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Want to be behind the next big instant messaging app since WhatsApp, or just looking for a personalized mobile messaging platform for your business? Whatever you need, ZoeChat got you covered.



  • One - One chat
  • Group Chat
  • Phone Contacts Sync
  • Profile Picture,Status Update
  • Search Future
  • Delete chat,Email chat
  • Share Images,Emojis,Share Documents
  • Share Videos,Videos,Contact,Location

  • Audio Video Calling
  • Online/Last seen status
  • Add/Remove/View Participants in a Group
  • Privacy Settings(Last seen,Profile Picture Status
  • Chat History(Email,Archive,Clear)
  • Report/Block/Add new contact
  • Secret Chat
  • Language Translation

Features you find in ZoeChat

Features you find in ZoeChat


Get engaged in non-stop one to one chat conversations with your dear ones and stay connected with them from any location in the globe. Zoe Chat's Fresh UI keeps you intrigued and throws multiple option for you to hooked up with your special ones starting from image sharing to video calling. Endless joy guaranteed

single chat


Missing your Old school or college group fun? Zoe Chat gives you the best experience when it comes to group chat and we would love to bring back your group memories associated with your friends and family. For enterprises working in groups seamlessly is a challenge and Zoe chat solves it by showing the promising group chat features. Share your group pictures, videos, audios, GIFS and other files instantly with the various groups.

group chat


Are you amazed by a song or a soulful audio recording? Share the audio files which were captivating with your contacts. Send the recorded or voiced over audio files to anyone across the globe and in ajiffy!.Do you still type long text messages ? With Zoe chat you can send voice messages. Unlimited media sharing is Zoe Chat's strength.



Left Stranded or lost your way on a trip ? Zoe chat's location sharing will come in handy by sharing your location with others. In addition to location sharing, you can select the nearest known places to make sure you landmark is well noted. ZoeChat ensures that the most accurate information is provided by integrating it with the google maps.

share location


ZoeChat allows you to take photos of the wonderful moments which you are captivated with and share the images with your concerned people all over the world. They should also be awe-inspired by what you were enchanted with. Your pictures are in the reach of your recipient's fingertips all enabled with a single click

share image


Are you faced with the task of sharing a contact number via your smartphone with others? This is easily achieved in an instant by making use of ZoeChat's contact sharing feature all done with a couple of clicks in a smooth streamlined manner. The contacts shared with other contain extensive details about the contacts apart from their name and personal numbers like email id, birthday, Facebook profile and the such.

share contact


ZoeChat ensures that its users are made well aware and notified in regards to any chat message or calls which they missed. Also featured are several options to provide modifications and personalization of the notifications which aptly suit the user's preferences. No matter how busy or engrossed the user is, the notification settings are incorporated into the app such that the users are sure to be alerted regarding a message or call which they failed to notice in the app.



You have not been in touch with a friend in many years. If you wish to speak with them and hear their voices after such a long time, ZoeChat's audio calling feature fits rightly in this place. You can make unlimited audio calls which are clear and with excellent clarity without any interruption for free. All you need is a mobile plan or an internet connection to carry this out. Happy speaking with your friends !!



Been a while since you met your family members or friends? Want to speak with them directly? The Video Calling feature incorporated in ZoeChat makes this a reality. The 4G revolution which has taken the world by storm combined with this feature has implemented seamless and high-quality video calls where there is no presence of poor video qualities, grains, delayed voices or any other types of interruptions which affect the video calls. You are bound for a great experience all done for free with the implementation of an internet connection.

video calling


Want to sync contacts instantly in real time? ZoeChat provides effective contact synchronising which is implemented in this Whatsapp clone script.Integrated with Google's firebase server, whenever a new contact joins the app, measures are suggested to incorporate the contact as a part of the smartphone's and the app's contact list in a flash.

contact sync


Do not worry about missing on having fun with friends. Get instant notifications regarding every text and media messages from every personal and group chats. Stay updated with the latest buzz!


ZoeChat similar to WhatsApp focuses more on the user's visibility settings with respect to other app users. They can block certain contacts, prevent other users from seeing when they were last online and also disable read receipts as well. ZoeChat pays important attention when it comes to the privacy of the user and it is very well integrated with an end to end encryption where the users can safely chat or interact with other users without the data and any other sensitive information being misappropriated by malicious intruders and hackers.

privacy settings


Do not worry about missing on having fun with friends. Get instant notifications regarding every text and media messages from every personal and group chats. Stay updated with the latest buzz!



Do not worry about missing on having fun with friends. Get instant notifications regarding every text and media messages from every personal and group chats. Stay updated with the latest buzz!



Do not worry about missing on having fun with friends. Get instant notifications regarding every text and media messages from every personal and group chats. Stay updated with the latest buzz!

Why Choose ZoeChat? - Whatsapp Clone Script

ZoeChat opens up a new world of possibilities enabling you to connect with friends, families and colleagues seamlessly on our chat platform. You can access all the features of Whatsapp at a much lower cost on ZoeChat. Awesome performance, high-end interface and superb functionality make it the preferred choice of our network of diversified clients.

It is developed with Socket.IO and is available on both Android as well as Ios platforms. For backend implementation, we have used a robust Openfire XMPP server. All customized modules are managed with the help of a back end panel developed using PHP.

Right from the source code delivery, brand personalization and installation to consistent support services, we ensure that ZoeChat is implemented efficiently in line with your unique requirements.

Perfect Partner to Build Your Instant Messaging App

that meets various degrees of chat requirements on iOS, Android and Windows


You can exchange files, documents and images with your friends and colleagues instantly. Use group chat and media sharing options and make office presentations just perfect.


The in-app messaging feature provides exciting, new chat views. You can have separate chats and also group chats on the user-friendly app with your near and dear ones.


You can enjoy having a personal chat in real time. The secure and reliable app allows you to have intimate and emotional conversations using emoticons with your beloved.


You can create chat groups for volunteering, office work or be part of a community on ZoeChat. Enjoy light hearted conversations and explore shared interests.




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Framework & Architecture of ZoeChat

ZoeChat app is incorporated with the state of the art technology and futuristic cloud hosting service to provide users with an amazing, friendly and unique magical experience when interacting with other people via the app.


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