrate with the user base and potential customers are through a smartphone. Mobile devices have earned immense popularity after the inception of mobile apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Maps and the such.

The mobile apps have revolutionized the business world related to a plethora of types and they are effective to generate a strong bonding with the user base. Presently, several brands are tasting the fruits of success thanks to the mobile apps. It is of bad consequences for the enterprises which have not embraced the notion of mobile app development and developed one yet.

Provided the entrepreneur is one who has not considered the aspect of app development, they have to get insight regarding the following.

Apps make businesses highly visible to target audience

Based on the latest analysis, the smartphones and mobile apps are manipulated to a substantial figure of 6 times more than how the user base manipulates computers and laptops. At present, mobile apps and smartphones are the preferred choices when it comes to digital shopping thanks to their immediate access and round the clock presence. Provided the user base wants to integrate with the enterprise, mobile apps are the best options and WhatsApp is one particular app which proves to be very much effective.

It enables the services to be present round the clock and the interaction happens immediately in less than a minute.

Applications are efficient in promoting services

The timeline where brands manipulated the printing medium to make the user base updated and aware about some discounts and campaigns is long gone by. At present mobile apps have succeeded the print media and they are effective to transmit the relevant information with the user base like deals, discounts, new products and the such. WhatsApp and other such apps are capable of taking the aspect of branding to the next level.

Apps recognize business in target markets

The mobile technology of the current era, aids the enterprises to be immediately identified by the user base. The mobile app must be carefully developed with operational logic such that the user base can immediately get answers to their questions. The mobile app being developed has to be enthralling and specific related to the target base.

Applications help develop effective communication

The enterprise must ensure that a powerful mode of interaction is associated with the target base and here is where mobile apps and especially that of WhatsApp enter the picture. It promotes streamlined and hitch free communication between both the parties and there are no obstacles which prevent the eventful transaction from the user base.

Integration of mobile apps serve to be effective and despite its widespread reach, there are some brands which have not embraced the notion which can be used as an advantage and competitive edge for the enterprises which have adopted this methodology.

How mobile apps including WhatsApp enhance any enterprises

Researches conducted on a widespread scale indicate that the user base is manipulating a lot of time through the internet when compared to earlier days. The largest surge was noted in the user base who are aged between 16 and 24, where the internet usage did online saw a growth in triple the rate as before.

This mammoth surge is thanks to the immense growth with respect to mobile devices and tablets along with the advent of apps like WhatsApp where in the case of the tablets it registered a 575 % growth and the app has now over 1 billion users availing the smartphones to use the mobile app.

The explosion related to this increased usage of mobile devices has factored and shaped the perspective of the user base related to purchase. Analysis revealed that nearly 62% of the people globally would shift their opinion regarding a brand if it provides the user base with the chance to purchase products through the devices and if it provides them amazing mobile applications for use.

Studies have revealed that the user base utilizes 80% of their time on smartphones by utilizing mobile apps like WhatsApp. It is due to the fact that such apps feature a greater experience with regards to usage which is not feasible in the case of websites.

From the above factors, it is significant that such apps take up a major responsibility with respect to enterprise growth. Irrespective of the size of the enterprise, the adoption of mobile devices and mobile applications is the preferred methodology currently. Below listed are some beneficial aspects associated with manipulation of mobile apps for the enterprise's needs.

Increases Interest

By implementing a powerful app say WhatsApp for the enterprise, thanks to its already widespread popular reach, the enterprise ensures that the user base would avail the app and the new users will download the app so as to get insight regarding the products and other offerings which the enterprise is currently dealing with. This can be done even when they are not logged in with the internet. Thanks to the reach of WhatsApp, the products are within the reach of the user base and the likelihood of them to purchase the products enlarges as it stirs and augments the curiosity of the user base. Whenever an update is generated, it is easily within the grasp of the user base due to the enthralling factor of WhatsApp and the news is received immediately. This promotes for augmentation of sales even further.

Enhances Engagement

As the presence of online branding proceeds forward at a rapid rate, the enterprises are concentrating more on user engagement as this process is more effective than the aspect of developing sales lead. It is the best option to enthrall a customer with a mobile app like WhatsApp which leads to increased sales and income generated. The app ensures that the user base is transformed into faithful customers and which serves to enhance and spread the reach of the enterprise.

Speak Customer's Language

Thanks to the presence of chat translation Messenger apps the enterprise can spread to regions which include a different language speaking people. The apps ensure that irrespective of the language spoken, the enterprise can still interact with the user base. The Messenger apps ensure that interpretation is done so as to gauge the desires and requirements of the customer base. Such apps are effective in regions where English is not the typically spoken language. Availing third party apps assist the entrepreneurs in interacting with the customer base and related personnel in a plethora of languages numbering more than 70.

Low-Cost Promotion

Mobile apps like WhatsApp assist the enterprises in an effective promotion. It finds its applicable use whenever there are limited budgets to brand. The incorporation of some enthralling offers can be made available for the user base to avail through the app. Once the user base gets to know the deal, they will immediately contact the brand with the help of the apps so as to profit by the dealing.

Benefits of mobile apps in user's daily lives

The aspect of mobile apps has evolved into becoming a mandatory aspect of every enterprise in the present digital world. The apps like WhatsApp and such aid in enhancing any enterprise to profit in a plethora of several ways. The enterprise identity is reinforced and fixed firmly and its the userbase is made wary about the presence of its products. Featured is an enlargement related to their market world. More apps are rolled out in the app stores on an incessant basis. Mobile apps like WhatsApp and others find their beneficiary uses related to the user base as they come packed with a collection of amazing attributes. Featured are several advantages associated with the manipulation of mobile apps

Time Saving :

The mobile apps preserve and conserve precious time. At present in this era, the user base's life is very much hectic and busy such that they dont have the time to avail the internet with the help of any computers or laptops. With the help of apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger the user base can instantly transmit messages from any place and anytime conserving time.

Branding For Products And Services :

Availing the mobile apps, any enterprise can enhance the visibility range associated with the products and get assimilated with even more number of users. The enterprise can encompass all the aspects related to marketing so as to exploit it to its potential to the maximum. The aspect of brand identity is established by making use of a newly developed enterprise app or an app like WhatsApp.

Simplification of tasks :

Featured are several personalized apps which aid the user base in generating reports, conduct exhaustive research and for gauging metrics. Such apps are integrated with the aspect of charts and graphs which come along with them. Thus tasks which took hours to finish are completed in little time and efficiently as well. Thanks to the intricate and state of the art design of such apps, everything is done in a jiffy.


Presently, the user base is 24/7 busy such that they dont even possess the time which can be spent by interacting with others. Such is the intensity involved when the user base is hard at work, Mobile apps featuring games and riddle solvers aim to act as stress busters for the user base in their busy schedules. It will serve to be a much-needed relief from the monotonous and busy schedule to which they are accustomed to.

Personalized Services:

Mobile apps feature state of the art designs which enthrall the user base to make use of its services with a touch of customization. There are a plethora of mobile apps for the enterprise related and finance related domains which match the user's needs. Anything can be customized as per the preference of the users and be generated as an app. This can be attributed to the progress and advancement in mobile app development. These apps are present for every phase of the user's life.

Social Connections: Mobile apps assist the user base to be socially integrated with others on the go with apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and the such. Such is the care related to the development of the apps with which the user base can reach out deeper into the social environment. This comes in handy for enterprises and entrepreneurs who are busy traveling yet want to make the user base and the world aware of something related to their enterprises and businesses.

The zenith of Mobile VoIP embracement

VoIP is gaining momentum as it has dethroned the reigning POTS from various locations across the globe. It has been embraced by enterprises due to the simplicity associated with it with respect to usage and amazing new attributes as well. In the case of the user base the shift is related and inclined with respect to cost friendly measures. The aspect of VoIP although having its inception sometime in the past was confined only to the computers and desk phones and was not launched and integrated with smartphones. However, with the passage of time, the odds had turned in favor of smartphones and VoIP is now a feasible venture mainly contributed to the augmentation in the number of LTE integrated mobile devices. It spearheads the progress related to the expansion of the VoIP market.

Featured are several logical answers as to why the smartphones are now in the limelight related to VoIP market. The user base is embracing the concept of wireless smartphones and is distancing themselves from the traditional landlines which they had been using for a very long time. This truth is signified with the rise in the number of households which dont have a landline as an integral part of their houses. Despite the fact that several enterprises have not given up and isolated themselves from landlines, it is seen that more and more of the employees prefer using smartphones. This has been revolutionized by the popular BYOD trend. Seen from the rapid growth with respect to mobile market, the aspect of VoIP apps is also gaining steam and momentum along with the same among the user base.

The worldwide popular instant messaging app WhatsApp, Viber, and other such instant messaging apps have implemented this feature. The apps have embraced this concept due to the fact that the related VoIP technology is making strides in the developing countries where the people from such nations keeping the pricing in the mind are embracing VoIP apps like WhatsApp and the such to minimise the charges they incur from making phone calls or manipulating SMS. As aforementioned WhatsApp has integrated VoIP calling and the other apps have done the same or are yet to do so. Seen is the phenomenon of the proliferation of ultra fast mobile data connections in the nations which dont have a strong broadband network or the such.

The victorious venture related to OTT operators incorporating VoIP features and the aspect of texting in smartphones has got a reaction from the telephone service providers to brainstorm proposals which serve to counterbalance the ever dwindling income associated with the normal phone calls and messages. Some service providers are augmenting and reinforcing their LTE networks and have integrated VoLTE aspect so as to generate carrier related mobile VoIP. Time will only tell if the former will serve to dethrone OTT services. However, in the midst of this intense vying, it is VoIP which is experiencing an explosive growth with the competition being a contributing factor.

Yet, the only obstacle related to the great success of mobile VoIP operators is the absence of an effective enterprise model. It is the number of subscribers instead of income generated which gauges the success metrics in the ever enlarging market. Although there has not been any presence of considerable income, the mobile VoIP world is at the forefront when evaluated with the other VoIP counterparts where the former has overwhelmed the latter related to metrics. The excitement is such that in a short span of time, the user base will reach a timeline where they cannot tell the difference corresponding to a VoIP call and traditional call associated with the smartphones

The only thing standing in the way of success for mobile VoIP operators is the lack of a sustainable business model. In a rapidly expanding market, success is being measured in terms of number of subscribers rather than revenues. Despite the lack of significant revenues, the growth in mobile VoIP usage is quickly overshadowing the numbers in every other VoIP market. Pretty soon users will be unable to distinguish between a VoIP and a normal call on mobile devices.

Activating WhatsApp for Web

The WhatsApp web version is making quite an abundance of excitement and stir in the market. The user base has been contemplating as to how the web version can be downloaded and installed for effective usage on the personal computers. They wish to manipulate the app in the same way as they implement it on the smartphones.

In order to ensure that the smartphone and the personal computer are in phase with one another, there is no need to worry as the venture associated with the same is very much simple and easy to carry out. The initial step is to sync the app with the computer effectively so as to ascertain that the user base can manipulate app without availing their smart phone.

With this move, the user base can easily integrate the WhatsApp messages between the smartphone and the computer. So as to manipulate the WhatsApp Web app on the computers, the user base must have previously installed the app on the smartphones. Also, it is emphasized that the user base must have a mobile plan or an internet connection on the smartphone. This is related to the aspect that if the device malfunctions or functions outside the expected criterion then the total work would become a futile venture.

Taking other aspects into account, the web equivalent of WhatsApp could face problems stemming from the integration with the computer. To tackle this scenario, the suggested option is to ascertain that the best web browser- be it Mozilla FireFox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera or Edge is manipulated. Provided that any of such internet browsers are not installed in the computer, there are chances that the user base could experience glitches and issues here and there.

The other important point to be contemplated is that the net connection must be stable on the computer. Prior to the manipulation of the Web equivalent of WhatsApp, the user must ascertain that a proper internet connectivity is associated and the web page has to be refreshed after that. Next, the user has to login in once again after signing out. To get the best out of the whole process, it is suggested that the user base has downloaded and installed the latest version related to the internet browser being used.

In the event, it is the phone which malfunctions with respect to connectivity, then it can impact the Web equivalent of the app. This issue can be rectified if the user base conveys a message using the app. Provided the previous step is carried out without any hitches, then the device has to be restarted once again. Further care must be ensured that a stable internet connection is present all prior to the app being availed.

Some news about the 2.17.50 version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the dominant instant messaging app has given its iOS base of loyal users a news to rejoice. The popular application related to messaging has rolled out for its iOS users some long time anticipated revamping and features which were the need of the hour as soon as possible. WhatsApp's latest version 2.17.50 has fine-tuned and tweaked the Chat Search aspect of it and has addressed several issue patches and bug fixes as well.

The latest version of the app for the iOS platform is now featured for instant download from the Apple App Store. It is also in synchronization with the group chats as well as noted by reliable WhatsApp tipster site WABetaInfo. From now onwards the iOS user base can manipulate the app to probe and identify particular messages and chat conversations related to some given chats. An additional information is that this feature is hitherto part of the Android version of the app. To narrow down on a given message related to the Android platform, the main chat window of the app has to be availed and then the three dots icon situated to the right has to be accessed. Next, the Search option is availed and the user base can make use of any word which is a part of the specific message which the user is trying to access from the vast database of WhatsApp. The keyword is entered and the message content is availed.

Additional key attributes on the instant messaging app encompass automatic video streaming pertaining to the user base, then the ability to send files of any format with the help of the app and the much-noted pin feature as well. The instant messaging app under the 2.17.50 category also ensures and addresses the patching up of typical issues and features revamping with respect to the localisations associated. The wallpapers and screens which come by default are not stored onto the app but will be done in the servers associated with its parent company Facebook.

Another enthralling attribute which has been incorporated into the app is the vibrant and color rich Status revamping for both the iOS and Android platforms. This enables the user base to apply their creative and innovative talents to develop enthralling status updates. The concerns that the message is not properly addressed for the user base's relatives and friends are put to rest. Irrespective of the news be it suggesting a good place for holidaying or alerting a given group regarding the venue details and rendezvous point for parties, this interactive and vibrant status feature permits the user base to notify their contacts by manipulating an amazing and interactive method.

In addition to this, the user base can personalize and tweak the text status with the help of fonts, associated link pages and the color options pertaining to the background.

An extra noteworthy feature integrated with the instant messaging app provides the user base to see the Status tab on personal computers with the help of WhatsApp web. Formerly, the desktops could contain only chat windows.

Further, keeping the WhatsApp fans on their toes are some eagerly awaited attributes namely UPI payments and the option to revoke. The WhatsApp tipster WaBetaInfo noted related to the presence of the latter on the Windows devices and it could be officially rolled out to the other platforms pretty soon. However, there is scarce news at present related to the payment venture integrated by the app other than the fact it will be designed and developed by the National Payments Corporation of India in the nation. Further talks and discussions have been conducted by the instant messaging app with various other banks and financial establishments like SBI so as to make this feature an astounding reality with respect to the app which was subject to acquisition by the social media giant Facebook.

An insight regarding WhatsApp Process Outsourcing

WhatsApp has evolved into an integral part of any Smartphone user in India and it is the portal to instant message communication with others where the day begins with opening the smartphone and availing WhatsApp where the morning greetings are subject to overwhelm the user base with messages like Good Morning which are typed in a font which is an archaic and ancient one. Further, they come packed with fireworks and flowers which were badly designed with respect to photoshopping. That is just the beginning, the entire day is featured with the bombardment of the smartphone with topics related to gossip, poetries, philosophical insight, some news from a big establishment related to the nation or the Prime minister himself. In other scenarios, it is signified with video files and GIF media files. This is the typical situation of a smartphone user being associated with several WhatsApp group chats.

As aforementioned, WhatsApp app and the internet in India are very much synced with one another. The other components associated with the smartphone namely the various app stores, Google Assistant, the integrated Siri, emails and the cloud based storage Dropbox all serve to be ornamentations related to the specific class. The user base is subject to browsing a lot thereby gaining insight regarding the aspect of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, the machine learning concepts & facts, cars which operate without drivers and the future prospects of the internet which powers everything. However taking a majority of the sections in India both the instant messaging app and the aspect of the internet which is a backbone of it are related and share a special bond inseparable from one another.

Taking into account some three years back, in India the user base of WhatsApp had grown four times the size from a modest 50 million users to over 200 million WhatsApp users in the Indian nation. To elucidate briefly, every smartphone in India is incomplete and missing an integral part without the presence of WhatsApp. It is associated with an amazing intricate interface which is simple to master, the aspect of group chat messaging and the feature to share any type of files or media related files thereby addressing the nation's very much important desires namely the need related to usage and the aspect of interacting with others. Speaking in other terminology it is the apt tool related to the smartphone users which number in millions.

Taking into account the craze which the Indian nation has with the instant messaging app, it is surprising that there are not many brands which attempt to manipulate the app and perform a major upheaval into it resulting in an economically friendly customer acquisition platform. The instant messaging app is at present involved in experimentation with an offshoot of the app named WhatsApp for Business which is personalized and developed for the Indian nation. Further, the country is termed to be best as a Do It For Me market rather than a Do-It-Yourself market. This signifies and enlightens that if the app had a transfiguration as an enterprise platform, then all the functions and tasks will be associated with the specific people who furnish branding related to the instant messaging app for several other enterprises and organizations.

To rephrase the sentence in a different meaning, the Indian enterprises will need the aspect of WhatsApp Process Outsourcing (WPO) feature to promote their businesses.

Such establishments which manipulate WPO are termed to be the future successors related to SMS services and email branding companies. Their roles and responsibilities will include effectively taking care of user databases marked with interest factor, develop captivating innovative ideas and involve themselves with users and reply to them instantly and effectively. They can evolve into being factored as customer assisting portals.

The aspect of stimulating application downloads and installations is better named in the enterprise world by a different terminology called performance marketing which comprises the majority of digital advertisement investment and spendings related to the Nation.Their pricing related to getting a download varies from 50 Rs to 500 Rs and in some scenarios even more. In the event the WhatsApp Processing Outsourcing can sway and manipulate the power of the "transfer file" feature, then it will promote a future where downloading and installation of mobile apps can be made feasible without accessing the Google Play Store. The apt branding technique will be to name the installation file appropriately and then it can be shared with some specific groups and sectors. Speaking of the online branders, their thought process must be innovative and revolutionary for productivity.

The aspect of branding associated with WhatsApp can gain traction by the manipulation of the app's best feature that is groups.Such groups can manipulate the word of mouth with the simplicity associated with targeting and branding. This is evident when the user base searches for the keyword WhatsApp groups list" via Google.

On research, it is observed that there are huge stacks and abundance of web pages which are associated with several hundreds of WhatsApp group categorized based on the interest factor. Everything is accounted for in the assemblage of 256 people or less with the help of the app.

A certain section of such groups is manipulating and benefitting from the leads associated with free coupons which the brands provide in abundance for the novice users and the such. Certain brands namely OTP Bazar and IN Paytm Looter have comprehended the power to benefit most from the potential associated with WhatsApp groups. The nation's ruling party BJP has been featured as the group with the most prowess and skills related to WhatsApp user appropriation and engagement.

It is the case of several news reports which denote the scenario where a party can manipulate the app WhatsApp to factor for the aspect of vote sharing. A BJP representative noted that one of their main goals was to captivate the voter-base by texting them round the clock and in the event, they avail the messages, they are then made aware of the presence of the brand and its traits.

The above-mentioned methodology reaped benefits in Uttar Pradesh and the party from its Karnataka base also wishes to emulate the success once again. The party of the latter state maintained that it availed the services of 100 volunteers related to every constituency numbering in the 200s. This puts the estimate at more than 22,000 volunteers whose role is to take up a minimum of half an hour a day to spread the information across 5000 WhatsApp groups which surmise to more than 1.2 million individuals.

Related to a private brander, their role is to repeat the method chiefly by narrowing down on the admins associated with these WhatsApp groups and then by pushing the collateral as representatives of the related clients. This methodology is the best and only available economical user captivating methodology for effective results

Further noted was that the platforms related to Facebook and Twitter are becoming obsolete as time passes, from the courtesy of recent research and analysis. At present, the people are manipulating WhatsApp more and more as the typical portal associated with the internet.

WhatsApp is all focused on an Android version related to its Business services

The instant messaging app WhatsApp has seen no hindrances with respect to its progressive momentum and popularity. It has encompassed over 1 billion users globally from more than hundreds of nations. Now the app won't be restricted with respect to the normal traditional user base. Lots of news and posts reveal that the instant messaging app will soon subject to inception a distinct WhatsApp for Business app.With the help of this new prototype, the enterprises can interact with authenticated users much more efficiently and productively without any hitches.

Several screenshots have been uploaded to the internet in order to reinforce and bolster this news. The snapshots impart and relay the notion that any enterprise profile can be linked up with the Business platform and such associated accounts are integrated with a green badge adjacent to the contact name, confirming the notion that it is a part of an authenticated enterprise profile.

Based on the screenshots provided, it is comprehended that this new WhatsApp for the Business platform can be both subscribed with and can be unregistered as well. Further, if a chat was subject to inception with such a contact, the conversations are marked in yellow. Such color marked messages cannot be disposed of by conventional methods manually as noted by a brand new WhatsApp FAQ support site. In addition to that, a Facebook career page also indicates the same bolstering and ascertaining the news associated with it. Below mentioned are the social media site's job listings:

The first one is to get prowess with relation to the WhatsApp for Business app related to the Android platform and serve effectively as a portal of data streaming with respect to the branding team. Next, the problems associated with the WhatsApp for Business App as related to the Android platforms have to be analyzed, classified, prioritized and reported as well. Careful analysis and overviewing of the user base's feedbacks have to be done on the Google Play Store in relation to any issues and bugs. The platform issues have to be isolated from the errors and the SMB team has to be consulted related to following up on bug reports as generated by the user base. Collaboration must be associated with the developer's team so as to enhance the speed of momentum associated with the standard of the WhatsApp for Business app and get deeper insight and comprehension with regards to how it is manipulated. Exhaustive analysis has to be done with respect to the particular Android user pain points and to provide a good user experience, assimilation of related data has to be done with focus. The work flow methodology and associated aspects have to be gauged on an incessant basis so as to identify issues and bugs quickly and serve to manipulate and enhance the way how the team tackles prevailing problems and such. The facets and characteristics of product documentation have to be enhanced and made in phase with the latest requirements.

The first one is to get prowess with relation to the WhatsApp for Business app related to the Android platform and serve effectively as a portal of data streaming with respect to the branding team. Next, the problems associated with the WhatsApp for Business App as related to the Android platforms have to be analyzed, classified, prioritized and reported as well. Careful analysis and overviewing of the user base's feedbacks have to be done on the Google Play Store in relation to any issues and bugs. The platform issues have to be isolated from the errors and the SMB team has to be consulted related to following up on bug reports as generated by the user base. Collaboration must be associated with the developer's team so as to enhance the speed of momentum associated with the standard of the WhatsApp for Business app and get deeper insight and comprehension with regards to how it is manipulated. Exhaustive analysis has to be done with respect to the particular Android user pain points and to provide a good user experience, assimilation of related data has to be done with focus. The work flow methodology and associated aspects have to be gauged on an incessant basis so as to identify issues and bugs quickly and serve to manipulate and enhance the way how the team tackles prevailing problems and such. The facets and characteristics of product documentation have to be enhanced and made in phase with the latest requirements.

It is typical that several enterprise associated customers are making interactions with the brands through emails, Facebook, Twitter and the such. However, presently WhatsApp which is beforehand a powerfully established instant messaging tool featuring a huge number of users serve to make things efficient for the customer base and enhance the prospects to the subsequent standards and scales.

This version of WhatsApp is subject to inception on the Android platform initially. This is due to the astronomically bigger market share when evaluated with its competing rival iOS. An additional reason is that of its economically friendly attributes and value for money. Very soon, the prototype will enter the iOS market as well.

To conclude, this innovative venture will surely shape up the prospects of the already popular instant messaging brand and it will serve to prove beneficial for the user base ultimately.

WhatsApp wont be a feature of JioPhone for now.

WhatsApp fans are bound for disappointment as by the looks of the scenario it is perceived that the most popular instant messaging app will be integrated with Reliance brand's latest surprise JioPhone. It is significant that the conglomerate's game changing JioPhone has its share of amazing features and attributes, the rejection of WhatsApp and related mobile apps which have gained momentum and popularity has catalyzed an issue apart from the others. WhatsApp has created quite a stir in the market and to further elucidate, even first-time users can't imagine a smartphone without the WhatsApp app that too from the red hot RIL conglomerate.

The Reliance JioPhone features the operating system in the form of KaiOS which is packed with a plethora of Jio apps which encompasses JioTV as well. As aforementioned the in demand apps like WhatsApp and the such are not integrated with the smartphone. Some time back a news announced on Factor Daily noted and maintains that the aspect of WhatsApp being a part of the JioPhone could be a reality and that both RIL and WhatsApp were involved in meetings all at the nascent stages. It was disclosed that WhatsApp would soon introduce a modified special version of the instant messaging app for the smartphone from Reliance which is branded as a feature phone.

Unfortunately, later this news was quashed when Alan Kao an executive from the instant messaging app's brand indicated that the app was not going to be ported to any other platforms and that such news was baseless. Everything seemed to be centered and spiraling along with respect to the end-to-end encryption and the proposed path suggested to be traversed by the instant messaging app is related to the probability if the Smartphone is integrated with a stand alone version of the popular messaging app for its 4G VoLTE integrated and powered device. It was affirmed by Kao that the rumors were baseless related to the app's venture into other modes of platforms. However puzzlingly he noted that the app had with precedence and greater importance emphasized the aspect of the end to end encryption with respect to the devices like BlackBerry 10 Operating System, Windows devices, and the Nokia Symbian related products as well.

Meanwhile, the instant messaging app has not noted regarding its portability for the JioPhone.It is assumed from the latest news that there are no plans for WhatsApp to be integrated with JioPhone or they are currently on hold. Further, it is to be noted that the Reliance Jio smartphone features its own designed JioChat app but having a smartphone not supporting WhatsApp in the potential market of the Indian nation will surely have a lot of backlash and criticism associated with the same.

Considering all scenarios, a stand alone version of WhatsApp and other popular mobile apps for an anticipated smartphone needs lots of efforts and striving so as to generate the app for the platform and make it feasible. The app must also be lightweight when evaluated with its standard normal counterpart. In order to warrant and rationalize regarding the same, it would be better to gauge the metrics related to JioPhone and its smart operational system KaiOS has to how they play out. Currently, although the feature phone has not been launched yet, it would be better not to proceed with the topic of the device becoming a smashing success on its launch.

The Feature phone had its pre-booking from Thursday last week and in addition to that, the user base can order the device with the help of the Jio website, through the mode of SMS and with the help of shops which sell Jio related products. The device is all set to launch next month, is valued at 0 Rs. However, a refundable sum of Rs 1500 has to be paid initially. The tariff associated with the device ranges from monthly plans of Rs 153, Rs 54 and also a plan costing 24 Rs which is active only for two days timeframe. The first plan comes featured with 500 MB data which can be used per day and is feasible for 28 days. The phone also features the voice calls be it incoming and outgoing all for free with respect to Local calls and Roaming calls associated as well.

WhatsApp's ventures to tackle fake and spam emails

The Indian nation has been overwhelmed with a prospering virtual market which has experienced an explosive growth to an extent where the privacy issues and security based considerations are also related to the centerpiece of attention. In the midst of this factor, the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp strives to ascertain that the settings and the availing aspects related to user data are curbed so as to mitigate and avoid the situation of potential exploitation with malicious intentions. The dominant instant messaging app along with the brand which purchased it- the social media giant Facebook has also been in hot water due to claims that it manipulates the user data in a wrong fashion and also promotes the proliferation of spam emails and fraudulent news so as to intensify the spreading of fake messages and other related content.

Based on what an important person from WhatsApp had to say, the typical methodology to weed out such spam data is to inspect the messages on the server base. However, due to the encoding of data, the messages are not in a position to be identified and the process and steps to facilitate the same are deemed futile. Hence came the advent of a sophisticated and involved spam identification team which devotes to scanning and factoring out the relevant accounts which said such bulk messages.

Alan Kao the person in picture noted that there are several methodologies to scan and zero in on such accounts where there is a proliferation of bulk messages which are transmitted to contacts who are not in the phone book or by blocking the access of accounts which have been noted by several users to be spam.

Alan further detailed that after the advent of two blue ticks, it signifies that any WhatsApp message has been read by the associated recipient and the messages are weeded out from the WhatsApp servers thereby functioning to cease to exist and the instant messaging app ensures that the data is not uploaded or saved in the cloud servers. This reduces the probability of data stealing and encroachment quite considerably. As noted, the main motto is to incorporate a well secured and fortified messaging service and that the data is not manipulated for any other malicious uses.

The end-to-end encryption methodology and framework integrated by the instant messaging apps ascertains that the messages traveling from the sender to the recipient are in no situations saved onto its servers as a decodable and comprehensive text. This is facilitated by allowing the message decoding algorithm to function only on the recipient's device and not on the WhatsApp servers.

A WhatsApp spokesperson Carl Woog noted that the brand suggests the user base to complain in case of any issues or problems so that the relevant action is implemented and the issue can be sorted out. Its parent company is also making strides to inculcate and prepare the user base as to how they can take steps to get the issue sorted out. This was related to the ruling bodies latest venture to assist the social media sites to tackle the aspect of the invasion of malicious digital content and the related associates. The current such trend is related to curbing the malicious Blue Whale challenge.

India is the largest market share for the instant messaging app featuring over 200 million users from the nation. It has faced mounting pressure and stress originating from the ruling bodies associated with the nation and its neighbor China related to availing the user messages on grounds of fortification and security. The brand in retaliation has stated officially that it won't permit the undermining of the coding process associated to avail the confidential data and won't permit a portal regarding the same. Coming as the second such incident in a month's time, the app was barred from carrying out its services in the latter as noted last week. In the midst of this scenario, the Chinese government has continued its stand regarding the aspect of data sharing. On the other hand, the Indian nation is also busy with manipulating the app's data sharing policy so as to retrieve the sensitive information with the help of its parent company Facebook.

In addition, the instant messaging app was tight lipped and hushed regarding its innovative venture to develop a lighter version of the app for the upcoming JioPhone which will be launched on a widespread scale by next month. The app has found itself to be extensively manipulated with respect to the B2B and B2C transactions as well. It is also noted for the ventures taken by the ruling body to tackle the aspect of cyber-crime.

At present, the app finds its widespread usage among 1.3 billion customers which was made feasible with a diversified group of employees who are comprising 200 people related to their California headquarters.

A brief overview of WhatsApp being fortified related to User Privacy

Previously last year the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp incorporated end to end encryption for the Facebook owned app's user base which comprises of more than 1 billion. It serves to promote security for users to interact with others where their concerns related to prying eyes trying to access the confidential data are allayed.

In India which is its largest market comprising of over 200 million active users. The app has evolved further rather than just being an instant messaging app and is manipulated for effective maintenance. Hence it is mandatory that its guidelines have to be comprehended.

The end to end encryption denotes that any person using WhatsApp for messaging to somebody and the associated recipient are the only people who can decode and read the text. The message is completely encrypted even during its transmission.

It features two keys namely public and private which are created the first time WhatsApp is being used by a user. The coding is facilitated on the device. The private key will stay with the sender and the other key is sent to the recipient via the server. This key encodes the message of the sender prior to it reaching the server base.

WhatsApp maintains that the role of the server is limited only to transmission of the encrypted message and the decoding of the message is done by the private key possessed by the recipient. The message is secured from prying eyes including WhatsApp as well.

It signifies that third parties encompassing a maliciously minded hacker, or the government or even WhatsApp itself cannot access the data. In the event the server has been subject to invasion, the perpetrators still wont be able to decode the messages as they are subject to encryption through various keys.

The instant messaging app emphasizes that it is up to the decision of the user base if they want to upload their backup data to the Google Drive or iCloud.

When a backup of messages is associated with third-party services, then the information is not uploaded to the app's servers. The messages are encrypted related to the iOS or Android platforms while it is in the process of being transmitted however there is no end to end encryption associated with the same. Further emphasized was that both the vying giants Google and Apple are very strict and stringent when it comes to user privacy.

It is a preference among the majority of the user base to manipulate third party apps so as to add a flavor to the app's themes, font styles, and even icons. They serve to add a rich touch to the bland look of WhatsApp. Preference for third party keyboard apps is also gaining momentum.

Alan Kao, a software engineer at the app noted that third party apps which feign to be the original app are purged and that it is suggested to the user base that they are adviced against manipulating third party apps for WhatsApp as they can lead to negative outcomes.

When approached with the question as to whether any third party app can provide entry into other accounts, he stated that it was related to the Operating System and such apps can leave the WhatsApp users exposed to external hazards by attesting that they can tweak the settings of WhatsApp.

An important criterion which the brand is trying to emphasize is that it is the device which operates to decode the message and hence the user base must have insight regarding the security associated with the device and getting enlightenment on what is integrated into the device barring WhatsApp.Provided that the WhatsApp messages are not readable when it is being transmitted, then the user has to safeguard the device effectively.

When quizzed regarding the possible hacking generated from any third party keyboard apps, Alan noted that when such a keyboard app is integrated with WhatsApp there is the likelihood that the phone is exposed to malicious hackers and there is nothing much which WhatsApp can carry out to prevent this from happening. Hence the guideline to install only trusted and genuine apps.

Another person noted that with the popularity associated with WhatsApp, there was a proliferation of third party apps encompassing WhatsApp+ which provided the WhatsApp users with extra add-ons like concealing their "last seen" information, finding out when the contacts are online and some modifications to wallpapers and fonts as well.

Such third party apps were associated with third party app stores and sites in the form of revamped versions of the main APK file associated with the original app. In response, WhatsApp reacted by implementing strict actions which included removing the subscription of such users who manipulate the third party apps.

The major vulnerability associated with these third party apps is that if the hackers are capable of tweaking the APK file of WhatsApp to conceal the last seen information, they can manipulate the file to record the chat messages and get them sent to their servers. The typical user is not aware of the changes done in the code of such apps and due to the fact they are not found on any official app stores, there is no scanning and scrutinizing associated with them for malwares and viruses, thereby the user is exposed to unmeasured dangers.

However, WhatsApp maintains that it cannot avail the message content but is notified whether it is a picture or text that is being transmitted. it is old news that WhatsApp reveals statistics related to how many video calls, voice calls, videos and images were being sent using it. In the initial period of this year, the app noted that 610 million videos,700 million GIF files, and 3 billion pictures were transmitted on occasion of the New Year's Eve. This brings up a question as to how WhatsApp can provide such details.

It is due to the metadata that exists within the WhatsApp messages which inform the server as to whether the file within the concealed message is a video file or image or text. This provides insight as to whether the user base is enthralled by a related brand new feature or not thereby augmenting and enhancing the user experience. Alan further quashed the rumors that the metadata had a role in exposing the user to external hazards.

On being questioned as to whether the app will be integrated with fingerprint scanning or a passcode to avail its features, Alan revealed that WhatsApp had accumulated several requests and regarding the same while at the same time noting that the brand is all hushed up with regards to the subsequent products. He also added that insight from users in the form of proposals and recommendations will be paid a lot of attention and focus.

However, WhatsApp noted that such a feature has not yet been integrated and to facilitate the same the only option will be to manipulate a third party app for the purpose.

Following are some recommended suggestions which the WhatsApp user base has to follow with respect to effective security.

The manipulation of public WiFi and such networks can increase the chance of hackers to make use of the advantage and steal the information. It is suggested that the scanning of untrusted QR codes has to be discouraged as it serves as an easy portal for the hackers to enter the WhatsApp profile of the user with the help of WhatsApp web as a medium. Care should be taken that the device must be with you and it is encouraged to keep it locked. Speaking about that, the device can be secured by several options like Swipe patterns, Passwords, Biometric scanners and PINs. Also, the unlocked phone should not be handed over to suspicious people who can manipulate the phone for their malicious needs. The two step authentication procedure which is generated by the WhatsApp app has to be activated. Further, the "Show Security Notifications" aspect has to be enabled from the Account and then Security menu drop-down list This must be ascertained in cases when the user base gets an alert that a particular contact's encryption code has been altered. Extreme care must be taken as this may indicate that the contact's account has been invaded and compromised. A recommended solution is to ascertain by calling them and then asking them if the contact's smartphone was changed. The chats have to be uploaded to the cloud on an incessant basis. The user must also ensure that they are not using any older version of the mobile app and that they are up to date with the latest version. Provided that the user base receives alerts that the WhatsApp web of their's is enabled even when the user is not using it, then the device has to be unplugged from the WhatsApp menu instantly.

Insight about WhatsApp's End to End encryption and the details which can be extracted from it

The world wide popular instant messaging app WhatsApp pays a lot of importance related to the user base's privacy settings and security associated with the same. The app which was purchased by the social media giant Facebook noted that it is ready to join forces with the government and the law enforcing authorities to aid them if the situation should arise in the first place. In addition, quite recently, the instant messaging app rolled out a collection of guidelines so as to prove handy for the officials who seek for information. Carl Woog who is WhatsApp spokesperson noted on his visit to India related to the brands' association with government needs related to details of a given user.

He said that WhatsApp now being an integral part of Facebook will function with the governments provided the need or situation arises. However, they faced a dead end where the aspect of the end to end encryption prohibited the messages to be deciphered by anyone apart from the sender of the message and the recipient alone.

The instant messaging app also noted that there is assurance regarding no presence of backdoors which can avail the encoded WhatsApp chats. Further, the app does not store its chat on the servers. This move was made even before the aspect of End to End Encryption was implemented. Messages which were not read by the recipient alone were saved to the servers previously. However, such messages are purged after a time span of 1 month to be precise.

Now WhatsApp faced an obstacle as to how it can serve the government's needs. For novice people, the instant messaging app accumulates a portion of the metadata associated with the users, which can be shared with the latter provided a request was officially generated.

However, at present, there are sparse details related to what constitutes this WhatsApp metadata. Based on what courts cases have to say the meta data encompasses mobile numbers, the model of the device, the mobile numbers related to the contacts, the time spent in chatting and when the chatting started, IP Addresses and other such details including the content from the web page availed using WhatsApp

So despite the fact that WhatsApp messages are end to end encrypted, the aforementioned content is what that the law enforcing authorities can obtain from the app in the situation they need it.

Taking the case of Facebook, it is claimed that the user will be notified in the event their account is subject to inspection. However coming to its subsidiary there is no indication regarding the same. The app was negatively criticized by the Electronic Frontier Foundation which gave thumbs down for the app related to brands integrated with user-friendly guidelines and norms.

Insight regarding the functioning of End to End Encryption in WhatsApp:

1.Initially, two keys are triggered one for public and the other for private, the moment the user base avails the app for the first time. The encryption methodology is initiated on the smartphone.

2.The private key will be associated with the user while the other key is conveyed across the server reaching the recipient.

3.The role of the public key is to encode the sender’s WhatsApp message on the device prior to it meeting up with the server

4.Next, the role of the server where it has to convey the coded message is initiated. The Private key which is now in the possession of the recipient can alone decode the message and it is rest assured that no third party entities encompassing WhatsApp can avail and decrypt the message to its original format.

In addition, it is ascertained that if anybody attempts to invade WhatsApp illegally with malicious intentions, they will meet a dead end and can't accomplish their task in availing the WhatsApp messages as they are end-to-end encrypted.

In addition, the user base can authenticate and substantiate the encryption associated with the app, where all the user has to do is click the contact name to display the contact information screen and then Encryption has to be enabled so that the QR code and 60 digit number are present for the observation of the user.

WhatsApp's enthusiasm in relation to the digital projects associated with India

As soon after the aspect of Unified Payments Interface related to being integrated with the instant messaging app - WhatsApp was identified in the Google Play Beta Programme, a high-ranking executive from the brand says that it is enthusiastic and eager related to the ruling body's venture with respect to revolutionarily converting everything into a digital format and the upcoming projects which are set to be implemented in the nation.

Further, not immersing much into the details as to when the money transaction gateway will be launched in India, Alan Kao, a software engineer at WhatsAp[ noted that the brand was excited regarding the move for digitisation in the nation and when associated with all the subsequent projects which are set to roll. The Facebook-owned brand has the largest market share in India with over 200 million WhatsApp users on a monthly basis.

The aspect of UPI integration was subject to inception by the National Payments Corporation of India and is monitored by the Reserve Bank of India. The feature helps in immediate amount crediting to a valid bank account with the help of the WhatsApp app platform which oversees the transaction process associated with any two banks.

WhatsApp is reportedly making strides to generate a UPI related interface to be amalgamated with its platform. As per what the press has to say, the instant messaging app has beforehand held discussions with the NPCI and some banks so as to make transactions feasible with the help of UPI.

This venture has been noticed in other messaging apps like WeChat and Hike Messenger which has been integrated with UPI related payment transactions and the related services.

In addition, the reliable WhatsApp beta news and attributes which are work in progress expose WABetaInfo had to note, the popular instant messaging app is strategizing the aspect of the bank to bank transactions with the manipulation of the UPI System.

Alan was questioned about the value of end to end encryption related to WhatsApp and he noted that the app has never been this secure which by default applies to its user base of over one billion on a worldwide scale.

Further emphasized by the company was that it is striving and toiling with respect to sustaining and preserving the security features and the aspect of privacy as associated with its large user base.

In addition, it was noted that the brand is making efforts to weed out third party apps which assert to be associated with the instant messaging app. The purge was done as the apps proved to be a threat and hazard related to the user base's security. Also noted was that the app suggests the user base to refrain from downloading, installing and manipulating apps which undermine the aspect of security.

The major end to end encryption was integrated with WhatsApp with support stemming from Open Whisper Systems which was the driving force behind the development of the app Signal which is attributed to be a fortified messaging app.

Alan noted that WhatsApp had collaborated with the aforementioned brand's Signal guidelines and had been involved in work for nearly two years with respect to the implementation of end to end encryption in the app platform.

Coming to its functionality, end to end encryption functions by the concept that once the WhatsApp message has been sent and when it is still en route, the message cannot be deciphered by anybody.

The brand emphasized that the smartphone users must download and integrate only genuine and authenticated applications as there is a possibility that there is an accumulation of information if it is not generated from a renowned source.

The instant messaging app had implemented the feature last year for the text messages and has promoted a major upheaval later by integrating it with the voice calling and video calling attributes as well.

He ended his speech by noting that there has been never such a massive integration of end to end encryption on a large-scale and that it is a giant progress forward related to the aspect of free speech.

WhatsApp is making strides to halt the spread of hoaxes in its platform

The most famous and demanded instant messaging app WhatsApp noted that it is busy venturing into methodologies to curb the rapid spread of hoaxes taking place through the platform associated with it.

Based on what a WhatsApp developer going by the name Alan Kao had to say, resolving the particular scenario would be deemed to be very intricate as the implementation of end to end encryption associated with the messages of the platform wont give anybody other than the message sender and recipient, the right or the ability to decipher and view the decoded message.

In addition, he added that WhatsApp is taking strict measures to allay this problem and noted that the complexity and intricate nature is associated with the comprehension and identification of which message is authentic and which is not is very much convoluted. Due to the end to end encryption, there is no way to decode and avail the data present in the WhatsApp messages.

The instant messaging app which presently has Facebook as its parent company is striving to brainstorm innovative ways ranging in different varieties so as to mitigate and eliminate the invasion of misinformation and hoaxes.

In the nation, features are a plethora of cases related to false messages including the baseless news that the latest currency notes are integrated with a GPS chip for tracking and the videos related to the stampedes which happened in Muzaffarnagar. Such news was widely spread and is still spreading and shared on a big scale with the help of WhatsApp. Most of the user base presumed that the news were authentic and genuine.

India is the instant messaging app's biggest market as seen that it encompasses over 200 million users and features over 1.3 billion users on a worldwide scale.

Software engineer Alan noted that the brand is formulating several strategies which encompass enlightening the user base that it should verify the credibility and genuine authenticity of any news prior to sharing it with others with the help of the instant messaging app.

Coming to the previous month the Electronics and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had noted that there were cases of the instant messaging app which was manipulated to send offensive and disagreeable data including videos.

He further noted that WhatsApp was incapable of taking any stringent actions related to the same as the app did not possess the message information and content.

However, the instant messaging app encompasses an attribute where offensive data can be reported. This is done by taking screenshots and photo snaps of the content and convey it to the cyber law agencies.

Going back to April of the previous year, the app had launched the much-noted feature of an end to end encryption so as to secure the user's content and chats from prying eyes, malicious minded people and from the invasion of hackers.

However, it is not without any shortcomings, as the integration can make WhatsApp a suitable portal to transmit fake information, offensive information and other such misinformations. Further compounding the issue are the rife rumors that WhatsApp is distributing the user information with its parent company Facebook.

Alan Kao noted that WhatsApp keeps the trust factor of the user base as its highest priority and that the app was developed by integrating the aspects of confidentiality/ privacy and effective security.

He added that discrepancies impacting the encryption feature will be identified instantly and that it is virtually impossible to generate a concealed backdoor. The aspect of privacy will serve to be an important aspect of what WhatsApp wants to achieve.

Further emphasis was given to the fact that if there were the presence of such backdoors, the nefarious hackers would exploit it to their advantage.

On elucidating the working functionality of the end to end encryption, he noted that data is not stored on its servers for other purposes and that the only people who have access to viewing the WhatsApp message are the sender and the recipient alone.

The message is stored in an encoded format making it unreadable for third parties and it disappears from the server the moment the recipient has accessed the message.

Taking into account the scenario where the recipient does not view the message in a time period of 30 days, it will be cleansed from the server.

Coming to the Indian nation, there was a petition generated in the Supreme Court which notes that post the latest privacy policy updated by WhatsApp since the previous year, it stated that confidential user data is reportedly being shared by the instant messaging app with relation to lucrative ventures.

Related to the same, the central government noted last month that the user data is important with relation to the Right of Life and Personal Liberty as noted by the Constitution and there would be several rules and terms generated to secure the data from other prying eyes and hackers. The next hearing regarding the case will take place next month.

Text based status of WhatsApp has finally arrived

Thd long wait is over! - The most popular instant messaging app in the world WhatsaApp has finally launched its latest feature related to text-based status for the iOS platforms and the Web equivalent of the app as well.

In its initial inception, the status aspect of WhatsApp was limited only to basic text. In the beginning periods of this year, the instant messaging app had rolled out the feature to share media files like images and videos. Coming to the latest update, the user base can generate text related status which is incorporated with a rich touch of fonts, amazing background color and also links to add to the attractiveness of the feature.

The launch has surely been a boon and an amazing way which can be manipulated by the 250 million monthly users of the app related to the iOS and Android platforms to innovate their WhatsApp status to convey and exhibit themselves properly and interactively. As aforementioned the roll out will simplify the process of sharing innovative and ingenious status updates which are related to texts. The user base can allay the concerns related to expressions related and associated with their friends and relatives. Irrespective of the need be it searching for trip suggestions or sharing among a specific group the address details related to a party, this new feature promotes updates in an interactive and amazing manner. As aforementioned, to personalize the statuses, the user base can manipulate the font and the milieu/ backdrop settings color and can also integrate links with the same.

Related to the Status feature there are some effective guidelines mentioned below

The user base can tweak the settings such that only a specific number or group of contacts can see their Status. Related to the app's privacy settings, the user base has the liberty and capability to select people to whom the updates will be visible. The options related to the same are My Contacts, Contacts except & Only Share with. The rest is up to the user to accomplish what they prefer to do.

Coming to the Status feature, there is an eye icon which is present below the update. It can be accessed to observe the contact base of the users as to who has viewed the update status.

In the event the user base is seeing another person's Status, featured is a reply option which permits the user base to reply and react to any media file namely images, video files, and GIFs. On availing this feature, the user's reply will be conveyed in the form of a WhatsApp chat featured and integrated with a thumbnail related to the Status update.

Although at present, it is signified that the user base can design and view this newest addition related to Status updates in the iOS and Android platforms, for the web version it is restricted to view only. This summer, the instant messaging app noted that its daily active users surpassing over 1 billion where over 55 billion messages are transmitted on a daily basis. Further, the instant messaging app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Indoctrination associated with WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps

Related to some locations, the presence of fake information resulting in deadly consequences has already started to spread rapidly. There were several hoaxes which resulted in fatalities related to human lives. The situation is alarming.

It is up to the journalists and reporters whose role is to sort out hoaxes quickly before it escalates into a serious issue. However, there is a misty cloud obscuring the perpetrators and their intentions from the legal authorities. This situation, unfortunately, is subject to persist. However, there is a linking aspect related to these consequences- The messages were transmitted using the medium WhatsApp.

Instant messaging apps like the exemplars of WhatsApp and Viber see no end to their progress and rapid growth-related to fame. With the waning and declining popularity of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, the former apps are developing into portals through which news is spread through, accessed and assimilated. The latest research conducted on over 70,000 people from 30+ nations revealed that 23 % of the participants availed the messaging platforms to get some news. Coming to the Asian and South American countries like Malaysia and Brazil, the estimated percentage stands at 50% Further WhatsApp is made use of as a portal like Facebook so as to get news.

Such messaging platforms like WhatsApp and the related are still yet to stimulate the aspect of debate related to misinformation of news among the experts and are brainstorming for novel methods to tackle the aspect of the ever increasing and viral fake news. These apps are at the focus and limelight related to a harsh and grim future associated with such fake news.

When gauged with Twitter and Reddit, the instant messaging apps are not developed as portals where the user base can link up with huge numbers of unknown persons. The latter serve to be an economical and data only dependent platform as opposed to the standard SMS texting and are manipulated as a means of conveying encoded and confidential texts.

A majority of such mobile apps confine the user base with individual chats or group chats comprising of not more than 500 friends and friends. Although being involved in a chat with hundreds of participants does not signify the aspect of privacy, the group chats are shadowed such that no one is aware of a group chat as long as they are not a part of it. Progressing forward with a few inconsistencies associated here and there, featured is a lack of social feeds which brings information from a source exterior to the user network. Featured are several instant messaging brands which have comprehended the power behind their apps so as to generate creative information and providing ways where the user base is synced with the publishing world. At present they are not a form of general forum yet, however, the user base can like messages and gauge the viewership statistics. It must also be noted that the publisher alone can send messages to others.

Not taking into account some inconsistencies, the functioning of such platforms exterior to the person's network is concealed and hidden from prying eyes. Coming to the case of apps incorporated with end to end encryption like WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram, even the apps cannot decode and access the private information shared by contacts with one another. Some of the experts concerned with the same label this aspect of messaging apps by the term 'dark social'.

Coming to the case of reporters and correspondents, the encryption of the apps only serves to compound the problem related to finding and discrediting and quashing such false news which is spread through these apps. In the initial ventures, the dedicated reporters have a tough time to even decipher what is the wrong hoax being spread through the platforms. Further, even if the above scenario was subject to reality, the tackling associated with the hoaxes and spread of these news are very much intricate from the ground up. Such hoaxes are not perceived as hyperlinks or citations, instead, they come in the form of texts or separate media files. Easily deceiving images are abundant in Google along with the same for text messages and videos as well. In addition, the reporters face a dilemma where the original source of the information is not traceable. This is also evident in cases where the news was framed in the message text or has been modified adding more intricacies. The dedicated journalists dont have any other clue to accomplish their mission to eradicate such hoax messages on the platforms associated.

Further, the apps are incorporated with traits which confuse the anonymous people who spread such wrong information. It is a difficult enterprise so as to enhance the messages with the help of bots as associated with Twitter. In the event a message has to be sent, the sender must get to know the recipient's mobile number or their precise username. The instant messaging apps feature the user base to register with an authentic and existing mobile number which is authenticated by means of a message or phone call. This is done to avail the contacts associated with the device so as to convey messages.

In a precise way that is ascertained, the hoaxers can get a collection of mobile numbers or salvage the digital phone directories. In extreme cases for the very energetic and zealous people, they can easily accumulate a multitude of internet mobile numbers and SIM cards. Further, they can also have a firm hand related to text generation. It is a fact that most of the instant messaging services permit the user base with features to flag the spammers and other such people. As a positive sign, the instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber have noted regarding the initiation of spam identifying features which aid in restricting the accounts from sending excess needless messages and texts.

In order for such maliciously minded personnel to spread a false hoax on the messaging platforms, they have to be associated with similar minded people who have manipulated the apps and have developed big networks. Coincidentally, some tactics which are strikingly resembling the aforementioned methods are manipulated by the BJP party so as to ready itself for the upcoming elections to be held next year. It is claimed that it has taken steps to prepare 100 volunteers to spread the relevant message details across a minimum of 5000 groups related to the app. However, this does not imply that the aforementioned party is manipulating such methodologies to rapidly spread misinformations and hoaxes but it signifies how the malicious minded people can manipulate such methodologies to create an environment associated with miscomprehension and false messages to proliferate without any check and result in serious consequences.

It all spirals down to the fact that this mode of engagement from the messaging apps along with the struggle against false and misleading information related to the platforms will be associated with crowdsourcing. In the nations associated with abundance and proliferation of false messages, the innovative and devious manipulation of crowdsourcing so as to get past the restrictions and fortifications associated with the instant messaging apps is gaining full steam and momentum ahead. In Colombia, the website La Silla Vacia has taken steps to motivate the reader base to supply it with screenshots and proof related to the false messages which are spread through WhatsApp. Once the analysis and fact-checking of a false news is verified, the site asks the latter for another screenshot indicating that the fact-checking has been shared with the contact base. This proves effective in the groups where the hoax messages are enjoying a free reign without intrusion. This aspect related to effective guidelines of WhatsApp is being embraced by the associated sectors in Brazil and the Indian nation.

However, in spite of the advantages, fact-checking is not in phase to tackle hoaxes in the forefront as it lags behind the misinformation messages. Further, the reporters and the associated must manipulate all the proactive methodologies which exist. This involves inculcating the general mass with regards to authentication of digital information with the manipulation of new media literacy campaigns.This implies recharging the trust factor related to journalism which is associated with contents that have not been validated and prevents the emendation and rectification related to the same.

This features and necessitates a huge need related to assets and time. However, the timeline associated with hoax messages has already gained momentum and proper steps to tackle the inconvenience and the spread of such false messages has to be implemented as early as possible.

Upcoming features to be integrated with WhatsApp

There is no stopping the dominance of WhatsApp which serves to incessantly be the number one instant messaging app in the world. This is attributed to the fact that it incessantly adds brand new captivating features. Enhancements related to the user experience and the aspect of making the app amazing for the youth are associated as some of the driving forces behind the roll out of these brand new attributes and updates. These aforementioned attributes are rolled out through beta released, then they are taken back and then finally rolled out on a widespread official basis once the attributes are in good working conditions and quite stable for a huge range of mobile device users.

Below elucidated are some of the features which have been identified in the beta versions of WhatsApp related to the iOS and Android platforms and which are anticipated to be rolled out to everybody in a short span of time.

UPI payment

There is nothing new with regards to the aspect of making money transactions with the help of instant messaging apps. It was noted in Facebook Messenger and the app Hike also features UPI payments. The instant messaging app WhatsApp has been rumored to launch the aspect with its app for the beta users of the Android platform. Talks and discussions have been made by the brand with the several Indian banks and the body related to NPCI. It was mainly done to integrate the feature into the app. Upon implementation, the user base can transfer funds to a friend's bank account by manipulating WhatsApp. The reliable WhatsApp news expose- WaBetaInfo noted that this attribute was available in WhatsApp's beta version 2.17.295.

Colourful text status

The parent company of WhatsApp and the leading social media giant Facebook has already featured the attribute and ability for the user base to enrich the background of the text status screen with rich and vibrant colors. This feature is set to be launched in WhatsApp pretty soon. The reliable reporter which reveals WhatsApp's newest features as a work in progress- Android Police reported that the attribute was available in WhatsApp beta version 2.17.291. Upon integration, the user base is presented with a plethora of colors which is provided once the status screen has popped up.The attribute is a feature in the My Status sector of WhatsApp which discloses only text. Overall the implementation of this colorful feature will serve to enhance the rich look of the background related to the app.

Photo Filters

The aspect of integrating photo filters in WhatsApp was earlier present for the iOS users and will soon be integrated with the Android users much to their delights. Android Police had noted the feature in the WhatsApp beta version 2.17.297 which comes with a range of 5 photo filters namely Monochrome, Pop, Cool, Film and Chrome. This feature is activated when the user base swipes the screen once they have snapped a photo for a given processing chat which is taking place at present.

YouTube Integration

In order for the user base of WhatsApp to be closely associated with YouTube, this feature is currently in the experimentation phase related to iOS beta version 2.17.40 and was first noted by WaBetaInfo. Featured in it is the capability for the user base to avail videos by clicking on the YouTube link which is provided by the instant messaging app. Noted in this was that the WhatsApp user base can watch the videos without being redirected to the YouTube application. This is currently its greatest asset related to this rollout.

WhatsApp is hot on heels of Facebook regarding its latest features

In a venture similar to its parent company- the social media giant Facebook, its subsidiary- the very much popular instant messaging app WhatsApp is also close on the heels following what the former has implemented

The brand new update is associated with its Status feature where the app users can fill in the text with a vibrant background associated with a plethora of colors.

When it was subject to inception 8 years back, the app was primarily designed to send and receive texts. It has undergone a rapid evolution as now media files like pictures and videos can be shared as well apart from a collection of many more amazing features.

The most current roll out features the user base to opt for a font style and then provide rich decorations in the form of background color. Further, the aspect of integrating hyperlinks has also been incorporated as well.

These new features associated with the instant messaging app was subject to exposure by the tipster VentureBeat and it is hot on the heels of the latest update which was launched by its parent company Facebook.

In late 2016, Facebook had been experimenting with the aspect of integrating colorful statuses and it was finally launched a few months later

Coming to the instant messaging app, it initiated the same aspect in the early days of this month prior to rolling out officially for the user base just a few days back.

The roll out has been done particularly for the app's Status feature which is similar to Snapchat and shows a lot of variation from the traditional and archaic text status which has also been revamped and launched again.

The associated statuses cease to exist after a time period of 1 day and this update that has been rolled out related to the Status feature of WhatsApp has its associations with the Snapchat counterpart.

In the case of Snapchat, very recently it permitted the user base to link out from the Story feature.

Coming to the former, WhatsApp's Status feature presently encompasses 250 million daily users showing its dominance over that of Snapchat.

Such updates related to Status can be observed by the WhatsApp web users, thereby promising the aspects of more progress, spread, and enhancements related to the same

Not long ago the instant messaging app noted that its user base has surpassed the milestone of one billion on a daily basis.

WhatsApp was the brain child of former Yahoo personnel Brian Acton and Jan Koum. It has been met with critical acclaim and its prosperity related to popularity is subject to grow even more.

Ever since Facebook purchased it for a whopping 19 billion dollars, three years back, it has been busily involved in strides to promote itself.

Other usage metrics of WhatsApp indicates that on a daily basis 55 billion messages are sent and around 4.5 billion photos were shared with the manipulation of this amazing app. Related to its usage metrics the brand noted that in the previous year it revealed that globally one billion people are manipulating the app on a monthly basis and that now one billion people around the globe are using the app daily so as to be synced with their friends, relatives, and the dear ones.

Irrespective of whether it is sending media files related to videos, images, and audios, or performing interaction with the help of video conferencing or making others up to date with the user base's Status, it is evident that touching up with others with the help of the WhatsApp platform has never been this simple and efficient. It also stated that it was pleased that the user base was manipulating the attributes to stay in touch with one another in unique methodologies.

The brand expressed its gratitude towards the user base and noted that after the achievement, more efforts and strides are being made to incorporate even more productive and effective features to enthrall the user base even further. This is done while maintaining the simplicity, authenticity and safety aspects associated with the WhatsApp app.

Tricks in WhatsApp to avoid uncomfortable consequences related to privacy

Being part of such a busy world bustling with activities, it is beneficial if there was a way to be synced with the individual's friends, families and relations irrespective of what they are involved in at present or where they are

To serve this aspect effectively comes the inception of WhatsApp to satiate the user base in their increasingly busy schedule non-stop. However, an issue is generated where the particular dilemma of the user not interested in responding to all the chats and pings the instant they receive it. Further, the user base would cherish and go by the idea of being in sync with some specific people sporadically by not crossing the pitfalls in the form of blue ticks associated with the app.

There are cases when the user base could neglect to reply and situations where the messages are viewed in a thirty-second gap especially when waiting for a bus, standing in a long queue or waiting for a partner to return. This could serve to divert the attention from replying back to the same.

To circumvent this dilemma there is a solution where the blue ticks can be disabled by toggling the read receipts option.

When such ticks are disabled, the other contacts who sent the message to the user base will quit thinking negatively that the users dislike them and are avoiding them. They will instead perceive that the recipients are not manipulating the device as they are busy involved in some other things taking up the top priority.

This scenario could also hold true when the user base is really involved in any important task. The way to bypass this issue is elucidated below.

Turn off your read receipts

To implement this easy methodology the user has to avail Settings then Account and then privacy where the "Read Receipts" box is toggled to be disabled.

Subsequently, the blue tick option feature will be disabled related to any WhatsApp conversation the user is currently involved in. The sender will never know whether the recipient has read the sent message or not. It is that effective!

There are some downsides related with the same. This feature related to read receipts in group chats is not feasible. However, the ticks will transform into blue ones if everybody in the group has viewed the message. This increases the probability of the sender of the message being obscure and inconspicuous related to finding out that the recipient is avoiding them.

Hide your ‘last seen’ status

Previously in the recent past, the people could not be reached out to interact with others if they were not in the vicinity of their landline and in the event they had not mentioned about their busy status.

WhatsApp's settings serve to provide a situation on the contrary where when the user interacts with anyone with the help of the app, information related to when the recipient had last used the app is provided at their disposal.

To circumvent this issue, there is an option provided in the instant messaging app. The user has to avail Settings then Account followed by Privacy where they finally encounter the option of Last Seen. This option has to be tweaked to the option "Nobody" and henceforth no one can get the details related to which the user was busy manipulating the app and its contents.

Turn off notifications for dull group chats

There is an inconsistency with relation to the content and atmosphere of WhatsApp group chats. Certain group chats comprise about topics related to, sports or vacation plans. However, there are other groups which find this to be monotonous and uninterested people are associated with the group.

In such cases, the WhatsApp app features an integrated feature where the WhatsApp Group is availed and the option Mute is selected

In the event, the user does not want to be disturbed by any group but at the same time wants to organize and prioritize the content which is being received, then it is suggested to manipulate the custom notifications associated with the app.

This is implemented by availing Group Info and then Custom Notifications

It could be anything like a family news group or any group with information which you want to be updated with and not miss out any information. In such cases the message tone can be customized and personalized based on the user's preferences so that the user base will be aware of when to avail their smartphone to check for messages and information which you have prioritized at the top most level.

Skip the group chat updates you don’t want

This aspect is featured for the iOS user base. There are some cases when they users are overwhelmed with a plethora of unread messages and the user base is well aware that they don't want to avail and read those texts. In such scenarios, the user can swipe to the left related to the chat and label the messages as "read". It is as simple as that

This aspect won't permanently disable the notifications and alerts associated but it is an effective way to make the user base content for the part of them which prefers a lucid and transparent home screen for availing.

This feature also works on the contrary where the user base can label a chat as unread and at some later point in time they can avail the message and read it

Android fans dont have to be disappointed as they also have a useful methodology related to the same where they have to long press the specific chat then access the menu. Finally, they have to select "Mark As Read/ Unread" so as to facilitate the useful feature.

Turn off preview

While the aspect of receiving messages and responding to them in WhatsApp is a typical and basic aspect, sometimes the user base can start speaking in a special code with their friend in a way that the recipient can comprehend what the user is trying to emphasize. Also, one line jokes can be integrated into the conversation whenever it turns serious or turns facetious on the contrary.

However, it is not an amusing scenario when a unique and one of a kind message is suddenly generated on the home screen when the user base is busy with their work.

Fortunately, the aspect of message previews can be disabled by going to Settings then to Notifications and then toggle the "Show preview" option to the deactivated mode. This serves effectively in scenarios where the user base wants to have their smartphones face up but at the same time ensure that messages generated do not pop up on the home screen thereby arousing curiosity from the onlookers nearby.

Insight about Pinned chat feature in WhatsApp

It is old news that WhatsApp app is one of the most popular apps related to instant messaging services where it has a user base of more than 1 billion people who are manipulating the app on a daily basis. It is evident that WhatsApping by texting, sharing media files like videos, images, audio files and also sharing location data is done in a streamlined and smooth manner incorporated with amazing interfaces which provide a great experience using the app. However, the user is not going to WhatsApp the millions of people out there and makes interaction with a limited number of people out there. Even in this event, the user base will be overwhelmed with several active chats stemming from the WhatsApp app. Keeping this in mind, the instant messaging app has rolled out a brand new latest feature where the user can pin the chats which are of high priority such that the chats can be retrieved easily without any hassles or setbacks in a quick fashion.

How to Pin a Chat on WhatsApp

As aforementioned, the methodology is not intricate and is easy to master. However, the article will elucidate the general user to make use of this useful feature so as to carry out things with simplicity and effectively as a whole.

The initial step is to probe the app to identify the chat which needs to be pinned and the chat is chosen for the purpose. Secondly, the particular message has to be long pressed so as to be focused on. Now at the top of the screen will be featured a new pin logo which has to be availed. As a consequence, the particular message is now pinned at the top of the chats tab and it will be accompanied by the pin logo to indicate that it has been pinned.

Typically when a message is pinned, it will move to the chats tab and will be pinned at the very top.This signifies that all the chats which were pinned by the user in prior to the particular message will be pushed to the bottom. Provided a given message has to be situated at the top of the tab, then the user has to repeat the process regarding pinning the message in every scenario, another message is associated with the same process.

The handy attribute proves its worth especially when it is manipulated to pin a group which encompasses only the user to the top of the tab.

WhatsApp and its association with enterprises authenticated by it

The instant messaging giant WhatsApp is making strides at present by involving itself in testing the enterprise authenticated profiles, all associated with its platform. Its official website reveals in a FAQ column that hereafter all the business profiles will be featuring a green tick badge adjacent to the profiles. This signifies that the app has authenticated that the given mobile number is from that of a business profile. However, there was no mention regarding the process and methodologies it will follow to authenticate the enterprise profile.

In addition, this process of enterprise verification as carried out by WhatsApp app is confined to a limited sector of enterprises which are involved as partakers as a part of an ambitious experimental and trial venture.

After its acquisition by the social media giant Facebook, the instant messaging app has purged the yearly 1$ fee and has been involved in experimenting with several enterprise accounts so that it can generate a source of revenue. However, the app's CEO Jan Koum noted that the brand was strict with respect to its motto of no advertisements to be associated in the app.

In the beginning of last year, he noted that a b2c aspect of testing was applied with relation to the well-established brands. Exactly a year back, the instant messaging app noted that the enterprises will be integrated with the platform by the year end. This encompasses the aspect that branding messages will be furnished for the user base. However, simultaneously, the instant messaging app noted a major upheaval related to its privacy norms and standards where it nudged the WhatsApp users to carry out synchronization of their profiles with the Facebook's equivalents.

This major announcement related to privacy factors also encompassed conveying and sharing data relevant to advertisement focused ventures. This made the possibility of WhatsApp to carry outs its attention on the associated enterprises all related to syncing the data associated with their Facebook usage, activities and likes as a whole. This is an aspect related to a platform that is an end to end encrypted but can still avail the details important to the user base and manipulate strides and ventures forward with respect to revenue generation by the branding aspect.

This venture to share WhatsApp data with Facebook led to a negative backlash and in the initial periods of this year, a heavy fine of $ 122 M was imposed in Europe. This was after news and perceptions revealed that the social media giant had tricked the general public by broadcasting and announcing wrong information at the time when the ambitious purchase of WhatsApp was made. Further, Facebook affirmed that it was a mistake and blunder.

Facebook had made acquisition of its formidable competitor WhatsApp for a whopping sum of $ 19 billion three years back and concurrently stated that the latter's data and information pertaining to a user will not be associated or shared with its parent company and vice-versa. In a turn of events, the former was exposed as it behaved on the contrary to what it assured in the first place.

Coming to the European nation, the instant messaging app hastily halted the process and distanced itself from the data sharing aspect, with mounting pressure from the relevant and concerned personnel and activists. However, news related to whether the data which was hitherto shared by the app with Facebook and the synchronization links with the social media giant was deleted remains vague and obscure.

In a FAQ page related to authenticated enterprise profiles, the instant messaging app maintained that with the help of yellow messages within a chat, the user base could be made wary that they were interacting with an enterprise.

Coming to the case of the app users, who had beforehand saved an enterprise's contact number in their database will observe when interacting with the business contacts, the latter's name will appear as how the former had stored it in the first place.

On the contrary, if the user has not saved the enterprise's contact details, then when interacting with the particular business through WhatsApp, the name will be displayed as how the business organization saved the name for itself. This signifies that the app is perceived to associate cold message users and authenticated business profiles. This is also feasible if the user had not associated with the enterprise in the first place.

Thinking from a different point of view, it is implied that the app will furnish the user base with an integrated business search logic where the users can explore and narrow down on the specific types of enterprises according to their needs and requirements.

If the user base does not like a business interacting with them, they can be blocked and restricted by availing the typical block account function.

WhatsApp for business comes to iOS platform and other features related to it

The WhatsApp for Business is already here where this specific version is to be rolled out officially and is still in the nascent stages related to progress. It was a concern among many that whether it could be implemented onto the iOS platform and now there is good news regarding the same.

iOS and Android are the two dominant mobile operating systems and platforms which are competing with one another for domination and supremacy. Each of them is such that they are not a subordinate to the other. Barring some specialties which are available only temporarily, almost all the mobile apps and games see their availability on both the iOS and Android platforms. Due to the sheer number of users operating through the Android platform, it was typical that the app developers decided to launch it first on the Android platform rather than the iOS platform. The grumblings and complaints can end now because it has been made certain that the instant messaging app has officially announced that the enterprise-centric attributes are now available on both the competing platforms much to the pleasant surprise of several users and they can manipulate the app to its maximum potential and also stay synced up with others.

A while ago, it was claimed that any enterprise can do self-authentication to brand it as a genuine and trusted one. This approach is based on the operations of Twitter and Facebook where there is additional genuine factor and advantage associated with authenticated profiles when evaluated with the fraudulent profiles that function disguised under some good brands and famed personalities. Implementing the aspect to the popular instant messaging app, the designers and team behind the development have to be appreciated for permitting the user base to bank on the details which were conveyed via the mobile number. Post subscription, the user base will be provided with the choice to enable the Do Not Disturb mode in the event the user base wants to abstain from being flooded with updates from the relevant brand.

The advantage of this feature is that the users are prevented from being overwhelmed with way too many updates thereby tackling and fortifying from spam emails and the associated junk. From the panorama of enterprises, the enterprises will be encouraged as to not generate several updates for any customer base barring the scenario, the user demands such influx of data. It also leads to the enhancement of sending beneficial and comprehensive updates and information instead of overwhelming them with updates to the point of spamming. Provided the Do Not Disturb option is activated with respect to a given mobile number, then the user base can heave a sigh of relief as they won't be bombarded with updates from the specific brand.

Coming to the enterprises and other such organizations, they are provided with the opportunity to integrate a new mobile number related to authentication and call it quits for the previous existing number. As related to such a scene, the user base will get updates from the new mobile number incessantly till the user decides to enable the Do Not Disturb Mode for that enterprise's number. In the event that the workforce behind the enterprise cannot respond to the user base instantly, then an away message can be generated for the same. Overall, it is perceived as a WhatsApp integrated customer care center related to the Android and iOS users where interaction can be made with the associated persons through chatting all at a moment's notice.

The association of WhatsApp for Business with BookMyShow and if it can derail SMS

Come the year 2017, the people are living in a digital era ruled by smartphones and mobile applications. They have made quite an impact ever since their inception and have rapidly progressed forward, evolving into being an integral aspect of everybody's life

On the other hand, the enterprises and other business firms are striving to stay updated and associate themselves effectively with the end customers and users in innovative ways. A prime example will be the deal associated between JioChat and Kaun Banega Crorepati show.

With standalone apps having evolved into being commonplace, the communication apps encompassing WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Snapchat can brag about encompassing enthralled users. All the brands no doubt want to associate themselves with success.

Further to be elucidated is how the enterprises are associating themselves with WhatsApp and other instant messaging platforms.

Brands and communication apps

The dominating social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are associated with a blue tick feature which they supply for the enterprises and the such so that the user base can effectively narrow down on genuine and credited brands which serve beneficial for them in the subsequent times. The latest addition to this elite class of social media platforms incorporating this feature is the instant messaging app- WhatsApp which rolled out an equivalent in the form of its own authenticated green badge.

In the three years since WhatsApp was subject to acquisition by Facebook, the former called it quits to its annual subscription fee and decided to incorporate a B2B channel methodology as an attempt at monetization. The timeline is nearing. Not a while ago some BookMyShow users revealed screenshots of details where it was associated with the popular instant messaging app - WhatsApp.

Up until now, the app was maintaining its stance as being impenetrable and inaccessible by all the enterprises. However now, there is an opening in the impermeable wall where the enterprises can associate themselves with their user base and customers directly. This signifies that a portal has been generated.

Regards to the latest progress associated with the dealing between the instant messaging app and BookMyShow, both the brands were contacted by YourStory where in the case of the latter it responded to the same but refused to reveal regarding the ongoing developments happening currently. A reliable source related to BookMyShow disclosed that the venture was work-in-progress and it has been launched for select few customers related to experimentation and testing.

It is a good move by BookMyShow to benefit from the advantages of WhatsApp for Business and its association with the users from India. It is measured to be around 200 million users who are active on a monthly basis. The former, a while ago subjected a concept by name Plan It where the user base can strategize movie plans with its own inbuilt app.

As aforementioned, the brand BookMyShow did not answer questions related to the aspects which made both WhatsApp for Business and Plan It resembling one another and setting them apart. On the other hand, WhatsApp also did not clearly answer the questions put forward related to the operational logic of the green badge feature and regarding whom it is presently associated with. Further details will be generated based on when both or one of the brands respond back.

What we do know about WhatsApp’s blue tick

Based on what the FAQ column related to WhatsApp's web site had to say, the brand is involved in an experimentative phase with select few enterprises related to how the enterprises and their end customers can communicate and associate themselves with one another. This move was first disclosed by The Verge and TechCrunch. WhatsApp reveals from its FAQ section that for some enterprises authenticated by the instant messaging app, they will be integrated and associated with a green badge adjacent to the particular contact's name for view by the WhatsApp users. It is by this way that verification is done. Further, the app will make the user base aware of the fact that they are interacting with an enterprise contact with the help of yellow chats. These chats cannot be deleted and are there to stay for ever in the app.

Provided that a WhatsApp user features an enterprise's contact number already integrated with the contact book of the device, then the name of the enterprise will appear in the way it was saved by the WhatsApp user in the contact list. On the contrary, if the above pre requisite does not hold validity, then the enterprise's names will be displayed for the user in the way the former saved the name for itself. If consistently being overwhelmed by messages from a business contact and the WhatsApp user feels vexed, then the ability to block such enterprise contacts is also provided.

Other communication apps that work with brands

The instant messaging app has tasted phenomenal success related to all the age domains thanks to its effective user interface and user experience which it provides while making the framework very much less intricate yet enjoyable. Hence all the enterprises must be integrated with a methodology so that the present WhatsApp users who have long been familiarized with the app are not left behind feeling fumed, abandoned and otherwise.

Although this version of WhatsApp for enterprises has not been rolled out to the public, an insight regarding what is going on can be accumulated by taking into account the other competitors in the market world.

Messenger –

The Facebook equivalent of WhatsApp serves effectively as an instant messaging app related to the Facebook contacts. Additionally, it can be manipulated as an SMS app as well depending upon the requirements. The social media giant is presently involved with enterprises so as to develop an environment where the user base can associate themselves with the various enterprises all within the confines of the app. Post purchase, the user base can prefer to be in touch with the given enterprise in the form of updates or through interaction associated with the app. In order to tackle an overwhelming wave of demands, the business firms can manipulate the power and potential behind bots related to each and every scenario.

Telegram –

Featured as another instant messaging app which has engraved itself a comfortable position in the market, it also features the enterprises to touch base with the user base. The associated people behind the app can implement the manipulation of bots so as to promote the aspect of interaction with the user base considerably to the next level. A few of the features associate themselves to generate HTML 5 games and offer personalized keyboards which find their applicability for several ventures.

JioChat –

This service features channel tabs where its user base can touch base with the enterprises suiting their taste. The channels which are associated with the user base on an incessant basis generates itself in the primary chat tab integrated with the user profiles subject to interaction.

Can WhatsApp for business and other players kill SMS?

Not a while ago Slack was promoted and anticipated to signify the end of the reign of emails and despite its mighty presence and popularity related to internal coordinations and conversations which served in mitigating the dependency on emails, the latter is still existing. The present pondering question is as to whether WhatsApp for Business can eliminate and purge the traditional SMS from the picture.

Related to that, coming to an answer is very much advanced for the time and seems very early. Reliable sources note that the instant messaging app will be integrated with the Unified Payments Interface so as to promote money transfers happening in a moment. However, related to that venture, Hike overpowered WhatsApp and is the first instant messaging app in the Indian nation to promote online payments which are done on the UPI platform.

WhatsApp for business

However, due to the presence of dips related to the networks associated with the developing countries and markets, the enterprises will still retain SMS as an optional mode to interact with the customer base. Although WhatsApp for Business will impact SMS approach considerable, it will be quite a while before it makes the concept of SMS obsolete and extinct in the digital world

Concerns associated with the authentication venture carried out by WhatsApp

The instant messaging app, WhatsApp has been hard at work so as to integrate its huge user base with enterprises and business organizations face to face.

WhatsApp noted that the business brands and other such organizations which avail WhatsApp will be subject to intense and exhaustive authentication related to their information and the contact details. The resultant profiles will be associated with a green badge states the instant messaging app.

However, the official page which noted regarding this news was very brief with respect to elucidation. In spite of that things are looking to shine with respect to the update associated with it. It is old news that there is an alternative methodology related to complaints addressing and associated with the user base will be a lengthy and exhaustive dialogue integrated with customer support which features almost everything related to the same. Further, buying items with the help of the instant messaging app and its association of being enhanced with Artificial Intelligence will prove to be immensely beneficial and productive. Some instances related to the same will be to manipulate Assistant to generate flight tickets all purchased with the help of the instant messaging app and also integrating a note with the user's digital calendar.

However related to the same, there are two concerning issues about what the update can generate, which has to be addressed.

Taking the first aspect, it is signified that the enterprise base can associate itself with the app users by generating cold calls. As noted, if the user base has not saved an enterprise's contact number in the contact book of the device, the user base will be subject to viewing the name which the enterprises have saved for themselves.

Advertisements being associated with social media can be considered but the aspect of being overwhelmed with branding messages to the smartphone along with notifications associated with the same can prove to be a source of annoyance and frustration. In reference to this, another disclosure by WhatsApp reveals that the aspect of blocking enterprises from interacting with the user base is also feasible and can be implemented.

The user base typically pays negligible attention related to comprehending how the spam filters perform their work in the emails. The praise will be definitely heaped provided the aspect of blocking incessant spam content from a bunch of tireless companies doing the same is made effective. This will increment the prospects no doubt.

However, this leads to the generation of another query as to how the enterprises will comprehend related to whom the aspect of cold calling must be associated. Taking the case of WhatsApp the chats and information are end to end encrypted and can be availed by the people who possess the related key.

Integrating and syncing the Facebook accounts with the mobile numbers is featured as one methodology. Facebook's own Insights feature has unlimited potential and can effectively manipulate the big stockpile of data which the social media brand possesses with relation to its grasp on the user base. Syncing the Facebook profile with a WhatsApp contact number emphasizes that the branders can avail a plethora of data associated with the instant messaging app users.

Previously, the latter had noted that is all set to share more information with its parent company and this move of syncing WhatsApp phone numbers with the Facebook profile will prove effective to generate the related advertisements and provide improved friend suggestions. The objective and purpose of the company's ventures are very much lucid in fact.

However, this resulted in an intense backlash and negative criticism for both the instant messaging app and the social media platform from several data regulators and associated personnel from the European nations and had to halt and forfeit the aspect of data transmission between Facebook and the WhatsApp. This was evident in all the countries which were EU members. However the aspect of what will be the fate of the data and the manipulation of the data already conveyed between both the brands still remains anonymous and unsolved.

Developing an interaction portal between the user base and the enterprises will be advantageous in some aspects. It signifies that the WhatsApp user base will no doubt be associated with an increase in the intensity of branding. However, presently it is accompanied with an alert/ notification.

WhatsApp all set to introduce big changes

At present, the popular instant messaging app - WhatsApp is currently experimenting with a brand new feature which is related to validating and authenticating enterprise profiles associated with the app. Such WhatsApp profiles will be marked with a green checkmark icon which confirms that they have been subject to the verification sequence and are genuine enterprise accounts/ profiles.

However, the debate that remains unresolved is as to how the instant messaging app can manipulate and perform this authentication process and the standards which it manipulates to carry out the process also remains enshrouded.

Currently, a selected group of enterprises are participants in this preliminary and experimental campaign with maximum attention given to the big conglomerates and large establishments. With time, the other types of enterprises from different domains and coming in various sizes will also be integrated. This features the aforementioned group to share WhatsApp messages related to branding among their customer base.

Presently, the interactions done in the form of chats associated with a given user and the authenticated profiles cannot be purged or deleted and the reason behind why the instant messaging app implemented this trait is left to the puzzlement of the user base and remains obscure. The main operational logic related to this aspect is that the authenticated profiles are programmed to share WhatsApp messages which are automatically sent to the customer base at scheduled times. This would prompt a question as to how varying this aspect is from the traditional methodologies incorporated. In this case, the WhatsApp user base is provided with the capability to block enterprises.

The instant messaging app was subject to acquisition by the social media giant Facebook in 2014 for a whopping price of $ 19 billion. Its Chief Executive Officer Jan Koum revealed that strides are being made by the WhatsApp app in a plethora of domains so as to turn it into a money making source of revenue and manipulate its large user base without the association of advertisements strictly with it. This is signified to be a major leap related to that aspect.

New Change In Privacy Policy

Concurrently, the team associated with WhatsApp had begun to take steps to modify the privacy policies of the app which aims to encourage the user base to sync up their Whatsapp profile information with its parent company Facebook. The main factor which instigated this step was to make the app properly positioned to manipulate the aspect of targeted branding where the user's shares, likes and accounts related to the latter are manipulated to bring about related enterprises and brands. However, this venture by Facebook and WhatsApp was subject to intense criticism and faced huge backlash resulting in the European authorities to impose a $ 122 million fine in the initial periods of this year. This was because Facebook had deceived them initially with regards to the privacy policies which it said that won't be altered and that WhatsApp data will remain confidential and associated with the app user alone. As a whole, the social media giant was guilty of announcing wrong and misleading information along with false promises at the time of the acquisition.

Coming to other topics, the instant messaging app noted on its official and genuine platform that the user base can figure out whether they are interacting with a validated enterprise in the form of yellow chat messages. Further, the user base as aforementioned can halt the enterprises from sending them and overwhelming them with messages all done by blocking that particular enterprise account completely.

Some details about the latest WhatsApp 2.17.258 update

WhatsApp users related to the Windows platform can now rejoice and have a reason to be excited. The latest WhatsApp version 2.17.258 has been launched for the Windows Smartphones and Windows 10 Mobile. The development team is striving and making strides related to the enhancement of the software so that it ultimately results in effective and enthralling services. Prior to the launch of this update, the attributes had been analyzed for exposing any bugs/issues and patching them up.

A Major Update with New Features: GIF and Emoji Search Engines

This latest update is a big one as encapsulated within it are several amazing features which were featured in the instant messaging app's Beta version.

When scrutinizing the brand new features, prevalent among them was the interactive GIF locating feature and the capability of the user base to set in motion several selections all within the chat list. Featured in addition are enhancements related to sharing files and other information. Taking an overview, the app developers have made strides in tweaking and refining the enhancements and they also address issue patch ups.

In addition to this, the attributes related to customizing the media files like photos by doodling something on them, integrating texts and also emojis into the files are maintained. Further, the user base can now delete message texts associated with the history log of the relevant recipients.

The Beta testers are deeply involved in experimenting with the emoji search attribute where the emojis can be availed with the help of a search engine integrated. To facilitate this, all the user has to do is click the option associated with availing the emojis and a button will be generated at the bottom left from which Emojis are searched and availed. To take an instance, if the user enters 'pink' then they will be displayed with emojis containing roses.

The beta update further ensures that the user base can integrate filters with the pictures prior to them being shared. The associated filters come in B/N, Chrome, Pop, Cold, Movie and None.

Additional enhancements and tweaks related to the latest WhatsApp version also pay attention to location service, improving the app in other domains and for patching up several bugs and errors.

This brand new WhatsApp Version 2.17.258 which is packed with the above-mentioned features can be downloaded and installed from the genuine Microsoft digital store. As the update is still associated and involved in the beta testing phase, the user base should not have any concern about errors which are concealed from their view in the app update.

Some news about WhatsApp related to business accounts and the blackout which it faced recently

The popular instant messaging app will supply green badges for enterprise accounts post scanning and authentication.

In its nascent stages, this feature will ensure that enterprises are more reliable providing opportunities for the enterprises to be associated with the app.

A phone number of a contact will be associated with a green check if it is associated with an enterprise. Although, it has to be noted that this attribute is available for select few in the experimental venture associated with WhatsApp

Coming to the user base they can decipher the other contact as belonging to an enterprise with the association of a yellow text bubble in the chat. The user base cannot discard such messages from enterprises resulting in a backup of information from the authenticated enterprise profiles.

Facebook which made WhatsApp as a part of its acquisition venture in 2014 had hitherto followed a similar methodology of associating enterprise pages which have been authenticated in the social media platform with a gray badge. In case of Twitter, it was with a blue tick.

This news was revealed after WhatsApp launched a revamped aspect for its Status feature. To appease the app's 250 million user base, the Android and iOS users could share personalized status updates related to their choice of background colors and fonts to name a few.

The user base can opt for who can see the update by availing the privacy settings tab and choosing from My Contacts, Contacts Except and Only Share With.

Additionally, when the eye logo featured at the bottom of an update is accessed, the user can see a collection of who all have seen the user's updates.

The reply button can be manipulated to reply back to any media file and the message will be associated with a WhatsApp chat coming with a thumbnail related to the Status.

Speaking of blackout, just recently Facebook and Instagram experienced a blackout and soon WhatsApp also experienced a similar situation on a worldwide scale this Thursday

The user base could not manipulate the app and there were reports of distorted voice and unsuccessful calls to others associated with the app.

Based on what Downdetector had to say, the popular instant messaging app encountered problems regarding connectivity where 22% of the user base could not log in this Tuesday and on the same day 30% of the users were facing issues related to message sharing and on Thursday almost 50% of the users expressed their grievance that connectivity issues were associated with the app. Particularly an Indian user noted that he got the message stating that the servers are presently busy. This was after the app was reinstalled once more.

The complaint base was associated with European nations, Mexico and Brazil with some from India who expressed their grievance.

A WhatsApp representative announced that the problem was rectified. However, the disappointed users vented their fury on Twitter regarding the blackout.

Complaints were also reported in Texas and Amsterdam.

The Twitter profile of the instant messaging app is not a good portal for updates as it was previously updated in the later periods of last year. However, irrespective of that many numbers of people have flocked to Twitter to rant about the blackout with the hashtag "Whatsappdown"

News about WhatsApp addon for the Windows platform and manipulating the app on desktops.

The popular instant messaging app has good news for the Windows device users to rejoice in the form of the brand new Multimedia Server protocol.This feature was launched for the iOS and Android platforms last week.

The protocol to astonishment has been built by the parent company of the Windows device- Microsoft. It provides genuine, rich and powerful operations and is manipulated for the aspect of video streaming which has hitherto been manipulated by the instant messaging app.

This ensures that the aspects related to futile sharing and concurrent downloads are mitigated along with the aspect of uncompressed media files sharing. This is definitely going to make WhatsApp users rejoice happily.

The app had not long ago extended the boundaries related to the files to be shared and this finds application in manipulating MMS related to sharing any type of media file like Videos, audio logs, GIFs. All the process is strictly end to end encrypted by default.

This gives an advantageous edge as the protocol can be used by iOS users related to Video files, GIFs and documents. In the case of Android platform it cant be manipulated for the aspect of voice messaging.

This is an advance on the iOS version of WhatsApp, which can only use MultiMedia Server protocol for Videos, GIFs and Documents, and the Android version, where it is still not used for Voice Messaging.

Speaking of other news it has been 8 years since WhatsApp debuted and proved its dominance even as it faced tough competition from other apps related to instant messaging. It is packed with features like easy and basic to use functionality, attractive interface, instant message transmission, and the amazing aspect to back up data to the cloud apart from other features thereby resulting in many users addicted to it for daily interaction with others.

WhatsApp can also be used on desktops. If there are any reservations about installing the app on to the computer due to the misconception that it is a daunting task, elucidated below is the easiest way to make it feasible.

For novice beginners, featured are 2 methods to manipulate the app on the PC. One is with the help of the WhatsApp Web Feature from the browser. The only pitfall associated with this method is that the user is subject to navigate to the web page and sign in each and every time when availing the browser.

An effective alternative is to install WhatsApp for the Windows system or the Mac system. This has some resemblance with WhatsApp Web service but comes with the advantage of continuing or signing into the account once the device is activated.

The initial step is to install the app onto the computer where it does not feature extra plugins and can be availed immediately post installation.

When the desktop app is availed, the user will be welcomed by an accustomed screen resembling that of WhatsApp Web. Then the QR code has to be scanned and the user is all set for manipulating the app.

It is suggested that the personal computer and the mobile device are synced with the same internet connection so as to ensure everything related to sharing proceeds smoothly.

In order to sign in by default when the computer is activated, the below steps have to be ensured.

The menu button will be shown on the left of the screen from which the status, display picture and the such can be modified. It is also used to avail the alerts, notifications, and settings of the app.

Next, on activating Desktop Settings, the user can now access the basic settings of the app where login has to be done initially. After that the user is all set to manipulate the app.

RCS messaging apps vs OTT apps like WhatsApp

The Rich Communication Service apps will strengthen the prevailing SMS service where the former will rise up to the ranks and demand of OTT messenger apps like WhatsApp and the such circumventing the requirement to install three or more apps to ascertain that the user features the apt app for interaction.

The reception in the premature stage was mixed. The leading T-Mobile noted that it had 5.5 million registered users related to their RCS venture - Advanced Messenger in barely half a year since inception. It comes packed with read receipts, real time texting and file sharing similar to apps like WhatsApp.

However, there are discrepancies subject to being in the progress as taking Kik for instance accumulated 2 million subscribers in 2 months time. Even when noting that it was associated and related to T-Mobile subscribers, the feat was amazing.

Speaking of pitfalls, a noted RCS app from Jibe subject to acquisition by Google had its ventures and plans going futile. The underlying reason is due to the impotence of the Mobile Service Providers to associate themselves with a global RCS app. As a consequence, the app named Joyn faded away from the limelight.

For the MSP sector, an answer in the form of an RCS app comes compatible and adaptive as they retain the aura of OTT apps and giving a new shine to the resurgence of SMS. Keeping a powerhouse in the form of Google, it is ascertained that an RCS app will be prepared to take on OTT apps like WhatsApp in an instance.

If the notion to purchase a new smartphone and being bound by a mobile contract then the MSP will feature advantages as a brand new and enhanced RCS app rather than going by the concept of SMS. On being integrated with Cloudike, the user base could upload and avail the media files which were shared with the help of RCS. In addition, the user would benefit from the attributes related to LINE and Dropbox associated with the monthly plan.

The MSPs can ensure that their worth is secured by the manipulation of white-label cloud services and it emphasizes that the integration with the service is a simple and economically friendly process. Having the presence of money revenue generation methodologies hitherto, an RCS app can revamp and augment the present cloud services.

The question that arises now is how the search giant Google can overwhelm and triumph over WhatsApp, LINE and the such where there is the presence of Myspace, Ask Jeeves and Angelfire.

In response to this Google features Hangouts as a Messaging app, Allo, an Artificial intelligence enabled messaging app, Duo which is a video conversation app and Joyn which is the dominant RCS app globally.

With the presence of the above-mentioned apps, the search giant comes packed with lots of potential even though there has been no significant progress associated with them. However, when they are integrated as one the prospects look very promising.

A perception of a powerful RCS app where it is already integrated with the user's smartphone on the purchase and is assured to share MMS and related texts to any Android users globally. Further, this megs app features several emoticons and ascertains that the aspect of file sharing is simplified along with a customized private cloud to which all the media files are uploaded from the RCS app's conversations. It is really a great foreseeable scenario

The RCS messaging apps will definitely surpass and swap with OTT messenger apps like WhatsApp where they feature an omnipresent, all functions encompassing messaging service as provided by MSPs taking a page out of the email functioning and operation.

The personal cloud is important to archive the shared media files and they must be made accessible after they have been shared. White- label cloud frameworks like Cloudike will see a powerful push forward as the MSPs comprehend the potential behind providing a secured cloud for the user base's data to be well fortified.

Mobile Service Provider's stand against apps like WhatsApp

It is a time frame and era where over-the-top messaging apps with WhatsApp being in the forefront along with Facebook Messenger, Viber and the such are enjoying an undisputed reign in the world of text message related communications and the fact that they are pushing Mobile Service Providers out of the picture. The latter are not pleased with the current situation and they have reached a boiling point with the aspect such that they have joined forces as a single team and associate themselves with the Search Giant Google to tackle the impact generated by WhatsApp and other such apps. Last year Google noted that it has entered into a treaty with several GSMA and MSP services associated globally to provide inception of a product going by the terminology RCS aka Rich Communication Services which is compatible with almost all Android devices which operate across a plethora of various networks.

The mobile cloud service providers were pleased to see the debut and inception of the search giant's RCS app and the synchronization of the Cloud platform with it. This brand new app will serve to rise up as a formidable opponent to tackle the dominance of OTT Messenger apps.

There was a time when mobile service providers dominated the world of text based interactions. This goes back to the times when the devices Motorola Razr and LG Chocolate had a great reign. All the users of that time had to do was send a message and they were assured that it reached the other person. There was no room for scenarios whether the recipient was on WhatsApp or not.

Afterwards, the emergence of WhatsApp, LINE and the such happened where they furnished the smileys and emoticons which were already popular in the MSN platform and Yahoo Messenger. This paved way for an innovative change as to how the text related interactions faced a major upheaval.

In a short span of time, the traditional SMS was overshadowed by the cloud of OTT. Further, the aspect of Wi-Fi also became prevalent and it paved way for the downfall of the former where the concept behind unlimited texting lost some shine with respect to the smartphone users which was very much lucid.By the turn of the next year, the MSP sectors are predicted to accumulate $96.7 billion related to the SMS income worldwide which was a dip from the $120 billion in 2013. This lead to a crisis associated with doubt for the MSPs as the related SMS offerings were subject to money generation but faced a shrinkage with respect to service numbers. On the other side, the group of OTT was still on the quest for a great money making methodology but they had the advantage in the form of a rise in the user base.

Coming to the latter, they faced some pondering issues where the user base had to download and install a minimum of 3 OTT apps so as to be in touch with their loved ones

Further as a consequence of the OTT app's ventures to rule the messenger app world, the resultant was a collection of various messenger apps which have a loyal user base in a plethora of markets. Featured prominently among them are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Skype, QQ, LINE and BBM to name a few.

This has led to a chaotic situation where there is an intricate influx of messaging apps which don't feature any evidence or sign of interconnectivity.

The irritation factor behind manipulating chats in 3 distinct apps is evident, however, there is nothing that can be implemented in the event the individual user has Kakao Talk and the other person features only WeChat.

This is a sign that the RCS messenger apps will come out victorious in the ongoing battle.

The worth and necessity of mobile app maintenance

It is a prevailing miscomprehension that mobile app developers and the associated enterprises can relax after the design and roll out of the app. Preference will be given to the user base to come back for more. The apps have to be updated and maintained incessantly.

Maintenance is important to ensure that the mobile app features a smooth functioning without any issues. App maintenance as aforementioned has to be done at regular intervals so that it is contemporary as the enterprise associated with the app would look to avoid problems which hamper the performance and the user experience.

An analysis reveals that 52% of the mobile apps are discarded by the user base in a three month period time because it is not updated. Another research indicates that 30% of the app developers feature monthly updates. The expenditure associated with the same ranges from $ 10,000 to $ 20,000.

Both the giants Apple and Android incessantly enhance their Operating Systems when there is a technological progress associated. Further, it is common knowledge that several apps cease to function because of the implementation of newer versions which dont sustain them.

The team relevant to the same must discuss what effective changes can be incorporated. It is good to maintain the app rather than facing a decline in user base who find it frustrating that the app is not compatible.

Can Provide Financial Benefits in the Long Run

Developing a 100% bug-free and an efficiently functioning app is not a feasible venture. Hence, to conserve the expenditure associated with the same, maintenance of the app is important. It signifies that there is regular updating of the app and the fact that needless features are not integrated.

Good synchronization of the maintenance plan associated with the mobile app can help in even more efficient conservation of funds. As a consequence, the aspects of bugs are mitigated and the app is enhanced.

Updating Software Libraries

Insight related with software library in developing an app is a must when plunging into the app development venture. It is nothing but an organization of codes and plans which have to be incessantly enhanced. Hence apps featuring the same must stay updated.

Providing an Updated User Interface

This feature must always be made contemporary. It must encompass an enthralling look and feel. Everything is accounted for if the app has incessant maintenance. Further, the UI must be implemented and developed based on the device size.

Incorporating a good User Experience (UX)

The aspect of app maintenance features significant traffic and good feedback from the users. To assimilate more audience and users, the aspect of User Experience is very much crucial as it determines if the users will install the app or they don't.

Featuring Technical Enhancements

The evolution of mobile related technology is incessantly varying and every month or twice featured is a brand new technological environment related to the mobile apps featuring coding languages, new technology and lots more. When app maintenance is associated, the app will be related to the current most version and modifications are done based on the need. This also ensures that it addresses a secure platform where errors are existing.

Incessant App supervising

Customized app monitoring is important in the intensely vying app market. The importance increases in the situations where the brands don't feature the adequate resources related to maintenance. In this case, the aid of an external mobile app partner can be availed. App monitoring is classified into 4 types of maintenance- Perfective, Adaptive, Emergency and Corrective.

The app has to be incessantly probed to ensure that the prospects of the app related to functioning are good and free of issues.


App maintenance is mandatory for success. Care must be taken so that the user base does not discard the app in the event of any technical issues which are patched up by maintenance.

Keeping the version of the app imbibed with the latest technical and technological factors is primary and feasible with incessant app maintenance.

An overview about some concepts which have to be incorporated prior to updating an app.

It is a must for enterprises to give importance to the aspect of updating mobile apps. Otherwise, they will face the consequences of fading away. It is evident that several apps are part of a life cycle integrated with updates. In the case of well-demanded apps, incessant updates have to be associated with them and in the case of other apps they can settle for updates on a monthly scale.

The app update is not an easy task which involves patching up bugs, monitoring the app functionality and the modifications of the code and the design. All these need lots of focus and considerable time.

This article will elucidate on how to address app updates

The rate at which the app is updated is important as regular updates will benefit the development team and the user base as well. As aforementioned, a highly efficient app must be subject to updates weekly once. In other cases, if the situation is not feasible then it is suggested to go for monthly updates. Featured are several factors which the enterprises must consider related to the same.

Prior to starting the aspect of the app update, the enterprises must make sure that there is adequate information to be furnished for the user base. Several enterprises misjudge the aspect related to the importance of data. Proper content will augment the retention factor and user involvement. In order to make the app thrive well, new innovative methodologies must be manipulated to ensure that the app is enthralling and very much user-friendly.

Further, it is mandatory for enterprises to strike a balance between major and minor updates.

The app updates depend upon new feature launches. Enterprises prefer to get the app updated in the event they need a big or small update. In the case of the former, managing them can be somewhat tough and could take months of efforts. Related to this scenario, the associated query is how enterprises generate a state of balance.

The solution is to integrate features which are associated with a short development life cycle of say 2 weeks. Such features are featured to be live after about one month. This is due to the fact that updating apps are associated with testing as well as development. In some scenarios, the enterprises will feel to integrate intricate features. This dilemma can be overcome by concentrating on minor updates and simultaneously brainstorming strategies for the big one in advance. As some developers focus on the minor updates, the enterprises must ensure that enough resources are furnished for the major one. Related to this, an app update will be featured with two releases where initially a minor update is done and next succeeding it is a major update which has been in development phase for months.

Provided that the enterprises have an insight related to the various types of release cycles, then it will prove advantageous to them.

Once the app is launched, patching up bugs and issues must be what the initial update should focus on. In spite of the fact that a lot of work was done related to testing the app, featured are some bugs which would have escaped the scrutinization. Patching the bugs will serve in making the app user-friendly by a considerable extent. This also serves to boost the ratings of the app in the app store. The subsequent update must also be devoted to resolving bugs and augmenting the user-friendly traits of the app. The underlying logic is to generate app updates which are not associated with intricate work and can be made feasible in small intervals of time.

Subsequently, when the demand and fame of the app have considerably risen, the ratings and feedbacks will come in the form of social media networks and the app store to name a few. Related to the reviews and feedbacks posted by the user base, the forthcoming release will be done associated with the same. It could encompass the rollout of new features, enhancement of the design and resolving bugs. This is the suitable setting to strike a balance between the major and minor updates.

Even though it is a recommended move to design and maintain an internal log of schemes and plans related to how things have to be managed, it is simultaneously important to monitor what the rivals in the market are up to so that the app is developed superior when evaluated with others. It is suggested to duel with the best there is. The focus must be given to those who have occupied the top ranking. However, this venture is a difficult enterprise indeed.

As time passes, the mobile apps become archaic and the rate at which the updates speeds up, the enterprise would be facing the idea to assimilate more resources like product managers, developers, designers and the such. The prime most factor which the enterprise must do is not to give in to pressure and release poor updates. As in the current era, as the user base becomes more tech savvy, the enterprises should consider the fact that a delayed update is much better rather than launching a poor update.

Provided the enterprise's app must experience success, the app updates and enhancements have to be focused on satiating the needs and requirements of the user base. The focus related to development must be in sync with the needs of the market associated with the domain in which the enterprise functions. Smartphone users desire their apps to be updated on an incessant basis. On the other hand, enterprise branding apps are not associated with regular updates. Attention should be given to what the app users feel about the app along with what they require from a perfect app and the enterprises must strive to achieve that.


From the article, it is evident that mobile apps must be subject to frequent updates. In the event that the app development team is quite small, it is best to focus on updates on a monthly basis. In the scenario that featured is a big app development team which is capable of doing intricate app features relevant to the app, then the aim should be to carry out weekly updates. In order to spice up the app and make it more user-friendly and up to date, it is suggested that the app should be integrated with brand new features while at the same time managing and not forsaking the quality level associated with the updates.

Details as to how WhatsApp Business can serve effectively.

The most popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp recently rolled out a scheme which helps in effective monetization from the app which was previously associated with a free platform. WhatsApp Business is completely focused on enterprises which have been associated with WhatsApp profiles actually purported for the use and manipulation of individual people.

The app's chief operating officer Matt Idema noted that the app is striving to make itself associated with enterprises in a much simpler format. The new venture is particularly developed keeping small enterprises in the account and it addresses the hindrances which result in the aspect of enterprise accounts not being able to be implemented and with regards to controlling the messages and the customer base at a given location. The enterprises on their side have been striving to attract even more users by uploading their WhatsApp contact details in the social media sites and platforms like Facebook.

With the implementation of this brand new app, the instant messaging app which was subject to acquisition by Facebook predicts that the enterprises will be synced directly with their customer base in a smooth and streamlined manner while also giving importance to the aspect of verification. The method how this features on WhatsApp app is very much basic as noted by the brand. Additional points which it had to convey included the influx of details regarding retailers who manipulate the mobile app as a portal of interaction with a large number of customers all done with the manipulation of a single mobile device and also from the user base who are dubious related to whether an enterprise making use of the app is true or not. Speaking about the future there are plans on part of the app to experiment with the brand new features which serve to address some of the challenges and patch them up. It simplifies the method for the user base to interact with the enterprises using the medium of WhatsApp.

In the case of WhatsApp Business, the enterprises manipulating the app will be associated with an authenticated green check mark/ icon adjacent to their names. Further, the enterprises can generate an official profile encompassing details like address, working hours and some insight about the product which can be presently availed. In addition, this ambitious app serves to oversee and administer the customer chats and messages.

WhatsApp noted that at present what it offers is free of cost but there will be some amount levied on the enterprises in the subsequent times. Mr. Idema noted that the current venture is to integrate the enterprises with the WhatsApp platform thereby inching a step closer towards featuring and activating m-commerce by the app which at present encompasses 1.3 billion users on a worldwide scale where a majority of them are in India comprising of 200 million. Some Indian enterprises which were a part of the experimental roll out of the app were the pharmaceutical company 1mg and the ticket booking website On a worldwide scale, it encompasses the Dutch airline KLM and the Itau bank from the country of Brazil. In the case of KLM, the users of the new app who when availing the flight services will be alerted about the flight schedules, seating arrangements and to authorize bookings.

The brand noted that all the enterprises have varied requirements where in the case they want an authorized presence, it is feasible as an authenticated profile/ account where the users can identify an enterprise related to another individual. Further, it simplifies how messages can be answered. Currently, the brand is striving to develop and experiment with new tools with the help of the new app related to small-scale enterprises and for established organizations which feature a related group of customers encompassing ECommerce websites, banks, and airlines to name a few.

The app's biggest user base as aforementioned is India where it has over 200 million users and is touted as an important market as noted by Idema. He stated that it is an answer for why the extra focus is given to the comprehension of desires pertaining to individuals and enterprises manipulating the app. He and other executives have made several trips to the nation when making the enterprise product feasible.

Idema noted that a lot of people and organizations manipulate WhatsApp at present so as to advertise the related products and can carry out work related to purchases and related work is done to simplify that aspect

Matt became a part of the WhatsApp team in the February of this year. Previously he was associated with Facebook where he was responsible for the effective branding of the latter's products on a global scale. WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook in 2014 for a huge amount of $ 19 billion and following that in two years time it ceased its staple trait of charging the user base annually for $1 thereby confirming that the app will always be a free one. Subsequently, after that, it is striving to generate money from the app without being associated with the "no advertisements" motto as it could affect the aspect of user privacy and could result in an abandonment and rejection by the user base.

WhatsApp's Delete for Everyone feature will be rolled out soon

It is an interactive and fun filled way for WhatsApp users to interact with their best friends by chatting and it relieves a lot of stress. However, things can take a turn for the worse if the message is by unintentionally sent to the user's boss rather than the specified friend. To tackle this scenario, WhatsApp has made strides and efforts to incorporate a recall button feature and the latest news indicates that the feature could soon roll out for the iOS and Android platforms.

Based on what the reliable WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo noted, the instant messaging app is at last experimenting with the feature and it is currently termed with the name Delete for Everyone. It further mentioned that the server function ultimately proved to be a success and that it has accomplished the aim of messages to be recalled. However, if the server works it should not be interpreted that the feature is active. It is very much likely that the feature could be remotely activated and the servers associated with the app will also be authenticated and activated related to the Delete for Everyone feature. This will occur relatively soon, the tipster mentioned.

Other sources note that this button to recall messages will permit the user base to discard the messages which are already sent and are ultimately prevented from being viewed by the unintended recipient. It works with all the varieties of messages encompassing videos, text messages, GIF files and others. The only constraint which this handy feature constitutes is that the messages which were sent within a timeframe of 5 minutes alone can be deleted. The feature is set to roll out for the Android and iOS platforms.

WABetaInfo earlier noted in a tweet that the app has integrated the feature in beta so as to make the aspect of deleting messages which were already sent, in a feasible manner. As of now, it is still a work in progress and it has been deactivated by default.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most famous and demanded instant messaging app featuring over 1.2 billion users globally. Recently the app rolled out a plethora of updates with the most recent one in the form of WhatsApp business app. It later noted that it is experimenting with new tools so that the interaction between enterprises and their customers are made relatively simple. Some of the participants in the restricted experimental program featured the brands of 1mg and BookMyShow. Later in a blog, the company mentioned that it is focused on developing and experimenting with news tools through the help of WhatsApp Business app aimed at small brands and the enterprises which function on a wider scale encompassing a plethora of clients across the world like e-commerce sites, banks and airline companies.

ASO strategy: Things to be done and not to be done

Prior to app roll out, everything must be ready with an effective branding scheme for the app. Enhancing the app title, featuring a description and other attributes have to be planned prior to app launch. The Google Play Store and iOS app store have been functioning effectively and this seems like a very long time period in the technological era.

Everything from instant messaging to banking apps is featured and the prosperity of the apps in the app stores is based on SEO but now it App Store Optimization which is making strides

App store search is not immaterial when compared to how search engines function superior to it. It is noted that for the typical app, it is the search function which contributes to most of the downloads.

There is a reliance on app store search results irrespective of the prowess in branding. It is mandatory that the app page is optimized effectively in the play stores

1. Comprehending the target audience

Prior to app roll out there must be insight related to the targeted customers, where an effective ASO plan devotes to comprehending the app usage from the customer point of view in the vying market.

Some questions have to be formulated and answered like for instance which could be the main reason to download and manipulate an app, how to engage with other related apps in the market or whether there is an advantage which can be manipulated for better outcomes.


Related to the same the ASO must be planned by visualizing from the customer's point of view and the visibility range must be augmented so that the discovery rate is enhanced.This is done by manipulating keywords which generate more traffic. The analysis of the rival's keywords also proves effective to decide whether the same or different types of keywords have to be used.


It is recommended not to emulate the rivals. In order to get widespread reach, the app should be distinct thereby it is better not to manipulate the keywords which rivals have used.

2. Name the App

The naming of the app is what that needs greater focus in ASO and it should be attractive while encompassing the exact metadata. It is the first thing which users notice about the app not taking the icon into account.


It is effective to include along with the brand name, few keywords in the title which can be decided by manipulating the apt tools. Further, the important terms must be within the initial 25 characters of the whole text


It is better if related meta data and description are used and the unnecessary use of keywords has to be prohibited as then it will create the misconception of spam. It is advised not to exhaust the text limit and it should be trimmed down effectively.

3. Selecting App Description

Here meta data has to be filled and the two aspects to contemplate encompasses the content below and above the fold. In case of Android, it is confined to 4000 characters for optimum results. iOS, on the other hand, does not give that much importance to the same although it is effective in branding.


The description should elucidate the attributes of the app and its performance. A brief summary detailing all the aspect of the app enhanced with the current updates has to be provided.


Care should be taken that long sentences should not be included and the details have to be short and brief.

4. Create a Unique App Icon

It is typical that the user base finds an eye-catching icon or logo very much captivating and thus an attractive icon has to be manipulated.


A completely distinct yet attractive icon should be used with basic designs regarding shape and symbol. Colors can be incorporated to further enrich the look and make it distinct from the other apps.


It is disagreeable to manipulate intricate app icons which have been turned down by the user base. Everything should be kept limited.

5. Design of the App

Incorporating several distinct videos, pictures, and screenshots to convey how the app looks. By this, the user can comprehend the app design prior to download.


It is suggested to incorporate a minimum of 5 distinct pictures or screenshots in both the iOS and Google Play Store to signify how the app looks and they are used to navigate through the important attributes. Further, videos can also be integrated for a deep insight of the app when it performs the activities. Thus users get relevant insight about the app prior to downloading it.


The chances of the app being rejected are higher if only one screenshot is included. On the contrary, incorporating several images proves handy and effective against competitors.

6. Localize App Listing

Featured is the absence of a universal compatible methodology. In North America where English is the primary language, only 31% of app income is produced. In the case of other nations, 72% of the people manipulate their native language to shop in spite of the fact they know English.


Brand interaction with several languages has to be incorporated to satisfy the desires of the plethora of audience base. Primarily, the customers must be interacted with in their native language. It is suggested to manipulate economically priced interpretation along with localized services.


To appeal the global base, it is recommended not to manipulate the English language alone. For ensuring app prosperity, interpretation is mandatory.

7. Incessant updates

Provided a mobile app is developed with the sophisticated features mentioned and it may look charming but its chances to succeed are unlikely if there is no update associated with it. The apps tend to become obsolete and they won't be compatible with the current most OS versions. Patching up bugs needs the aspect of regular updates.


The app has to be frequently updated where the aspect of user experience must be considered of prime most importance along with quality. To be incorporated are notes from which the users can get insight about the updates and the new changes implemented.


The app should be launched and should not be forgotten. It is necessary to associate it with several updates. This is a feature of ASO planning.

8. Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and feedbacks play an important role contributing to the app success. It is important so that the app search results are optimized in-app stores and has a considerable impact on the ASO.


The user base should be motivated to rate the app and produce feedback so that its prospects are augmented. Further necessary is also the implementation of Push Notifications. It is suggested that the apps should feature at least 100 reviews for every version of the app in the app store.


Even if 100 reviews are generated, careful insight must be given to the few negative feedbacks associated and steps have to be taken to patch them up.


Thanks to the implementation of the aforementioned ASO strategies, the prospects of the app to succeed are augmented. It needs some experimentation to surpass the popularity of the rivals and the app is sure shot featured in the top rankings.

Advantages of integrating geo location with mobile apps

Geo-Location is an example of a technology incorporated with mobile apps where it finds the precise location of any smartphones or tablets. What distinguishes it from GPS is the manipulation of cell site triangulation.

This year the Location Based Service will be featured apart from GPS and it serves to provide real time data for the users.

Geo-location is integral for many apps and a suitable example related to the same are the ride hailing apps like Uber and Ola.

It has impacted and promoted a major upheaval related to the branding schemes. The retail domain can prosper when it has access to the location of the user base and has clear insight related to their purchases so far.

With its help, a specific location can be identified. In the event, the user is probing for an address in the map, all the user has to do is integrate an element in the digital map which considers it. Google Map is a featured instance where the site is marked by the integration of context with the location.

Below listed are some insight related to the statistics associated with location apps.

Based on research, it is observed that nearly 74% of the smartphone users manipulate Geo location to get navigational information based on their present location. Nearly 30% of the users have synced their posts with the social media platforms and there is expected to be a rise in this sector. Further, 12% of the user base manipulates Geo-location to find a given location and share it with others.

Detailed below is why Geo-Location is mandatory for any mobile app

1. The Taxi and Cab Industry

When availing taxis, the user manipulates geo-location service where it manipulates the present location of the user and terms it as the pickup location. A similar approach is given for finding the drop-in location. It also helps to estimate the fare. Presently booking rides digitally is a piece of cake for the users.

2. The Augmented Reality Games and their Fame

The association of geo-location with Augmented reality is great with a lot of traction gained last year. A typical instance is Pokemon Go which became an outstanding success and assimilated millions of users. It signifies the value of Geolocation in the event the user is localized considerably.

3. Digital Order and Delivery of Food Items

Featured are several food delivery apps which can be used to order food online. The users can get to know the status regarding the same. Precise results are generated by Geo location and it helps to calculate the amount for delivery as well based on the distance. It is effective in finding local restaurants as well.

4. Getting to know the status of items purchased through E-commerce websites

It is also helpful to know the status of items which are bought through any e-commerce sources. All details as to when the item is shipped and will be delivered are elucidated. Shipping charges are estimated by geolocation as well.

5. Suitable for offline businesses as well

Apart from serving online and e-commerce related enterprises, it is useful for offline enterprises as well. It assists the retail domain to get to know the present location of the customers and enhances the services.

6. Helps to Promote the Dating Sector

It is indispensable for the dating apps where it enables the latter in finding dates who are located nearby.

7. Bonding with the Neighbourhood

Featured are some geolocation apps to sync up with the neighbours and lot of details related to the neighbour is furnished. Geo-Location has served in assimilating a major section related to the audience.

8. Time Based Apps

Once the destination is reached, it further functions by integrating itself with GPS. The user will be alerted by a push notification once the destination has been reached. It is effective in the event the user base is not familiar with the location they have to reach.

9. Effectiveness in the fitness industry

Geolocation also finds use in the fitness based industry where it can monitor the activities like cycling, running and the such with the additional help of GPS. More people are becoming aware regarding the same and have welcomed it warmly.

10. Venue Suggestions and Navigation Tool

Geo location apps offer various locations for the user base related to where they want to travel by supplying information like reviews related to the same. It is featured as an effective navigational tool and it guides the user in selecting the correct path.


The apps integrated with the Geo-Location feature have seen a rise in their services and demand. Built with sophisticated technology, it is useful for a plethora of industries. In addition, it serves as an effective portal and platform for enterprises and their customers to interact.

Prerequisites for developing a ride hailing app

In the present era, there is an influx of people particularly the millennials who are abandoning the traditional mode of availing taxis and cabs.They are progressing forward as they have embraced the concept of manipulating mobile apps to book rides. Simultaneously, it is noted that many people are rejecting the notion of possessing a car along with the expenses related to consumption of fuel and maintenance services. The ride hailing apps have experienced astounding profits in the cities and a notable example is Uber. The app was subject to inception 8 years back and it has enjoyed unprecedented success where its fame has spread to dozens of countries and over 500 cities as well. Typically this has motivated several people to emulate the feats and develop brand new apps serving this purpose. For those who want to develop a taxi app, they should consider the following details before venturing into the same.

1. Researching the rivals.

Prior to roll out of an app, it is mandatory for the brand to comprehend its position in the market world. Further, simultaneously, there should be enlightenment as to where exactly the brand wants to integrate the services. In the event, the brand is operating in a little country town, it has to provide insight into the query as to whether the town needs a taxi service.

2. Check the interface.

Related to the components which have to be integrated with an interface, sure it is a daunting venture to give importance for each and every component and generate a bond which amalgamates all the elements. Typically no one would prefer an app where it is tough to understand its features and operations where the aspect of identifying a specific feature is also made intricate.

3. Do you have the right cars?

It should be comprehended that not all cars are best suited to become taxis and it is better to be enlightened with this fact way ahead in prior. It is suggested to own cars which are suitable for the particular service and are much more secure. It is ideal to find cars where the interiors are clean and neat along with adequate space to accommodate luggage and the such.

4. Featuring a distinct attribute to be associated with the app.

Featured are several taxi apps which offer services to the user base. Then what exactly makes the specific taxi app to stand out from the rest of the competition and make the people embrace it? It could be a brand new design, the latest feature or an interactive menu which serves to enthrall the user base. Additionally, it could be related to the car standard and quality, effective branding and good expertise.

5. GPS and maps.

Currently, the aspect of Geo location is indispensable related to ride hailing services. Both the Google Maps app and the integrated GPS feature serve to productively suggest the user base as to which is the best route with out much traffic thereby conserving precious time. In addition, it is ascertained that the rider has full faith that the driver is going by the shortest and the fastest road present.

6. Payment integration feature. Speaking of this handy attribute, the users are informed about the pickup and drop off points, the total distance covered and the related payments provided the ride is complete and also when they are still inside the taxi. A staple related to the success of taxi apps is that the payment does not necessarily have to be in cash.

7. Licenses and insurances.

Prior to the launch of the ride hailing service, you have to ascertain that all the legal documents related to authorization and providing the permission for the brand to carry out your ride hailing activities, have to be readied and furnished. This has to be carried out even if it eats up a considerable portion of the time. In the event you are a driver associated with the app, then it is necessary to produce the official driver license. Care should be taken in the case of a brand venturing into this domain where it is ascertained that all the cabs are registered and following the related norms and conditions. All types of scrutinization have to be done to ensure that the taxis are fit and secure with respect to usage. Further, importance must be given towards implementing the best insurance policy and making sure it is suitable for the enterprise, where it covers all aspects.

8. Car tracking. This feature is very much effective for the aspect of safety when a user is associated with a ride or when the user avails the service for another person. It is further, a great way to enthrall riders. They prefer the concept of a realistic design and a majority of the people would prefer to be updated regarding the route when they are traveling.

9. Notification features. The aspect of implementing push notifications has been an astounding success and hit among the user base and encompassing this feature is also a very handy attribute. Integrated with the push notifications in several cases are details related to transactions, some welcome and thank you greetings, the pick-up and drop-off locations in addition to more details as well.

10. Prioritizing the driver's needs as well.

Typically the drivers prefer to manipulate a neat and effective user interface so that they can manage things effectively and interact with the rider base correspondingly. Hence, it is important to address all the requirements, in the event that a taxi app has to be developed. Easy to follow guidelines and documents related to the technology implemented can be provided for the drivers who are not tech-savvy and the same prove beneficial for them.


Ultimately, the development of a taxi app and the progress made with regards to the same is definitely a challenging venture where the individual or the brand must address several hindrances and objectives beginning from comprehending the rivals, analyzing the intense vying in the market, insight about fares, the needed documents to carry out the venture and it proceeds to the app interface being incorporated along with the payment mode and the standard of the cars.

Valuable tips to be incorporated in mobile app development for the prosperity of the app

No smartphone user exists without knowing about Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.These apps are notable examples of success in a rapidly progressing market. However, there are thousands of other mobile game apps which have not associated with the top ranking page of the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store which don't feature any enhanced attributes existing or incorporate any new features with them

Featuring an innovative idea to develop an app is just the beginning. The method as to how it is carried forward is what that decides the fate of the app. Detailed in this article are the steps which have to be incorporated for a mobile app to be successful.

1. Uniqueness

A prevailing issue which developers face in the nascent stages of app development is the lack of vision associated with the app. It is suggested to have a strong proposal featuring the benefits of the app.

Mobile apps can be developed as a unique one or could be a repeat of something which was done several times. If the app belongs to the latter, the chances of it prospering are slim due to various reasons. The mobile app is segmented in a category related to the app store like Gaming, Photo, Education and the such. Taking the case where the app is a photo filter app, the vying comes from other rivals. Once the app has become the best in its category, it faces a war with the best apps from every category.

The underlying aspect is that the app developed must be the best all done by integrating with it a fresh and new feature not present in others.

2. Jotting down everything

Everything must be noted down. Organizing the strategy is mandatory hence considerable time must be given to enter everything associated with the app. Most of the times this method is overlooked as once the developer brainstorms an innovative feature or enhancement for the app, they become busy with the development and as a result, several innovative ideas are not generated.

3. Get to know everything

Prior to the development process, there should be some considerable time devoted to getting insight regarding the field by the mobile app developer or the brand which is all set on designing the app. Knowledge should be assimilated about the vying, how many apps the competitors have already rolled out and the features associated with the same. If any thing is amiss in the apps, they can be patched up and enhanced with respect to the specific app to be developed and thereby the ideas are integrated with the app to be developed.

Enlightenment regarding how apps are monetized and the best schemes related to the branding of the apps must happen so that the to be developed app is benefitted. Once comprehension regarding what is being sold is done, next task is to narrow down to whom the sales must happen. A customer profile is developed and knowledge is gathered regarding the demographics. This is assimilated for better sales and profit.

4. Availing the services of a developer

It is typical that a majority of the people who are eager to develop an app don't incorporate the prowess necessary for the same. If the individual has the skills then the process can be kickstarted. If not, on the contrary then the next step comes where the identification of an effective app developer is initiated. Care must be ensured that the developer has the knowledge and skills to bring the best out of the app. Their past projects can be analyzed then comes the aspect of pricing which varies from developer to developer related to service.

5. Prototype and testing

The hired developer can generate a prototype related to the development of the app immediately For people who prefer to develop the app by themselves can make use of the aid of tools like HotGloo and Moqups which can be availed for developing the storyboard. From their help, it is observed as to how the various screens of the apps are associated with one another along with the info about the buttons, their purpose and to which page they navigate the user to and the such.

Once the prototype has been finished, a pilot program campaign can be started so that the people can try the app out. The participants could include friends, relatives, and even strangers as the feedback generated by them is valuable and will serve to rectify the mistakes associated with the prototype and help in enhancing the final product.

6. Approval and skin development

Once the app has passed the screening, then skins can be incorporated as they feature the high-quality images associated with the app. Next, the approval process begins where the app is launched to the app stores. The process could take two days time and hence it is better to do this very much earlier as possible, if not the app launch could be delayed considerably.

7. Release and supervision

As soon as the app is ready for launch, the most difficult part begins which is constant supervision of the app. There are bound to be some internal changes or even bugs which have to be patched up and addressed. Hence the app has to be consistently updated so that it is profitable. The typical user is enthralled by brand new things but they discard it once the fanfare and excitement they initially had, expires. It is good to refine the app when the opportunity comes by.


The insight and the guidelines mentioned in the article will help in developing an app effectively. There is still the presence of challenges which prevail but being considerably mitigated. In spite of that, the direction in which the app developer or brand proceeds is the right path to reach and achieve the final objective and generate a memorable impression and impact in the world of mobile app development.

Important steps when developing a mobile app

In some cases, the business persons and mobile app developers with respect to a task related to app development, get very much confused and confounded making the otherwise easy task very much complex and intricate more than what it was supposed to be. Are you ready with the proposal to develop a revolutionary app which is embraced by millions of prospective users? Can you visualize how the user base is manipulating the app with excitement and showing gratitude towards the people behind it? It all stems towards execution and performance.

Irrespective of the potential behind the proposal and what a game changer the app could be, if the development process is not carried out effectively then the chances of the resultant app to be an outstanding success will be very dim indeed. Seeing the rapid progress of mobile app branding, care should be taken that the development of the mobile app is done in the appropriate way so as to increase the likelihood of the app to reach the target audience and become an outstanding success critically and commercially.

Featured below are the five fundamental steps which ensure that a mobile app is developed the right way

1. Identify the need

So as to generate the ideal and flawless app, it is mandatory for the developer to brainstorm a revolutionary solution which tackles some of the issues which the present generation users are facing. Once the solution is identified, the brand or app developer must substantiate the proposal by manipulating the Google Keyword Planner so as to get insight about the quantity of the user base who are in search of such a solution. This indicates that there will be more demand and need for the app. An alternative which is also effective is to develop a landing page encompassing the proposals and requesting the user base to formulate feedback and opinions related to the same.

2. Work on the features and the flow

Once the authentication of the app has been done, the next venture is to devote attention to documenting the app with the aid of a wireframing tool. There should be deeper insight related to the information which is to be jotted down on paper encompassing the navigation and other attributes. The next step, succeeding the accomplishment of the fundamental work is to focus and complete the remaining features until all that remains behind the app's important worth. An update can be used to integrate extra features with the app. This serves to mitigate the development costs associated with the beginning phases and the added advantage is that the app will be featured in the market very soon.3. Make design/designing your priority

The app developer should look for a charming design rather than a plain one. It is a fact that an apt mobile app developer will first prioritize a design packed with loads of graphics and pleasing user experience. Efforts will be made to make it even more enhanced. A recommended suggestion is to avail the services of an effective mobile app development company which features a development team having the prowess to make the product an outstanding success. Prior to hiring the brand, some background check must be done to authenticate the genuine nature and worth of the brand.

4. Analyzing the competition

Now the app is all set to be rolled out and all the development and design work associated with the app is complete. The subsequent task is to do an analysis on the market and the rivals who also are vying for supremacy. Although too much competition can make it hard for a mobile app to stand out in the market, it is actually a blessing in disguise where the app can be associated with a considerable number of prevailing users. The app developer or the enterprise must address the query as to what will make the app unique in the competition and prevent the prospective users from being enthralled by a rival app. Research must be done to ensure that even if the app rolls out pretty late, it can survive on its own in the market. Documenting the metrics related to download, app retention and user engagement can serve effectively in enhancing the app in the subsequent times.

5. Eagerness to make modifications

Once all set for the rollout, the services of beta testers have to be availed so as to confirm that the app proves to surpass the user base's expectations and predictions. Provided in the event the app was not successful in its venture, all the things which contributed to its failure have to be addressed and revamping must be associated as soon as possible. Exhaustive app testing must be carried out prior to its launch. Coming to the final step, developer profiles have to be developed in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store so as to initiate the aspect of app purchase.

Testimonials Zoechat

Zoechat is hands down the best app for instant messaging where in our case it helps in seamless and streamlined interactions between us and our clients. A must have app for any enterprise!

This instant messaging app is the best out of the best. Its features are more enthralling than WhatsApp and it serves effectively in internal communication within our organization and ensures that work is carried out effectively without a hitch.

Been using Zoechat for a while and its regular updates spice up things and keep becoming more improved and better!. Very fast and responsive for an instant messaging app.

Love this app, which is amazing and can be personalized according to your preferences. Coming from an industry which gives importance to privacy, we are able to securely interact with our client base thanks to Zoechat.

What a fantastic app with easy customization options! It is like developing a unique app for our healthcare business where we have to touch base with the patients now and then. Another amazing feature is its advanced end to end encryption feature which is even better than WhatsApp.

This instant messaging app is responsible for our establishment's current successful standing in the industry. A recommended messaging app which is even better than WhatsApp or the others

WhatsApp button in Facebook app

The social media giant Facebook is currently experimenting with a feature where its acquisition, the popular instant messaging app - WhatsApp is to be made more discernible in the Facebook app.

The Facebook users mentioned that there is a separate and exclusive WhatsApp button which is featured on the Facebook App for the Android platform. When the button is availed, it navigates to the WhatsApp app all without having to quit the Facebook app.

To make it clear, the exclusive WhatsApp button is featured in the menu base. Provided the user is one from the control group, the button will be displayed at the top just below the name. However, it is not likely that everybody using the app can discern the button as of yet.

This shortcut at present is experimenting on the Android platform of the app and the iOS users do not have to fret as very soon it will be featured on the iOS devices as well.

Based on what the tipster Arvind Iyer noted regarding this progress is that the WhatsApp button was displayed when the Facebook language was changed to Danish. Unsurprisingly, this is evident as the brand had zeroed down on Denmark with respect to other confined launches in a method mirroring Facebook's Bonfire which is its exclusive group video chat app.

Related to the context, this is not the first venture carried out by Facebook with regards to carrying out tests related to incorporating its peripheral and offshoots with the main Facebook app.

Not a while ago, the social media giant was noted to carry out a similar venture regarding the Instagram app.

Two years ago, Facebook had carried out tests to implementing a WhatsApp send button with the Facebook app. This was done to ensure that the user base can share the related photos and posts with others quickly and efficiently. However, the feature did not see the light of the day related to its official rollout in Facebook app.

Related to what has been done experimenting so far, there is no guarantee if the WhatsApp shortcut will be present for all the Facebook users and in the event that it is fine with the move, there is no news as to when the feature will be launched officially.

WhatsApp's ventures to maintain image quality and its association with BookMyShow

The popular instant messaging app WhatsApp is currently experimenting with several new methodologies related to image compression all done to enhance the quality of the pictures which are sent through the messaging platform to the receiver end. Reliable WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo noted that the brand is making use of different innovative ways so as to compress the pictures along with the text.

In some instances related to which the images are compressed, the text over the images cannot be effectively deciphered to read. In relation to this, WhatsApp is currently involved in formulating an effective solution for the same by scanning the picture file prior to it being shared so as to comprehend if the image is featured with any signs of text. In the event, the picture file does contain a text, then WhatsApp will tackle the scenario by manipulating a different methodology with relation to compression so as to ensure that the picture quality is of high standards and top notch when viewed by the recipient.

In the case of picture files encompassing text, they won't be compressed and thereby are imbibed with a high quality of standard.

Based on what the tipster had to say, the instant messaging app is currently experimenting with the feature in the Android beta app version 2.17.339 in the Google Play Store. As of now, the feature is deactivated by default. It is predicted that it will soon hit the iOS platform.

WhatsApp, as noted by WABetaInfo, has launched the 'Multi-Media Server' feature for all the operating platforms namely iOS, Windows, and Android. It aids in downloading GIF files, video files and documents concurrently as implied by its name

Previously the feature was present in the app, however, at present, the associated server is hosted on the Facebook server. This serves the app's parent company Facebook to handle every download of such associated files with the help of the server.

Speaking of other news, BookMyShow has joined forces with the instant messaging app so as to make the latter a sort of approving channel for the user base of the former. The venture from BookMyShow has made it the very first online ticketing company from India which has partaken with WhatsApp business experimental phase. The users booking tickets with the help of BookMyShow will be notified by a message through WhatsApp which will feature either a confirmation text or a Mobile ticket QR code

BookMyShow's Head of Product Mr. Ravdeep Chawla noted that the brand is incessantly involved in ventures to augment the user experience and due to their ever-changing needs and traits, the brand decided to participate with WhatsApp with regards to its pilot venture.He added that WhatsApp has developed to become a desired communication portal for the millions of Indians and there was great potential in transfiguring it as a default ticket confirmation medium. The measures were taken to implement the feature officially and in a matter of few weeks, the whole user base of the brand will be associated with it he concluded.

At present, the instant messaging app features over 1.3 billion users who are active on a monthly basis and it is currently experimenting with its business app for small-scale enterprises. The venture will benefit by synching the user base with the associated enterprises in a speedy approach. Whatsapp noted that it will initiate the sequence to display the authenticated profiles related to some enterprises like banks and airlines to the user base so as to integrate the services directly with the instant messaging app.

WhatsApp noted in a blog post that in the subsequent months, the brand will be experimenting with newer attributes so as to generate solutions to tackle the related issues and to simplify how the WhatsApp users can touch base with the enterprises which they want to avail through the app it said.

How branders can manipulate WhatsApp related to business

It has been a while since Facebook Messenger accustomed itself to enterprises and WhatsApp is also all set for the same. It was reported that the latter will display authenticated profiles along with free apps for the small-scale enterprises to take care of their profiles along with an enterprise platform for the bigger organizations.

WhatsApp is not the first messaging platform to make brands interact with users. Previously it was Messenger, Kik, Line and even Twitter. Notable among these is WeChat from China as well.

Facebook Messenger's chatbots venture regarding the same was futile in the US market.However, WhatsApp's user base worldwide can make the change.

WhatsApp is the other choice for Facebook Messenger in a global scale noted Leigh Christie who is the director of Isobar's NowLab. Another person noted that WhatsApp has found widespread fame globally than in the domestic market even despite the dominance of Facebook Messenger he added.

Currently, WhatsApp is not on the top-priority radar of the big branders due to it being insufficiently equipped with enterprise tools. However, it makes its mark in the radar due to its global footprint.

Global usage

The power within WhatsApp is not only related to the aspect that the majority of the people globally use it but it is also based on how they manipulate it's potential.

Related to the Western nations, Messenger and the such emerged as options for standard messaging offered by the associated carriers. The users could use the service without having to pay any charges related to the phone bills. However, in the case of the Asian and Pacific region and the relevant emerging markets, WhatsApp serves to be the main mode of communication.

It can be associated with organizations in the foreign nations, taking over the responsibility of what email did for the developed markets. In a method mirroring the same, WhatsApp is also priming itself for businesses.

WhatsApp noted in the initial days of this month that the enterprises could exploit its features so as to update the user base with alerts and notifications related to flight itinerary, delivery, and related updates.

Facebook Messenger has been manipulated as a platform for the businesses to generate one-off campaigns rather than involving interactively with the customers. The venture taken by WhatsApp is similar to WeChat, the latter of which could juggle the user interaction with themselves and with the enterprises as well.

Ken Kraemer who is the CEO of Engine Group's Deep Focus noted that the service which the app does for Facebook and brands as well is that a portal between the enterprise and the user base is generated with a productive approach rather than branding.

Related to the path which WhatsApp has taken it is associated with an established platform and hence there is no guarantee of success. Initially, it has to gamble with the trust factor from the user base to fortify the messages which are confidential along with securing the business interactions. WhatsApp will authenticate the enterprise profile and this move although seems to be minor is of great benefits. The enterprises should feature an authorized profile.

Further, it won't be logical to perform it on the contrary from the other side where the enterprise services like e-commerce and the such are provided with personal data and with interactions without the authorization process being done initially.

WhatsApp, Facebook and Advertising

The instant messaging app is all set to generate revenue starting by manipulating the strategy of Facebook Messenger. TechCrunch noted that in Facebook's ad manager, the enterprises can purchase ads with the help of "Send WhatsApp Message" feature.

Whatsapp noted that it is brainstorming and experimenting with a brand new way for the user base to sync up with the associated enterprise in the WhatsApp platform operating from a Facebook ad. This simplifies the method of people to be linked with any enterprise on WhatsApp. It has to be noted that ads are not associated with WhatsApp but the manipulation of a WhatsApp chat button in Facebook ads serves as a portal of interaction with any enterprise in WhatsApp.

Earlier the WhatsApp name was located in Facebook's ad manager code not deciphering the functionality of the ad. Further scrutinization revealed the "Send WhatsApp Message" code.

The instant messaging app recently noted that it will levy a charge on enterprises, thereby generating the concerns that enterprises can manipulate cold messages to be sent to users through sponsored message ads. However, it was confirmed that enterprises can communicate with WhatsApp user base who have acknowledged to being messaged by starting the conversation. This is how Facebook Messenger's sponsored messages operate by where the enterprises can cash out to link up once more with the people with whom the chatting has been carried out in prior.

Any enterprise could manipulate the Facebook ads feature so that the users can start interacting with the brand and is featured with the capability to interact with them in future mainly with the manipulation of sponsored messages. To quote an instance, an e-commerce enterprise can purchase Facebook ads which initiate the interaction with its own style consulting service in the WhatsApp platform. Subsequently, the specific user is provided with promotions related to newer clothing lines.

Two years ago, this was how Facebook Messenger manipulated the "Click-To-Message" ads to generate revenue. Facebook Messenger then integrated ads to the inbox, which will be surely associated with WhatsApp very soon. Related to big establishments like banks or airlines, a fee can be levied so as to take care of the huge number of messages or eCommerce transactions associated with the same.

WhatsApp formerly assured that it will be ad-free upon its acquisition by Facebook for $ 19 billion three years ago. Now that assurance is dubious. However, the instant messaging app can monetize and correspondingly strengthen its assurance by outsourcing the relevant aspect to Facebook's News Feed.

Insight related to operating two WhatsApp accounts from the same phone

In the event that an individual has a dual-SIM phone, then it is feasible to set up two distinct WhatsApp accounts on the same device and use them. The article elucidates how to make this possible by several ways. However, it is only possible for the Android platforms.

This requires a dual SIM phone as aforementioned and it is likely that some smartphone manufacturers have inbuilt features to make the aspect feasible. Every company has the setup process regarding the same a little bit different and we have listed the steps to set up dual WhatsApp account related to some of the popular manufacturers.

Provided you possess either an Oppo, Xiaomi or Honor phone, it is accomplished in a relatively easy manner due to the steps being more or less same with respect to the above devices. First WhatsApp has to be installed from Google Play. Then Settings has to be accessed, next it is followed by clicking Dual Apps. For the Honor device and Oppo, it is named as App Twin and Clone App respectively. Featured is a list of apps which are compatible and finally, the toggle option has to be activated so as to clone the app.

A prerequisite for this is that it should be known if the manufacturer features app cloning in the device.

For Vivo phones, it is a little bit different but related. The initial step is to avail Settings, then access App Clone. The button with the name "Display the Clone" has to be toggled on. This is followed by downloading WhatsApp from Google Play. On long pressing an app icon, an 'x' symbol will be featured to remove apps but for WhatsApp, it appears as a '+' symbol which has to be tapped.

By now there are 2 copies of WhatsApp in the device.

Setting up Dual WhatsApp

Setting up the second account is easy. It is done by the following steps

The second app has to be activated and you should then click on Agree and Continue. Subsequently, the app can be given the rights to access files and contacts in the device by clicking Continue. Next, the details mentioned on the screen have to be abided by or instead click on Not Now. The phone number has to be authenticated and it care must be taken to enter only the second SIM phone number. Once keyed in, Next has to be clicked followed by OK.

A verification code is generated which has to be keyed in or alternatively the Call button should be pressed for a phone call authenticating the same.

Everything is accomplished and now two WhatsApp profiles can be manipulated from the same smartphone.

The aforementioned steps are followed to do the same for other apps where you can have two Twitter or Facebook Apps one for personal and other for professional use.

In the event, the device does not feature app cloning, there are two ways to circumvent this where the prerequisite is to again have a dual SIM phone and an app called Parallel Space has to be downloaded which is useful in cloning apps

Once the app is downloaded from Google Play, it has to be availed and then the button Add to Parallel Space has to be activated. Then the user is presented with a parallel space where the app is functioning as a digital installation on the device.WhatsApp installation is then done following the steps mentioned and detailed above.Now any app can be manipulated with the help of Parallel Space which is free. However, it comes with advertisements which can be removed for a range of subscription fees. This logic also can be manipulated for the Facebook app as well.

The second methodology is to install GBWhatsAPP to make dual WhatsApp feature feasible but the app is downloaded and installed through APK. This encompasses some risk. Ultimately considering everything to run dual WhatsApp accounts, the app Parallel Space is suggested as the best preference for the same.

The latest about WhatsApp

3 years ago when the social media giant Facebook subject the instant messaging app WhatsApp to an acquisition, the former guaranteed that there won't be any presence of advertisements associated with the former. After that WhatsApp has progressed forward to assimilate 1.3 billion users on a global scale. WhatsApp's biggest market is in India which features over 200 million users. Among the users, it has become a staple of digital interaction with others by manipulating the smartphone. It is the dominating instant messaging app when it comes to the Indian Nation.

Featuring the WhatsApp app to be completely advertisement free could be categorized as not lasting long enough. Facebook's own instant messaging service Facebook Messenger is featured with advertisements which display themselves in the midst of conversations. Soon WhatsApp might also be subject to the same.

Based on what a WhatsApp blog noted there were several organizations manipulating the app so in response it has ventured into a domain of integrating the app users with the enterprises. Assimilated were several stories from the retail personnel who manipulate the instant messaging app to be synced with their customer base all from the vicinity of a smartphone. It was noted that there was further involvement to experiment with and roll out, even more, features which simplify how the user base can touch base with the associated enterprises by manipulating the WhatsApp platform.

This latest progress by WhatsApp with regards to WhatsApp for Business is that it had its origin from an Indian jugaad- A Gurgaon based healthcare brand sells medicines and other related stuff digitally and its name is 1mg. It manipulates WhatsApp to be synced up with the user base. In the event, an order is generated and something has to be substantiated and cleared out, then the brand uses WhatsApp rather than an SMS to interact.

This has become prevalent among other organizations and regarding the same WhatsApp rolled out an experimental feature associated with enterprises and the first participant in this phase was BookMyShow. In future, if any user wants to make use of BookMyShow to get a ticket, they will be associated with a WhatsApp message which features the confirmation details or will come with an M-Ticket QR code accompanied by an email.

Speaking of other news, the Facebook brand's Ad Manager has been integrated with new logic and programming where the enterprises can not only implement advertisements in its associated app but can also send WhatsApp Messages as well. Regarding the same, the latter has elucidated that the messages which were subject to charges will be shared with the user base only in the event they want to get them. This indicates that there should be intense scrutinization once more associated with the terms and conditions. This is because of the fact that several 'permissions' are typically concealed waiting to ambush.

Regarding the question as to whether the user base of the app will be associated with cold messaging (which is nothing but uninvited messages which spontaneously manifest on several websites much to the annoyance of the user base.) WhatsApp allayed the concerns by noting that the answer to the question is No. The enterprise messages will be associated with a green tick mark and there are features to block them. A lot of effort has to be undertaken to curb the menace of advertisements and commercials from invading the user's WhatsApp and the associated traffic. This is what that defines the brand new enterprise inclined WhatsApp. The choice ultimately belongs to the user base.

An insight about the latest features incorporated into the WhatsApp app

WhatsApp is one of the demanded and popular instant messaging app where it features 1.3 billion monthly active users based on the latest report. It has the feature of striking a chord with its user base which is what that makes it unique from the other rivals. Every month it is incessantly updated with new features so that the user base is satiated. Below listed are some of the latest features rolled out which is sure to keep the user base addicted to the app. In order to manipulate and make use of the majority of the features, the user has to be registered with the beta version of the app related to the Android and iOS platforms.

More insight related to storage

Featured as a new entry to WhatsApp is the implementation of a new page related to the storage section where the users are offered a preview of how much internal memory is used when the userbase is chatting with their friends or involved in a group chat. This assists the users in zeroing down on groups or chats which use up more memory on the smartphone. In order to activate this feature, the user has to access Settings in the app followed by Data and Storage Usage and then finally Storage usage to get insight about the highest memory consuming WhatsApp chats and groups. When availing each of the contacts there will a display of the memory space occupied by that chat with regards to media files and other documents which can be discarded easily.

Interactive Text status

In this instant messaging app, it is MyStatus which occupies the position of one of the most desired attributes. The user base can show their emotions with the help of video files, GIFs, and images. Currently encompassed is a feature where the text status of the user is associated with a richly colored background, where the type of color can be modified along with the font style to give it a rich and attractive look. This feature can be availed by visiting the Status Page in the app and then availing the pencil icon featured above the camera icon.

Association with BookMyShow

The reliable ticket booking platform BookMyShow has joined hands with the instant messaging app so as to share confirmation messages or mobile tickets associated with a QR code associated with any WhatsApp user who wants to book a ticket manipulating the bookMyShow app. Previously the message was shared through emails. This attribute is associated with the app's new Business venture where the user base is speedily synced up with the associated enterprises.

Sharing any large files

Further, the instant messaging app features the capability to send and share literally any file with its help. The user base can share media files, documents and also APK files by manipulating the platform. Whatsapp has augmented the limit related to the size of the files to be shared. Previously the users could share files within 16 MB per each file and now it is has increased the limit to share files of 100 MB size per each file.

Recalling sent messages in WhatsApp

It is an indisputable fact that the instant messaging app WhatsApp is featured currently as one of the demanded mobile apps related to Social Media Applications. It is a guarantee that 90% of the people who are reading this blog post, would have downloaded and installed WhatsApp onto their smartphones. The typical WhatsApp user would surely have insight about the various features which the app offers namely WhatsApp Status, Stories, Display Picture and lots more. WhatsApp has also subject to inception an attribute which can be used to recall and delete a message which has already been sent.

The feature is still in the Beta stage as WhatsApp is striving a lot with regards to experimenting with this feature among the development team. Previously WhatsApp had launched the Stories feature in the app which was subject to intense backlash and lots of negative criticism among the majority of the WhatsApp users. But at present, WhatsApp has developed something which serves to be very well exciting and amazing among the user base. There are surely some instances of time where the user by mistake has sent the wrong message to the wrong recipient and then the user has to ponder as to what has to be done next. The feature from the app to Recall Sent Messages acts as a savior here, where the unintended mistake of sending the message can now be rectified by deleting the message from both sides of the user and the recipient as well.

In order to get make use of this Recall Sent Message Feature, the prerequisites are that the user must have an Android Smartphone, a reliable internet connectivity and the current most APK file from GBWhatsApp.

Initially, as aforementioned the GBWhatsApp APK file has to be downloaded and installed in a way mirroring how any other standard APK file has to be integrated with the smartphone. Next, the app has to be availed and credentials must be supplied in the form of Mobile Number for authentication. Provided the account is set up, an evaluation can be done to verify the success by sharing a message to the secondary number. Then the message has to be chosen and the menu icon has to be availed. Here the Recall option has to be selected followed by which the app will request for confirmation. Next, the Recall option has to be tapped. That's it the message has been successfully deleted from the alternate WhatsApp number.

In the end, in place of the message, there will be a line indicating that the Message has been deleted and the user cannot view the original content. However, this feature is still not officially rolled out by WhatsApp app but this can be done to have fun with the user’s family relatives and friends thanks to the aforementioned steps to facilitate the same.

Manipulating WhatsApp to its utmost productivity

WhatsApp has evolved a lot from being a social media platform related to texting and calling with the manipulation of the internet. Featured in this article is how to manipulate the best from the app.

1) Formatting the text:

The app features the capability to edit the text matching the user's emotions. WhatsApp interface features the user base to opt from bold, italics and strike-through when interacting with others. This is done in a relatively easy method.

To make the text bold, the word must be entered between two asterisks symbols one at the end and the other at the beginning. It is very simple like *text*

For customizing the ping to be associated with italics the same procedure is followed as in the case of embedding the app with a Bold font. The only difference is that underscores have to be used instead of asterisks. It is like _text_

To strike through a text, the manipulation of a tilde symbol has to be done at the beginning and the end of the message. It is like ~text~

Further, the WhatsApp users who are skilled with these features can make use of a combination of the aforementioned features together to generate a heavily stylized edited message like _*Text*_

2) Broadcasting:

WhatsApp further features a broadcasting option which can be availed by all its user base. This is done to send messages to several contacts simultaneously. This is made into effect by tapping the chat heading located at the bottom of the screen where the broadcast list is now displayed in the top left of the screen. WhatsApp users can manipulate this amazing feature to share virtually anything and it proves its worth in instantly notifying the typical contacts if the app user is not supposed to be active and online for a given time period.

3) Sharing GIF files:

GIF files are gaining fame related to social media communication and can be served effectively to provide a comical and jocular message with respect to the earlier message. To get the best out of WhatsApp experience, it is good if there is some comprehension of the GIF world. Similar to other social media platforms, WhatsApp features its unique bunch of free GIFs for the user to be enthralled on usage.

4) Finding out when the messages have been sent and read:

Sometimes the patience of the users will run out when waiting for a particular person in a WhatsApp group. The app encompasses a distinct attribute which indicates when a given person has read the message then the two ticks associated with the sent message will turn blue.

5) Adding a vibrant flavor to social life:

WhatsApp users can manipulate the special add to calendar feature which helps the users to add spice and be productive to their social life. It ascertains that the user never fails to attend a social gathering or arrive late. It is done when the user incorporates a date while chatting which appears by default in the calendar. To add more to the excitement, WhatsApp has been coded to identify keywords which ensures that spontaneous planning is made much simpler.

6) Voice and Video calling to conserve voice minutes and expenses.

WhatsApp users can communicate with others through voice or video calling rather than drain the minutes offered in their voice plan. This proves handy and economically very friendly by manipulating the internet to make calls thereby conserving the precious minutes associated with the plan. This is effective especially when traveling to a foreign nation. All it requires is an effective Wi-Fi connection or a mobile plan and the aspect of costly roaming costs associated can be waved goodbye henceforth.

How WhatsApp incorporated users numbering in the billions without deviating from its goal

It is old news that Facebook subjected WhatsApp to its acquisition in 2014 for a price of $19 billion. However, it was only in the beginning of this year where the latter's team moved to the headquarters of the former. The work should be carried out in silence inside the premises it was noted. This was implied by the CEO of WhatsApp Jan Koum who stressed on the advantages of a quiet working environment while also emphasizing on the mantra of Focus.

Related to the same, WhatsApp's devotion to focus has made it a reliable and free alternative to circumvent paying charges for a wireless network carrier associated with text messages and has incorporated voice and video calling as well. The attention was given to develop a product offering simplicity of use, being very much productive and does not drain the smartphone battery much.

During the highly noted acquisition, the app noted that it has assimilated more than 450 million users on a monthly basis. Currently, the metrics stand at 1.3 billion active users where over 55 billion messages, 4,5 billion photos, and one billion videos are sent on a daily basis.

Koum noted that focus was given to make the WhatsApp app very much simple for a start. It does not feature a username or password to access. The objective was to integrate every smartphone user with WhatsApp.

This February, the app launched a feature called "Status" resembling that of "Stories" from the Facebook, Instagram and other social media tools where the user base can share multimedia files. This was seen as a shift from its main objective. The "Status" has its motivation from Snapchat. but it is not a mere clone. WhatsApp initially started out as status updates before venturing into messaging. To ensure that the users are amazed, the brand noted that the status feature featured 8 years back is launching once more today.

The primary launch of the Status feature was not favorable among the old-text status fans and WhatsApp immediately rectified the mistake. This July around 250 million people were manipulating the new feature, and hence surpassing the number of loyal users associated with Snapchat.

Jan Koum noted that related to WhatsApp has a bonding relationship with Facebook.

WhatsApp has made strides to manipulating the resources and preventing duplication.

WhatsApp features less than 250 employees who manage the huge user base and the app is still progressing. Koum noted that it was best to work with small development teams.

WhatsApp ensured an end to end encryption last year so that every aspect related to the functioning of the app was secured from third parties. However, this was not without any pitfalls as seen from Brazil and China. Koum maintains that the app is protecting its daily communications numbering in the billions. In the event, a backdoor is provided the protection factor is lost.

Facebook is not making haste to monetize WhatsApp and prior to the acquisition, the latter was against ads when compared to Instagram which has more than a million advertisers and helps in augmenting the parent company's income.

WhatsApp is also planning about an developing a standalone business app which serves as a portal between the enterprises and the user base to interact with focus given on augmenting the user experience.

This venture could prove to be an astounding success for WhatsApp and acts as an alternate option to the wireless carrier's messaging services.

Both Koum and Acton are of the opinion that the success factor was attributed to the time where they carried out tests and manipulated the technologies which were available before them. The venture was viable as smartphones had a wider reach among more people and has come a long way to get matured as a platform he added.

He concluded that acquiring a billion users at present is much simpler than the time when the goal was initiated.

Guidelines to manipulate WhatsApp Web on desktops

Typically for Smartphone users and that too WhatsApp users, they find it an irritating aspect of tackling typos associated with the very much confined and shrunk touchscreen keyboards. When evaluated with any normal computer keyboard, nothing can come close to the handy nature and usefulness of the latter where the users can type text at a rapid pace and with fewer errors and mistakes associated. Related to this the popular instant messaging app discloses an amazing feature where the WhatsApp texting can be done from the vicinity of your own personal computer.

This feature known as WhatsApp Web permits the WhatsApp users to manipulate their desktop web browser so as to ping friends and other family members in a smart and reliable way with the help of normal keyboards. Chances of errors occurrences when typing are minimized considerably. WhatsApp Web also features simplicity to manipulate irrespective of whether the user has an Android Smartphone or an iPhone. Featured in this article are simple guidelines and steps related to the manipulation of WhatsApp Web on desktop computers.

Open WhatsApp Web on Your PC or Mac

The first and foremost step is to start your preferred browser on the desktop computer be it Mac or Personal Computer and avail WhatsApp Web with the entry of the simple URL - It is recommended to bookmark this URL if there is the certainty of future usage of the same. Subsequently, the user then is taken to a web page featuring a huge QR code which has to be scanned. The page should be kept open and related to the following step, the smartphone has to be availed.

Sync WhatsApp Web with Your Smartphone

The smartphone is used to access WhatsApp where in the case of Android devices, the three-dot menu icon at the very top is availed. For the iPhone users, they have to click on the "Settings" button featured on the bottom right side. Next, the user has to click on "WhatsApp Web". The smartphone will then has to be used to scan the big QR code from the computer. To facilitate this, the smartphone must be positioned towards the computer screen where the camera of the phone is inclined with the QR code on the screen.

Next, the smartphone should then scan the code from the computer effectively and then the app will carry out the syncing process and the user is ready to ping others through WhatsApp from the Personal Computer.

Related to this, integrated is a transitory login system where the QR code must be scanned once again when the page is availed. Featured for both the Mac systems and the Windows system is a desktop app which is effective for WhatsApp manipulation properly on the computers rather than manipulating the publically used computers present in schools.

An insight regarding the Broadcast feature of WhatsApp

There is a typical scenario where the smartphone user wants to share a message with several people. The usual methodology will be to integrate all the recipients to whom the user wants to share the info in a massive group thread. However, when the recipients begin to give a reply, every person in the group will receive notifications and this could prove to be a factor associated with annoyance and irritation where they will fume as to why the group thread was created. In the case, if the user is manipulating WhatsApp, then the problem can be tackled easily and efficiently.

The feature related to which the popular instant messaging app has integrated is the Broadcast feature. Here the WhatsApp user can send messages to several people all done simultaneously. This is done without being associated with the necessity of developing a group chat. This feature has its resemblance to the normal email BCC option. Any WhatsApp user irrespective of the platform they are using be it Android or iOS can avail this feature. The article will throw light on this amazing feature with clarity and comprehension.

Broadcast a Message

The WhatsApp user has to avail the app and then click on the three-dot menu button which is present at the top of the main screen. Next, if the user is manipulating an Android device then the option "New Broadcast" has to be availed. For iPhone users initially "Chats" has to be availed and then followed by "Broadcast Lists". Be it Android or iOS user, the contact page will be generated once a broadcast is created.

Availing the contact list, the user base has to click on the names of the recipients whom the user wants to share the broadcast. Once they are integrated with the broadcast, next the green check mark button must be activated for Android users and for the iOS users they have to activate "Press List". That's it- All the user has to key in the message and if needed attach the associated files and then share the message with others.

Provided that a broadcast message has been shared, the recipients can view the message similar to how a direct message has been sent by the user using WhatsApp. Speaking broadly, the WhatsApp message will be displayed in a one-on-one thread with every recipient. As the recipient responds back, the message will be associated with the same thread as aforementioned. This is to ensure that the message is viewable only by the user and the recipient. This proves effective where all the other recipients who are part of the WhatsApp Broadcast won't be able to view the individual chats between the user and the particular recipient.