ZoeChat is an interactive messaging app available for both the iOS and Android platforms which offer a unique and captivating experience for its users.
ZoeChat provides all types of chatting including text, video, audio and group chats.
ZoeChat permits transfer of audio and video files among its users.
ZoeChat similar to other messaging apps encompasses contact sharing and location sharing among its users.
ZoeChat integrates the latest technologies in its framework so that there is no instance of the app hanging or struggling when the user chats with many people simultaneously.
With ZoeChat, blocking, unblocking and all other customizable aspects regarding contacts are featured in the app.
ZoeChat similar to its counterparts allows users to save a copy of their chats and transfer them via email to their mail ids.
ZoeChat needed a timespan of only a few days to build its amazing app.
ZoeChat allows the feature of concealing the user's status and profile picture to contacts of their wish.
ZoeChat provides various discounts and offers for its chat application.

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