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Features you find in ZoeChat

Features you find in ZoeChat


Get engaged in non-stop one to one chat conversations with your dear ones and stay connected with them from any location in the globe. Zoe Chat's Fresh UI keeps you intrigued and throws multiple option for you to hooked up with your special ones starting from image sharing to video calling. Endless joy guaranteed

single chat


Missing your Old school or college group fun? Zoe Chat gives you the best experience when it comes to group chat and we would love to bring back your group memories associated with your friends and family. For enterprises working in groups seamlessly is a challenge and Zoe chat solves it by showing the promising group chat features. Share your group pictures, videos, audios, GIFS and other files instantly with the various groups.

group chat


Are you amazed by a song or a soulful audio recording? Share the audio files which were captivating with your contacts. Send the recorded or voiced over audio files to anyone across the globe and in ajiffy!.Do you still type long text messages ? With Zoe chat you can send voice messages. Unlimited media sharing is Zoe Chat's strength.



Left Stranded or lost your way on a trip ? Zoe chat's location sharing will come in handy by sharing your location with others. In addition to location sharing, you can select the nearest known places to make sure you landmark is well noted. ZoeChat ensures that the most accurate information is provided by integrating it with the google maps.

share location


ZoeChat allows you to take photos of the wonderful moments which you are captivated with and share the images with your concerned people all over the world. They should also be awe-inspired by what you were enchanted with. Your pictures are in the reach of your recipient's fingertips all enabled with a single click

share image


Are you faced with the task of sharing a contact number via your smartphone with others? This is easily achieved in an instant by making use of ZoeChat's contact sharing feature all done with a couple of clicks in a smooth streamlined manner. The contacts shared with other contain extensive details about the contacts apart from their name and personal numbers like email id, birthday, Facebook profile and the such.

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ZoeChat ensures that its users are made well aware and notified in regards to any chat message or calls which they missed. Also featured are several options to provide modifications and personalization of the notifications which aptly suit the user's preferences. No matter how busy or engrossed the user is, the notification settings are incorporated into the app such that the users are sure to be alerted regarding a message or call which they failed to notice in the app.



You have not been in touch with a friend in many years. If you wish to speak with them and hear their voices after such a long time, ZoeChat's audio calling feature fits rightly in this place. You can make unlimited audio calls which are clear and with excellent clarity without any interruption for free. All you need is a mobile plan or an internet connection to carry this out. Happy speaking with your friends !!



Been a while since you met your family members or friends? Want to speak with them directly? The Video Calling feature incorporated in ZoeChat makes this a reality. The 4G revolution which has taken the world by storm combined with this feature has implemented seamless and high-quality video calls where there is no presence of poor video qualities, grains, delayed voices or any other types of interruptions which affect the video calls. You are bound for a great experience all done for free with the implementation of an internet connection.

video calling


Want to sync contacts instantly in real time? ZoeChat provides effective contact synchronising which is implemented in this Whatsapp clone script.Integrated with Google's firebase server, whenever a new contact joins the app, measures are suggested to incorporate the contact as a part of the smartphone's and the app's contact list in a flash.

contact sync


Do not worry about missing on having fun with friends. Get instant notifications regarding every text and media messages from every personal and group chats. Stay updated with the latest buzz!

status update


ZoeChat similar to WhatsApp focuses more on the user's visibility settings with respect to other app users. They can block certain contacts, prevent other users from seeing when they were last online and also disable read receipts as well. ZoeChat pays important attention when it comes to the privacy of the user and it is very well integrated with an end to end encryption where the users can safely chat or interact with other users without the data and any other sensitive information being misappropriated by malicious intruders and hackers.

privacy settings


Do not worry about missing on having fun with friends. Get instant notifications regarding every text and media messages from every personal and group chats. Stay updated with the latest buzz!



Do not worry about missing on having fun with friends. Get instant notifications regarding every text and media messages from every personal and group chats. Stay updated with the latest buzz!



Do not worry about missing on having fun with friends. Get instant notifications regarding every text and media messages from every personal and group chats. Stay updated with the latest buzz!

search future

Why Choose ZoeChat? - Whatsapp Clone Script

ZoeChat opens up a new world of possibilities enabling you to connect with friends, families and colleagues seamlessly on our chat platform. You can access all the features of Whatsapp at a much lower cost on ZoeChat. Awesome performance, high-end interface and superb functionality make it the preferred choice of our network of diversified clients.

It is developed with Socket.IO and is available on both Android as well as Ios platforms. For backend implementation, we have used a robust Openfire XMPP server. All customized modules are managed with the help of a back end panel developed using PHP.

Right from the source code delivery, brand personalization and installation to consistent support services, we ensure that ZoeChat is implemented efficiently in line with your unique requirements.

Perfect Partner to Build Your Instant Messaging App

that meets various degrees of chat requirements on iOS, Android and Windows



You can exchange files, documents and images with your friends and colleagues instantly. Use group chat and media sharing options and make office presentations just perfect.

app message


The in-app messaging feature provides exciting, new chat views. You can have separate chats and also group chats on the user-friendly app with your near and dear ones.

personal chat


You can enjoy having a personal chat in real time. The secure and reliable app allows you to have intimate and emotional conversations using emoticons with your beloved.

social chat


You can create chat groups for volunteering, office work or be part of a community on ZoeChat. Enjoy light hearted conversations and explore shared interests.

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We do not just excel in coming at par with the needs of the clients but also have been commended for exceeding their expectations and delivering nothing but the best. Our timely delivery has been always appreciated by our patrons.

We build apps which are adaptable to various platforms like iOS, android, windows etc. We outdo our competitors in tailor made mobile apps by a huge margin. Our security features are well updated with timely changes and addition in the software programs. Our programs are well tested in various conditions before rolling them out to our clients.

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ZoeChat app is incorporated with the state of the art technology and futuristic cloud hosting service to provide users with an amazing, friendly and unique magical experience when interacting with other people via the app.


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WhatsApp and its association with UPI

Pretty soon WhatsApp users can transfer money to others. WhatsApp which is a part of the Facebook family will launch the support related to Unified Payments Interface (UPI) by the year end.

The messenger app has been in detailed discussions with banks and other such organizations like the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to integrate UPI related transactions enabling the users to make transactions by the service.

The potential of WhatsApp partnering with several banks is sure to create a buzz of excitement.

Further noted was that there could be some delays, but assurance was given that things were progressing smoothly. The RBI approval alone is pending related to the launch of the service.

whatsapp association.png

WhatsApp's rivals namely WeChat and Hike have also integrated payment services into their apps. Yet, WhatsApp with over 1.2 billion active users would like to wait patiently and assimilate features when they are well refined.

Featured was a massive growth related to the user base and transactions in mobile payment apps like Paytm and MobiKwik. This was in effect after the nationwide demonetisation. Yet they dont constitute even a substantial number of users which WhatsApp has

The debut of WhatsApp regarding this feature was widely noted and created quite a stir with respect to the user base and industry scrutineers. An analyst mentioned that banks did not take up the opportunity generated via the demonetization and that the related mobile apps did not have such embracement then. Further, he noted that the banks and NPCI want to patch up the issue with the help of UPI. The UPI- enabled BHIM app which debuted last year has gained traction and that the app has been downloaded 17 million times. Based on what NCPI had to say, UPI crossed 10 million transactions worth of nearly Rs. 3,000 crore.

The Virtual Payment Address propagates the UPI-enabled apps to make transactions via any smartphone at any time. The main purpose is to simplify the transaction steps and reduce them. The best part is that the user base does not have to share confidential details like bank account number or the debit cards or credits. Transactions can be done amounting to Rs 1 Lakh.

WhatsApp being a powerful tool can alter the structure related to mobile payments in the nation.

Preview of the things coming into WhatsApp

Pretty soon WhatsApp users can transfer money to others. WhatsApp which is a part of the Facebook family will launch the support related to Unified Payments Interface (UPI) by the year end.

The messenger app has been in detailed discussions with banks and other such organizations like the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to integrate UPI related transactions enabling the users to make transactions by the service.

The potential of WhatsApp partnering with several banks is sure to create a buzz of excitement.

Further noted was that there could be some delays, but assurance was given that things were progressing smoothly. The RBI approval alone is pending related to the launch of the service.

WhatsApp's rivals namely WeChat and Hike have also integrated payment services into their apps. Yet, WhatsApp with over 1.2 billion active users would like to wait patiently and assimilate features when they are well refined.

Featured was a massive growth related to the user base and transactions in mobile payment apps like Paytm and MobiKwik. This was in effect after the nationwide demonetisation. Yet they dont constitute even a substantial number of users which WhatsApp has

The debut of WhatsApp regarding this feature was widely noted and created quite a stir with respect to the user base and industry scrutineers. An analyst mentioned that banks did not take up the opportunity generated via the demonetization and that the related mobile apps did not have such embracement then. Further, he noted that the banks and NPCI want to patch up the issue with the help of UPI. The UPI- enabled BHIM app which debuted last year has gained traction and that the app has been downloaded 17 million times. Based on what NCPI had to say, UPI crossed 10 million transactions worth of nearly Rs. 3,000 crore.

whatsapp app.jpg

The Virtual Payment Address propagates the UPI-enabled apps to make transactions via any smartphone at any time. The main purpose is to simplify the transaction steps and reduce them. The best part is that the user base does not have to share confidential details like bank account number or the debit cards or credits. Transactions can be done amounting to Rs 1 Lakh.

WhatsApp being a powerful tool can alter the structure related to mobile payments in the nation.

Government authorities's ventures to pry into secured WhatsApp conversations

In the current era, the social media apps and messenger apps are the most widely used platforms. It serves to link people with one another and provides insight for people to comprehend the platforms. Featured as an important criterion regarding the same is privacy.

During registration, the user base has to accept the privacy norms and rules. Related to the apps and websites it is evident that private data of the user will not be shared with other platforms and that it is well secured and fortified.

WhatsApp has served to sync millions of users with one another globally. It of late has rolled out several updates. The best among the same is the end to end encryption of the messages. This implies that no third party can decipher the messages between two individuals.

However, it's prospects were impacted negatively due to a terror attack which happened in London. It was a terrible sight to observe, which took place in a very small amount of time. The backlash and reaction related to this from all over the globe were varying and there were no answers to what catalyzed the event.

To add to the misery, part of the blame was associated with the WhatsApp executives. An authoritative from the ruling body claimed that the attack in part was due to the popular messaging app.

whatsapp app.jpg

The main accused Khalid Masood had used WhatsApp prior to commencing the massacre.The British government secretary Amber Rudd had detailed clearly that the encryption associated with the mobile app to manage the privacy is not at all reasonable.

Further, she noted that there should be no locations where such people can stay concealed. It is evident that the authorities prefer to have access to the conversations taking place between the two persons.

This could be a setback against the privacy norms which have been long maintained. Further, she noted that the brands such as WhatsApp and other such medias have to ascertain that they dont serve as a sanctuary where such anti-social elements plan their malevolent schemes.

Rudd has emphasized that this war against encryption relates to the ruling body abiding that they should have access to communication services which are being monitored by the authorities. It is obvious that the anti-social elements find a refuge on the internet where they concatenate schemes aimed at the destruction of the tranquility and peace globally.

As the messages are encrypted, third parties dont have a method to avail the messages. Therefore, it has become a necessity for the ruling authority to monitor the conversations which take place via a medium like WhatsApp.

Claims are there that Masood made use of the app to deliver and receive directives before the massacre. It is a mystery at present whether he used the app. However, there is a probable chance of him having used their app. The media was able to access his device and found out that he was active in WhatsApp prior to his path of destruction.

However, it is hapless that there is nothing to substantiate him being affiliated with any group or acted based on someone else's orders. Considering these aspects it is evident that the app should provide permission for the authorities to scrutinize the messages from his profile. However, the decoding of the encrypted information is a daunting task indeed.

If the messages were not encoded, then this massacre could have been avoided well in advance enabling the police and the secret agents to have saved the lives of the victims.

Hence, it is high time that the app tweaks its privacy norms. It should give the authority for the related officials to ensure the safety. However, the app knows the fact that if the former proposal is implemented, it means that it will lose its loyal users.

WhatsApp has been subject to a great evolutionary aspect where a bunch of new features is implemented in it along with tweaks and modifications. Provided the app developers find ways to resolve the problems, they will implement it full fledged. Apart from the government sector, established companies and others such organizations also wish to avail the messages. As the aspect of Security is highly prioritized over confidentiality and privacy.

Aspects needed to be comprehended for utilizing all the features of WhatsApp video calling

At present, a figure of more than 1 billion users is manipulating WhatsApp which is simple with regards to the same and can be availed by one and all. It began as a messaging app and after some time, it was integrated with voice calling feature. In order to enhance the communication platform globally with effectiveness, the app is introducing its video calling feature where the user base can interact with others face to face. All that it needs is a mobile data plan or a Wi-Fi connection and the fears of the voice minute plan being charged are allayed.

However, after the implementation of the feature, spammers designed a junk website and began passing around a spam invitation which stated that only people who have the invitation can enable the feature on their devices. On clicking the link, the user base is directed to a website which fools even the most wary of the users. Then on clicking the enable button, the user is presented with a user verification page where it requests the user base to share the link with 4 other friends so as to finish the process. This makes the user base exposed to hacking.

The video calling attribute is featured on devices functioning on iOS or Android 4.1 beyond. It is launched with a simple update. In cases when the user is faced with the dilemma of not getting the app to automatically update, all they have to do is go to the respective play stores can manually update the app.

To enable this feature the app has to be opened and the specific contact has to be selected where the call button has to be clicked on the top right and Video calling is selected.For iOS users, all they have to do is click on the video symbol next to the call icon. To avail the feature beforehand, it is best to sign up for the beta program.It is done by accessing WhatsApp's Google Play Listing and navigating to the end and I'M IN has to be tapped on. Then the user has to wait for few minutes after confirming on the next screen and return to the Listings page, where the user is provided with the option to update the app to the beta version. Provided the WhatsApp video calling feature does not function or there is an issue, the user can download the WhatsApp APK (v2.16.354) from APK Pure or mirror website. However, it is best suggested to follow the aforementioned steps to launch the beta version of WhatsApp video calling and circumvent the hazards associated with downloading the APK file.

Endeavours by WhatsApp app to make income

The instant messaging giant has made strides to generate income from its services. At present, the app has ceased charging its user base related to its service for a considerable period of time. Hence the question arises as to how it will make money. Paid services are not happening as aforementioned, but this scenario could change where sources claim that the app will strategize such that income is generated from the services it provides.

One of the app's co-founders Brian Acton has stated regarding the potential in linking an innumerable number of users with businesses and it is their prime focus.This aspect has been triggered where the app is laying the base to how the enterprises should coordinate with end users. He further added that this process is being meticulously carried out so that they dont jump into the pit of enterprises distracting the user base by advertisements or some other means.

The concept of user experience was at the forefront for WhatsApp and hence it did not venture into the aspect of monetization. In addition, the app has not plunged into the aspect of integrating third parties with the platform which could contribute to revenue making. Steps are taken so that the enterprise schemes are performed neatly, effectively and without any issues.

Syncing the user base with enterprises related to purchase and user support is very much effective for the aforementioned parties. With this, the app is said to be capable of developing tools from APIs for the enterprises and mobile clients for smaller businesses as stated by Brian. He further quoted that they are still in the experimental phase.

He concluded by saying that the app is focused on the enterprise aspects which is the challenging aspect. it is related to how the app can develop the app for the enterprises, where at the same time the integrity and basic aspects of the app are well maintained.

WhatsApp is in talks to integrate Facebook Messenger stickers along with it.

The most current beta disclosure and exposure signify that the instant messaging app giant will incorporate the stickers feature similar to that of Facebook Messenger and the initial reception to this move has not been warm or positive.

WhatsApp is hot on the heels of Facebook Messenger App to deploy stickers which are designed in the same way as that of the latter. These stickers were launched for both the Android and iOS mobile devices in April 2013. Since the launch, the Social networking giant has implemented several modifications to the stickers feature.

A well popular whistleblower by name WABetaInfo has disclosed the latest screenshots of the freshly launched beta version. From the disclosed images, it is significant that the stickers which were released for WhatsApp feature the same designs as incorporated for Facebook Messenger App.

Not long ago, Facebook launched branded sticker packs to its Messenger application which are associated with Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 and Simon's Cat. The app's Japan-based rival- Line Messenger has been implementing this feature for a long time and it has amassed big incomes and earnings with these branded sticker packs. It is claimed that Line Messenger generated monthly profits of $ 10 million by incorporating this feature. This is associated with the user base of 230 million users it had at that time two years previously. Apple also ventured into the same endeavor related to its iMessage app succeeding the deployment of iOS 10 last year.

This announcement and intimation was accompanied by another news of Whatsapp related to its video calling attribute. WhatsApp owned by Facebook has over 1.2 billion users where they consume over 340 million minutes every day so as to make an astronomical 55 million video calls per day. This signifies good news and accomplishment by WhatsApp as this feature was implemented on WhatsApp only during the last six months.

WhatsApp to closely resemble Facebook Messenger with this extra feature

Featured with billions of Facebook users, the usage is more emphasized in markets apart from the US with respect to popularity. In the US, the user base chooses Facebook Messenger over WhatsApp due to the incorporation of features in the former, where some of the attributes could be synced with WhatsApp in the future.Current reports claim that Facebook would launch the popular feature of stickers to WhatsApp. However, it is signified that this addition wont be well accepted by the majority of the user base.Ever since its inception in 2013, stickers feature of Facebook Messenger has evolved to stay stylish and relevant but however, for the WhatsApp users, it is quite the opposite. A beta version of the app is on talks where stickers resembling that of Facebook Messenger is to be synced.

If everything goes well, WhatsApp wont be the only messaging app featured with these styles as Japan's Line messenger also attributes to some of its success from the stickers. Revenue is generated by these stickers, which Facebook could use to replicate the success. A report 2 years back revealed that the Line Messenger generated $ 10 million in revenue for its parent company thanks to the stickers. This is attributed with a user base of 230 billion. Coming to Whatsapp it features over a billion users and the amount generated is sure to be astronomical in this case.

It is signified that WhatsApp will take a small aspect from its rivals to monetize the app. However, at present, it is still enshrouded whether the app will adapt the methodology of Line Messenger and iMessage with respect to focus on stickers. It could be the method for Facebook to recover the amount it spent to purchase WhatsApp in 2014.This attribute is featured only in WhatsApp's beta version and not in the Google play Store. It is a mysterious question as to when the user base will start using stickers on the app. However, if everything falls in place, stickers could be a staple of the very popular instant messaging app- WhatsApp.

A brief outlook into the progress of Whatsapp from its beginning to the present

WhatsApp has a great bonding with our country. The instant messaging app debuted in India during the most intense phase of the fashion and rage associated with mobile and its related features. It paved the way as an effective alternative to normal SMS. At present, the app has user figures of over 1 billion and India is the biggest market when it comes to WhatsApp usage. Ever since its debut 8 years ago the app has progressed in such a way that the very first prototype of the app is completely different from what is being availed by the user base now.

Even though it looks like as if WhatsApp lifted the Stories feature from Snapchat and integrated it within itself, ever since its debut it was a means to share the status of the users with their friends. It was originally designed as an extra feature of the iOS system.

Sometime after the debut of push notifications on the platform, the app revamped itself and launched once again into the App market.The status display was integrated with pictures and moving pictures as well.

The basic idea behind the purpose of the app was to make the user's friends and relatives be updated about what the user was doing currently- be it sleeping, being available, busy in a meeting. This status aspect was to be updated in a regular format. Even though this feature is still present in the app, the app in the first place was never used regarding what it was initially supposed to do. The then app's version incorporated with the chat feature was authorized by Apple in September 2009 as WhatsApp 2.0. In the last days of 2009, the app launched its next version- WhatsApp 2.3 which was integrated with the option to transmit videos and pictures to others. From the moment the instant messaging functionality was added, there was no looking back regarding the prospects of WhatsApp. In 2010 when the app was launched, it was initially a paid service on the iPhone Operating System. However, the expenditure associated with validating the account exceeded the service cost associated with it. This paved way for the one time one dollar charge.

Also encountered was a rise in other instant messaging apps encompassing WeChst, Viber and Line to name a few. The vying in the market was intense, especially in Asia. The competition persists with great attributes incorporated and a successful chatbot system as well. One typical aspect missing in WhatsApp then was the audio message transmission which was featured in the other counterparts. Nimbuzz, which is a cross-platform messaging app the s40 and s60 time period had integrated with several desktop chat clients which found a name and a positive reputation on the smartphone devices.

The instant messaging apps namely WhatsApp and its rival counterparts prove to be a valuable asset by serving as an effective choice when evaluated with the standard SMS option. It is economically friendly to the user as it bypasses the costs associated with using SMS. As the year 2012 progressed, the messages sent via instant messaging services surpassed those of conventional SMS services. Statistics reveal that a figure of 17.6 billion messages was sent using SMS service. On the other hand, the instant messaging apps were the clear winners with over 19 billion messages transmitted.

Extensive analysis conducted by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India revealed that in the time period of July to September of 2012, the bulk of SMS suffered a decline of nearly 5.6 percent when evaluated with the same time period in the previous year. It has to be noted that this was during the nascent stages when mobile devices and mobile internet were striving to make a mark in India. Assured was a tremendous growth for both the aforementioned devices and the internet. Ovum, a noted analysis brand has estimated that the Indian Telecom brands were going to face a loss summing up to $3.1 billion due to the Instant messaging apps taking over the reigns of the SMS functionality.

The mobile phone manufacturing company Nokia collaborated with WhatsApp in the event of the release of the former's product named Asha 210. Based on the dealing, the device will feature services regarding WhatsApp without any charges. On the other hand, the mobile device will be shipped featuring a special hardware button for the app. Phones which were launched earlier featured buttons to avail Facebook. However, the Asha 210 product was the first device featuring a special button with respect to avail Whatsapp. Related to the marketing trends, the device was shipped by incorporating a Facebook button in place of that for WhatsApp.

At the same time, rumours persisted that Google was to buy the app for a sum of $1 billion. These rumours have been quashed by Whatsapp stating that the deal was not true. Come July 2013 and WhatsApp had surpassed Twitter with respect to the volume of monthly active users by amassing a figure of 250 million. This also marked the first time, where WhatsApp had exposed a statistic data related to its service. Only Skype and Facebook messenger could compete with the instant messaging app in terms of the volume of users.The next month, Whatsapp was in for a major upheaval related to sending short voice messages which are well known as push-to-talk. By this time the Whatsapp user base had surged and rocketed to nearly 300 million on a worldwide scale.

Whatsapp clocked in at 400 million users in a global scale come December 2013 and within less than a month it was increased by aggregating 30 million users. A remarkable feat indeed!. In January 2014, as aforementioned, the total monthly users of WhatsApp accounted to 430 million. The executives in WhatsApp had stated clearly that the aspect of gimmicks will not be integrated with the app. This encompasses stickers and vanishing picture messages. The transitory message aspect was a staple of Snapchat- an app which was becoming more popular at the same time. Related to this, WhatsApp in the subsequent times would launch its own custom made renditions of the aforementioned attributes.In the February of that year, the social networking giant Facebook had officially announced that it was going to assimilate the instant messaging app. The business deal was done at an astronomical 19 billion dollars. Related to this $4 billion had to be paid in cash and $ 12 billion had to be accounted to the Facebook Shares. The remaining $3 billion was to be paid to the executives, employees and founders of the app in a time span of 4 years. It is to be noted that at this time, WhatsApp was adding nearly 1 million users per day into its user base.

WhatsApp usage had achieved the milestone of half a billion by April 2014. India accounted for 10% of the global WhatsApp usage. A concern started to invade the prospects that Facebook would implement advertisements into the app. This feature was providentially not implemented as of present.

WhatsApp found its major appliance with respect to jurisdiction in India. The app was integrated by the traffic authorities of Delhi to establish a helpline which was used to take care of traffic violations. Based on what the Special Commissioner of Police had to say, the traffic police authorities would be connected to the complaints from the residents of Delhi with respect to any traffic violation, illegal parking, problems caused by the auto or taxi drivers, or defective traffic signals and the related. The citizens had to convey the unlawful activities by providing the law authorities with images or a short video denoting the violation along with other details related to the sender on the contact number 8750871493 via the WhatsApp app. Further ambitious ventures were implemented by Whatsapp in sync with the Delhi Police mainly aimed at the safety of women.

However, at the same time, WhatsApp was in the centre of criticism for launching the two blue clicks feature which appeared next to the WhatsApp pings to denote that the other user has received and read the message. Coming to group chats, the ticks would appear only after all the members of the WhatsApp group had read the message. Prior to its release, the update's technical capability was rumoured to have been integrated with the app stores. Further, the feature was enabled by an over the air update and did not necessitate the users to install a brand new version of the mobile app. Related to this feature, an unfortunate event happened in Saudi Arabia which consequently lead to the divorce of a married pair. In the subsequent times, the instant messaging giant has incorporated guidelines to deactivate the blue ticks attribute, This was done initially on Android OS and then on the iOS system. At the fag end of 2014, the app launched the feature of an end to end encryption. This was implemented by making use of the TextSecure protocol from Open Whisper Systems. This launch is signified to be the biggest venture into incorporating end to end encryption related to communication aspects. However, this encryption is featured only for person to person chatting.

However, at the same time, WhatsApp was in the centre of criticism for launching the two blue clicks feature which appeared next to the WhatsApp pings to denote that the other user has received and read the message. Coming to group chats, the ticks would appear only after all the members of the WhatsApp group had read the message. Prior to its release, the update's technical capability was rumoured to have been integrated with the app stores. Further, the feature was enabled by an over the air update and did not necessitate the users to install a brand new version of the mobile app. Related to this feature, an unfortunate event happened in Saudi Arabia which consequently lead to the divorce of a married pair. In the subsequent times, the instant messaging giant has incorporated guidelines to deactivate the blue ticks attribute, This was done initially on Android OS and then on the iOS system. At the fag end of 2014, the app launched the feature of an end to end encryption. This was implemented by making use of the TextSecure protocol from Open Whisper Systems. This launch is signified to be the biggest venture into incorporating end to end encryption related to communication aspects. However, this encryption is featured only for person to person chatting.

In the October of that year, WhatsApp launched the facility to backup all the phone data into Google Drive. For users who have adopted a new mobile, all they have to do is restore the backed up data in Google Drive in a simple and efficient way. This is noted in the timeline where online backup was very much demanded by the users.

The yearly subscription charge was removed as soon as the next year began. This paved way for anyone to use the app without any charge unlimitedly. Around the same time, its parent company Facebook revealed that WhatsApp is bound for a modification which would permit the enterprises to make use of the app to be in sync and communication with the customers of the enterprise. This modification was associated with a fee to carry out the process.

WhatsApp accomplished the feat of having 1 billion active users globally in February 2016. 42 billion messages and pings were generated every day in 53 languages. The volume of daily photo shares stood at 1.6 billion and there were 250 million video shares daily.

Then the Instant messaging app was in for a major upheaval by incorporating new attributes to augment the style of the app in the midst of the intense vying in the market. Whatsapp increased the group size related to conversations to 256. The app users could exchange files via the app provided both the users were having the latest version of the app.

For the iOS users, they could make use of the zooming feature to zoom into videos. Information from 3rd party data storage brands like Google Drive, Dropbox etc could be exchanged with others. Further, the app also integrated a new feature related to formatting which permits the app users to transmit messages with some sentences in the message displayed in bold or italics.

In the March of 2016, the app executives noted that the app wont support archaic systems and platforms by the year end. WhatsApp would no longer be sustained by BlackBerry, Windows P{hone 7.1 and the outdated Nokia OSs. India was majorly impacted badly by this move when the shipment of smartphones had not surpassed that of the feature phones in that year.

The coming month, the App augmented and modified the end to end encryption feature of the app to the next level. All the information namely images, videos and group chats could only be observed by the considered recipients only. When the end to end encryption feature was modified and boosted up, the App had over 1 billion active users. The app was not capable of prying into the chats and information even when the ruling government demanded it to be done.

This move made the app receive a lot of criticism. The FBI, in particular, noted that this end to end encryption must not be a secured place of safety for the terrorists and other anti-social elements. Indian IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad stated that this aspect of encryption resulted in hindrances and problems for the law pursuance bodies. Professionals have precautioned that this encryption aspect could be well exploited by the anti-social groups present in India.

In the May of last year the app launched desktop apps for both the Mac systems and the Windows. A web interface was needed by desktops to avail the services. The user base who had enrolled for availing the currently tested beta version of the app were encountered with a new feature. Video calling had become a reality in WhatsApp. Unfortunately, the following beta version would discard the feature.

By this time WhatsApp was the widely used instant messaging app featured in over 109 countries globally. Nearly 1,100 WhatsApp calls were generated every second. When this figure is scaled for a day it sums up to 100 million WhatsApp calls. An analysis reveals that 94% of the smartphones in India had Whatsapp installed in them. Another research disclosed that almost 62% of all the apps which were installed in the mobile devices were owned by Facebook.

More new attributes were deployed in the June and July of 2016. The app implemented an in-app language toggle and users could now doodle and sketch out drawings on the images. However, the app was striving to launch the video calling feature on a big scale. The voice calling was updated and integrated with a voicemail feature was well. For the iOS users they were provided with bigger emoticons and the capability to zoom in on videos when they are in the process of being taped by the app.

2 years after Facebook bought WhatsApp and assured that there wont be any modifications with respect to the privacy policies, the former turned back against its words where it was announced that a part of the user data in user's WhatsApp account will be availed by Facebook. WhatsApp attempted to simmer things down, by telling that there wont be any data sharing with 3rd party branders.

A regulator from the UK indicated that it will follow how the WhatsApp information was shared with Facebook. Privacy regulators from Europe also stated that the new privacy policy and the way that Facebook manipulated the user data will be closely followed and monitor it. Germany denoted the social giant to remove the WhatsApp user data which it was availing. In India, the Delhi High Court noted that there were some discrepancies involved and it permitted the policy with restrictions based on data sharing. Yet, there is still a major debate going on in courts as to whether the data sharing has breached and infringed the privacy of the app users.

The much-anticipated Video calling feature of WhatsApp was launched in the month of November in 2016.This is nearly after a year of toiling in that aspect and 6 months after the Beta version showcased the feature. WhatsApp noted that the launch was delayed a lot when considering the huge user base and the adaptability and capability of the devices and OSs with which the app was working on very hard to integrate the feature. Initially, the video quality was very much poor when evaluated with other services like Allo or Skype. In spite of that negative aspect, the app has been striving a lot to tweak the feature after its launch so that the quality is not compromised. It has also added tiny features such as to tweak the video orientation.

In the month of September, the app deployed a feature wherein group conversations, the users could indicate other users with an @ symbol before their names. GIF was also another major thing which was incorporated. Efforts were made in the ventures regarding the two-factor authorization and chatbots as well. Unfortunately, the video calling feature was deemed as a work still in progress.

In the early days of 2017, the iOS users were able to queue up chats when offline. Video and photo sharing were increased from 10 to 30. The two-factor authorization was launched in February thereby proving to be a major boost for the security regarding the app. Another feature which debuted was status messages which acted in a way resembling the fleeting Snapchat stories.

WhatsApp accumulated 200 million active users in India with 1.2 billion users globally in February. The timing of this announcement coincided with the 8th year ever since the WhatsApp app was implemented. Whatsapp also indicated that its add-on for enterprises would be associated with its testing phase from India. Earlier when the app was acquired by Facebook in 2014, it had mentioned that such schemes will be incorporated.

The dilemma of WhatsApp with respect to information sharing on Facebook has raised quite a stir in India with regards to the guidelines for data securement. India lacks laws and guidelines related to data fortification and it is the opinion of professionals that stringent and effective cyber laws have to be implemented. Such laws could very well promote a big change all over the nation inclusive of how the Government is venturing into the aspect to develop the Aadhaar scheme.

The app has succeeded and taken over the reigns of SMS usage in India. With the presence of Wi-Fi settings and their availability, users can also make voice calls without any additional expense. WhatsApp shows its effectivity and efficiency for the users to be in touch with whomever they are concerned on a global scale at a very cheap expenditure. Taking the history of WhatsApp it has been on archaic devices and the latest smartphones as well.It has made the aspect of communication a really less costing venture. An analysis reveals that Indians on an average make over 50 million video calls per day.

WhatsApp is not present without other competitors which offer more interactive features. To quote an instance Allo incorporates Google's AI assistant and permits the users to interact with it by playing games, scheming outings and gather data even in the range of local languages. Telegram is another app integrated with entertaining chatbots, new themes and amazing stickers to enthral the users. Kik is an app among the gamers where it provides a level of secrecy and that it is synced with the usernames of the gamers. The Signal is an app for people who want to communicate in a highly fortified and secured way, where the chats are discarded immediately after they were read by the users.

In spite of the offerings which the various instant messaging apps provide in the vying market, WhatsApp will always ascertain and solidify its place as an important component similar to the SMS services. An instant messaging app cannot be gauged based only on the features it has to offer- it must also be contemplated regarding who else has downloaded and installed the app. With respect to this WhatsApp is still progressing forward accumulating more number of active users and serving its user base in an enthralling and amazing yet effective and productive way.

Thus that was an overview of WhatsApp from its initial humble beginnings and then progressing forward in time into a dominating giant with respect to Instant Messaging apps.

Zoechat is a unique whatsapp clone app which takes the functionalities of Whatsapp to the next level. It encompasses a powerful WhatsApp clone script which augments the existing features of the original app and comes with a plethora of new features not found in the original WhatsApp app. Zoechat serves to revolutionize the instant messaging app world with the aspects of interactivity and rigorous security measures incorporated.

WhatsApp's amazing any file format transfer feature

WhatsApp users are in for a treat as due to one of the latest updates, they can send a file of any format to anyone using the app. It can be a PDF file, an APK file, a ZIP file, JPEG file or an .XLS file as well. The limit set for sending the files is 100 MB for the Android users and 128 MB for the iOS users.

Speaking about the JPEG people, previously WhatsApp had featured the image sharing aspect but the app persisted in mitigating the images quality. Now the latest update ensures that WhatsApp users can send original and unaltered photos of the JPEG format with others. Further, the user can send a bunch of pictures which will be categorized in an order for the recipient to view so that no chaotic confusion is associated with the same.

Apart from this handy feature of sending files of any type in the smartphone, the most current update has implemented new features related to the in-calling aspect where a call is answered by swiping up the screen instead of the sides of the screen. The users will soon get adapted to the change after some practice regarding the same.

If the update has not arrived yet, the chances are that it will be integrated with the app platform very shortly.

WhatsApp and its data sharing with Facebook

The latest update from WhatsApp related to its privacy norms and standards have created an atmosphere of doubt and concern related to privacy. Although the app assured that ads are prohibited in the user interface, the user data will be imparted with Facebook which acquired the app for 19 billion dollars.

This revamping and restructuring are the first since 2012 with some tweaks done here and there so as to increase its elucidation factor. Featured is that the WhatsApp can be availed for commercial texting and it is more significant that it is an integration of Facebook.

The user’s phone number is shared in social media

This instant messaging apps noted that the user's contact number will be promulgated with Facebook. Provided is a time limit to quit from the user data sharing associated with Facebook which assured that the phone number will not be imparted to anyone. The reason Facebook acquired WhatsApp is for increased monetization purpose. The aspects related to ad blockage and great importance to user privacy as implemented by WhatsApp's co founders were also accepted.

The new re-written legal policy document

Initial pages of the document signify the bond between WhatsApp and Facebook where it is mentioned that user data won't be revealed to any third party services but that the contact numbers of the user base will be shared with Facebook alone.

Facebook's significance and presence make the user base to wonder whether the chatting through the app will impact the ads focused on the users. Thanks to the implementation of end to end encryption, the data cant be accessed by external sources. Featured are 1 billion WhatsApp users on a monthly basis all for free. Contrary to WeChat which is used for transactions, car sharing to name a few and behaves as an eCommerce platform, this was not a part of WhatsApp as it lacked a powerful application program interface for enterprise usage.

The underlying reason for WhatsApp to revamp its legal norms is to ensure the best usage of the app by enterprises. Featuring a mighty presence globally, the app is in talks to plunge into the commercial market. Although the app has been a non-profit venture with ad restrictions, in the early periods the app was associated with payment for the iOS users before revamping itself as a non paid app where the user has to pay to avail the app after some time. However, after some time the app was offered for free.

Messaging service utilized in the eCommerce industry

Thanks to the revamping and modification to the privacy norms, WhatsApp finds its potential use in eCommerce domain, where the app can be manipulated by enterprises for branding, effective use by airline organizations and banks as well. With the plethora of amazing features, the app proved a better option for the retailers and their clients over standard SMS.

During its inception, the norms associated with the privacy policy of the app is that confidential and personal data wont be shared with anyone. This has evolved a lot for the association of brands and the user base with the app. The latest norms state that the data from WhatsApp will be imparted with Facebook so as to augment the user engagement encompassing ads and various deals.

You can opt out the feature within a particular time period

The latest upheaval associated with WhatsApp permits it to share user details with Facebook where in the case of the latter it allows for ads from it. Ads wont be associated with WhatsApp however. Many are appalled by the concept of Facebook accessing the WhatsApp user's personal messages. This can be deactivated in WhatsApp by the following steps.

The new update regarding the privacy policies will be sent to the user as a detailed page with a request for the users to agree to the change after which the feature will be activated. For users not interested in the same, they should click on the Read button and uncheck the option related to sharing WhatsApp data with Facebook.

However, some of the user base dont go through the details in the page properly and accidentally agree to the policy. This sticky situation can be mended by implementing some simple instructions

For the Android users, they have to select the three dots icon on the top of the app and choose Settings and then the Account option.This will be followed by a checkbox named 'Share my account information' which has to be disabled.

For the iOS users, they have to avail Settings and then click on Account. A checkbox will be displayed indicating ‘Share my account information' which has to be disabled.

Provided the user base has not received any alerts related to the new update and terms or if there is no option to disable the settings, the user has to wait for some time before the remodifications and the document is rolled out.

WhatsApp aids in converting Videos of less than six seconds as GIF images

As technology progresses message sending has become quick and effective. Previously it was SMS ruling the message world. Soon Over the top Apps were launched which promotes limitless messaging all requiring only an internet connection. Instances include KaKao, Google Allo, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Although operating with the same logic, they provide different dazzling features which make them unique and one of a kind. To quote an instance Google Allo offers the mobile focused instant messaging platform while Skype is the best for video calling.

Whatsapp has been very popular since its inception and even more fame will come for it as the time passes with increased app usage and users. As these factors increase, the developers are striving to incorporate new and exciting features to maintain the enthrallment criterion.

Share contents with multiple contacts at the same time

Whatsapp has a plethora of features where voicemail is one of them. It was first launched for the iOS platform and the Android counterpart was not far behind. Featured additionally for the Android users is that data sharing can be done with several contacts concurrently. The voicemail and calling features are availed by Android users as of version (v2. 16.225). A voicemail can be generated if a WhatsApp call was not answered. It varies from typical voice messaging by the fact that the user base cannot hear the text prior to transmission. Featured additionally is the aspect of secret messaging as well done by typing the text within double quotes.

The user base can now send any type of data thanks to the latest feature rolled out. The user initially has to choose the send or share option from a given app before selecting WhatsApp. Then after choosing a given contact, it has to be long pressed to bring up the option of selecting several users will be displayed. The user can then choose group or individual chats. The task is finished in a jiffy. To add more spice, the app simplifies the aspect of data sharing with the help of frequent chats list. To avail this, the user has to sign up for the beta testing associated with Google Play related to WhatsApp and install the build or the apk package. Also, Whatsapp launched the aspect of zooming when recording a video and send big emojis.

Crammed are several features to enthrall the users and increase the user base. However, a downside associated with the successful app was that it did not allow users to send GIF files. Rooting was an alternative but less popular.

For such users who don't want to associate their device with rooting, the good news is available for them with the roll out of a new feature in WhatsApp where it can transform a video of six seconds or less into a GIF. This is available in the beta versions ranging from 2.16.242 to 2.16.244.

Sending video files

For the Android beta users who want to send GIFs, they should avail the attachment icon located in the top of the WhatsApp screen. Next, the user can select the option to record video which has to be less than 6 seconds. Prior to transmission, a video trimming page is displayed which will transform the video into a GIF. Users can also send videos in their galleries as GIFs with the only condition being the video duration is less than or equal to 6 seconds. For lengthy videos the video trimming option is handy.

The camcorder icon related to the transformation is displayed only when the video file is six seconds or less in time. It is noted that the files are conveyed as sound less mp4 files. The files transmitted and received are stored on to the app. Users can access such information by availing the Media folder available in the app.The GIF images are stored as mp4 files.As a standard, the user will be alerted when a GIF image has been received and it is featured in the chat window as well.

The merging of WhatsApp with Facebook and the privacy concerns associated with it

Whatsapp, without a doubt, is the best instant messaging app despite the vying from competing rivals in the app market. It was the brainchild of Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo and the app was bought by Facebook later. Post that, the app was for free contrary to the previous yearly subscription fees. The purchase was worth 20 billion dollars and is the costliest purchase venture associated.

From the time of its debut, the app has maintained the user engagement by rolling out new features and now it boasts of a billion active users.

Coming to Facebook, it assists in generating and maintaining an online profile and a social life in a digital version. Crammed with several features it is also absolutely free. The question arises as to how the giant generates income. The answer is through advertisements.

Typically, a majority of the ads which are shown in the user's sidebar are in sync with their virtual activities.Several protesters have criticized this methodology by telling that the user data is exposed and privacy is undermined. Statements from Facebook signifies that the user engagement factor is augmented and it generates good revenue.

Thanks to the limitless scrolling associated with the Facebook Timeline, an alternate methodology to generate income is by marketing and merchandising posts. To develop even better user experience, Facebook has decided to sync itself with what the user base is doing in WhatsApp. When this is process is made into effect, the social media giant can have a comprehension and insight of the user, like with whom the user interacts on a frequent basis and will generate related posts to make Facebook enthrallment longer. Yet, this feature was met with lukewarm reception with a majority of the user base and the privacy right supporters.

Privacy concerns with Facebook

The social media giant has come under fire for disclosing the information with US National Security Agency and faced pressure regarding controversial comments as revealed by Zuckerburg related to the fact that the user base did not prioritize privacy anymore. Yet, Facebook has said that it has nothing to do with the above.

It has ventured into making privacy an important consideration. As noted the enterprise was developed based on trust and that it will endure. Further noted was that it scans and analyzes any request the ruling body implements related to data sharing.

The aspects related to privacy were made very precise and lucid. This was due to generating easily availing options for the user base. This was based on the fact that clear comprehension will pave way for proper decisions related to what is being shared.

The law court of the European Union decimated the reliable Harbor data sharing which existed between the US and the European Union for 15 years. The impact will be considered on the Internet operating companies of US which depend on such data. Facebook is an example along with Google and Twitter. It has to be deciphered as to whether safe harbor is permitted or against the law.

The ruling bodies are sure to be in compliance with the ruling associated the Chief Justice of European Union without raising any protests. The case was sent to the CJEU after the data securing body in Ireland rejected the application filed by Mr Schrems who claimed and debated that the data shared with the US through the Ireland Subsidiaries were not in terms of the norms.

The Ireland ruling body when abiding by the CJEU, the establishments in Ireland have to stall the process and have to develop data centres within the European Continent. As such as a measure against this, the US has to make the data from Europe to be more secure. The chances of the latter happening as mostly less.

Related to this Twitter has developed new privacy norms with one of them focusing on the US and the other one for the rest of the world.An alternative for this is to design another safe harbor.

These brands rely on data and to boost this process from an even larger user base, Facebook debuted its This venture was to establish internet facilities for the developing nations for free. This move was negatively received by the telecom monitoring agencies. Speaking of India it has rejected this service.

The association of WhatsApp in this scenario is just one of the several privacy concerns which Facebook's legal authorities are embroiled in. Due to the negative criticism, it is generating a way to opt out of it.

It has been claimed that after the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook, there was a massive increase related to the user base. Yet, ascertaining that this is related to the purchase is without ground and unclear.

The need of data by Facebook is lucid, however, its name has been negatively impacted for not offering protection and fortification of the data associated with it.

A brief outlook into the Desktop Versions of WhatsApp

Talks are there to develop a WhatsApp desktop app so that the user base can be in touch with their relatives and the such via a smartphone or a PC. This app functions only when it is integrated with the smartphone for security fortifications. It also serves to identify whether the user account is hacked or not, increasing its usefulness.

WhatsApp is a cross platform instant messaging app abundant on several OSs. It is the king of instant messaging apps with a basic and enthralling user interface thanks to the attributes encompassing audio, video, pictures, texts and emojis as a part of the app. Further the app by default syncs with the contact list in the device and lists the contacts who are manipulating WhatsApp. The messages are backed up for later read if the user fails to notice the alert.

WhatsApp for Personal Computers

Users are presented with an option to leave the archaic messaging mode and integrate with the latest domain related to communication. The users can send an infinite amount of any information to the intended users and the installation of the app on to the device is a simple walkthrough.

The users can send any type of file by installing the app onto their PC. When the installation takes place the user will be notified to update the graphic card in their system to be in sync with the system they are operating.

WhatsApp web version

The user has to initially download, from the free link provided, the BlueStacks app player which has to be installed onto the device. Next, the WhatsApp app has to be found with the help of the search tool. Once this process is done, the app can be installed on the system and availed immediately.

WhatsApp desktop app

Earlier, the user base availed the web version of the app with the help of a third party app. However, a desktop counterpart was needed to augment the security and the functioning. The desktop equivalent is present in the iOS operating systems from 10.9 to higher and for the Windows platform from Windows 8 to advanced versions.

For users enthralled by the desktop version, they have to download and install the app from the blog. A QR code will be generated which has to be scanned via the user 's smartphones and linked with the same. The web menu of the app is present in the Settings option of the device app. The user will be presented with several keyboard shortcuts and a plethora of other amazing attributes as well.

WhatsApp desktop version for Windows

For availing the WhatsApp app on the PCs or the laptops below mentioned steps which are simple have to be followed.

The user base has to find the app with the help of the browser and should ascertain as to whether the app is for the Windows system. Next, a setup file will be generated in which the user has to select 'Save file' for the next step. The.exe file functions by default after the save. In some cases, the user has to manually make the file to function. Then a QR code is generated which has to be scanned via the Smartphone by availing the app then access 'Menu' and then 'WhatsApp Web' option. After authorization, the system is synced with the user account which they are availing on the devices. The user is all set to avail the app now and it has to be ascertained that the device is connected to an internet connection so as to prevent costly bills from being generated.

WhatsApp desktop version for Mac

Mac users can also avail and make use of WhatsApp where it is present for the OSs from 10.9 to the latest. Streamlined functioning is associated with all the browsers except Safari where some attributes don't work.

First, the user has to avail the WhatsApp website from the PC Browser and install the WhatsApp desktop version for the Mac systems. Once this is done the app has to be relocated to the application folder where a QR code is generated. And like before, the app has to be availed, where the user has to scan the code via their smartphones. Caution has to be ascertained that the device is linked with a Wi-Fi connection so that effective synchronization is carried out between the smartphone and the system. The 'WhatsApp Web' option has to be availed so that scanning is initiated. Once authorization is complete, the user can integrate the WhatsApp chats and contacts onto the system.


Via the desktops, the WhatsApp users can carry out all activities done by the smartphone usage. The users can also see the same messages in both the desktops and the systems due to the syncing associated. The device has to be connected to the net, if not, on the contrary, the user won't be able to avail the chats on the device until the wi-fi connection is restored or set up.The user can log out of the desktop app if they are not interested or decided against messaging via the desktop app.

WhatsApp and the new fascinating features associated with it.

WhatsApp has consistently implemented new features related to its user interface so as to stay at the top of the vying industry and outpace its rivals. It was subject to acquisition by Facebook in 2014. This was met with several backlashes as the main aspect which WhatsApp adhered to was to secure and fortify personal information from being availed by exterior third parties. A chaotic scenario prevailed and the brand assured that the personal data will not be shared with Facebook.

Some features rolled out for WhatsApp were resembling that of WhatsApp's rival Snapchat. It provided a major upheaval for the camera feature which is associated with additional customization features and tools which aid in the process.

Provided the user snaps a photo via WhatsApp, it is provided with options to doodle and modify the picture related to their creative desires. This feature was first launched in Snapchat as aforementioned and soon was adopted by Instagram.

For taking selfies, the instant messaging app as of Android version v2.16.246 launched what is called the front facing flash.This feature can be availed when manipulating the camera through WhatsApp.

Additional features launched by WhatsApp

Secured message transmission

Not long ago, the app launched the end to end encryption feature which secured the messages sent by the user to the recipient. The messages cant be deciphered by any external sources. It makes use of a distinct key which ceases to exist as soon as the message has been seen by the receiver of the message.

It has provided a safe haven for users to interact with their friends and relatives. Rumours persist that the app is venturing into developing a public group for the iOS users, planning for use of large emojis and other such captivating features.

FixedSys Font and Text formatting

FixedSys is a new font style created by WhatsApp which seems familiar and resembling that of the Windows font also having the same name. This font can be availed by the iOS and Android beta users.

Use of FixedSys Font

To activate this font style, the user must enter the text within three back quotes both at the beginning and the end of the text. However, the users cant implement this font style with the text customizing methods which are bold, italics and strikethrough respectively. These are also viewed in the altered format by the receivers if they also possess the same WhatsApp app version.

Use of Text formatting

These formats are added in a fashion resembling that of FixedSysFont where to strikethrough a given text the text has to be entered between two tilde symbols. The same process is followed for bold and italics where the user has to enter the text between two asterisks and two underscores respectively.

Quote message

WhatsApp users can presently quote the messages from a group or an individual chat. The quoted chat is then displayed on the screen along with the reply. In order to quote a message the user has to select a standard text message or a media message which is then followed by long pressing the message so as to generate a pop up with three alternatives- one being to reply to the message and the other two being clearing out the message and forwarding it to someone else. Provided the user selects the first option, then there will be a sneak peek of the quoted message along with a box to enter the reply message. All the user has to do know is transmit the text. The quoted message will be displayed with the reply message below it. For group chatting, color coding is implemented to avoid confusion among the various members when quoting a message for each one of them.

Call back and Voice message

Not long ago, the voice messaging and call back attributes were launched. In case of the latter, the user base can call the recipient in case they did not pick up the call and for the former, if the user did not pick up the call a voice message can be generated for the intended contact on the other side. If the user does not want to avail the feature then it can be disabled with the help of the cancel feature which quits the given window.

Steps to make call back and send a voice message

In order to call back the person at the other end, all the user has to do is tap the call back option to facilitate this process. If on the contrary, all they have to do is activate the Cancel option which then ends the given window.

For generating a voice message, the users have to long press the Voice message option until they have taped the message to be sent to the intended recipient and to transmit the voice message, they have to release thier hold on the related button. The recipient can comprehend that the voice message is resembling that of voice recording message.

Multi sharing feature

With the help of this feature, the User base can share any type of documents namely videos, files or pictures to several users simultaneously. Previously the user had to avail each chat to attach and then send the data. This long strenuous task is tackled with the release of the feature in beta version of Android v2.16.230.

To share with multiple contacts

In order to impart the data with several contacts, the file to be transmitted has to be chosen first. Then the app categorizes the contact list under three domains namely frequent chat, recent chat and other chat.

It is up to the user to select any one of the choices to enable the process or they can select the contacts from the list and integrate them into the sending list in a simple and effective manner.

The contacts who are chosen by the user base are displayed with a green tick mark. Also, the contacts selected from the list are displayed in the green band. All the user has to do next is enable the send button where the information is imparted with all the chosen contacts.


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WhatsApp has ventured a lot into the market and has become the dominating instant messaging app in the world after its humble beginnings since its inception. Such is its presence that several WhatsApp clones have also been developed based on the original.

It is imperative that this approach is followed so as to reap the maximum benefits of generating a WhatsApp clone.

However, most of the attempts to develop the perfect WhatsApp clone has resulted in failures due to the fact that the technical aspects and guidelines are not followed properly. However, there are some exceptions...

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It comes with Group Chats, Push Notifications, Video and Voice calling, Location sharing, multimedia sharing, effective synchronization and end to end encryption to name a few of its features. This is just the tip of the iceberg related to Zoechat.

The user can be notified anytime someone sends a message or shares some file with the user. With the notifications, dont miss out any conversation hereafter and be ready to respond immediately.

Images can be immediately personalized and effective syncing can be done to link the user's account with their Facebook profile. Notification sounds can be modified for the group chats and single chats with the preference of the user base. Users can create a Group chat comprising of n number of members within the group. There is no limit associated. The user base can also navigate to a favored chat conversation or contact to start the conversation. Users can conceal/ archive their chat conversations from prying eyes. The users can also send the same message to multiple recipients simultaneously without the recipients being aware of whom else the message was sent to as well, thereby maintaining privacy. The user base can also opt for a feature which consumes fewer data from the user's mobile data plan. If the user base is lost or is confused with an issue which sprang up all of a sudden, there is no need to worry as there are resolutions provided for every misstep and issue in the app. Provided the user base is still not convinced or found a resolution to the problem, then they can avail the Customer care support which provides resolutions with the fastest service possible.

This amazing WhatsApp clone script can be used in a plethora of industrial domains such as Retail Shops, Medical Institutes, Health & Fitness, Audio & Music, Transportation, Project Management, Academics, nd Enterprises as well. Its potential is literally limitless! is present to generate for clients, the ultimate WhatsApp clone script which is Zoechat by surfing on the wave to develop effective instant messaging apps and WhatsApp like clones. Zoechat benefits each and every enterprise to make use of the app to carry out their enterprise functionalities and operations quite effectively.

It is also related to finding an efficient and suitable niche with respect to instant messaging.

You are sure to be overwhelmed with all the apps similar to WhatsApp and their effectiveness in the App store. is proficient enough in designing an instant social messaging app that is similar to WhatsApp.It has resulted in greater Return on Investment and profits by enthralling the customer base with the features incorporated in the app.

Coming to an enterprise, the WhatsApp clone script syncs all the departments with one another and also keeps them very much structured and allows easy switch over from one department to another. Further limitless files of all formats can be uploaded to the mobile app as well. Also, a specific conversation lost in the midst of the various chats between the various teams and departments are easily availed with the help of the search functionality incorporated.

The app script also comes at an affordable price and the clients can be white labeled according to their needs so that the visitors and customers of the client's business do not know anything about its association with ZoeChat.

The apps are built with native features and can be compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms. Some of the paid plugins encompass Custom Stickers, Language Translation and GIF facilities all at an affordable price again!.

The code script comes with 100 % customization and is provided with the total unencrypted code and documentation associated with it.This is done so as to add some other features into the app at a later timeframe. Further customization is also possible related to the client's choice so that it does not have the feel that it is developed by a third party source.

With Zoechat, the users can be in touch with the concerned personnel via text messaging, sharing audio, pictures and video files all in a jiffy by developing the brand's own chat application. Privacy is an important factor which we consider as related to the aforementioned end to end encryption. The clone script can also be personalized so that the original Zoechat logo and brand names are removed and are filled with the brand's details in place. The look and feel of the brand are modified such that it looks like the brand's own original app for its enterprise.

What are you still waiting for? Use our great product from which stands tall from the rest of the cloned apps and get a great experience. ZoeChat is sure to create an aura of excitement all over the world!

In the current era, virtually no person is without a smartphone and adding on to that it is even harder to find a device without an instant messaging app. Featured are several such apps where the user base can choose from. Dominating this field is WhatsApp which has paved way for a plethora of clone apps based on WhatsApp. However, unfortunately, most of the Whatsapp clones have failed miserably with regards to incorporating the attractive look and features of the original to the next level.

WhatsApp is developed for cross platforms and is quite effective and safe for the user base. It is also free of cost and does not encourage ad displays. It functions effectively by manipulating the mobile number of the user and is designed in such a way that it does not require a powerful internet connection to transmit messages from one person to another. Further, the app permits the entry of non-WhatsApp users via a simple text message.

Ever since its inception, WhatsApp has been the number one mobile app in terms of usage in several countries. It has enhanced features and is extremely user-friendly when evaluated with the rivals which also try to make an impact in the market. The user base can send messages, images, and videos to others who are also part of WhatsApp. All it needs is a basic internet connection or mobile plan and it does not eat up the internet data that much as well. The app is very simple to use such that even a novice smartphone user can master the usage of the app effectively and quickly. Many Whatsapp clones have populated the app market and most of them have failed to recreate the glory associated with the original WhatsApp app or even come close to it. So the question arises as to whether there are clone apps which are as effective as WhatsApp and carry more power and features related to it. The answer for this pondering question is Zoechat, an effective WhatsApp clone app from This WhatsApp clone app is sure to keep the other imitators worried with its powerful and enthralling features. Zoechat's WhatsApp clone script is a clear winner in the intensely vying market. It takes the basic functionalities of WhatsApp and tweaks it to the next level so that the resultant WhatsApp clone app triumphs over the other clones and attains a higher standing when evaluated with WhatsApp itself. This WhatsApp clone app is extremely user-friendly and stylish to operate. It is unlike the other imitators who provide an unsatisfactory experience for the user base. Our WhatsApp clone script is developed for both the iOS and Android platforms where it does not drain the memory space of the smartphone and is featured with several attractive features not present in the original app. It also comes up with a lot of updates to ensure that the user base is enthralled and glued to Zoechat for a very long time to come. This WhatsApp clone script is a very powerful one which can be modified as per the needs of the clients and can be subject to major upheavals by transforming the app logo and other details into that matching the client's data so that it looks like an entirely different instant messaging app which retains the features of WhatsApp app and adds additional enthralling attributes as well. Zoechat plays a major role in the world of instant messaging app and is sure to dominate the rankings of the elite mobile apps which are based on WhatsApp with respect to interactivity and productivity. has ensured that its WhatsApp clone script serves as a means for users as an effective chat portal where the user base can send messages, images, files, videos and a lot more other data as well.

With the huge wave of instant messaging mobile apps sweeping the market and enterprises, most of the business people prefer to establish a firm presence in their enterprises. Utilizing the effective WhatsApp clone script- Zoechat serves to augment the online chatting experience and guides the entrepreneurs to establish their prospering online chat platforms.

Taking motivation and stimulus from WhatsApp, we at have implemented several interactive features like big sized file transfers, picture cropping and lots more. This Whatsapp clone script serves to augment the business prospects of the entrepreneurs from several domains. We ensure that our app is imbibed and enriched with amazing features not present in other apps or even in WhatsApp.

It covers up the basic functionalities of WhatsApp like audio and video calling, group chats, end to end encryption associated with effective messaging, data sharing and the such all done for free where the only requirement is a mobile data plan or Wi-Fi connection

Speaking of its additional features, this WhatsApp clone app allows its users to an n number of members in a single group chat and promotes effective syncing with the user's Facebook profile. Files of larger sizes and any types can be transmitted from one end to another. Also featured in this Whatsapp clone script is the effective personalization of the images by cropping and rotating them. The users can also turn off the default downloading of files when the data is switched on.Users can effortlessly navigate to their desired contact to start a conversation. The user base can broadcast a single message to multiple recipients without making the latter know as to whom else the message was broadcasted to. Secret chat is also featured in Zoechat and it comes with the trait of archiving and concealing certain chats and messages. This Whatsapp clone script also features the aspect of sharing the user's geolocation via Google map to other users. In addition, there is the aspect of less data usage mode which consumes less data from the mobile plan or the internet as well. Users can also easily avail bookmarked texts along with video and picture messages as well. Zoechat assures that the WhatsApp clone app guides the user base when they come up with some hindrance and they support to patch up the issues quickly and effectively.

Our WhatsApp clone script is developed to serve several domains like Music, Health related, Medical facilities, Educational, Enterprises, Marketing and lots more. At we ensure that our WhatsApp clone app serves our clients effectively based on their requirements and needs.

Zoechat features several emojis and icons more than that of WhatsApp to make interaction even more pleasing. It serves to promote a user-friendly approach for its users with the minimal amount of issues. Users can touch base with their family and friends incessantly with out spending money on regular calls. The secret chat option of this WhatsApp clone script ensures that private chats are deleted by default in a given time. Mute option serves effectively to block annoying conversations. Push notifications also incorporated to make the user base wary regarding calls and texts. Zoechat ensures that it serves effectively for the user where the aspects of errors and hangings are non-existent. This WhatsApp clone script is sure to be at the forefront of the innumerable WhatsApp clones and has developed into a 'hot favorite' app among the user base with respect to instant messaging apps. The updates are incessant and they never falter to satiate the user's needs. Zoechat and its WhatsApp clone script pose as formidable opponents for the other rivals. The user interface is neat and effective as well. This Whatsapp clone app assures of what it promised in the first place.


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